Happy New Year! Welcome 2012

January 1, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

New Year 2012 ushered in with cheers and spectacular fireworks around the world.

The year 2011 set the trail for significant change in politics, economics, social justice and environment.

Political restructuring is directed at leaderships’ extension of rule through self-nomination and/or oligarchy appointed against republic and national interest.

People uprising display solidarity on core issues related to economy, political rights, social equality and environmental protection.

Political and economic freedom directly linked to social justice in Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia has long been deprived under global conglomerate choice of leadership.

Revolutions protest against heads of the state serving self and foreign interest ignoring citizens plight in any form of political system.

Peaceful and non-violent assembly – the civil and constitutional right is restricted with violence besieging democracy in United States, Europe and India.

The governments in Syria, Iran, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan…in Middle East and,

Burma, China, North Korea in the Far East under military might deny civil liberties at home and occupied territory viz. Tibet.

Russia – the leaderships alternating hierarchical role claiming lack of opposition to contest in election while the popular activist held in custody is subjugating democracy.

The government intolerance to civil society or political party meaningful opposition on national issues could not be democratic and prolonging term in office would be ruling against republic will.

Such leaderships having lost public faith could ease the burden with peaceful exit from the respective position.

Regardless of civilian or military rule – governments’ failure to perform with no political commitment in improving the economy, eliminating corruption, guarantee freedom for all and cede invaded land  – are due for imminent sea change.

People power peaceful and non-violent participation in 2012 until citizens’ goals are achieved is paramount to establish republic rule in domestic and foreign soil.

Injustice anywhere disrupts peace and stability everywhere.

While military industrial complex comprising defense industry dictates foreign policy,

The banking industry under Federal Reserve in collaboration with World Bank, IMF and international central banks control money supply to the world economy,

Similarly powerful industries viz. energy, health, agriculture, pharmaceutical…are involved in directing governments on energy, health, education and environment policy…among broad engagement.

The world is run by global conglomerate prioritizing mega profits from collective productivity for selective income distribution through heavily propagated globalization with warfare dominating the agenda.

Citizens across the globe as consumers, tax payers and electorate in 2012 could petition their government against illegal wars and military base draining economies in the disproportionate military budget generating severe austerity on life dependent services in struggling economies – U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

Taxpayers reserve the rights to ensure their tax dollars are invested in domestic economy and global development rather than wars claiming armed forces and innocent civilian lives across the world.

Unfortunately, taxpayers as creditors and debtors in the current economic climate drowned in foreign debts are complacent to hard earned tax revenues squandered in destructive warfare and/or stashed away in the powerful entities offshore tax havens and unlawful bank accounts.

The 1% continues to thrive at 99% expense and misery.

If tax dollars are not appropriated for nation building then citizens could legislatively remedy the prevalent anomaly.

Taxation policy – closing tax evasion loopholes together with fair taxation laws substituting existing rule –

Exempting wealthy from taxes by transferring the share to middle and lower income groups could be eliminated considering,

The lower economic strata constitute retail consumer base benefitting the broad business spectrum.

Political class reluctance in this regard would delineate them for suitable replacement in the electoral polls.

Electoral reform barring corporate and personal wealth in election campaigns,

Instead allowing public financing would deter corruption and promote level playing field for qualified candidacies to compete in the local and national elections.

Effectively political and economic fairness could be enforced via electoral and taxation overhaul in every society marking the beginning of the end of vote and tax fraud.

Economic crisis – Euro zone, U.S. debt, emerging economies domestic constraints ranging from inflation to contraction in overseas exports…are conspicuous ailments requiring potent antidote to revive economic health.

Given the magnitude of the problems – the topic is scheduled for detailed discussion later.

Environment policy – Facts presented earlier under Global Climate Change Treaty (GCCT) following COP17 Durban summit focus on the immediate goal in carbon emission mitigation to maintain sustainable temperature at 1.5°C or 350 ppm by 2020.

Individual action preceding climate talks could confirm serious commitment in the important global issue.

Social Justice – The extreme judicial bias is attention worthy.

The political establishment and privileged class granted life impunity on evidence based treason and crimes against humanity.

Juxtaposed  – U.S. President recent approval on ordinary citizens apprehended as terror suspects to be refused legal representation for military trial is violation of human rights and international laws with the trajectory in abuse of power and torture justifiably condemned worldwide.

The past year – Arab Spring and Occupy global movement energized the 99% marginalized in the society.

In 2012, the global revolution quintessentially empowering the powerless would restore republic governed democracy in the world.

Happy New Year with peace, progress and prosperity to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/iOy7BaEhnEg http://youtu.be/pA5bwYWvGtc http://youtu.be/9KXGJoGdhtM http://youtu.be/1zMaQW45RjQ http://youtu.be/8nsGPkde4g8 http://youtu.be/eGGv83eCEBc http://youtu.be/gIHMTptQUzc http://youtu.be/ndivNcJawsI http://youtu.be/8A48ZvxjVYM http://youtu.be/Hd9FpNFK5k4 http://youtu.be/whJJ-9T4Nwk


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