United States – U.S. Presidential Race – People vs. Hegemony

November 6, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The Presidential election 2012 is unique considering disillusionment and public awakening to reality on hegemony control over United States political system.

United States two political parties – Democrat and Republican vying for congressional power and Presidency essentially serve hegemony interest on domestic and foreign policy reflected in status quo.

Hence, the real and existential threat to democracy, constitution and liberty with economy above all is hegemony.

The electoral process is a mere formality with hegemony’s investment on two candidacies ensuring self-victory with people being the opponent in the race.

Appropriately, the Presidential race in 2012 is between People vs. Hegemony.

Hegemony are banking run by Rothschild and selective family claiming ownership on money supply via United States Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Bank,

The military industrial complex,

Wall Street firms in defense and energy industry among others,

Neo-cons in United States colluding with Zionists in Israel,

Western Imperialists i.e. monarchs in England, Netherlands and Sweden,

Vatican Religious Order and some in Middle East from Saudi Kingdom comprise the eclectic membership although more fortune and power oriented groups encompassed under the auspice.

Hegemony authorizes UN membership and UNSC configuration.

The political posturing rather interesting with Republican outlandish stance to scare voters away while downplaying democrat i.e. incumbency position attractive to the base and undecided voters when incumbent policy is no different or perhaps worse than pseudo opponent unfolding post election.

Hegemony heavily banking on President Barack Obama reelection to establish anti-democratic police state stripping civil rights based on incumbent action in the last four years Patriot Act, FISA renewal and the most controversial NDAA introduction.

On the economy – incumbent policy is to adopt Republican contender proposals along with measures exacerbating ordinary citizens plight witnessed in Bush tax cuts extension
rallied by President Obama and former President Clinton allowing tax and debt burden shifted entirely on middle and lower income category effectively favoring the 1% given the policy makers are hegemony appointed to suit vested interests.

Similarly severe austerity on citizens while preserving wasteful military spending on illegal warfare and occupations, social security diversion from safety net holdings to speculative investments endangering income reliability for retirees and baby boomers underway,

The health care law with mandatory subscription in the absence of premium caps and standard coverage again hurting the mainstream and small medium businesses would be legitimized under incumbency second term.

Wall Street ambitions from finance and banking industry, energy, defense, health care, to food and agriculture …easily accomplished under incumbent administration taking advantage of general complacency to ‘democrat’ banner that facilitated deregulation during Clinton Presidency opening the floodgates for prevalent abnormal activity all around.

In fact neo-liberalization as seen in hegemony controlled so-called democracy in the eastern and western world exclusively favoring global conglomerate will be forcefully implemented by the returning administration.

The extraordinary Presidential power assumed on domestic and foreign policy in the last four years exceeds predecessor in unilateral decision-making rendering congress and constitution irrelevant.

Hegemony is backing incumbent for two main reasons among many available to push forward radicalization on domestic and foreign matter.

The contrived performance by supposed democrat Presidency committed to hegemony on every issue behind the scenes wins public trust evading accountability, checks and balances from political party in Congress alongside media propagation shielding conspicuous default – the pattern verifiable in the first term.

Simultaneously, hegemony deliberately presents Republican candidacy with candid election manifesto either with drastic solutions to manufactured problems or visible dodging qualifying for vast majority rejection in order to sway ballot choice to hegemony preferred incumbent viz. President Barack Obama in this election.

Nonetheless, hegemony plan submitted through Republican contender would be passed by ‘democrat’ administration upon election again also evidenced in earlier term.

The scenario exhibited in the present term i.e. outrage on democrat candidate deception is subdued or non-existent whereas Republican defiance provides fodder for democrat loyalists ignoring flaws on both sides granting hegemony victory regardless of party representation.

Hegemony contemporary contention is people power and legitimate voice seeking republic governance eliminating special interests and foreign influence attributed to devastating short and long term goals with irreversible outcome on many important challenges confronting humanity.

The concerted alliance among political factions and key sections within society at hegemony behest is to thwart and invalidate presence of natural force for being formidable, truthful and poignantly selfless in dedication to protect life and environment besides human values revival.

Another factor for hegemony dependency on incumbent in the 2012 election – apart from the explanation provided above is –

The political mandate for additional four more years and specifically final term emboldens authority to misuse power and complete tasks that were considered potentially risky prompting electoral backlash seen in midterm 2010 election and prior experience.

With concentration of power centralized in the executive branch – a paradigm shift altering political dynamics isolating people from governance, the carte blanche disposition surfaced in extra-judicial executions on foreign soil undermining sovereignty and in violation of international law.

In this context, the targeted killings did not exclude United States citizens overseas contradictory to democratic and constitutional right.

In 2008 election, the verdict was against Bush-Cheney administration offering democrat the benefit of doubt in the two party dilemma proving legacy continuity not to mention hegemony premise arousing unprecedented optimism exploiting public frustration and disappointment with Republican administration at that time.

Subsequent to hegemony U.S. electoral maneuver in 2008 with democrat candidacy to rein control,

The strategy replicated in France in electing current President Francois Hollande on Socialist platform conforming to French electorate expectations and disapproval of hegemony representative former President Nicholas Sarkozy with no apparent loss to ultimate external powers since current French government meticulously following orders from them on domestic and foreign policy.

On United States foreign policy – a monumental concern for the rest of the world contrary to campaign generated false perception on incumbent trajectory and future forecast upon extension by another four- year term,

Objective review reveals U.S. State Department, Defense Department and intelligence agencies role unleashing hawkish and offensive techniques through coup d’états
honoring neo-con and Zionist ideology combined with imperialists’ doctrine to maintain absolute power.

Subversion of Arab Spring to form fundamentalist governments in Middle East,

Permanently stalling peace and diplomacy in conflict resolutions on Syria as well as Palestinian and Israeli dispute,

Overt operations in destabilization of sovereign states viz. Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Honduras, Paraguay, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria…to name a few among more between 2009-2012,

U.S. Secretary of State bypassing Central or Federal government and diplomatic protocol delegating functions to State Chief Ministers of democratic countries creating dominion republic status in adherence to imperialistic dictum.

Exponential rise in predator drones deployment in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Colombia, African Nations under Africom and last but not the least in the United States used for surveillance on U.S. citizens,

U.S. State department pervasive espionage on national and international civil society and diplomats escalated mistrust affecting credibility.

Libya – NATO and U.S. decimation of nation under humanitarian pretext and appointment of pre-western government for unlimited access to oil.

Iraq and Pakistan – Private contractors and CIA operatives engaged in paramilitary capacity complicating local residents misery.

The so-called troop withdrawal from Iraq evolved into troop relocation around the world constituting military incursion in the Persian Gulf, South China Sea and now Mali in Africa intervention preparation in the offing.

Iran and Syria – the incumbency course imposing economic sanctions and freezing financial transaction avenues depriving civilians from medicines and essential food supplies is excruciating for the victims and,

The harsh measure is characteristic of subjecting innocent citizens to slow death justifying inhumane approach against difference on military aggression to appease the strongest ally Israel – invariably in non-compliance of UN resolutions and international rule.

Likewise decades old trade embargo barring revisions and reconsideration against the people of Cuba and North Korea highlight the double standards and fundamental flaws in United States foreign policy devised by Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission comprising privileged members of hegemony.

Hegemony determination to globalize neo-liberalism on economy, neo-conservatism on foreign policy and militarization of the world accelerated under Obama administration and would surge at the next opportunity maximizing political capital expenditure much to universal detriment.

Not surprisingly the anticipation to enhance hegemony prospects retaining the existing class delineation with empowerment of few and enslavement of the rest is banked on President Barack Obama.

Moreover, the Republican Presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney adaptation of hegemony policy is a tactic to drive significant votes towards President Obama eluding public scrutiny as sponsor’s deliverer.

Hegemony views great advantage in President Barack Obama – the only candidate in the race competing against the people.

The opponent Governor Mitt Romney is principally aiding electoral success to hegemony candidate – President Barack Obama.

Under democrat administration led by President Barack Obama hegemony achievements are unopposed with Republican members satisfied with their policies upheld under democrat mascot and,

The democrats in Congress approve the White House decisions on political party affiliation with rare exceptions casting nay vote.

Accordingly, the democrat base and die hard supporters follow suit exempting democrat President and Congressional lawmakers’ paradoxical move from objection that would otherwise reach a crescendo with opposite side.

In foreign policy – Obama – Clinton partnership proved highly beneficial to hegemony in extremism surpassing openly conservative ideologues.

The biggest bonanza for hegemony stake on incumbent President Barack Obama is their quest to recolonize Africa.

Africom mission through African American President has been a breeze that would not be viable under Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney for obvious fact.

Hegemony masqueraded as democratic contestant averts doubts and suspicion with policy customized to appeal to trusting voters and soon after election the identity would come to light leaving little or no option to contain calamity.

United States electorate resistance towards hegemony is paramount to reclaim republic governed government of the people, by the people and for the people, rights to self-determination, national integrity and sovereignty.

Wishing people power remarkable triumph in restoring peace, personal freedom, progress and prosperity for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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