United States – Post Election 2016 Sentiments

November 12, 2016


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United States – Post Election 2016 Sentiments

By Padmini Arhant

Any contest has a winner and a loser. In a civilized setting the victor expresses gratitude and credit those enabling victory rather than owning success to self that demonstrates humility especially in a contentious political campaign.

On the other hand, the loser would acknowledge own shortcomings and trajectory contributing to failure and concede gracefully without any scapegoat to lay the blame.

Moreover, the unsuccessful outcome is also largely related to dissatisfaction with incumbency and often confirmed in electoral backlash as a message to the leadership and political party in power at that time. 

For instance, the 2008 Presidential election was guaranteed to go against then President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney administration and republican party considering avalanche of problems and grave mistakes transformed into serious crisis.

The post-election protests this year with the slogan – Not Our President should have been there in the previous term and earlier on to justify democracy. The elected or selected choices to the White House and members of congress are yet to be the President and representative of the electorate and constituents facilitating their entry and re-election in politics that is sworn allegiance to campaign donors, special interests and syndicate reining control over the political system.

The norm thus far is voters and those considered useful to climb the ladder are solicited during election and as happened in 2008 post democratic primary, the nominee’s spouse demand to go door to door and beg voters to vote for them in condescendence defined individual character and cultural distinction.

Upon reaching the top, the ladder is kicked off from behind only to realize later that the same ladder is required to remain where they are and for those aiming higher altitude.

Politics not regarded as public service instead become a country club with privileged membership. The chosen members elevated to celebrity status with political impunity regardless of crimes that are not even recognized as such in the exclusive society.

In a way, the human nature eclipsed in self-centeredness, ego and presumptuousness forced to learn a lesson or two in life.  Some learn from such experience and others don’t repeating the trend much to self-detriment.

Whenever anybody use others and be user friendly for self-interest, they are unable to deal with self-inflicted injury and setbacks in any endeavor.

Politics premised on disguise and deception is no longer able to mislead all at the same time.  The actions speak louder than teleprompter messages with business as usual maintained misinterpreting electoral mandate as political capital to appease anti-humanity forces squandering tax payer funds in sponsoring terrorism and foreign aid to governments engaged in oppression and persecution of innocent population, human rights violation besides fomenting violence in the region.

In the domestic front, the tax exemption to wealthiest and mandatory health insurance subscription on lower income category and demography struggling to make ends meet in a sluggish economy verifies the outgoing administration misplaced priority. These are few among many other issues that clarifies who they represent upon assuming term in office.

So the protests with Not Our President and should also read Not Our Congress slogans aptly apply to such tradition in the oval office and Capitol Hill.

The contemporary practice to claim someone else’s  positive features and fruits of labor as own typically IDENTITY THEFT  and distortion of the same person’s profile, background and real life is desperate attempt seeking desperate tactics to vent frustration on debacle.

Not surprisingly politics is far from renouncing anything counterproductive despite ominous warnings and consistent disappointments on beaten track.

It might take a village to raise a child and evidently in politics many and money required to pull anything from rabbit ears to trick electorate ultimately tricking the tricksters in the game.

The combined influence using media and press coverage via glorified and exaggerated editorials together with political establishment and secret society backed candidacy not prevailing in the election 2016 substantiates not to count chickens before they are hatched without certainty on hen and chickens’ survival.

Notwithstanding declining clout amongst powerful disconnected from truth and reality.

The sentiments subsequent to election 2016 results are reactions displayed in the absence of reflection on political actuality refusing awakening.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









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