Political Game Debunked

October 23, 2016

Divine Power.
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Padmini Arhant. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Divine Mission.

Ladies and Gentlemen – It has been a while since an interview with prominent figures on this site. Today I present the prospect for all to be informed, entertained and enlightened in the interaction between Mr. Wise Au Fait and Mrs. Prudent Au Fait (pronounced Oh Fe French).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure and honor to introduce the venerable, luminary, significant, phenomenal yet humble and the one and only Supreme entity Mr. Wise Au Fait.

Mrs. Au Fait – Mr. Wise Au Fait – Welcome to the domain padminiarhant.com.

Mr. Au Fait –My pleasure. Thank you for having me to interact with you and the rest of the world.

Mrs. Au Fait – How are you?

Mr. Au Fait  – I am fine. Thank you and How are you?

Mrs. Au Fait – I am well. Thank you.

The topic we are going to discuss in this program is Political Game.

Mrs. Au Fait What is really going on? United States is caught in election mania with one candidate having been affected by pneumonia that has not been entirely contained while the other subdued by sexophrenia.

Mr. Au Fait – Let me help your audience orient with the picture comprising artistes and contributors in diverse format.

As you appropriately titled the topic – Political Game, the plan and objectives ought to be understood by all – the people in particular as they are pawns in this Grand Chess Game.

Mrs. Au Fait  – you mentioned Chess. Do you care to clarify the origin of Chess considering speculations in this regard?

Mr. Au Fait  – Gladly. Chess originated from India going back to the time of epic Mahabharata when Lord Krishna as Lord Vishnu’s (the protector of universe) incarnate presented the preview of Kaliyuga or Kaliyug depicting the events now taking place in the dark age. Chess otherwise known at that time as chaturang (meaning adeptness and cleverness) and later interpreted as Shathranj. In Mahabharata chess game was critical behind events and the ultimate outcome.

Mrs. Au Fait – Thank you for that.

Mr. Au Fait – You are welcome.

Mr. Au Fait – What is really happening now is the people as electorate are audience and participants in the picture produced and directed by stakeholders of dysfunctional system in place.

What do you have in United States Politics?

Mrs. Au Fait – Well the two party system. The democrats and republicans claiming to have respective ideology and party platform.

Mr. Au Fait – Correct. There is citizenry as the system described as democratic even though democracy is a convenient access to modify thought process. People for various causes although some for self-interest and others towards common benefits are all considered a major hurdle by stakeholders i.e. investors in political campaigns reserving the rights on candidacy for profitable returns to sole advantage not barring incognito power – the permanent forces behind the system.

Accordingly, the stakeholders as you aptly refer to them as conglomerate and hegemony have devised the grand strategy to repeal democracy, election, faith i.e. religion in society, environment protection, peace and progress. The prime target is truth and facts based exposé.

What do you know. The plot thickens with the urgency to impose the undesirable as the perfect choice.

Mrs. Au Fait – How so? Could you please elaborate?

Mr. Au Fait  – Certainly.

In this game what needs to be recognized is relentless efforts are made to prove right as wrong, fictitious as factual and relevant made irrelevant.

After discounting everyone who came on board to play the scripted role in this election, the race came down to three people. 

The Republican contender Donald Trump and close friend of Clintons presumed to be representing the right wing, the Democrat contestant Hillary Clinton supposedly the left wing and even characterized as liberal and the third challenger Bernie Sanders positioned to be Independent but caucus with democrat so ran on democrat ticket.

The republican candidate slogan embarked on – Make America Great Again.

The democrat candidate launched her campaign on – Stronger Together along with latest catchphrase – ‘When They Go Low We Go High.’ – per advice from her friend Michelle Obama at the White House.

The other democrat candidate Bernie Sanders slogan was – A Future to believe in Not me, Us. Feel the Bern.

I guess in this context, Bernie did warn his fans not to believe in him given his limited role to quit the domain for the main character – hegemony and conglomerate envoy Hillary Clinton. Mind you this was meant to be a political revolution from Bernie Sanders. The followers were noted as Berners.

Mrs. Au Fait – So what happened?

Well the media and press stated – Trump runs and Hillary fires back when the result was the Berners sadly and predictably got burned out in the firing. Maybe Hillary Clinton firing aimed at any moving target not necessarily Trump alone conforming with her foreign policy.

Mrs.Au Fait – From what you are saying – Hillary is not only hilarious but also merciless.

Mr. Au Fait – hilarious is an understatement that is exemplified in her signature laughter. However, merciless linked to obsession with power.

Mrs. Au Fait  – What else?

Mr. Au Fait – Along the sidelines the stakeholders lined up lemonade stalls as they had to cover the base you see.

Mrs. Au Fait – Yes I see. You mean the token third party candidates on their payroll as well.

Mr. Au Fait  – Yes. Spot on.

The one assigned to be Libertarian Gary Johnson has Aleppo moments many times over to cliché prevalent ignorance in foreign affairs regarded United States personal matter.

The other candidate apparently representing Green Party Dr. Jill Stein with a medical degree is a regular feature to grab 1% vote and sabotage election to close the gap between two major contenders leaving the margin of error insignificant in the predetermined verdict. The interesting factor with this candidate is despite medical background in technology guided medicine, she makes comments like – Wi-Fi fries children brains prompting the remark – progressive is anti-science loon.

There you have it – the cast in the political drama to beguile voters –  the audience and partakers in the election.

Mrs. Au Fait – How exactly stakeholders aka the masterminds behind this not so genius political drama plan on achieving their goal?

Mr. Au Fait  –As I mentioned earlier the intention is to null and void election through pre-selected candidacy pledged allegiance to stakeholders’ scheme.

The electoral college system influenced to promote pre-selected candidate and dismiss popular vote validating invalidate electoral process in the name of democracy. Remember 2000 Presidential election – Gore v. Bush.

When you come to think of it, the candidates in the Presidential election from the beginning until now performed according to script and departed when required from the scene to let the electorate know the following;

The idea of Progressiveness is anything but viable and intelligent. 

Secondly, showcasing stakeholders’ candidacy democrat  in disguise Super Pac and establishment member Hillary Clinton as ideal regardless of disastrous track record.

The office of Presidency is auctioned every four years with highest bidders claiming greater stake and profitability. Similarly Congress every two years is subject to bidding with special interests, Super Pac and donors near and far throw their weight around candidacy for investment dividends.

Furthermore, in 2008 they switched gears to democrat candidate and managed to betray public trust advancing mission initiated in 2000 and 2004.

Since 2008 until now they pushed anti-republic domestic and foreign policy with the so-called democratic Presidency retaining members responsible for sub-prime mortgage crisis represented in Treasury department. The defense department spearheaded aggressive interventions through democratic administration.

The trajectory in the past eight years proves the camouflaged democrat is the preferred choice for stakeholders and hegemony to cancel election and concept of democracy.

The aim is to eliminate election and prolong own operatives and representatives appointment to the office of Presidency abrogating voters and mandate.

What you can see is unusual bipartisanship from Republicans willing to acknowledge pre-selected electoral consequence to the extent of many abandoning republican base in the lead up to colluding with stakeholders on their choice for democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The fact of the matter is those poised as democrats in Presidential race have become the favorite for stakeholders and hegemony due to convenience and ability to deceive electorate under the pretext as liberal and moderate to lure democratic and independent voters respectively besides disenchanted republican voters in the bully pulpit.

The truth is electorate from all sides are taken for ride and defrauded by the political coalition as republican and democrat alike including fringe parties, the third party.

The reality is there are no political parties anymore. There is only one faction committed to disenfranchisement with conglomerate and foreign entities run and controlled system for vested interests.

Politics has actors with scripted performance rewarded for treason and crimes against humanity with peace prize and immunity for life.

The establishment forbids opportunity to mainstream population in the fervor to continue undemocratic and unconstitutional trend upholding dynasty rule and privileged society diktat.

However, anything that violates suitable norm and tramples on millions of voters’ legitimacy is deemed defunct expediting archaic tradition termination.

People need to wake up and reject such custom and convention to restore republic rule.

Mrs. Au FaitMr. Wise Au Fait, I appreciate your invaluable insight and enlightenment.  I request your esteemed involvement in shedding light on womanhood currently exploited using unsuitable women folks in politics to disgrace gender sanctity for individual and secret society aspirations.

Mr. Au Fait – I look forward to that discussion with you – Mrs. Prudent Au Fait.

Mrs. Au Fait  – Thank you Mr. Wise Au Fait.

Mr. Au Fait – Thank you for having me to engage in this interesting conversation with you, Mrs. Prudent Au Fait and many around the world.


Now this brings the first segment on Political Game to end. The next topic on Political Game would focus on womanhood and designated role in women leadership poised to endanger life and global security through nuclear weapons and mass destruction.

Thank you all for your concentration and time.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


Politics – Facts and Features

March 17, 2016

By Padmini Arhant


P – Pandering

O –Opportunism

– Lobby

–  Inconsistency

T –  Treason

–  Irony

C – Corruption

S –  Scandal


E – Embed

S – Superficial

T – Tactic

A –Acquiescence

B – Betray

L – Lunge

– Institution

S –Sinister

H –Haughty

M -Malfunction

E – Extol

N – Nepotism

T – Tradition


E – Evasion

L – Lambast

E – Elimination

C – Charlatan

T – Target

– Influence

O – Occasion

N – Nomination


V – Victim

O – Operation

T – Tragedy

E – Expiry 


F – Fraudulence

E – Enslavement

U – Usurp

D – Dominate

A – Accost

L – Larceny

I – Insolence

S – Severance

M – Malfeasance


P – Presumptuous

L – Ludicrous

U – Unscrupulous

T –  Tortuous

O – Obnoxious

C –  Covetous

R – Rapacious

A – Ambiguous

C – Capricious

Y – Yores


O – Observable

L –  Liable

I  –  Insatiable

G – Gobble

A – Actionable

R –  Rubble

C – Culpable

H – Horrible

Y – Yobbery 


C – Control

O – Obstacle

M – Masquerade

M –Muzzle

U – Unstable

N –Noticeable

– Impoverish

S –Struggle

M –Misery


S – Subversion

O– Omission

C– Commission

I– Invention

A- Adoption

L– Liquidation

I- Illusion

S– Simulation




A– Acquisition

P– Profitability

I– Insolvency

T-Tax Exemption


L –Liaison

I – Immunity

S – Securities

M– Merger 


T –Travesty

H –Hypocrisy

E – Eclipse

O –Opaque

C –Conflict

R –Religion

A – Aberration

C – Counterproductive

Y – Yet


I –Invalid


P –Pernicious

E –Empire

R -Ruthless

I – Insidious


L -Lofty

I -Incorrigible

S -Supremacy

M -Medieval 


M –Mendacious


N– Nefarious

O– Ostentatious

P– Pugnacious

O– Ominous

L– Lawless

Y– Yex


S – Superiority



C –Calamity

T– Treaty

I –Indiscretion



S -Suppression



I  -Indignation


L –Limitation

E –Exclusion

N –Notion

C – Cessation

E – Exception


R -Rage





C –Criminality

R -Rewarded

I – Idolized


E -Endorsement


J -Jeopardy

U -Upend

S -Sardonic

T -Trivialize

I -Impunity

C -Cronyism

E -Embarrassment


P -Proxy







M –Manipulation

E –  Exaggeration

D – Dramatization

– Indoctrination

A –Adulation


S -Symbolic

T -Tainted

A -Auspice

T -Trajectory


S -Secrecy

Q -Questionable

U -Unsustainable

O -Obsolete

The fundamental change in political structure and practice is imperative to experience positive outcome made possible by functional republic and uncompromising sovereign status.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





United States – U.S. Presidential Race – People vs. Hegemony

November 6, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The Presidential election 2012 is unique considering disillusionment and public awakening to reality on hegemony control over United States political system.

United States two political parties – Democrat and Republican vying for congressional power and Presidency essentially serve hegemony interest on domestic and foreign policy reflected in status quo.

Hence, the real and existential threat to democracy, constitution and liberty with economy above all is hegemony.

The electoral process is a mere formality with hegemony’s investment on two candidacies ensuring self-victory with people being the opponent in the race.

Appropriately, the Presidential race in 2012 is between People vs. Hegemony.

Hegemony are banking run by Rothschild and selective family claiming ownership on money supply via United States Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Bank,

The military industrial complex,

Wall Street firms in defense and energy industry among others,

Neo-cons in United States colluding with Zionists in Israel,

Western Imperialists i.e. monarchs in England, Netherlands and Sweden,

Vatican Religious Order and some in Middle East from Saudi Kingdom comprise the eclectic membership although more fortune and power oriented groups encompassed under the auspice.

Hegemony authorizes UN membership and UNSC configuration.

The political posturing rather interesting with Republican outlandish stance to scare voters away while downplaying democrat i.e. incumbency position attractive to the base and undecided voters when incumbent policy is no different or perhaps worse than pseudo opponent unfolding post election.

Hegemony heavily banking on President Barack Obama reelection to establish anti-democratic police state stripping civil rights based on incumbent action in the last four years Patriot Act, FISA renewal and the most controversial NDAA introduction.

On the economy – incumbent policy is to adopt Republican contender proposals along with measures exacerbating ordinary citizens plight witnessed in Bush tax cuts extension
rallied by President Obama and former President Clinton allowing tax and debt burden shifted entirely on middle and lower income category effectively favoring the 1% given the policy makers are hegemony appointed to suit vested interests.

Similarly severe austerity on citizens while preserving wasteful military spending on illegal warfare and occupations, social security diversion from safety net holdings to speculative investments endangering income reliability for retirees and baby boomers underway,

The health care law with mandatory subscription in the absence of premium caps and standard coverage again hurting the mainstream and small medium businesses would be legitimized under incumbency second term.

Wall Street ambitions from finance and banking industry, energy, defense, health care, to food and agriculture …easily accomplished under incumbent administration taking advantage of general complacency to ‘democrat’ banner that facilitated deregulation during Clinton Presidency opening the floodgates for prevalent abnormal activity all around.

In fact neo-liberalization as seen in hegemony controlled so-called democracy in the eastern and western world exclusively favoring global conglomerate will be forcefully implemented by the returning administration.

The extraordinary Presidential power assumed on domestic and foreign policy in the last four years exceeds predecessor in unilateral decision-making rendering congress and constitution irrelevant.

Hegemony is backing incumbent for two main reasons among many available to push forward radicalization on domestic and foreign matter.

The contrived performance by supposed democrat Presidency committed to hegemony on every issue behind the scenes wins public trust evading accountability, checks and balances from political party in Congress alongside media propagation shielding conspicuous default – the pattern verifiable in the first term.

Simultaneously, hegemony deliberately presents Republican candidacy with candid election manifesto either with drastic solutions to manufactured problems or visible dodging qualifying for vast majority rejection in order to sway ballot choice to hegemony preferred incumbent viz. President Barack Obama in this election.

Nonetheless, hegemony plan submitted through Republican contender would be passed by ‘democrat’ administration upon election again also evidenced in earlier term.

The scenario exhibited in the present term i.e. outrage on democrat candidate deception is subdued or non-existent whereas Republican defiance provides fodder for democrat loyalists ignoring flaws on both sides granting hegemony victory regardless of party representation.

Hegemony contemporary contention is people power and legitimate voice seeking republic governance eliminating special interests and foreign influence attributed to devastating short and long term goals with irreversible outcome on many important challenges confronting humanity.

The concerted alliance among political factions and key sections within society at hegemony behest is to thwart and invalidate presence of natural force for being formidable, truthful and poignantly selfless in dedication to protect life and environment besides human values revival.

Another factor for hegemony dependency on incumbent in the 2012 election – apart from the explanation provided above is –

The political mandate for additional four more years and specifically final term emboldens authority to misuse power and complete tasks that were considered potentially risky prompting electoral backlash seen in midterm 2010 election and prior experience.

With concentration of power centralized in the executive branch – a paradigm shift altering political dynamics isolating people from governance, the carte blanche disposition surfaced in extra-judicial executions on foreign soil undermining sovereignty and in violation of international law.

In this context, the targeted killings did not exclude United States citizens overseas contradictory to democratic and constitutional right.

In 2008 election, the verdict was against Bush-Cheney administration offering democrat the benefit of doubt in the two party dilemma proving legacy continuity not to mention hegemony premise arousing unprecedented optimism exploiting public frustration and disappointment with Republican administration at that time.

Subsequent to hegemony U.S. electoral maneuver in 2008 with democrat candidacy to rein control,

The strategy replicated in France in electing current President Francois Hollande on Socialist platform conforming to French electorate expectations and disapproval of hegemony representative former President Nicholas Sarkozy with no apparent loss to ultimate external powers since current French government meticulously following orders from them on domestic and foreign policy.

On United States foreign policy – a monumental concern for the rest of the world contrary to campaign generated false perception on incumbent trajectory and future forecast upon extension by another four- year term,

Objective review reveals U.S. State Department, Defense Department and intelligence agencies role unleashing hawkish and offensive techniques through coup d’états
honoring neo-con and Zionist ideology combined with imperialists’ doctrine to maintain absolute power.

Subversion of Arab Spring to form fundamentalist governments in Middle East,

Permanently stalling peace and diplomacy in conflict resolutions on Syria as well as Palestinian and Israeli dispute,

Overt operations in destabilization of sovereign states viz. Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Honduras, Paraguay, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria…to name a few among more between 2009-2012,

U.S. Secretary of State bypassing Central or Federal government and diplomatic protocol delegating functions to State Chief Ministers of democratic countries creating dominion republic status in adherence to imperialistic dictum.

Exponential rise in predator drones deployment in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Colombia, African Nations under Africom and last but not the least in the United States used for surveillance on U.S. citizens,

U.S. State department pervasive espionage on national and international civil society and diplomats escalated mistrust affecting credibility.

Libya – NATO and U.S. decimation of nation under humanitarian pretext and appointment of pre-western government for unlimited access to oil.

Iraq and Pakistan – Private contractors and CIA operatives engaged in paramilitary capacity complicating local residents misery.

The so-called troop withdrawal from Iraq evolved into troop relocation around the world constituting military incursion in the Persian Gulf, South China Sea and now Mali in Africa intervention preparation in the offing.

Iran and Syria – the incumbency course imposing economic sanctions and freezing financial transaction avenues depriving civilians from medicines and essential food supplies is excruciating for the victims and,

The harsh measure is characteristic of subjecting innocent citizens to slow death justifying inhumane approach against difference on military aggression to appease the strongest ally Israel – invariably in non-compliance of UN resolutions and international rule.

Likewise decades old trade embargo barring revisions and reconsideration against the people of Cuba and North Korea highlight the double standards and fundamental flaws in United States foreign policy devised by Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission comprising privileged members of hegemony.

Hegemony determination to globalize neo-liberalism on economy, neo-conservatism on foreign policy and militarization of the world accelerated under Obama administration and would surge at the next opportunity maximizing political capital expenditure much to universal detriment.

Not surprisingly the anticipation to enhance hegemony prospects retaining the existing class delineation with empowerment of few and enslavement of the rest is banked on President Barack Obama.

Moreover, the Republican Presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney adaptation of hegemony policy is a tactic to drive significant votes towards President Obama eluding public scrutiny as sponsor’s deliverer.

Hegemony views great advantage in President Barack Obama – the only candidate in the race competing against the people.

The opponent Governor Mitt Romney is principally aiding electoral success to hegemony candidate – President Barack Obama.

Under democrat administration led by President Barack Obama hegemony achievements are unopposed with Republican members satisfied with their policies upheld under democrat mascot and,

The democrats in Congress approve the White House decisions on political party affiliation with rare exceptions casting nay vote.

Accordingly, the democrat base and die hard supporters follow suit exempting democrat President and Congressional lawmakers’ paradoxical move from objection that would otherwise reach a crescendo with opposite side.

In foreign policy – Obama – Clinton partnership proved highly beneficial to hegemony in extremism surpassing openly conservative ideologues.

The biggest bonanza for hegemony stake on incumbent President Barack Obama is their quest to recolonize Africa.

Africom mission through African American President has been a breeze that would not be viable under Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney for obvious fact.

Hegemony masqueraded as democratic contestant averts doubts and suspicion with policy customized to appeal to trusting voters and soon after election the identity would come to light leaving little or no option to contain calamity.

United States electorate resistance towards hegemony is paramount to reclaim republic governed government of the people, by the people and for the people, rights to self-determination, national integrity and sovereignty.

Wishing people power remarkable triumph in restoring peace, personal freedom, progress and prosperity for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012

January 1, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

New Year 2012 ushered in with cheers and spectacular fireworks around the world.

The year 2011 set the trail for significant change in politics, economics, social justice and environment.

Political restructuring is directed at leaderships’ extension of rule through self-nomination and/or oligarchy appointed against republic and national interest.

People uprising display solidarity on core issues related to economy, political rights, social equality and environmental protection.

Political and economic freedom directly linked to social justice in Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia has long been deprived under global conglomerate choice of leadership.

Revolutions protest against heads of the state serving self and foreign interest ignoring citizens plight in any form of political system.

Peaceful and non-violent assembly – the civil and constitutional right is restricted with violence besieging democracy in United States, Europe and India.

The governments in Syria, Iran, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan…in Middle East and,

Burma, China, North Korea in the Far East under military might deny civil liberties at home and occupied territory viz. Tibet.

Russia – the leaderships alternating hierarchical role claiming lack of opposition to contest in election while the popular activist held in custody is subjugating democracy.

The government intolerance to civil society or political party meaningful opposition on national issues could not be democratic and prolonging term in office would be ruling against republic will.

Such leaderships having lost public faith could ease the burden with peaceful exit from the respective position.

Regardless of civilian or military rule – governments’ failure to perform with no political commitment in improving the economy, eliminating corruption, guarantee freedom for all and cede invaded land  – are due for imminent sea change.

People power peaceful and non-violent participation in 2012 until citizens’ goals are achieved is paramount to establish republic rule in domestic and foreign soil.

Injustice anywhere disrupts peace and stability everywhere.

While military industrial complex comprising defense industry dictates foreign policy,

The banking industry under Federal Reserve in collaboration with World Bank, IMF and international central banks control money supply to the world economy,

Similarly powerful industries viz. energy, health, agriculture, pharmaceutical…are involved in directing governments on energy, health, education and environment policy…among broad engagement.

The world is run by global conglomerate prioritizing mega profits from collective productivity for selective income distribution through heavily propagated globalization with warfare dominating the agenda.

Citizens across the globe as consumers, tax payers and electorate in 2012 could petition their government against illegal wars and military base draining economies in the disproportionate military budget generating severe austerity on life dependent services in struggling economies – U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

Taxpayers reserve the rights to ensure their tax dollars are invested in domestic economy and global development rather than wars claiming armed forces and innocent civilian lives across the world.

Unfortunately, taxpayers as creditors and debtors in the current economic climate drowned in foreign debts are complacent to hard earned tax revenues squandered in destructive warfare and/or stashed away in the powerful entities offshore tax havens and unlawful bank accounts.

The 1% continues to thrive at 99% expense and misery.

If tax dollars are not appropriated for nation building then citizens could legislatively remedy the prevalent anomaly.

Taxation policy – closing tax evasion loopholes together with fair taxation laws substituting existing rule –

Exempting wealthy from taxes by transferring the share to middle and lower income groups could be eliminated considering,

The lower economic strata constitute retail consumer base benefitting the broad business spectrum.

Political class reluctance in this regard would delineate them for suitable replacement in the electoral polls.

Electoral reform barring corporate and personal wealth in election campaigns,

Instead allowing public financing would deter corruption and promote level playing field for qualified candidacies to compete in the local and national elections.

Effectively political and economic fairness could be enforced via electoral and taxation overhaul in every society marking the beginning of the end of vote and tax fraud.

Economic crisis – Euro zone, U.S. debt, emerging economies domestic constraints ranging from inflation to contraction in overseas exports…are conspicuous ailments requiring potent antidote to revive economic health.

Given the magnitude of the problems – the topic is scheduled for detailed discussion later.

Environment policy – Facts presented earlier under Global Climate Change Treaty (GCCT) following COP17 Durban summit focus on the immediate goal in carbon emission mitigation to maintain sustainable temperature at 1.5°C or 350 ppm by 2020.

Individual action preceding climate talks could confirm serious commitment in the important global issue.

Social Justice – The extreme judicial bias is attention worthy.

The political establishment and privileged class granted life impunity on evidence based treason and crimes against humanity.

Juxtaposed  – U.S. President recent approval on ordinary citizens apprehended as terror suspects to be refused legal representation for military trial is violation of human rights and international laws with the trajectory in abuse of power and torture justifiably condemned worldwide.

The past year – Arab Spring and Occupy global movement energized the 99% marginalized in the society.

In 2012, the global revolution quintessentially empowering the powerless would restore republic governed democracy in the world.

Happy New Year with peace, progress and prosperity to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/iOy7BaEhnEg http://youtu.be/pA5bwYWvGtc http://youtu.be/9KXGJoGdhtM http://youtu.be/1zMaQW45RjQ http://youtu.be/8nsGPkde4g8 http://youtu.be/eGGv83eCEBc http://youtu.be/gIHMTptQUzc http://youtu.be/ndivNcJawsI http://youtu.be/8A48ZvxjVYM http://youtu.be/Hd9FpNFK5k4 http://youtu.be/whJJ-9T4Nwk

Congressional Elections 2010 – Prognosis

September 15, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The recent primaries indicate a strong surge among the Republican base compared to the Democrats and the independent voters.

There is urgency for the Democrats and the independents to get back into action similar to the tidal wave witnessed in 2008 to accomplish their goals.

Grievances on some issues among both groups are justified. However, they cannot be addressed without effective representation in the House and the Senate. Abstinence or the eleventh hour effort could only lead to more frustration allowing the conservative blockade to continue.

Both democrats and independents need candidates with high quality performance reflecting solid commitment to the people and environment. Candidates willing to stand up to the entities against public and national interest from corporate affair to military warfare, the two predominant factors contributing to the alarming national deficit and myriad of social-economic disparities deserve voter approval.

The Republican members are not the choice whether they are tea party candidate or establishment nominee for they represent the big industries and not the average citizens. It is confirmed in the ‘Nay’ votes on legislation concerning the economy and host of other issues since January 2009.

Likewise, the democratic establishment instrumental in opposing single payer system or public option in health care reform, closing loopholes in finance legislation and swaying to the energy behemoths’ call to adhere to fossil fuel, nuclear energy despite the misgivings and horrific mining accidents in the United States and around the world,

Last but not the least against troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere – owe valid explanation to the democratic base and independents for rejecting their voices in all these issues.

Democrats have struggled with legislative process in both Houses of Congress, more in the Senate than the House, even while being a majority in 2009 as seen during the contentious health care bill and economic issues.

It’s paramount for the industry, union or any special interest backed candidates to be transparent and clarify their true representations on all things related to the American electorate in addition to providing legitimate reasons for not demonstrating them in action.

The voters have an obligation to identify their requirements and choose the candidate with proven record or having demonstrated the will to challenge the forces undermining democracy on all issues.

Essentially pragmatism over ideology enhanced by inclusive rather than divisive positions would yield bipartisan solutions to the problems confronting the nation.

Republican legislators have absolved themselves from constitutional duty to work with the Democrat majority in legislative matter throughout Obama Presidency letting partisanship prevail in life threatening issues such as jobless benefit extension, small business lending and 9/11 rescue workers health care assistance.

Unfortunately, the persisting Republican opposition on legislation to benefit average Americans fails to recognize the social and economic cost ultimately affecting all in the interdependent society with the irony being the national deficit used as a pretext in this context.

Democrats, independents and disenchanted republicans have a great opportunity to come together this election in electing the officials pledging allegiance to the American people and not the oligarchy responsible for the Washington status quo.

The electability criteria in consistent with the constitutional oath is the real test for the new contenders and the incumbents alike.

They could precisely be the following:

Disavow partisanship, declining special interests influence and,

Above all maintain ethical standards through accountability with corruption in politics being a worldwide epidemic denying progress to a substantial population living in abject poverty and lifelong miseries.

Honesty and integrity determines human character, yet it’s not an integral element in the quest for public office.

In fact, the systemic abuse of power is the fundamental cause of the contemporary social and economic inequality.

American electorates hold the power to implement these changes in Washington through the electoral process that could restore the broken system and renew the tarnished image.

Voting is no longer an option but an absolute necessity to rescue the nation from the repeat catastrophe experienced at the dawn of twenty first century under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Besides, voting is a constitutional right granted to citizens in a democracy to protect their civil liberties and freedom from internal or external threats.

American electorates have awesome responsibility to elect the hard working, diligent and trustworthy officials not only to represent them in the United States but also the fellow citizens across the globe.

Congressional decisions made in Washington impact the approximate 6.5 billion people destiny.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the massive voter turnout in November 2010 or earlier in states like Ohio facilitating mail-in ballots.

First time voters may register in their local districts and join the other electorates to cast their votes on or before the election date provided it is permissible.

Democrats, independents and disillusioned republicans – please contribute to
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Also, Please help Senator Barbara Boxer in raising $200,000 by September 18, 2010 for media fund. It’s a daunting task. Nonetheless, the Senator’s campaign is grassroots funded unlike her opponent Carly Fiorina – financed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce apart from the contestant’s personal campaign investment.

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Extending Unemployment Benefits – House Bill Failed By Three Votes

June 29, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Less than an hour ago, the House of Representatives’ concerted effort to revive the bill extending unemployment benefits to the millions of people representing the stars and stripes fell short by three votes in the two third majority requirement.

Yea – 261 votes. Democrats – 231 and Republican – 30.

Nay – 155 votes. Democrats – 15 and Republican – 139

Not clear on the remaining single nay vote.

Despite the citizens’ plea to Congress members to pass the bill through bipartisanship,

By revealing their deteriorating economic situation due to the weak job market, severe recession and the unemployment benefits expiration,

The ‘Nay’ Sayers on both sides rejected the public plight to allow politics prevail over people’s life.

Legislation failing by three votes that could have salvaged millions from becoming homeless is a tragedy and a sad day for democracy.

Regardless of the political differences, ignoring the harsh realities experienced by the people across the nation is incomprehensible and speaks volume about the individual priority.

Perhaps, the lawmakers possessing the power to improve lives have a legitimate explanation for their action depriving the American families, the means viz. unemployment benefits and tax breaks for small businesses to cope with the dire economic crisis.

Human nature is to protect, preserve and nurture life, not aid in their destruction.

Unfortunately, the current trend is ominously in favor of the latter.

Anything that is detrimental to human existence and life threatening has overwhelming support in the political and judicial system fomented by certain news media.

On the contrary, the bills pertaining to economic recovery and legal issues on life sustenance is defeated with no concern for the consequences.

The reasons behind such decisions are usually related to personal and political ideology.

When human beings have the power to help others in their suffering and they willfully act against their conscience, it is clear that they are guided by their illusion rather than intuition.

The real joy and success is measured by the selfless activities i.e. without any expectations in return for promoting progress among the less fortunate in the society.

Any work performed for greater good often accompanied by empathy makes life worth living.

Notwithstanding the eternal bliss –

For health, wealth and power are meaningless without inner peace and happiness.

Something that cannot be achieved by superficial sources in life.

It’s a sincere hope that the Congress members in the House and the Senate elected by the people to address their needs would reconcile the disagreements with the majority and collectively resolve the national crises hurting their constituents and the citizens at large.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Senate Block Vote on Unemployment Benefits Extension and Delay Medicare Reimbursements

June 23, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

In the past week, the United States Senate was presented with the two most important bills directly affecting the average Americans survival.

According to the reports, the GOP rejected the $24 billion aid to the long-term unemployed citizens in the cash-strapped state governments and the several tax breaks renewal for businesses and individuals.

Apparently, the 56-40 vote on June 17, 2010 fell short of four votes to avoid GOP filibuster. Without any Republican votes for the measure, the Nebraskan Democrat Senator Ben Nelson along with the Connecticut Independent Senator Joe Lieberman contributed to the filibuster.

Today, the Ohio Senators’ repeat attempt to revive the bill by emphasizing on the urgency of this extension remained unsuccessful.
Per: http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=138410&catid=3 – Thank you.

Ohio’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown told fellow Senators that “more than 57,000 Ohioans — about the size of Elyria, Ohio or Mansfield, Ohio or twice the size of Zanesville — more than 57,000 Ohioans are estimated to have lost unemployment benefits since the extension ended in May, a month ago.”

“If the Senate does not pass an extension, that number will increase dramatically. More than 90,000 Ohioans could lose their benefits by the end of June. That is more people than live in Youngstown, more people than live in Springfield, more people than live in Cleveland Heights or Lakewood.”

Brown said that, nationwide, since the beginning of June, some 900,000 workers have run out of jobless benefits. That number will surpass 1 million by the end of this week.

Brown said today that he is very disappointed by the obstructionists’ moves to stop the extension of benefits.

“Senate Republicans are denying tens of thousands of Ohioans — and thousands of people in New Hampshire and hundreds of thousands of people in California and Texas and Florida — the Republicans are denying tens of thousands of Ohioans the unemployment insurance benefits they have earned during years of hard work,” Brown told fellow Senators.

“I ask my Republican colleagues who consistently vote no to try to empathize with those who have less privileges than we do, who don’t have huge staffs and don’t have a good salary and don’t have good insurance and don’t have a secure place to live, what their lives would be like if any one of us lost all of those privileges. I think it would make a difference in how they vote.”

Perspective – By Padmini Arhant

It’s evident from the Ohio Senators’ case scenario that the situation is dire for the citizens in many states with higher unemployment.

Denying thousands of workers the means to cope with the economic recession amid rising or stagnant joblessness under the pretext of national debt or demanding that they are paid for prior to approval is a misplaced priority.

Where the Republican members should be arguing for the prepaid funding is, unnecessary wars such as Iraq and now Afghanistan including the perilous offshore drilling contributing to colossal costs witnessed at present.

It’s common knowledge that the GOP members and the few Democrats against the bill have willfully authorized the defense funding for the prolonged wars and claim no objection to the environmental damages via offshore drilling…

The Nay Sayers fail to recognize the consequences of their action or the lack thereof, leading up to the status quo exacerbation.

When the national figure for jobless benefit is expected to reach a million by the end of this week, the complacency is the affirmation of the elitist least bothered about the populist plight.

Ignoring the struggling families’ desperate economic needs based on partisanship more than fiscal responsibility is politics superseding national interest.

Although, the estimated $13 trillion national debt is a legitimate cause, the divestments from other sources with excess budget allocation including the pork barrel spending could be utilized for this important legislation.

Citizens cannot be possibly deprived of existence in the worst economy and the Republican lawmakers’ argument in this respect does not bode well, considering the positioning is purely aimed at winning conservative support in 2010 elections.

As for the isolated democrats and the independent Senator Joe Lieberman, the clock is ticking with the diminishing public patience on all issues. The proof of the pudding is in the electoral outcome.

Increased awareness and harsh experience by the electorate is a political gamble for the incumbents and the new challengers in the coming election.

People are tired of gridlock and, the ominously missing empathy among the obstructionists is a blatant dismissal of the economic reality endured by the voters.

Therefore, the ideal strategy to resolve the bill passage would be to identify the redundant funds in the fiscal budget and reallocate them for the unemployment benefit extension as well as the retrospective Medicare payments towards health care service.

Regarding the Medicare decrease in doctor payments: The belated Senate vote to spare doctors a 21 percent cut in Medicare payments is proved to have escalated the administrative costs for the providers and the taxpayers.

Much to the AMA (American Medical Association) frustration and AARP, the seniors’ lobby disappointment, the Congressional delay in the particular legislation is stated to affect the large health care program availed by 46 million elderly and disabled people.

Further, the claims processed at the lower rate are forcing many physicians to stop accepting Medicare patients while others considering dropping out of the Medicare program.

The cut appears to have had a direct impact on the billings for the early part of the month because of the Congressional reprieve expiry on May 31, 2010.

Seemingly, the lawmakers’ failure to act earlier is drastically hurting doctors’ cash flow and subsequently the beneficiaries, i.e. the most vulnerable groups in the society – the senior citizens and the disabled population, who also happen to be the nation’s substantial voting bloc.

It is obvious from the facts and legislative events that the representatives declining to vote on the pivotal legislations viz. unemployment benefit extension and Medicare payments to doctors attending to seniors and disabled patients are adding to the national debt crisis rather than alleviating the taxpayers’ burden.

GOP Senators and the Democrats aligning with the Republican members in the voting process are miscalculating the fiscal ramifications and the inevitable political price for their decisions.

It’s essential for the victims in these two vital legislations to distinguish between those who represent the people from the ones’ sworn allegiance to the special interests – health insurance industry and the likes.

Please remember that ‘Change is made possible by the people.’

For the voters have the ultimate power in a democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The Truth Doctrine

October 25, 2008

Why do people run for public office?

It all depends on individuals. Some are genuinely passionate about doing greater good for the people and humanity like the Democratic Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama.

While others, participate for personal gains.

Lately, it is evident from the disastrous economy, reckless wars, environmental degradation and erosion of morality in the White House and Capitol Hill that Politics is a convenient platform for these entities to achieve their personal agenda.

That is why this current election is a historic event.

It is not only unique because of the race and gender on both sides but for the national interests on range of issues that are at stake right now.

Both parties have presented their policies and positions that matter to people.

It is important for the electorate to be discerning in their choice of the policies represented by Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain and not the candidate’s personal background.

The policies of these candidates eventually matter as they greatly affect the present and future of every citizen in this nation and around the world.

Therefore, it is important to analyze the benefits of such policies from Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden to drawbacks of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

It is no doubt that this election has been a long grueling process for the candidates involved in the race.

This in itself confirms the drive, commitment and pledge by the candidate Senator Barack Obama to bring about the real Change desperately required now.

The reason Senator Barack Obama’s performance is important because of the tenacious battle he won during the Democratic Primary election.

The Senator’s demeanor, poise, passion and vision are commendable.

Senator Barack Obama’s policy has substance and real solutions to all the problems confronting our nation.

During the race, it is normal for candidates to make mistakes as characterized by the media as Gaffes and being infallible is not in the human nature.

It is important for all to acknowledge one’s own shortcomings prior to being judgmental and I am no exception to this call.

I am profoundly apologetic to Senator Barack Obama of such irrationality that may have caused grievances in any manner.

Sometimes, when treading on the path to do the best for the betterment of humanity it is easier to lose sight due to various distractions from forces acting against the noble task.

The motive behind such forces is to create an environment of massive doubts and confusions for their narcissistic goals by disregarding the harm to decent and virtuous individuals as the targets.

However, it is worth remembering for all those individuals responsible for such deception that the moment is near to unveil the masquerade.

Whether one is a believer in Karma or not, the world has witnessed the virtue ethics such as —

The end justifies the means,

What you sow is what you reap,

Last but not the least,

What goes around comes around.

By seeking perfection every step of the way the precious moments to do what is, right for the nation should not be lost.

The Obama/Biden leadership has experience, knowledge, understanding and most importantly the simplicity of middle class background that is essential to relate to the people with real problems and crises.

Our country needs a dynamic leadership to steer us from the current turmoil and great many challenges ahead.

That leadership with honesty, integrity and nobility lies in the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

This is no time for contemplation or procrastination.

It is the time for action.

Please go to the polls for voter registration if it is still possible and cast your ballots to the candidacy represented by Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden that is the only choice for peace, progress and prosperity for all.

Your vote for Obama/Biden candidacy will count and free this nation from all of the present disasters.

The Truth Doctrine confirms that the Obama/Biden is the ideal choice.

Signing off with some interesting musical notes, regarded one of the best antidotes for ailments in human psyche.

Please check it out.

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)



Barack Obama


Thank you.

Padmini Arhant