Switzerland – WHO, WEC, UBS

January 17, 2022

Switzerland – WHO, WEC, UBS

Padmini Arhant

WHO – World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. The international health body is yet to contain the global pandemic COVID19 extended into COVID22 with no short supply of inter-continental variants and mutants wreaking havoc in human lives thus far.

Meanwhile, profiteers raking fortune from the mandated vaccine and pandemic treatments are laughing all the way to UBS, Switzerland and tax havens in exotic shores feigning unfamiliarity with the idea of contentment. They are breathlessly making a killing from the bio-engineered virus caused breathlessness consuming lives and debilitating healthy lifestyle of mankind.

WEC – World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland unabashedly announced Great Reset absent relevant details to configure global financial system.

The WEC cardinal rule is aimed at the ordinary average citizens in the world  i.e. 99% will own nothing in financial assets is the public statement from the WEC founder Professor Klaus Schwab at the forum in 2019 and 2020. 

The 99% rights such as individual liberty, economic opportunity and financial security are effectively null and void.

Juxtaposed the 1% possession and entitlement to global resources and natural endowments to prolong for eternity.

WEC’s Great reset was not possible without global economic shut down.

The WHO mismanaged COVID19 evolving into global pandemic conveniently necessitated world wide economic freeze linked to pandemic lockdown and the rest fell in place like a jigsaw puzzle.

UBS – Though publicly stated as not an acronym, the UBS is world renowned swish Swiss bank attracting legal and overwhelmingly illegal money from all corners of the world. The capital flight into the Swiss economy from diverse channels and entities as well as individuals unable to bury the illicit wealth in their domain park the funds at UBS and alike.

The trend depleting national treasury around the world in tax evasions and various unscrupulous nefarious transactions reach the high security nuclear stealth vaults at UBS and similar safe havens world over.

The pervasive corruption culture predominantly behind global poverty, hunger and disease in the otherwise plentiful planet earth thrives in the creation and mobilization of assets largely from developing nations into the developed world.

As a result, the super wealthy status is a matter of  transforming the regions with rich economic resources and human capital freely accessible for exploitation and excoriation. The tradition continued over centuries now exponentially capitalized by 1% representing the exclusive club in the world. 

The super rich competition is maintained within the trillionaire and billionaire circle with the rest of the population categorically informed about owning nothing in their name except debts and taxes remaining the irrevocable obligations in life for the 99% in the world.

Switzerland, the european nation and European Union (EU) member proudly declared neutral state in warfare has also retained neutrality in fomenting and fostering corruption.

The Swiss financial system is the trend setter in this regard with majority world population deprived of basic to fair share of economic means in the unaccountable transfer of wealth by the rich, famous and powerful from different nations in the world.

The commonality in WHO, WEC and UBS  is besides Switzerland in geographic location, the three powerful organizations and institution representing health, economy and finance respectively – the lifeline and oxygen of human survival are instrumental in exacerbating human suffering with unmitigated crises experienced in the pandemic, economic and financial meltdowns adversely affecting human natural immunity compromised with unnatural events.

The fundamental change in these organizations renouncing corruption and restoring ethical functioning with transparency and accountability is the only way forward for global progress and prosperity.

The WHO assuming autonomy independent of any foreign governments’ influence and incentives is the preliminary step towards earning credibility as the world health body.

The WEC relinquishing control over nearly eight billion population destiny to benefit selective few amongst selves is the precursor for sustainable global economic growth and development.

The 1% economic status is directly tied to 99% stable and affordable living. 

Last but not the least, the UBS and other havens  rejecting unlawful illegitimate funds around the globe and myriad sources ranging in backgrounds not barring corruption, criminality, extortion, trafficking and smuggling etc. would exemplify Switzerland and European commitment in combating systemic corruption, the foremost element denying human population existence with basic needs and healthy social economic environment.

The individuals and companies from developing nations exposed in massive corruption scandals as well as implicated in bankrupting public savings in financial institutions are currently guaranteed safe passage to and refuge in Europe with impunity.

The European Union action in collective responsibility to curb corruption enacting extradition treaty with nations across the globe would detoxify the toxic activity crippling lives all around.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



Secret Society – The Conglomerate Paradoxical Paradigm

September 12, 2017

Secret Society – The Conglomerate Paradoxical Paradigm

By Padmini Arhant


Bill and Melinda Gates foundation engaged in addressing global poverty level and disease control is a worthy cause.

However, the Microsoft founder and world’s richest individual Bill Gates participation in Secret Society meeting where policy discussions and decisions on global population are made prohibiting disclosure of minutes of meeting to the world with attendees sworn to secrecy is contradictory to stated principles of western democracy.

The Secret society conclave deploying violent means in denying access to real press and public with high profile members apparently in agreement to such practice raise credible concerns about globalists agenda.

The Secret Society existence exerting control over more than seven billion people in the so-called free world is ominous for universal benefit and progress.

The selective few in the world claiming entitlement to global resources and accordingly waging wars, sponsoring terrorism and destabilizing nations, imposing starvation through illegitimate sanctions, issuing nuclear threats for personal gains and vested interests is the cause for global impoverishment and preventable disease.

Bill Gates disassociation and denouncing such Secret Society rather than presence at the closed door gathering would confirm the Gates foundation genuine commitment to alleviate human suffering.

Otherwise, the Secret Society and the conglomerate responsible for humanity plight sharing thoughts on mitigation is analogous to setting fire and pose to extinguish flames ignited by them in the first place.

The influential members in society responsible role in refraining from promoting globalists counterproductive strategy would contain half of human misery.

The disingenuous position never delivers desirable outcome. Contrarily changing course would provide opportunity for a better future benefitting all. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Charm or Jinx

Padmini Arhant


Is it charm or jinx behind Western Secret Society backed women representatives in politics?


Hillary Rodham Clinton – Presidential bid proved unsuccessful twice.


Angela Merkel – Strong advocate of austerity especially on Greece exacerbating economic recession.  Flip flop on refugee crisis having contributed to the issue with EU lifting ban on weapons supply to terror networks strengthening terrorism in Syria arguably haunt those responsible for humanitarian disaster. The economic woes among EU members and refugees situation is a conundrum in the upcoming election in Deutschland.


Sonia Gandhi – Scandals outweighed any positive achievement.


Benazir Bhutto – Second attempt to assume office led to assassination.


Aung San Suu Kyi – The west honored Nobel Laureate lack of response to internal ethnic problem concerning Rohingya Muslims attracting criticism.

When you are favored by the west, expect the worst is evident thus far.

The reason is the syndicate fomented misogyny through proxies (interestingly mostly women) in different capacity such as columnists, publicists and performers following scripted material are hired for the task much to self-embarrassment and folly.

Perhaps, the contrary from the west viz. prejudice, hatred, indignation and denial of respect and original identity is a blessing.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


The Ruling Class

By Padmini Arhant

When rules and laws in society are only meant for law abiding ordinary citizens and not those who flagrantly violate position, influential status and authority,

Then that system is fundamentally flawed and becomes the bedrock for corruption, human rights violation and systemic abuse of power.

The stark contrast in the application of law on average citizens vs. immunity to individuals and entities with proven track record conforming to criminal actions that are punishable by law for regular people and more so upon the offender be a minority or different ethnic background is ominous for any nation especially the kind poised as democracy.

All are equal and therefore none are held above the law remains only in concept not practice. 

As it has been well said before;

When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

In the contemporary environment, the State actors with their promoters and defenders in the Corporate media, news organizations, entertainment industry and importantly campaign financiers, judiciary in the mutual favors and any available alibi are lock step and barrel with the ruling class providing free pass on involvements affecting citizens lives including men and women in uniforms against national interest.

The communication media – the news, television and social media serving as the platform for distraction from issues demanding serious attention explains the intricate network designed to evade accountability and mislead the public with mindlesss information and events filling newspaper columns and TV programs to maintain status quo.

The topic will resume shortly.


Global Poverty Alleviation – Micro Lending Myths and Management

January 13, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The greatest challenge confronting humanity is alleviating poverty, hunger and disease.

With global population on the rise, the gulf between the rich and poor widening – the worldwide statistics in deaths related to starvation and preventable disease is alarmingly high especially among children, the most vulnerable victims in the human caused misery.

There is no doubt that many organizations such as the United Nations, Government and Non-Governmental efforts in the developing countries including some philanthropists from different corners are striving hard to address this issue to their best of ability.

Their commitment in this regard is remarkable for the situation would be worse in the absence of myriad interventional measures.

As for the industrialized and developed nations’ role in containing the growing humanitarian plight – the G-20 pledge to contribute $100 billion to developing nations is honorable but yet to be exemplified through action.

In the domestic front – economic austerity is adopted in dealing with fiscal crisis.

However, the disproportionate and drastic cuts have been largely aimed at essential services affecting the economically disadvantaged in the society.

The status quo in the United States is attributed to economic policy that facilitated corporate activities with no oversight subsequently rewarding with bailouts, tax cuts and estate tax relief extended recently shifting the national debt burden to the struggling vast majority.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 50 million Americans of which 17 million children are reported to suffer from hunger due to limited affordability. Nearly 13 percent of the U.S. population is stated to be in abject poverty.

Further data reveals that 200 lives could be saved from starvation for the price of one missile.

Last August, the U.S. Senate passed the Healthy,Hunger-Free Kids Act but the legislation is pending congressional approval.

Hence the112th Congress is requested to prioritize this matter over other issues.

Internationally – of the multitude projects underway to assist poorer communities from the burgeoning economic disparity,

Micro lending is the cornerstone to uplift human living standards targeting women empowerment through entrepreneurship proved to thrive in the systems not prone to administrative corruption and/or bureaucratic meddling.

Any program’s long term success is dependent upon the implementation requiring constant review and monitoring at the macro management.

In micro operation the selective criticism against the concept highlighting the lenders’ alleged practices and soaring profits compared with Wall Street gains as modest and creditors’ demeanor mild towards borrowers is indicative of political adaptation to discredit one and appease another when the debtors experience with Wall Street firms confirm otherwise.

Nonetheless the mostly rural based micro financing recipients rely on lenders and their representatives’ verbal explanation about the contract. The misinformation incidents are less when the customers have basic education and understand the terms without being misled in the loan finance.

Usually these mechanisms work better with non-profit organizations having volunteers to perform the necessary tasks from initiating the deal until debt settlement.

Whenever materialism is eliminated in public service it not only cultivates good work ethics but also yields the desirable outcome.

Providing credit to individuals for various businesses is preliminary step and the loan default could be due to circumstances within and beyond human control.

Using successful business as model and incentivizing them to lead others in the village and urban areas could pervasively replicate results.

The major impediments for human progress among the poorest are – lack of education, access to water let alone clean water, inhumane living conditions and environmental disasters rendering survival a mere stroke of luck than individual capability to overcome the odds in life.

For the population in war zones, the expectations are none considering the persistent chaos and carnage depleting human endurance to the point of welcoming end rather than a beginning to life.

When measuring human achievements since the dawn of life on earth – it has been phenomenal in the technological front.

Notwithstanding the ingenuity and innovation in modern science, space exploration… admirably demonstrated in the formidable quest to conquer air, land and ocean.

It is imperative to emphasize that the monumental feat would not have been possible without unified contribution enhanced by diverse talent in reaching for the stars once considered a pleasant dream but not a reality.

If similar passion and dedication were applied in minimizing human suffering overshadowing the significant accomplishments then perhaps the existence of hierarchical societies – the privileged against the less fortunate and downtrodden could diminish bringing fresh hope for all on the horizon.

Natural empathy together with peace and love towards mankind possess incredible power to transcend elements obstructing the path to equality.

Pragmatically the present dystopian society transformation for universal good largely remains with collective responsibility towards self and others.

Sharing knowledge and cherished treasures in life accentuates the joy of giving guaranteed with exceedingly greater returns.

Moreover the humanitarian deeds are never without a positive effect for it enables the human character to evolve surpassing self-promotion.

Political and economic infusion undermines humanitarian missions for it is perceived as a political threat by those in power while the investors view as an economic opportunity.

Grameen Bank and parallel mediums could potentially revolutionize under developed demography through reinvestments instead of redirecting profits in the venture.

The tax exemption when utilized to increase productivity at various levels has substantial prospects for economic development.

In conclusion, micro lending is promising and an effective catalyst to improve social and economic status in any surroundings.

The U.N. Millennium development goals are attainable through accelerated growth and sustenance of similar humanitarian projects.

Humanity future is bright with care and compassion towards all living beings.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Acknowledgment of Worldwide Support to Humanitarian Mission

December 31, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The website www.padminiarhant.com was launched in June 2008 to serve humanity by addressing the various challenges in all fronts.

Human civilization is aptly reflected in science and technology constituting an intricate part of modern existence.

Technology has revolutionized world performance while simultaneously increased vulnerability in the misuse of the medium.

The dawn of new millennium was celebrated in the shadow of political, social and economic inequality.

Life is a gift and born to be free. Yet in the contemporary society these fundamentals are denied with the significant population subject to oppression, persecution and premature deaths due to the powerful minority dominance over the vast majority.

As a result, individual freedom is regarded a privilege than an inalienable right in the present environment.

Poverty, hunger and disease are widespread from failed policies favoring those in power against the powerless.

The brave and the bold expressing their concerns are falsely accused and condemned for standing up against injustice. Truth is vilified and subversion glorified blocking access to improve status quo despite deteriorating conditions threatening the habitat to the point of no return.

Nonetheless the commitment towards humanitarian service remains strong and determined to stay on course until the tasks are completed.

It’s truly an honor to serve humanity and experience the joy of giving for greater good.

Human spirit is exalted in the devotion to heal the wounded and the suffering defining the purpose in life.

At the minimum abstinence from wrong doings could be helpful to a large extent promoting peace within and around.

The arduous journey thus far would not have been possible without the tremendous love and support from wonderful friends all over the world.

Your genuine care and words of courage provide motivation to persevere in the humanitarian mission.

The kind remarks and outpouring appreciation are accepted with profound gratitude.

Likewise the skeptics and critics’ reservations are respected to accommodate diversity and tolerance.

On the last day of the year 2010 marking the first decade ending,

I sign off with fond memories from the exciting global adventure to many interesting domains.

I look forward to the beginning of the new decade with events hopefully comprising less or no conflicts and more cooperation to make this beautiful planet a reality for all.

Best Wishes and Warm Regards to the citizens across the globe.

Farewell 2010! and Welcome 2011!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

P.S. A snapshot of 2010 events is presented in the featured videos.

Health Care

October 11, 2008

Courtesy: Nobelprize.org – Thank you.

Press Release

6 October 2008

The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet has today decided to award

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2008 with one half to Harald zur Hausen for his discovery of “human papilloma viruses causing cervical cancer”and the other half jointly to Françoise Barré Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier for their discovery of “human immunodeficiency virus”.


Congratulations! to the recipients on the highest honor for their contributions to “Health Science”.

The medical community has achieved breakthroughs in most areas of health science. The quest for cure continues in all facets of modern medicine through scientific research and development.

Nevertheless, the challenge being, the achievement not shared among the general population even in the most advanced nation like the United States. Unfortunately, the average citizen cannot afford the best medical treatment due to the lack of Universal Health Care for the entire population.

The discussion on health care in the current “Presidential race” emphasized the need and urgency to care for the sick. However, there are no specifics provided to the public with respect to fund allocation and general layout.

The candidates have elaborated on the general plan. It is still important to disclose the exact costs involved to provide national health care. Besides, appropriation of funds for this purpose, the policy must detail the choices, if any, to the public and whether there are any fixed costs allocated in the health care budget.

The deductibles on all of the health care plans offered by various groups in the insurance industry exponentially rises with the rising costs of health care reflecting inflation. In this category, the lower and middle income population is the most vulnerable of all.

Attempts in the past towards general health care to the mainstream population fell short of targets predominantly due to the lack of “structured plan”. Within the nucleus of the health care plan, organization is required for different health care needs and priorities. The reason being, each segment of the population fall under different categories.

It is equally important to include the veteran groups and their families’ health care costs. Again, the G.I.bill should have a provision in this regard. The mental health care patients’ insurance costs were included in the recent $700 billion “bailout” legislation. Congress’ action is noteworthy in this regard. The Senior Citizens, is another group deserving immediate attention and focus for their various situations.

The investments on “preventive medicine” always pay off in the end. Whether it is prenatal, neonatal, infant care or adolescent and all the way through geriatric programs. All programs catering towards healthy life style cuts health care costs considerably for the nation. Therefore, the health care policy should vigorously promote and provide incentives to organizations involved in this effort.

Health care is more effective and efficient with minimal external intervention from the government and insurance industry alike. The government should facilitate the program by making it affordable to the wide cross section of the society. At the same time, it should leave the decision making process on patients health to the patient and the professionals involved.

The United States, as an industrialized nation should prioritize health care to all citizens and invest more in educational programs for youth to address issues like; obesity, teenage pregnancies and other social problems contributing to the health care costs.

In terms of humanitarian aid, the United States has always been in the forefront to help other nations combat various health crises. It has earned special recognition in helping the international community reach the milestone with the “AIDS” epidemic. The task is not over and the achievement thus far is praiseworthy.

The concept….“Health is Wealth” is the stepping stone towards peace, progress and prosperity for all nations.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant