Acknowledgment of Worldwide Support to Humanitarian Mission

December 31, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The website was launched in June 2008 to serve humanity by addressing the various challenges in all fronts.

Human civilization is aptly reflected in science and technology constituting an intricate part of modern existence.

Technology has revolutionized world performance while simultaneously increased vulnerability in the misuse of the medium.

The dawn of new millennium was celebrated in the shadow of political, social and economic inequality.

Life is a gift and born to be free. Yet in the contemporary society these fundamentals are denied with the significant population subject to oppression, persecution and premature deaths due to the powerful minority dominance over the vast majority.

As a result, individual freedom is regarded a privilege than an inalienable right in the present environment.

Poverty, hunger and disease are widespread from failed policies favoring those in power against the powerless.

The brave and the bold expressing their concerns are falsely accused and condemned for standing up against injustice. Truth is vilified and subversion glorified blocking access to improve status quo despite deteriorating conditions threatening the habitat to the point of no return.

Nonetheless the commitment towards humanitarian service remains strong and determined to stay on course until the tasks are completed.

It’s truly an honor to serve humanity and experience the joy of giving for greater good.

Human spirit is exalted in the devotion to heal the wounded and the suffering defining the purpose in life.

At the minimum abstinence from wrong doings could be helpful to a large extent promoting peace within and around.

The arduous journey thus far would not have been possible without the tremendous love and support from wonderful friends all over the world.

Your genuine care and words of courage provide motivation to persevere in the humanitarian mission.

The kind remarks and outpouring appreciation are accepted with profound gratitude.

Likewise the skeptics and critics’ reservations are respected to accommodate diversity and tolerance.

On the last day of the year 2010 marking the first decade ending,

I sign off with fond memories from the exciting global adventure to many interesting domains.

I look forward to the beginning of the new decade with events hopefully comprising less or no conflicts and more cooperation to make this beautiful planet a reality for all.

Best Wishes and Warm Regards to the citizens across the globe.

Farewell 2010! and Welcome 2011!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

P.S. A snapshot of 2010 events is presented in the featured videos.


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