Irony of the Irony

February 28, 2021

Irony of the Irony 

Padmini Arhant

The ongoing trend is to cast identity of their target i.e. me in this instance to suit their mindless and baseless convictions.

The criminal clique and crony contingency propositions and propaganda about me are beyond logic, rationale and reality.

Why do they associate me with blackness and Black Lives Matter? 

I do not have any biological relation or platonic connection closely or remotely whatsoever with blackness or Black Lives Matter in this lifetime or in my recent past life.

Similarly, the Indian criminal political class and establishment entrenched in corruption, black money and treason on their part deploy deplorable servile media to project me as a Muslim.

There is yet another faction obsessed with trans gender mania about me.

Much to collective disappointment and defeat, I am neither black nor muslim or transgender etc.

Maybe they are confused and taken the liberty without my consent and approval to distort my personal profile as their prerogative.

Alternatively, the criminal league and minions simply care less about my inalienable individual right to hold anyone accountable for their unlawful and despicable conduct on constant fabrication and concoctions about me.

Above all, the criminal offense to violate my original identity to fit anyone’s imagination explain the mental condition of those involved in such activity.

I wish to clarify to criminal cabal and lunacy club;

If I were to be born black with either or both parents as black and,

Likewise Islam were to be my faith upon birth or apostasy,

Importantly, somehow had I ever gone through anatomical surgery to transform from biological female to alleged biological male as it is ludicrously and viciously spread about me,

I would have no problems declaring any or all of the above three assertions from those who deceitfully replace their profile with me.

In fact, I would be a proud black, muslim, transgender like a blimp on cloud nine interacting with sun, moon and the stars.

Just because you – the criminal class insist and prod your widespread sycophants to classify me however you deem right i.e false and fraudulent claims.

I do not become whom you desire or designate me as such in the past, present or future. 

The criminal syndicate and desperate propagandists anywhere could either substitute selves or engage in search of that fictional character or someone among them they allude to be me.

All living species are denoted by specific DNA unique to them that are not transferable or interchangeable to accommodate anyone’s whims and fancies let alone recreate or metamorphose in defiance of nature.

Fortunately, I am no exception in this regard.  I’m not a malleable metal to mold into any shape or design.

Human malice to hurt and harm anyone they pursue too has limits. Anything exceeding limit leads to self-destruction.

The identity crisis of one or any prompting hypothetical presumptions is the irony of the irony. Not to mention wanton indulgence posing serious challenge to their presence of mind or the lack thereof.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 


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