Irony of the Irony

February 28, 2021

Irony of the Irony 

Padmini Arhant

The ongoing trend is to cast identity of their target i.e. me in this instance to suit their mindless and baseless convictions.

The criminal clique and crony contingency propositions and propaganda about me are beyond logic, rationale and reality.

Why do they associate me with blackness and Black Lives Matter? 

I do not have any biological relation or platonic connection closely or remotely whatsoever with blackness or Black Lives Matter in this lifetime or in my recent past life.

Similarly, the Indian criminal political class and establishment entrenched in corruption, black money and treason on their part deploy deplorable servile media to project me as a Muslim.

There is yet another faction obsessed with trans gender mania about me.

Much to collective disappointment and defeat, I am neither black nor muslim or transgender etc.

Maybe they are confused and taken the liberty without my consent and approval to distort my personal profile as their prerogative.

Alternatively, the criminal league and minions simply care less about my inalienable individual right to hold anyone accountable for their unlawful and despicable conduct on constant fabrication and concoctions about me.

Above all, the criminal offense to violate my original identity to fit anyone’s imagination explain the mental condition of those involved in such activity.

I wish to clarify to criminal cabal and lunacy club;

If I were to be born black with either or both parents as black and,

Likewise Islam were to be my faith upon birth or apostasy,

Importantly, somehow had I ever gone through anatomical surgery to transform from biological female to alleged biological male as it is ludicrously and viciously spread about me,

I would have no problems declaring any or all of the above three assertions from those who deceitfully replace their profile with me.

In fact, I would be a proud black, muslim, transgender like a blimp on cloud nine interacting with sun, moon and the stars.

Just because you – the criminal class insist and prod your widespread sycophants to classify me however you deem right i.e false and fraudulent claims.

I do not become whom you desire or designate me as such in the past, present or future. 

The criminal syndicate and desperate propagandists anywhere could either substitute selves or engage in search of that fictional character or someone among them they allude to be me.

All living species are denoted by specific DNA unique to them that are not transferable or interchangeable to accommodate anyone’s whims and fancies let alone recreate or metamorphose in defiance of nature.

Fortunately, I am no exception in this regard.  I’m not a malleable metal to mold into any shape or design.

Human malice to hurt and harm anyone they pursue too has limits. Anything exceeding limit leads to self-destruction.

The identity crisis of one or any prompting hypothetical presumptions is the irony of the irony. Not to mention wanton indulgence posing serious challenge to their presence of mind or the lack thereof.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

United States – Democracy and Constitution Subversion

December 2, 2020

United States – Democracy and Constitution Subversion

Padmini Arhant

United States citizens recognition of deep state controlled and authorized subversion of democracy and constitution is critical for individual rights, freedom and fair opportunity.

The political members and those running for higher office in deep state’s deep pockets is a serious threat to the republic and independent status. In the current pandemic climate, the local, state and national authorities imposed strict rules accompanied by penalty and imprisonment upon violation with incidents of arrests of small business owners reported in New York State while the democrat Presidency funded by China CCP pushed forward by any means i.e. hook or crook despite the established fact on COVID19 originating and spread from Wuhan, China clarify the anti-republic and anti-humanity regime installation to power.

The democrats and republican members at various levels of governance backing Beijing victory falsely dubbed Biden victory in the 2020 Presidential election through state certifications of results ignoring evidence based voter fraud and judiciary reversing or tossing the ruling on voting irregularities aimed at enabling Beijing victory in the White House need to come forward and explain to their constituents, American electorate and taxpayers funding the government and judiciary payroll on the exact agenda behind the obvious rejection of constitutional law and democratic norm.

The media and press preoccupation in fabrication and falsehood to seat the corrupt and incorrigible to power in quid pro quo is an enormous price for the electorate to pay and endure repeat of past systemic abuse of power in office. The government is not limited to management of goods and services besides altering taxation laws to suit private and vested interests, the increasing intrusion and invasion of citizens privacy and now more under the guise of COVID19 is the last straw in politics minding public’s personal affairs. 

China CCP and foreign investments in political class, academia, tech giants, oligarchs and media instrumental in massive corruption, mass deception and compulsive violations of constitution, democracy and election integrity. American electorate experiencing frustration and betrayal of trust in the Presidential election 2020 in light of rigged election petitioning the relevant state legislators, federal representatives in Congress and United States Senate, FBI, DOJ and judiciary to perform their legislative duty and constitutional responsibility rather than cowering to domestic political pressure in allegiance to China CCP i.e. foreign powers and governments is monumental in voiding status quo on election outcome.

Citizens efforts and commitment to protect individual liberty and freedom of choices is an immediate priority. The democracy that America proudly represented and cheered presently threatened and expected to worsen in the aftermath of Beijing and George Soros proxy administration in the White House heralding doom and decline.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




United States – FCC Repealing Net Neutrality and GOP TCJA

December 15, 2017

United States – FCC Repealing Net Neutrality and GOP TCJA

Padmini Arhant

FCC handed Christmas gift to telecom giants in repealing net neutrality. Federal Communications Commission, the public funded government agency denied the citizens funding this very organization right to affordable and equal access of the internet favoring major telecom and internet companies in return for campaign financing in 2018 and 2020 election.

In doing so, the republican members who voted against net neutrality at FCC meeting having secured campaign funding for their re-election evidently deserted the republican base and supporters affected in net neutrality elimination. They were least concerned about their action impact across party lines and public interest.

When a political party is only focused in serving corporate donors and special interests at their own base and voters expense, the self and vested interests takes precedence over citizens’ rights and equal opportunity. The trend is unfortunate and does not bode well in treating the party loyalists and voters as nothing more than crowd cheering during election campaign and casting ballots to political members turning their back against those granting them power.

GOP tax bill not surprisingly sympathetic to wealthiest and multi-national corporations in their super generous tax cuts to them considering the members serving in the current administration are admittedly multi-millionaires acknowledged by President Donald Trump claiming they understand the importance of wealth better than others not in the same status.

Juxtaposed, GOP fiscal consciousness surface on relieving families in middle and lower income bracket from economic struggles and expanding Medicare and Medicaid to citizens in the prevalent health care law falling short in this regard. The term social welfare is immediately applied to the required action while exempting the super-rich from fair share of taxes, empowering corporate giants with lion share in the market in net neutrality annulment and allowing dominant corporations lateral integration defeating the purpose of market economy.

The definition and meaning of market economy is no longer relevant. Instead of market determining price with consumer rights and choices protected, the major players wish list is duly acknowledged with monopolists thwarting competition.

The latest reversal of net neutrality and tax favors including corporate takeovers establishing antitrust environment hurting consumers and other viable business competitors is capitalism going wild like unbridled horse leaving behind the carriage i.e. the economy represented and functional due to work force and consumers across the spectrum especially the people in the middle and lower economic strata.

No millionaires and billionaires position is sustainable without the people working at various levels enabling the constant flow of goods and services in the economy, their contributions in ideas, innovations to physical manual labor along with average consumers spending essentially boosting retail sales and corporate profitability. The work force and consumer base are the economic engine for businesses to exist and thrive in a market place.

Likewise, no political party or mantle of power is possible in the absence of electorate validating the post from the highest office in land to the bottom in government. The political members pledge of allegiance to campaign donors and other influential forces prompting egregious decisions against citizens, economic and national interest demonstrated soon after election to office until the end of the term is frustrating electorate with elections having become a mere formality.

However, the changing tide demonstrated in Alabama race is an effective popular dissent to status quo.

The argument from corporate representatives on rules and regulations being detrimental to business success claiming the Feds micromanagement of industry cited by FCC chairman Ajit Pai in rolling back net neutrality is the irony.

The economy lacking in or relaxation of standards leading to housing market debacle, finance industry bailouts, energy companies running amuck slighting environment woes, health care industry with insurance companies dictating patient’s treatment rather than leaving life saving decisions to physicians and patient are the tip of the iceberg.

On the contrary, corporations run the government beginning with bidding on candidacy of all political affiliations on campaign trail moving into drafting legislations through relentless lobbying and investment in swaying legislations to their maximum advantage.

Super Pacs funding elections are the norm with prominent donors viz. the Koch brothers – David and Charles Koch, the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and alike propping the right and capitalist George Soros buttressing the left are somehow not regarded corporate and special interests meddling in government affair that are supposed to represent the mainstream, disenfranchised and segments without a voice in society.

The micromanagement of government and political system by influential forces proved adversarial widening the gap between haves and have nots with ordinary people deprived of dependable and honest representation in all matter not limited to internet access and tax benefits.

GOP recent move in tax reform titled Tax Cuts Jobs Act (TCJA) with disproportionate concessions to wealthiest members and corporate favorites alongside FCC vote ignoring citizens request to spare public domain such as the internet from corporate control are indicative of voter betrayal that could potentially deliver electoral backlash in 2018 and 2020.

The enormous campaign investments and political tactics in maintaining power could only go so far and ultimately governance rely on people support and approval. The government that prioritize citizens basic needs, rights, privileges and majority population economic security and social wellbeing have better chances of survival moving forward.

Finally, FCC vote on net neutrality has unnecessarily created challenges undermining and underestimating citizens will in matter that affects public performance in daily and professional routine.

The restoration of net neutrality in public court or congress is fundamental to preserve democratic and market economy values benefitting all not the selective few.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission














United States – Post Election 2016 Sentiments

November 12, 2016


PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

United States – Post Election 2016 Sentiments

By Padmini Arhant

Any contest has a winner and a loser. In a civilized setting the victor expresses gratitude and credit those enabling victory rather than owning success to self that demonstrates humility especially in a contentious political campaign.

On the other hand, the loser would acknowledge own shortcomings and trajectory contributing to failure and concede gracefully without any scapegoat to lay the blame.

Moreover, the unsuccessful outcome is also largely related to dissatisfaction with incumbency and often confirmed in electoral backlash as a message to the leadership and political party in power at that time. 

For instance, the 2008 Presidential election was guaranteed to go against then President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney administration and republican party considering avalanche of problems and grave mistakes transformed into serious crisis.

The post-election protests this year with the slogan – Not Our President should have been there in the previous term and earlier on to justify democracy. The elected or selected choices to the White House and members of congress are yet to be the President and representative of the electorate and constituents facilitating their entry and re-election in politics that is sworn allegiance to campaign donors, special interests and syndicate reining control over the political system.

The norm thus far is voters and those considered useful to climb the ladder are solicited during election and as happened in 2008 post democratic primary, the nominee’s spouse demand to go door to door and beg voters to vote for them in condescendence defined individual character and cultural distinction.

Upon reaching the top, the ladder is kicked off from behind only to realize later that the same ladder is required to remain where they are and for those aiming higher altitude.

Politics not regarded as public service instead become a country club with privileged membership. The chosen members elevated to celebrity status with political impunity regardless of crimes that are not even recognized as such in the exclusive society.

In a way, the human nature eclipsed in self-centeredness, ego and presumptuousness forced to learn a lesson or two in life.  Some learn from such experience and others don’t repeating the trend much to self-detriment.

Whenever anybody use others and be user friendly for self-interest, they are unable to deal with self-inflicted injury and setbacks in any endeavor.

Politics premised on disguise and deception is no longer able to mislead all at the same time.  The actions speak louder than teleprompter messages with business as usual maintained misinterpreting electoral mandate as political capital to appease anti-humanity forces squandering tax payer funds in sponsoring terrorism and foreign aid to governments engaged in oppression and persecution of innocent population, human rights violation besides fomenting violence in the region.

In the domestic front, the tax exemption to wealthiest and mandatory health insurance subscription on lower income category and demography struggling to make ends meet in a sluggish economy verifies the outgoing administration misplaced priority. These are few among many other issues that clarifies who they represent upon assuming term in office.

So the protests with Not Our President and should also read Not Our Congress slogans aptly apply to such tradition in the oval office and Capitol Hill.

The contemporary practice to claim someone else’s  positive features and fruits of labor as own typically IDENTITY THEFT  and distortion of the same person’s profile, background and real life is desperate attempt seeking desperate tactics to vent frustration on debacle.

Not surprisingly politics is far from renouncing anything counterproductive despite ominous warnings and consistent disappointments on beaten track.

It might take a village to raise a child and evidently in politics many and money required to pull anything from rabbit ears to trick electorate ultimately tricking the tricksters in the game.

The combined influence using media and press coverage via glorified and exaggerated editorials together with political establishment and secret society backed candidacy not prevailing in the election 2016 substantiates not to count chickens before they are hatched without certainty on hen and chickens’ survival.

Notwithstanding declining clout amongst powerful disconnected from truth and reality.

The sentiments subsequent to election 2016 results are reactions displayed in the absence of reflection on political actuality refusing awakening.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








United States – Politics in Disguise prolonging Establishment Rule

November 5, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

United States political system allowing only two political parties with any third party remaining the fringe factions to technically aid the pre-determined choice is the contemporary practice.

The trend adapted following 1992 Presidential race with then third party candidate the self-made billionaire Ross Perot securing 17% votes in national election cost the incumbent President George Herbert Walker Bush (Sr.) losing to then Presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

The democratic Presidency did not necessarily resist wars with NATO dissemination of Baltic region under the pretext of eliminating authoritarian rule and overthrow of people choice leaderships and governments not in compliance with neo-liberalization policy for corporate ventures in poor and developing countries like Haiti in western hemisphere and Latin America.

Again the democratic Presidency was poised to privatize social security towards the end of second term in 1999 only distracted with Lewinsky sex scandal that led to impeachment. In a way this was divine intervention to halt the egregious decision hurting millions of Americans, the retired and baby boomers alike upon the notion coming into fruition.

When behind the scenes operatives controlling the office of Presidency felt the urgent need to initiate and launch the pre-meditated plan the Project for New American Century (PNAC), their choice of candidacy was someone willing to go more than a mile in the devious course to invade and occupy foreign nations for economic and strategic interests. In other words, they sought proxy Presidential candidate George W. Bush (Jr.) accompanied by actual Presidential candidate Dick Cheney as Vice President.

The Presidential election in 2000 had a third party candidate supposedly the anti-corporate and Wall Street critic Ralph Nader as independent contender essentially assisting the Republican nominee George W. Bush(Jr.) against the Democratic nominee Al Gore. 

The third party in political structure surfacing only during election has been enabling the pre-selected nominee’s position representing the major political party. They are facilitators representing the same forces that reins control over the two party and periphery in politics.

In 2004, the Presidential race was designed to favor then incumbent the Republican President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to continue with the momentum of wars and economic blunders.

Again in terms of Congress, the democrats gained majority in mid-term election with events unfolding against the Republican Presidency at the White House.  The foreign and domestic policy were maintained much to citizens’ plight at home and abroad.

In 2008, the democratic candidacy had an advantage over the republican contender due to predecessor’s track record.

The question arises – Did the democratic Presidency refrain from unwanted and unnecessary involvement in foreign land?

The two term democratic Presidency expedited foreign invasion exceeding the strategists’expectations through terror sponsoring, funding and training the so-called moderate terror groups nonetheless are terror networks to topple governments overseas conforming to PNAC agenda.

In the domestic front, the democratic Presidency in 2008 came to power with democrats in majority at the House and Senate.  Yet somehow, the health care reform for Universal health care without exacerbating average citizens’ economic woes experienced now was not desirable and instead passed the health insurance and health care industry recommended legislation with results seen in the present time that has health insurance premiums rising by 25% and health care costs on the increase as well.

To add insult to injury in the health care legislation, the blue dog democrats positioned as conservative democrats opposed the funding for women’s reproductive concerns and treatment with the White House making concessions in that regard to accommodate the democratic segments demand.

As for the democratic Presidency in the past two terms along with democrats in the house and Senate claiming to be opposed to tax cuts for wealthy is a misnomer. They did exactly the opposite i.e. rather than letting Bush tax cuts to wealthy expire in 2010, they extended the policy perhaps to protect self-political aspirations for re-election.

On immigration issuethe current administration deportation of 2 million undocumented immigrants soon after resuming power in second term may not be the headlines or topic of discussion, however the facts cannot be dismissed to suit political preference.

In 2012, the Presidential race debated less on failure to deliver the hope and change promised in 2008 with more on the opponent’s Mormon religion making the entire election process nothing but a ritual to satisfy public. The reason being the secret society decision always upheld to maintain status quo regardless of party lines whether democrat or republican.

Fast forward in 2016, the race snowed down with sex scandals against the other candidate while the chosen candidate granted a free pass in the face of flagrant violations and abuse of power and status throughout political career.

The unprecedented setting this time around is the controversial media  FOX news, networks and press across the spectrum editorializing the event as a done deal to coronate the pre-selected candidate ignoring every scandals implicating the democratic candidacy clarifies the collusion to upend electorate.

Furthermore, in the wake of more revelations against democratic candidacy linked to private email server besides several involvements causing loss of American and foreign citizens lives simply laughed at during press interview and congressional hearing describes the empathy or the lack thereof in a candidate poised to be leader of the free world.

The democratic candidate’s spouse ad hoc meeting with head of Justice Department i.e. the serving Attorney General on the airport tarmac preventing disclosure to electorate while campaign slogan declaring the candidacy to be believed as strong and trustworthy leadership undermines electorate discretion.

What voters need to understand is permanent power maneuvered dysfunctional system using two party mechanism alongside third party cooperation to sabotage potential disruption in the pre-calculated outcome.

The present republican nominee Donald Trump’s stance on immigration obviously does not correlate with reality considering the contestant’s professional undertaking in real estate industry expanding into hospitality sector that predominantly employs Latino population has created job opportunities and in return benefitted the nominee as well.

The election hype in an effort to pandering to the base or certain groups does not change the background.  Latino voters fear of being deported that actually materialized recently under democratic administration in the second term also explains the political shades changing colors for expediency.

The fact of the matter is both red and blue in politics governed by self and vested interests pledge allegiance to campaign investors, incognito power and political party with little or no respect for electorate will.

Unless the veil of secrecy and privileged status is lifted, the political apparatus would be run amuck in the absence of transparency and accountability.

Politics denied a break from dynasty and establishment rule declining the nation republic governance.

The no choice is offered as the only choice in election that need not be accepted for the sake of exercising the democratic right.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








Political Game Debunked

October 23, 2016

Divine Power.
God Shiva - The Divine Power with
Padmini Arhant. Author & Presenter Divine Mission.

Ladies and Gentlemen – It has been a while since an interview with prominent figures on this site. Today I present the prospect for all to be informed, entertained and enlightened in the interaction between Mr. Wise Au Fait and Mrs. Prudent Au Fait (pronounced Oh Fe French).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure and honor to introduce the venerable, luminary, significant, phenomenal yet humble and the one and only Supreme entity Mr. Wise Au Fait.

Mrs. Au Fait – Mr. Wise Au Fait – Welcome to the domain

Mr. Au Fait –My pleasure. Thank you for having me to interact with you and the rest of the world.

Mrs. Au Fait – How are you?

Mr. Au Fait  – I am fine. Thank you and How are you?

Mrs. Au Fait – I am well. Thank you.

The topic we are going to discuss in this program is Political Game.

Mrs. Au Fait What is really going on? United States is caught in election mania with one candidate having been affected by pneumonia that has not been entirely contained while the other subdued by sexophrenia.

Mr. Au Fait – Let me help your audience orient with the picture comprising artistes and contributors in diverse format.

As you appropriately titled the topic – Political Game, the plan and objectives ought to be understood by all – the people in particular as they are pawns in this Grand Chess Game.

Mrs. Au Fait  – you mentioned Chess. Do you care to clarify the origin of Chess considering speculations in this regard?

Mr. Au Fait  – Gladly. Chess originated from India going back to the time of epic Mahabharata when Lord Krishna as Lord Vishnu’s (the protector of universe) incarnate presented the preview of Kaliyuga or Kaliyug depicting the events now taking place in the dark age. Chess otherwise known at that time as chaturang (meaning adeptness and cleverness) and later interpreted as Shathranj. In Mahabharata chess game was critical behind events and the ultimate outcome.

Mrs. Au Fait – Thank you for that.

Mr. Au Fait – You are welcome.

Mr. Au Fait – What is really happening now is the people as electorate are audience and participants in the picture produced and directed by stakeholders of dysfunctional system in place.

What do you have in United States Politics?

Mrs. Au Fait – Well the two party system. The democrats and republicans claiming to have respective ideology and party platform.

Mr. Au Fait – Correct. There is citizenry as the system described as democratic even though democracy is a convenient access to modify thought process. People for various causes although some for self-interest and others towards common benefits are all considered a major hurdle by stakeholders i.e. investors in political campaigns reserving the rights on candidacy for profitable returns to sole advantage not barring incognito power – the permanent forces behind the system.

Accordingly, the stakeholders as you aptly refer to them as conglomerate and hegemony have devised the grand strategy to repeal democracy, election, faith i.e. religion in society, environment protection, peace and progress. The prime target is truth and facts based exposé.

What do you know. The plot thickens with the urgency to impose the undesirable as the perfect choice.

Mrs. Au Fait – How so? Could you please elaborate?

Mr. Au Fait  – Certainly.

In this game what needs to be recognized is relentless efforts are made to prove right as wrong, fictitious as factual and relevant made irrelevant.

After discounting everyone who came on board to play the scripted role in this election, the race came down to three people. 

The Republican contender Donald Trump and close friend of Clintons presumed to be representing the right wing, the Democrat contestant Hillary Clinton supposedly the left wing and even characterized as liberal and the third challenger Bernie Sanders positioned to be Independent but caucus with democrat so ran on democrat ticket.

The republican candidate slogan embarked on – Make America Great Again.

The democrat candidate launched her campaign on – Stronger Together along with latest catchphrase – ‘When They Go Low We Go High.’ – per advice from her friend Michelle Obama at the White House.

The other democrat candidate Bernie Sanders slogan was – A Future to believe in Not me, Us. Feel the Bern.

I guess in this context, Bernie did warn his fans not to believe in him given his limited role to quit the domain for the main character – hegemony and conglomerate envoy Hillary Clinton. Mind you this was meant to be a political revolution from Bernie Sanders. The followers were noted as Berners.

Mrs. Au Fait – So what happened?

Well the media and press stated – Trump runs and Hillary fires back when the result was the Berners sadly and predictably got burned out in the firing. Maybe Hillary Clinton firing aimed at any moving target not necessarily Trump alone conforming with her foreign policy.

Mrs.Au Fait – From what you are saying – Hillary is not only hilarious but also merciless.

Mr. Au Fait – hilarious is an understatement that is exemplified in her signature laughter. However, merciless linked to obsession with power.

Mrs. Au Fait  – What else?

Mr. Au Fait – Along the sidelines the stakeholders lined up lemonade stalls as they had to cover the base you see.

Mrs. Au Fait – Yes I see. You mean the token third party candidates on their payroll as well.

Mr. Au Fait  – Yes. Spot on.

The one assigned to be Libertarian Gary Johnson has Aleppo moments many times over to cliché prevalent ignorance in foreign affairs regarded United States personal matter.

The other candidate apparently representing Green Party Dr. Jill Stein with a medical degree is a regular feature to grab 1% vote and sabotage election to close the gap between two major contenders leaving the margin of error insignificant in the predetermined verdict. The interesting factor with this candidate is despite medical background in technology guided medicine, she makes comments like – Wi-Fi fries children brains prompting the remark – progressive is anti-science loon.

There you have it – the cast in the political drama to beguile voters –  the audience and partakers in the election.

Mrs. Au Fait – How exactly stakeholders aka the masterminds behind this not so genius political drama plan on achieving their goal?

Mr. Au Fait  –As I mentioned earlier the intention is to null and void election through pre-selected candidacy pledged allegiance to stakeholders’ scheme.

The electoral college system influenced to promote pre-selected candidate and dismiss popular vote validating invalidate electoral process in the name of democracy. Remember 2000 Presidential election – Gore v. Bush.

When you come to think of it, the candidates in the Presidential election from the beginning until now performed according to script and departed when required from the scene to let the electorate know the following;

The idea of Progressiveness is anything but viable and intelligent. 

Secondly, showcasing stakeholders’ candidacy democrat  in disguise Super Pac and establishment member Hillary Clinton as ideal regardless of disastrous track record.

The office of Presidency is auctioned every four years with highest bidders claiming greater stake and profitability. Similarly Congress every two years is subject to bidding with special interests, Super Pac and donors near and far throw their weight around candidacy for investment dividends.

Furthermore, in 2008 they switched gears to democrat candidate and managed to betray public trust advancing mission initiated in 2000 and 2004.

Since 2008 until now they pushed anti-republic domestic and foreign policy with the so-called democratic Presidency retaining members responsible for sub-prime mortgage crisis represented in Treasury department. The defense department spearheaded aggressive interventions through democratic administration.

The trajectory in the past eight years proves the camouflaged democrat is the preferred choice for stakeholders and hegemony to cancel election and concept of democracy.

The aim is to eliminate election and prolong own operatives and representatives appointment to the office of Presidency abrogating voters and mandate.

What you can see is unusual bipartisanship from Republicans willing to acknowledge pre-selected electoral consequence to the extent of many abandoning republican base in the lead up to colluding with stakeholders on their choice for democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The fact of the matter is those poised as democrats in Presidential race have become the favorite for stakeholders and hegemony due to convenience and ability to deceive electorate under the pretext as liberal and moderate to lure democratic and independent voters respectively besides disenchanted republican voters in the bully pulpit.

The truth is electorate from all sides are taken for ride and defrauded by the political coalition as republican and democrat alike including fringe parties, the third party.

The reality is there are no political parties anymore. There is only one faction committed to disenfranchisement with conglomerate and foreign entities run and controlled system for vested interests.

Politics has actors with scripted performance rewarded for treason and crimes against humanity with peace prize and immunity for life.

The establishment forbids opportunity to mainstream population in the fervor to continue undemocratic and unconstitutional trend upholding dynasty rule and privileged society diktat.

However, anything that violates suitable norm and tramples on millions of voters’ legitimacy is deemed defunct expediting archaic tradition termination.

People need to wake up and reject such custom and convention to restore republic rule.

Mrs. Au FaitMr. Wise Au Fait, I appreciate your invaluable insight and enlightenment.  I request your esteemed involvement in shedding light on womanhood currently exploited using unsuitable women folks in politics to disgrace gender sanctity for individual and secret society aspirations.

Mr. Au Fait – I look forward to that discussion with you – Mrs. Prudent Au Fait.

Mrs. Au Fait  – Thank you Mr. Wise Au Fait.

Mr. Au Fait – Thank you for having me to engage in this interesting conversation with you, Mrs. Prudent Au Fait and many around the world.


Now this brings the first segment on Political Game to end. The next topic on Political Game would focus on womanhood and designated role in women leadership poised to endanger life and global security through nuclear weapons and mass destruction.

Thank you all for your concentration and time.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


U.S. Election Debacle – Selection disguised as Election

October 20, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

The Art of Lying in Politics – Denying the Undeniable Facts

         By Padmini Arhant

The third and final U.S. Presidential debate ended clarifying the political establishment determination to impose fait accompli on electorate prior to election day.

Whenever one candidacy is treated as extraordinary despite conspicuous flaws and numerous breaches deemed criminal, the electorate become instruments to devious agenda.

The massive publicity, funding along with press editorials, media and entertainment industry patronage among several others including three major networks FOX, CNN and MSNBC colluding that are otherwise considered rivals to promote and declare the democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be conglomerate representative for fifth term in the White House verifies the so-called democratic process.

Since election is taken for granted and transformed into mere formality and political circus to coronate the pre-selected choice, the democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton,

The following questions are posed alongside shedding light on impervious data delineating facts from falsehood.

The claim on United States election to be free and fair is a misnomer considering twenty first century marked with electoral outcome disputes in the year 2000, 2004 Presidential election and thereafter noting alterations and irregularities that are common now.

The democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton position as the advocate and champion of women and children’s rights, working class, gay rights and immigrants’ welfare while being financed by wall street, special interests, national and foreign donors stupefy audience knowing in politics the strategy is to say anything to win election. The trait prominent in some more than others confirming obsession with power.

The democrat nominee Hillary Clinton vows to pay for entitlements like Medicare and social security by taxing the rich and wealthy including corporations that are bankrolling her campaign.

Does this mean, the democrat Presidential candidate betrayal is certain against one or the other? 

Whom is she likely to deceive ?– the campaign investors or the voters casting ballots enabling special interests’ backed candidacy with Super Pac and campaign funders deriving more value for money in the lobbyists drafted legislations.

On the question about Supreme Court nominees – the democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton citing the people wronged in the Citizens United case with the Supreme Court allowing unlimited campaign contributions from diverse sources while Hillary Clinton, the politician representing conglomerate and hegemony capitalizing on corporate cash speaks volume about the candidate’s integrity or the lack thereof.

On the subject of Affordable Care Act aka modestly titled Obama Care – although this is a topic deserving discussion in entirety which will be presented in due course on this site, the crux of the matter is the health care reform deceptively deviated from benefiting average citizens to bonanza for health insurance and health care industry.

The mandatory health insurance tied to penalty upon failure to do so made effective in January 2014 expects citizens to subscribe to health insurance whether affordable by them or not especially with health insurance premiums being high and any low cost plans covering little or nothing leaving subscribers at the health insurance and health care industry mercy worse than before.

In the meantime, the health insurance companies raking profits on additional 35 to 37 million subscribers brought on board via Obama care. The young healthy citizens on moderate income forced into compulsory health insurance plan are essentially paying for others with pre-existing conditions that is highlighted as landmark achievement attributing credit to health insurance industry as a major concession on their part when they are the beneficiary and the healthy groups on meager income bearing the cost.

The democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton upholding the Affordable Care Act in the face of unaffordability for many in mainstream suggests pandering to current administration for political support besides complicity in misrepresentation of health care legislation.

In the economic sector – the Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s pledge to energy giants, finance and importantly defense industry is an open secret.  As recipient of substantial campaign donations, the quid pro quo between the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and Super Pac as well as special interests from far and wide null and void campaign promise to democratic base and voters across the spectrum.

Immigrants and immigration policyPresident Barack Obama administration having assumed office in 2012 as reelection deported 2 million undocumented residents soon after election despite overwhelming Latino voters lured into campaign slogan on path to citizenship that is repeated by colleague and present Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Here is the interesting and disappointing factor on the slogan – path to citizenship.  This was indeed fulfilled by Obama administration. However not towards U.S. citizenship but the citizenship of the country of origin for the people dispatched to respective homeland. There is little or no doubt the democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton surpassing deportation number given the track record on egregious actions.

Again the second time contestant Hillary Clinton in Presidential race having ceded to then democrat Presidential contender Barack Obama in 2008 not without a deal to be appointed Secretary of Statethird in line for Presidency flip flops on issues to suit political aspirations. 

The candidate Hillary Clinton opposition to issue driver license to undocumented workers in 2008 and disapproval of temporary resident status deprived many qualified people who were taxpayers in the economy from living together with U.S. born children as a family.

Environment – The former secretary Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama arrival in Copenhagen in 2009 for Cop 15 UN Climate summit and sabotage of the deal contributed to seven years carbon emission that is misquoted now as having slowed down climate change during President Barack Obama appearance on television show. 

Again in this instance in semblance with path to citizenship, the steps adopted then to undermine genuine environment goals at conglomerate behest did restrict improvement in clean air environment reversing climate change not for the better. 

Foreign Policy – the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton legacy is premised on violence, creation of terror networks facilitating the means to justify aggression, illegal interventions and subjugation of population under brutal and corrupt regimes throughout the world.

The former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s cavalier approach and belligerence resulting in deaths and destruction, chaos and catastrophe worldwide is the hall mark of her political career spanning over thirty years and more.

In the recently concluded Presidential debate, the democrat contender Hillary Clinton proudly asserted on having been involved in the raid of  al Qaida terror group leader Osama Bin Laden, the CIA asset in 2011.

Not realizing the administration and key members’ recounting is yet another confession on treason against United States and the victims of 9/11 attack. 

The concocted theory on Osama Bin Laden deceased in 2001 and resurrected to protect those implicated in 9/11 inside operation and glorify successor to boost administration record beguiling American people and the world is routine offense amongst those violating public trust.

The democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton often remarked about her opponent temperamentally not fit to be President.  The same apparently not applicable to her with willingness to use nuclear weapons and obliterate nations not in compliance with her demand.


The Republican contender Donald Trump was frequently asked about accepting poll results and the same was not sought from democrat nominee Hillary Clinton who fiercely contested against then challenger Barack Obama in the democratic primary in 2008 going as far as quoting election mishaps referencing democrat Presidential contestant Robert Kennedy assassination. The inherent threat from disgruntled democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008 not necessarily regarded fraudulent by patrons and surrogates’ behind Hillary Clinton Presidential bid.

Lastly, on constitutionality – the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton securing the title and post as foreign secretary was unconstitutional as she was then New York State Senator pact for high profile job in the newly elected administration presented conflict of interests abandoning responsibility towards constituents in the relevant state.

Nonetheless Senator Hillary Clinton prioritized her political ambition over the people of the state of New York and the nation at large as member in the United States Senate.

The democrat Presidential contestant Hillary Clinton as  member of political dynasty and conglomerate envoy  granted immunity in upending constitution, election and serious violations amounting to crimes against humanity and misuse of public office and authority.

Not surprisingly the Bush family are switching party lines to vote for the democrat in disguise, Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As for incumbent President Barack Obama endorsement of democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and urging voters to vote for Clinton prompts the legitimate query – If Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a great choice then why did this not happen in 2008 when he ran against her? Why did he not let his opponent Hillary Clinton win during democratic primary rather than engage in contentious battle then in 2008?

Question from the mediaHow come the republican nominee Donald Trump unable to beat democrat nominee Hillary Clinton given the latter’s controversial and scandalous background?

Politics and media selective memory fails to remember that democrat primary in 2016 Presidential race, Vermont Senator (I) Bernie Sanders ran on democrat ticket against democrat contender Hillary Clinton.  Unlike media focused republican nominee Donald Trump and sensationalized coverage, Senator Sanders described as mellow and conducive Progressive standing to Wall Street and Super Pac represented by democrat Hillary Clinton could not prevail departing from the domain for pre-selected candidacy.

The eagerness to wrap the event with proposals to acknowledge and concede to election results to one contender but not the other indicate premeditated strategy adding insult to injury and humiliation for millions of voters participating in the national election.

The quest for warfare, sponsoring terrorism, humanitarian disasters notwithstanding nuclear melt down favored in advancing the democrat Presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Never too late to rise to the occasion and reject undemocratic and unethical tactics deployed to prolong status quo. 

Where there is will, there is a way to preserve democracy and liberty with equal opportunity for all and not just the privileged category.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













































Politics Preference – Dynasty and Establishment Rule

October 18, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

Politics Preference – Dynasty and Establishment Rule

By Padmini Arhant

Synopsis on track record depicting reality and potential threat to peace, global security and humanitarian cause.

The topic highlights Presidential candidacy currently exempt from scrutiny.

Those in position of power and authority especially the members of political establishment are granted immunity on crimes against citizens at home and abroad.

Whether 9/11 commission or Benghazi committee and congressional hearings related to national interests and loss of lives, the evidences, countless witnesses and testimonials are discarded and those directly involved and responsible for casualties are exonerated inflicting more pain on victims’ families wound. 

The congressional inquiry and the so-called fact finding investigations are set up to vindicate the guilty with no respect for those having lost their lives in senseless violence and terror that could have been averted had the ones heading the department and administration exercised necessary discretion to save lives as priority.

Similarly, the peace efforts to stop bloodshed in wanton wars deploying terror networks resulting in deaths of innocent civilians in several thousands and millions as refugees are enthusiastically thwarted and proudly claimed as diplomatic victory by supposedly a democrat.

Toppling democratically elected governments in poorer nations subjugating population to corrupt and authoritarian regimes for direct economic and political control was carried out with passion and regarded astute foreign policy.

The democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been in politics for decades with trajectory conforming to above outlined strategy.

Throughout her political career, beginning with balkanization of former Yugoslavia and Eastern bloc and later favoring military invasions for hegemonic goals in Iraq and Afghanistan has been the trend.

The former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton actively promoted aggressive interventions not barring removal of governments in Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central and South East Asia.

As head of the state department, the activities involved deposing people choice governments overseas, playing prominent role in endorsement of rigged elections in Afghanistan enabling proxy government identified for corruption and criminality.

The former secretary of state Hillary Clinton asserted close ties with Saudi dynasty implicated in 9/11 terrorism. The coalition fostered and fomented insurgency at Saudi government behest in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen.  Additionally, aiding and abetting weapons supply to dictatorial powers like Bahrain’s Al Khalifa regime to quell pro-democracy activism extended in Egypt as well.

Similarly, the democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton opposed peaceful resolutions in Middle East conflicts such as Palestinian statehood and Syrian ceasefire in compliance with extraneous forces agenda for economic and strategic benefits.

As former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton’s relentless pursuits to sabotage peace accord on Syria, stabilization of Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Yemen…are just few among numerous undertakings as a democrat in disguise.

In the United States, the Presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s contradictions with respect to working class, minority, gay rights and immigrants along with rejecting proposal on issuing driver license to undocumented workers that could have generated revenue for California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas – the states adjoining Mexico exemplify inconsistency and lack of integrity.

The registration of undocumented drivers could ease the burden on taxpayers and lawful motorists on road accidents that otherwise is a liability to legal residents in these incidents.

On women’s rights, the misguided notion about democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton needs to be clarified considering adverse impact on women in the United States and overseas due to actions and decisions exacerbating women’s plight viz. Afghanistan, South Asia, Latin America and war torn Africa.

Sexual harassment being dominant in the current Presidential race, the partisanship accepting allegations against the Republican nominee Donald Trump as irrefutable while dismissal of women in the long known sex scandals of former President Bill Clinton as hoax reveals discrimination of victims in sexual assault with little or no concern for womanhood in general.

The abuse of power from the spouse Hillary Clinton in this instance towards sexually harassed members ranging from intimidation to leave town to warnings upon disclosure of their experience apparently suitable in the call for civility and empathy for women in the paradoxical paradigm.

Regardless, the hypocrisy in the treatment of women affected in political class misuse of authority is pejorative.

Furthermore, the democrat Presidential contestant Hillary Clinton background and personality projected as advanced, progressive modern woman raise the legitimate question.

Why didn’t Hillary Clinton distance herself and seek divorce from a marriage snowed with sex scandals and indignation?

Whatever the reasons are, the status clarifies political convenience and superficial image.

On the campaign trail, the Super Pac and special interests financed elections, the wall street funding and energy giants backing of nominees with the democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton established record as chief beneficiary pose credibility factor on economic and environment matter.

The tax return release without complete disclosure on campaign finance from diverse sources as bidders on candidacy undermines voter expectations with disillusionment upon assuming term in office.

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton profile submerged in controversy, secrecy and complicity on violations of lives and human rights notwithstanding Clinton foundation associations and dealings defiantly upheld as political cadre prerogative.

Above all, the democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s convictions on national and international affairs premised on deception, violence and dangerous means not barring willingness to use nuclear weapons remains existential risk to global security and humanity at large.

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have travelled to 120 countries and more during her official tenure, however her understanding of foreign cultures and civilizations failed to meet basic standards to appreciate life and liberty for all not the selective few she represents in the power struggle.

Apart from that targeting divine power, statesman Mahatma Gandhi and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and alike are a fair game to ex-foreign secretary Hillary Clinton and political apparatus.

Election transformed into figurative postulate, democracy is challenged under these conditions to capitulate or retaliate.

United States electoral outcome in recent memory has been marred with disputes and irregularities citing deliberate calibration of vote diversion, disenfranchisement and importantly electoral college system overriding popular vote.

Yet, the will of the people and discernment could prevail preventing  political preference to retain dynasty rule and conglomerate representation.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


Politics and Infidelity – the conjoined factor

October 16, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.




By Padmini Arhant

Synopsis on track record depicting reality and potential threat to peace, global security and humanitarian cause.

The highlight on Presidential candidacy currently exempt from scrutiny.

Should democracy bow to political apparatus endangering lives and human rights?

More to follow on this topic.


Politics and Infidelity – The conjoined factor

By Padmini Arhant

Infidelity is the norm since politics emergence and continues until today with plain hypocrisy.

The chronicle on infidelity among members in politics on all sides goes back as early as 18th century.

However, the recent episodes deserve attention considering the hype and melodrama in contemporary politics.

Starting with elite and privileged club members rendezvous in Bohemian Grove, 65 miles north of San Francisco, California, USA is an annual event in July. The lewd activities promoting voyeurism, philander and pedophilia is accompanied by bizarre rituals burning human and child effigy forbid public focus.

In March 2008, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer steps down after sex scandal. Governor Eliot Spitzer, the democrat and Super delegate in the party resigned after exposure in prostitution scandal. The news reports coverage highlighted that Governor Eliot Spitzer had patronized an elite escort service run by Emperors Club VIP.

Eliot Spitzer subsequently hired by CNN as television host that included issues linked to character and chastity.

The successor David Paterson as the Governor of New York admits infidelity after being sworn in to replace scandal scarred Eliot Spitzer. The newly appointed Governor David Paterson’s spouse Michelle Paterson adultery also comes to light at the same time.

Former President Bill Clinton sex scandals long been referenced serving as a reminder on politics and infidelity the conjoined factor until now in present Presidential election.

The former Presidential contender democrat Jessie Jackson also referred to as reverend having come to the aid of fellow democrat President Bill Clinton during the scandalous moment could not escape spotlight on own extramarital arrangement.

The democrat Presidential candidate Gary Hart in 1987 ended his campaign upon disclosure on infidelity over a period of time.

Similarly, the ex- Presidential candidate democrat Senator John Edwards dropped out of 2008 Presidential race following news on his ongoing affair unfolding in the middle of the campaign.

Massachusetts Senator and ex- Presidential Candidate Ted Kennedy fiercely contested Presidential nomination in the democratic primary.  

As per the revelations via news reports then – “Ted Kennedy’s career never recovered from the disgrace of the accident at Chappaquiddick in 1969, when his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne died after the senator drove his car off a bridge and left her to drown as he swam free. Rather than making any attempt to save the young woman he went back to his hotel room to consult advisers before the case was reported in the morning. Kennedy escaped with only minor charges.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (Republican) infidelity shattered the glass house despite Christian coalition and religious veneer with the republican invited on major news network as authority on morality.

The Republican Senator Larry Craig in 2009 acknowledged inappropriate behavior.

According to the reports then –  “The Republican senator for Idaho pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after being caught at an airport toilet. A policeman at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport arrested the politician after he used a signal under a cubicle door to suggest sexual conduct.”

Yet another Republican member in Congress Mark Foley attracted attention for apparent text and instant messages to male teens with sexual innuendoes during the term in Congress.

Arizona Senator John McCain launched Presidential campaign in 2008 and became the Republican Presidential nominee on the platform as decorated war veteran and POW in Vietnam. Nonetheless, the Senator’s involvement characterized as adulterous with disloyalty to spouse in long term marriage could not be concealed although the Senator continued the Presidential bid until election day.

California ex-Governor and Hollywood fame Arnold Schwarzenegger (Republican)  confession to love child cautiously sidelined from media chat and discussion.

The democrat Presidential candidate and then Senator Barack Obama was associated with alleged alliances during the successful 2008 campaign.

Last but not the least, the shooting incident at the White House door step on October 3rd, 2013, related to young black mother Miriam Carey (age – 34 years) with a toddler son witness to his mother being shot from behind five times in her car by White House Secret Service concluded as a tragedy much to the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus silence. Not to mention muted response from Black lives matter.

Politics duplicity persists in the face of denials and denigrations for the sole purpose of maintaining status quo – i.e. distraction from real issues and serious violations by members in political class selectively exempt from scrutiny.

The targets in the game are fidelity and integrity not welcome in service to the citizens and nation at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




















United States – Debt Ceiling Deal

August 2, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Leaderships in Washington confirmed consensus on debt ceiling deal passed in the House and Senate in order to avert the manufactured crisis from policies targeting the core consumer base while promoting no revenue in the deficit reduction plan.

The present agreement authorizing government to pay the bills and meet other financial obligations is premised on spending cuts equal to or exceeding the borrowing sum with an immediate increase of $400 billion followed by another $500 billion not barring Congressional blockade,

Alongside more than $900 billion in savings over ten years from downsizing operating expenses within cabinet as well as federal agencies.

Overall debt limit $2.1 trillion considered allowing Treasury to address various payments through 2012 elections and simultaneously minimizing federal spending equivalent to or above the debt amount spanning a decade with no tax increases otherwise income.

Federal budget due in Oct 1, 2011 is set to reduce spending by $7 billion below the existing level to achieve the desirable debt deceleration.

The proposal on bipartisan 12 members House-Senate committee expected to recommend more federal deficit trimmings up to $1.5trillion for legislation by Congress adhering to the requirements.

Upon committee’s failure to generate at least $1.2trillion debt containment, mandatory spending cuts across the federal budget is in place against Pentagon, domestic discretionary appropriations not excluding farm subsidies and Medicare reimbursements to health care providers.

Accordingly the debt limit to be raised anywhere between $1.2trillioin – $1.5trillion based on the funds availability in the budget.

The reassurance in the deal per reports is the exemption on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits in addition to veteran programs not affected in the process.

Also the legislation seeks Congressional approval for constitutional amendment on balanced budget.

The approach to avert default is mainly focused on spending constraints again ignoring the revenue factor equally important for deficit reduction and economic revival.

Restricting spending in areas without oversight on the out-of-control expenditures are necessary such as Pentagon disproportionate allocations reportedly unaudited up until now due to operations regarded too big to monitor.

Commitments to overhaul tax structure closing loopholes on tax evasions might improve systems efficiency besides contributing to savings for job creation.

As for broadening taxpayer base – the tax burden is already on the middle class and lower income when legislation on Bush tax cuts extended to the wealthy and non-tax paying corporations viz. General Electric…resulting in zero or minimal tax payments combined with job exports and investments overseas.

Lowering tax rates for the top 1% with substantial disposable income not always invested in domestic growth is reflected in poor GDP and national unemployment.

Capitalism thriving under maximum capital infusion would apply if the private sector and individuals benefiting from huge tax breaks and subsidies restored manufacturing by increasing productivity and fair income distribution from upward trend in job market.

Unfortunately the debate on the Senate floor favoring tax policy proved detrimental for the economy is pushed forward even though the decisions have adversarial impact on the average Americans – representing the work force and consumers crucial for any economic model to survive and succeed in the competitive global environment.

The deal is sensible in terms of relevant spending cuts and preserving Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and veterans benefits provided the provisions are implemented with no possibility for maneuver.

However, neglecting the income aspect via taxes and other avenues is not pragmatic given the latest outcome on Bush tax cuts extension exacerbating economic status by widening the gap between the haves and have-nots,

Notwithstanding the middle class bearing the bulk of economic woes attributed to higher joblessness and housing market decline.

Constitutional amendment for balanced budget imposes fiscal discipline paramount in reversing deficit spending to surplus reserves for investments in infra-structure, education, health, secure retirement, research and development leading to sustainable progress.

In this context, the deal providing $17 billion additional funding towards Pell Grants over the next two years for low income college students is noteworthy.

In general, the deal struck in an effort to prevent default has chartered the course to curb spending and,

Hopefully, the bipartisan House-Senate committee would strongly recommend robust tax reform and meaningful income sources to achieve balanced budget in the immediate future.

Getting the fiscal house in order is the shared aspiration in Congress and the phenomenal costs from perpetual warfare adding to national deficit barely addressed by fiscal conservatives in the slash spending political discourse.

In fact the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen statement reinforced the mission in Afghanistan in spite of deteriorating monetary conditions.

National priorities deviating from destructive course would strengthen economy and guarantee better living standards for all with prosperity promising more taxpayers to overcome challenges ahead.

Fiscal responsibility is no longer an option but a necessity to regain economic power and consistent rational means recognizing the pros and cons of austerity together with extravagant wasteful spending on wars at several trillion dollars would perhaps expedite anticipated economic recovery.

United States has the ability to rise to the occasion in saving grace.

Political differences aside, displaying solidarity in national interest is a democratic value and the United States Congress could continue to forge bipartisanship with a permanent departure from Washington gridlock on all issues.

That would be the American electorate dream come true.!

Peace to all!

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant










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