World – Irony and Idiocy

February 20, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The topic will focus on different issues to understand world affairs.

In this segment the highlight is on politics.

United Nations (UN) – United against peace, independence and progress.

UNSC – More appropriately United Western Diktat (UWD). The western powers united against non-western sovereign countries and their most favorite actions are economic sanctions, sponsoring terrorism and authorizing direct invasion of vulnerable nations under the guise of maintaining political stability that has successfully led to irreversible instability thus far.

UNSC – United Nations Security Council – the unipolar Council with veto power deriding unilateralism despite unilateral decisions in decimation of nations and starvation of population via violent interventions and trade embargo.

UNSC resolve in preventing resolution on Palestinian statehood ending Israeli occupation and persecution forged as irreconcilable difference amongst stakeholders in the so-called international pulpit is travesty of human intellect.

UN Peace Keeping Force is UN Disturbance Spreading Corps with track record in abandoning pleading women, children and elderly at the mercy of government pledged to ethnic cleansing viz. Sri Lanka under former President and military commander Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Meanwhile in Africa – women subject to rape and children left to fend for themselves as rebel factions’ recruits in the UNSC authorized perpetual war zone.

NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization is aptly North Atlantic Turbulence Origin established in balkanization of regions and states in the quest for global conquest.

EU – European Union. Unified in promoting war, terrorism, refugee status and the hall mark is unemployment, hunger and poverty in the signature act on austerity.

UN and EU – One World government models to implement order under New World Order phasing out the purported law of the jungle.

United States – Declared the beacon of democracy champion the cause of human rights violation exemplified in Guantanamo Bay, police brutality and racial profiling in the highest order.

US Presidential Race – Horse race (Derby) with pre-selected winner in agreement with prolonging status quo.

United States Supreme Court Appointments – Safeguard administration policies rather than constitutional law defending civil rights and social justice.

United States Government (Congress and Administration) – Unanimous in dysfunctional governance.

United Kingdom – Proudly claimed as western democracy with the country stated as Kingdom under archaic monarchy rule.

France – Yet another western democracy with Presidential contest designed to dupe electorate delivering Socialist President devoted to capitalist socialism disappointing nation on anticipated populism.

Germany – Positioned as pro-democracy – western style with policies engineered towards weakening nations experiencing critical economic and western generated terror crisis.

India – Hailed as the world’s largest democracy ruled by plutocracy with dynasty, celebrities and industrialists patent over fame and fortune rein control over the fate of remaining 1.2 billion populace.

Lies and false statements in sworn affidavits and under oath during and post election regardless of criminal offense are rewarded with cabinet posts ranging from education (HRD) ministry to highest office in state and national level.

Corruption and criminality empowered as electoral mandate subscribing to democracy is the irony with electorate endorsement epitomizing idiocy.

The title Irony and Idiocy will continue to shed light on matter concerning humanity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





































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