UNSC – Declared Illegitimate Body 

August 6, 2017

UNSC – Declared Illegitimate Body 

By Padmini Arhant

United Nations Security Council is declared an illegitimate body effective immediately no longer in a position to enforce illegal and biased sanctions or authorize unlawful military interventions at will against nations regarded a fair target.

United Nations Security Council – a unipolar body representing imperialism and Supremacy in the twenty first century violating sovereign status of nations around the globe is not recognized a valid international authority.


United Nations Security Council is eliminated for the following reasons.

1. The council formed in the twentieth century subsequent to World War II primarily funded by the same forces that are behind perpetual wars in the twenty first century inventing and sponsoring terrorism as pretext to warfare decided on concentration of power through UNSC.

2. UNSC comprising five permanent members with veto powerUnited States, Britain, France, China and Russia with the new addition Germany proclaimed as P5+1 asserts superior authority over the rest of the world.

3. The P5+1 imperial legacy and quest is no secret in the illegal invasion, occupation and territorial annexations that continues unabated until today.

4. Not long ago, the second tier was introduced within UNSC. The fifteen members have temporary status lasting two years rotated among other UN members again subject to approval with P5+1 exerting influence in the selection and rejection process. The maneuver was to deny other nations permanent membership in the exclusive club.

5.  The same principle is adopted using coercion not barring threats and underhand techniques to win votes on UNSC resolutions undermining legitimacy and integrity on international law.

6. UNSC promotes imperialistic goals that will be highlighted in this article.

7.  UNSC is a platform for some permanent members to settle political scores on issues that are binding on them to comply with in the increasing threat from them exacerbating global peace and security.

8. UNSC permanent members trajectory and ongoing trend violating territorial rights of other nations besides gross human rights violations within and outside the country disqualify them to preside over global disputes that they are responsible for and never held accountable.

9. UNSC is instrumental in imposing starvation and mass poverty via economic sanctions they have never been subject to despite their egregious involvements in international affairs.

10. Last but not the least, UNSC is defunct, not trustworthy and proved incapable of resolving global crisis due to their footprints and full fledged engagement in causing immeasurable pain and misery among world population.

The ex-UNSC permanent members sprawling imperialistic goals not surprisingly overlap with each other’s lofty ambitions in different regions exposing one another in the undying territorial quest with little or no concern for myriad problems in the domestic front.

Since rationality never given a chance at UNSC from formation to functioning with decades of failed policies, the UN Security Council paradoxically transformed into a committee championing chaos and political instability world over.

In the former UNSC, United States military bases across the globe along with NATO allies Britain and France confront Russia in the Baltic and China in the Yellow, South and East China sea as well as Africa.

Notwithstanding the U.S. presence in Afghanistan extending over to Central Asia and military operations in Latin America maintained in the aftermath of colossal failures and regional population demanding foreign troops exit from their soil.

Having exhausted means to justify militarization anywhere including the Korean Peninsula, UNSC was a convenient fallback to constrict nations defending sovereignty against wanton aggression.

Consequently, the sanctions imposed by United States and UNSC against nations – North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela are null and void. Similarly Israel’s unilateral economic blockade against GAZA is ineffectual and invalid. The resolutions to these nations issues will be presented in due course.

The former UNSC permanent memberships with veto power could be best described as the foxes guarding the chickens house unable to shed the trait revealed in vigorous hegemony.

Moving forward subsequent to UNSC dissolution is review and reorganization of UN General Assembly inviting all members for fair participation and equal opportunity around the globe regardless of statehood – applies to independent nations such as Palestine, Tibet and Taiwan not any promulgated groups, terror factions and networks or states founded to divide sovereign nations.

Any obstruction to UN role as reliable global forum to preside over international issues would lead to forming a new international body barring obstructionist measures and anti-humanity strategy while inviting members in agreement to creation of an international consortium substituting preferential status with egalitarian position allowing all nations to contribute in global crisis management through one vote per nation removing prevalent proxy in the voting process.

The issues to be addressed by UN in the post UNSC annulment will be enumerated in the immediate future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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