United States – Neocons Obsession with Warfare

May 14, 2019

United States – Neocons Obsession with Warfare

Padmini Arhant


The topic will focus on neocons obsession with warfare through provocation, economic sanctions and wanton aggression.

There is an immediate requirement for United States administration to rein in unnecessary skirmishes and loose talks causing tensions in the ever volatile middle east. United States at Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Israel’s behest initiating confrontational engagement against Iran is counterproductive.

President Donald Trump heeding hawkish club’s ill-advice within administration is cavalier approach without contemplation on adverse consequences of such attempts hurting United States economy and importantly thousands of young men and women forced into harm’s way.

Neocons strategy to begin war in every administration regardless of right or left in the White House is the norm considering the masterminds and architects behind the devastating policy inflicting thousands of casualties and ruining millions of lives are never held accountable.

Any unwarranted attacks or combative measures would have grave global economic repercussions with oil productions and worldwide demand triggering proxy inflation to benefit selective few while the rest of the world struggle to survive the energy chaos and economic challenges expected to follow mendacious cause.

Not to mention the rapid oil price escalation exacerbating ordinary citizens lives and livelihoods in the United States and worldwide.

United States National Security Advisor John Bolton resignation is in order as neocon strategist ever remaining on collision track against nations viz. Iran and Venezuela – the two oil producers posing no threats whatsoever to United States and so-called allies, people and interests unlike the other way around.

John Bolton and the kind endanger international security and economic development.

The world deserves economic progress benefitting entire humanity in contrast to status quo.

The obsolete concept and neocon ideology waging war for profitability is best laid to rest as that has evidently contributed massive national debt to a tune of $22 Trillion with Federal deficits expected to average $1.2 trillion, or 4.4 percent of gross domestic product far higher than the average over the past 50 years burdened on every man, woman and child in the United States is certainly unwelcome with inevitable backlash in the national election in 2020.

President Donald Trump adopting constructive course such as peaceful dialogue, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity combined with humanitarian care for the people subject to unlawful, unilateral economic sanctions in Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Cuba…and elsewhere would be wise and demonstrate United States commitment to global peace and economic prospects.

The article will be updated based on maturity of the current situation. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Iran – Trump Administration Unilateralism and Repercussions

April 25, 2019

Iran – Trump Administration Unilateralism and Repercussions

Padmini Arhant

President Donald Trump latest decision to end waiver on oil imports from Iran targeting United States allies and key trade partners in South, South East and West Asia is a cavalier approach with serious economic, political and strategic ramifications that are counterproductive

President Donald Trump withdrawal from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the agreement reached between P5+1 and Iran with mutual understanding, commitment and stipulations binding on all sides was a breach of accord casting a shadow on United States credibility and trustworthiness on international pact. 

The U.S. incumbent administration tunnel vision in this regard against Iran at Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE behest is ill-conceived and impulsive action with no concern for immediate repercussions on oil markets and global economy.

Not to mention the potential impact on United States economy possibly and unnecessarily thrust into recession due to inevitable hike in crude prices already in effect hurting end consumers and businesses alike.

The contagion effects then triggering Federal Reserve interest rates adjustment to control inflation, high costs borrowing resulting in growth stagnation in return producing unemployment and poor consumer spending eventually affecting the economy at large. 

While these rapid developments cause tremendous stress on the economy, the consequences on macro management could be unsustainable.

United States with a budget deficit of $1.1 Trillion burdened on U.S. taxpayers expecting Petro dollars from Saudi Arabia and partners through arms deals is myopic and capricious in the effort to reconfigure geopolitical landscape and dominance in the Middle East.

United States administration together with allies engaged in contentious economic warfare against Iran through isolation is self-inflicting damage for the former besides the move creating economic challenges for trade allies in South and South East Asia.

United States policy towards the two crude oil producers – Iran and Venezuela aimed at regime change i.e. removal of governments essentially punishing the respective population through economic sanctions subjecting children, women, men, sick and elderly to inhumane conditions and poverty is worthy of condemnation.

Notwithstanding the criterion generating economic woes worldwide considering the rise in oil prices pervasive influence on goods and services with food imports in particular hit in the short and long run.

The wanton strategy to suit oligarchy and hegemonic goals would not prevail in the renewed contemporary environment rejecting unilateralism confined to obsolete and negative outcome.

Besides, Iran in compliance with JCPOA per IAEA verification in this context is within rights to exercise necessary measures to alleviate problems confronting the Islamic Republic.

Iran’s preparedness to block Strait of Hormuz would only exacerbate the crisis in seaborne oil supply dragging the containable issue into tankers war given the significance of this passage facilitating transportation from the Persian Gulf to global destinations.

There is much to lose than profit from the recent proposal to end waivers to nations importing crude oil from Iran.

The sanctions and radical positions against Iran and Venezuela exclusively to serve United States and certain so-called allies is to be reversed in global interests and importantly averting economic calamity drastically affecting the source and others at best laid to rest.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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United States – Exxon Mobil Climate Change Battle

October 27, 2017

  • United States – Exxon Mobil Climate Change Battle

Padmini Arhant

The legal battle between New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman representing the State of New York and world’s second largest energy corporation Exxon Mobil on Climate Change is an interesting development.  Considering the ongoing litigation, the topic will focus on political aspect besides other important names linked to climate change.

The serving Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as former CEO of Exxon Mobil is referenced in the contentious lawsuit.

The energy companies and environment woes are not uncommon resulting from negligence and activities endangering lives and habitat as seen in 2010 British Petroleum (BP) Gulf Coast oil spill disaster and several others by leading energy behemoths in different parts of the world.

As for climate change deniers, the energy companies are not the only ones in this category. Though they are prominent in fielding such opinion for economic interests, there are others viz. Fox News and Fox television Network with paid panelists and commentators actively disseminating climate change as hoax for they don’t accept the facts on man made calamity and environment abuse. The 24/7 news media misrepresentation on climate talks is not without impact.

Similarly, politics joining forces with energy companies are not unusual either. Following the BP refinery structure  collapse contributing to gulf coast catastrophe in 2010, then President Barack Obama administration had no problem approving BP continuation of deep and shallow water drilling in the backdrop of immense damages to environment costing lives, livelihoods and loss of native species both rare and generic.

The transformation pertaining to Secretary of State portfolio and the current political and international matter merits attention.

The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s position on foreign policy related to South East Asia, North Korea in particular, Middle East regarding United States key allies Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE on one side and adversary Iran on the other, not barring nuclear non-proliferation visibly at odds with White House stance.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s approach to resolving or in the least containing potential nuclear confrontation with North Korea is through constructive dialogue and diplomacy which apparently contradictory to White House public statement declaring the move – a waste of time.

Middle East – The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s concern over White House reaction to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) possibly via more sanctions at Israel and Saudi Arabia’s behest is legitimate given the accord stipulating reversal to pre-treaty situation upon either party default on the agreement.  Iran would resume nuclear program upon United States returning to sanctions and vice versa.

In the absence of any nuclear activity prior to and post JCPOA, there is no justification in imposing sanctions against Iran on nuclear status for that would unnecessarily foment tension in the region.

Syria – Ending the conflict by increasing ceasefire zones in the war torn nation and disarming terror factions in suspending weapons supply would expedite long awaited respite to Syrian population.

Saudi Arabia and UAE – Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggestion to White House to leverage Saudi Kingdom and UAE using recent arms deal to settle regional dispute between them and Qatar may not be in alignment with White House tactic.

Israel – Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s proposal to recover several million dollars aid (Israel is actually provided 3 billion dollars annual financial aid other than military assistance that was locked in as permanent arrangement by previous administration under ex-President Barack Obama) would not have synced in the current setting with advisors Jared Kushner and Ivanka Kushner representing Israel’s interests in the nepotism oriented appointment in the West Wing operation.

Last but not the least, the hot button issue – Nuclear proliferation. The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson preference in simmering nuclear ambitions is in contrast to White House nuclear acceleration and enhancement despite such aspirations posing credibility factor on nuclear disarmament of North Korea and defusing nuclear goals of Iran.

In light of the prevalent conditions, the insinuations on inevitable change to critical cabinet post Secretary of State handling foreign affairs is perhaps the ground work to substitute the voice of reason and sensibility with belligerence and acquiescence.

The duties and responsibilities consolidated under State Department in earlier administrations is abandoned by the present administration allocating Middle East relations to family member and advisor Jared Kushner and lately the assignment to U.S. ambassador to United Nations Nikki Haley visiting South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) faced with protests necessitating the representative evacuation allude paradigm shift in State Department jurisdiction.

In comparison, the former head of the State Department Hillary Clinton during the first term of ex-President Barack Obama administration had none of the sharing with everything held under Secretary of State control including the Benghazi gate, secret email and private server scandal.

What appears from this stark distinction between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s soft power and hard line predecessors is the member favoring hawkish agenda regardless of political affiliation as witnessed in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a democrat’s involvement in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Africa and Latin America exacerbating terrorism, political instability, chaos and destruction in semblance to former counterparts and others like U.S. ambassador to UN John Bolton, a republican now emulated by the current ambassador Nikki Haley guarantee job security and acknowledgment by those behind US foreign policy.

The compliance to egregious decisions and endeavors proved failures is evidently the course to retain sensitive designation such as the Secretary of State.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Syria – Permanent Peace Ending Terrorism and International Coalition

August 15, 2017

Syria – Permanent Peace Ending Terrorism and International Coalition

By Padmini Arhant


Syria, once known as the cradle of civilization along with Iraq confronted with invasion and occupation through terrorism.

Syria, one of the targets in the Project for New American Century (PNAC) premised on hegemonic goals to destabilize nations in the Middle East and elsewhere has been defending itself in all fronts since 2011.

The secular country has been transformed into battle ground through terrorism. United States and allies in the west as well as Middle East sponsored terror groups supplied with funding, weapons cache and combat training including logistic aid from the beginning i.e. 2011 until now has produced massive casualties, millions of refugees, decimation of culture and heritage sites leaving the population at terror sponsors mercy.

Middle East has been exposed to political dominance and struggles throughout history. However, terrorism was introduced in 2011 to undermine citizens’ efforts for democratic process in the respective nations following Tunisian uprising in North Africa.

Syria sharing vulnerabilities with counterparts in the region due to economic resources and strategic location cornered for foreign and regional subjugation.

United States and allies backed so-called political opposition affiliated to terror networks based on moderates vs. extremists added insult to injury to the people in Syria. The peace talks on Syrian crises sabotaged time and time again by those colluding with terror units and their partners’ in destruction of a sovereign nation.

United States, Israel, Britain, France, EU, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan role besides their de facto in Eastern Europe facilitating arms cargo to terror outfits created ISIL and ISIS evolving from al Qaeda into al Nusra Front deployed to achieve hegemony agenda.

The latest development in territorialized ceasefire reached among United States, Russia, Syria and different sides provides temporary relief for humanitarian aid.

Nonetheless, ending the conflict decisively is necessary for nation building allowing Syrians to live a normal life they have been unjustly deprived via foreign intervention.

Furthermore, the refugee status imposed upon them as a result could be addressed effectively in the safe return of Syrian refugees to homeland.

Syria is obligatory to defend the nation from international intrusion and purge terror from the soil. The lack of political will and credibility to abandon terror organizations surviving on western and middle eastern allies diverse support has led to loss of thousands of innocent lives with many children having become orphans, women and men into widowhood, families torn apart and yet there appears to be no serious commitment to conclude turmoil by the sources and catalysts.

The Superpower status expended in inflicting disasters on nations for strategic control at taxpayers’ expense neglecting myriad issues in the domestic front is a significant problem highlighting priorities for those behind such ambition.

Syrian citizens across the spectrum deserve respite from foreign authorized violence and immense atrocities committed against them thus far. The foreign indulgence regardless of regional or offshore representation is responsible for unspeakable crimes using terror as means to ruin an independent country.

There could be no deliberation or procrastination in respecting sovereignty of other nations and citizens inalienable rights to peacefully exist in their country as these are natural requirements in the world stated as free society.

United States and allies are constantly debating on enforcing restrictions on immigration to the extent of White House proposal to build a great wall to prevent entry by citizens from neighboring country.

Simultaneously U.S. and accomplices insisting on maintaining status quo in occupying foreign land with troops or terror factions like in Syria is the irony.

Syria has been subject to tremendous pain and misery for vested interests though Syria pose no threat whatsoever to United States and allies engaged in the carnage of the country.

These activities exerting aggression against nations regarded a fair game could no longer continue by any major or minor powers especially the nations declared democratic and champions of human rights in contrast to legacy and contemporary trend.

Accordingly, permanent ceasefire with withdrawal of all groups and foreign powers contingency – the illegitimate International Coalition in particular proved terror manifestation is critical for peaceful resolution of the prolonged conflict.

The Syrian defense force, leaderships and citizens concerted labor and participation in contending terror and international coalition offense is commendable and exemplify patriotism to defend the honor of Syria’s statehood.

The liberation of Syria from current skirmishes and terrorism is essential for global peace and security.

I convey my best wishes to Syria in prevailing over terror and hostility.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Face the Truth – Terrorism and State Sponsorship

November 14, 2015

Padmini Arhant

Padmini Arhant

By Padmini Arhant

France – Terror Attacks in Paris

The latest terror attacks in Paris from Daesh Takfiri elements deserves attention in ascertaining facts and examining reality.

The cause and effects apply to any situation. Terrorism contemporarily deployed as means to exert authoritarianism, induce fear and maintain mayhem.

Terrorism experienced worldwide is state authorized and approved activity.

Accordingly, I raise the following questions with explanations for clarity.

  1. Who created al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda did not emerge from nowhere. The leaders of al Qaeda previously Osama Bin Laden and presently Ayman al Zawahiri as western intelligence agencies assets protected with immunity.

  1. How did Syrian Conflict arise?

Western intelligence combined with PNAC (Project for New American Century) strategists and proponents as the masterminds behind September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States chartered the course well ahead that included Syria for destabilization.

United States, Britain, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, UAE and Kuwait spearheaded the warfare by recruiting al Qaeda that evolved into al Nusra Front, ISIL, ISIS, Salafi and Daesh Takfiri networks in Syria and later in Iraq.

European Union (EU) fueled terror by lifting ban on arms and ammunitions distribution to terror groups in Syria rather than extending embargo.

The terror operatives up until now are funded, armed and trained by western nations and their allies in the Middle East with complicity from other partners in Eastern Europe and North Africa.

  1. Is it possible for terrorism to exist in the Nuclear age without state sponsorship?

The terror recruits from different parts of the world essentially hired to serve hegemonic goals leaving hundreds and thousands of innocent people dead, millions as refugees in addition to destroying civilizations despite fait accompli.

  1. Would any peaceful nation have normal relations with governments aiding and abetting terror? viz. United States, Britain, France, Germany along with EU ties with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan. Likewise, Iran with Turkey.

Hegemony is multifaceted aiming for regional and global dominance.

There is little or no concern for catastrophe inflicted on population in war zones with economic interests prioritized over life.

  1. Could any terror network function upon terminating weapons delivery or accessibility to them?

The terror organizations cannot last a day when arms supply to them is prevented across the spectrum.

  1. Who are the beneficiaries i.e. profiteers of violence?

The stakeholders thriving on taxpayers funded salaries, benefits and privileges as well as the so-called royals supported by ordinary citizens’ charity for generations having major investments in defense industry representing the military industrial complex would not have it any other way.

  1. Has bombing nations resolved or exacerbated crises?

The desire for military interventions through air raids notwithstanding troops on ground currently substituted with terror outfits representing different states clarify political status quo and institutionalized crime.

  1. Are institutions and authorities promoting perpetual chaos and bloodshed ever held accountable?

None thus far confirming the state of affairs as the license to kill at political will.

  1. Is there quid pro quo between states, military, intelligence agencies and terror networks in the widespread activity?

Yes. Otherwise it is impossible for terrorism to persist in the militarily superior and nuclear armed era.

  1. Finally, in the well known dragnet global surveillance, how are the terrorists able to commit massacres in world capitals at frequent intervals and the states continue business as usual?

Again, such events are only possible as false flag operations and criminal syndicate involvement.

Ending state sponsored terrorism and dismantling criminal enterprise with diverse collusion is the ultimate resolution.  Anything beyond control would succumb to repeat folly and unsustainable condition.

Never too late to quit counterproductive actions and decisions with blowback on the origin.

I express my condolence to grieving families in the Paris terror incident and wish speedy recovery of those injured in senseless violence.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




















Syria – Conflated Hegemony Conflict

October 1, 2015

Padmini Arhant

Padmini Arhant

By Padmini Arhant

Syrian conflict has many dimensions with hegemony premeditated scheme to destabilize Syria. The plan implemented in 2011 under the guise of Arab Spring.

The war premised on achieving hegemony goals i.e. toppling governments regarded adversary in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Iraq, Libya, Thailand and Ukraine are examples preceded by nations in Latin America, Asia and Africa throughout twentieth and twenty first century.

United States, Britain, Israel and France along with allies in the Middle East – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait and UAE involvement since onset devised different strategies to invade Syria.

The principal approach was to circumvent congressional or parliament approval knowing well that would be confronted with public dissent following the deception on Iraq war.

Additionally, disillusionment on 9/11 as insiders collusion with United States allies to accelerate Project for New American Century (PNAC) substantiated in PNAC listing Afghanistan as the initial target among several nations viz. Iraq and Syria.

Hence any direct military interventions would have prevalent hegemony control disguised as democracy prominent.

Citizens protest to hegemony intrusions in foreign land thwarted United States and Britain military actions on Syria.

United States, Britain, Israel, France together with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Jordan sponsored al Qaeda.  The terror network was relocated from Afghanistan to Syria having organized Libya as weapons warehouse to channel arms delivery.

Western nations and coalition in the Middle East declined peace initiatives with EU lifting arms embargo rather than extending ban on ammunitions supply to terrorists in Syria. 

EU decision repercussions experienced now in the refugee influx on EU shores having been responsible for fueling fire.

The western and Middle East allies backed al Qaeda evolved into al Nusra Front in return becoming ISIL, ISIS and now Daesh Takfiri not surprisingly assigned yet another name in the near future.

Western and Middle East armed, trained and funded terror factions were not limited to wreaking terror in Syria. 

They also became cannibals besides committing horrendous crimes like use of chemical weapons, rape, abductions, forcing children to become terror recruits in the four and half years old brutal terrorism unleashed in Syria.

United States, Britain, Israel and France as the origin of weapons cache to terrorists directed Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan to provide comprehensive support to terror camps to decimate Syria.

The western powers and coalition sabotaged Geneva peace accord on more than two occasions to end bloodshed in Syria posing illegitimate demands on the population for Syrian government to step down despite Syrian electorate overwhelming mandate electing the incumbent power in the internationally monitored and appraised Presidential as well as national election.

United States, Israel and Turkey launched air raids in Syria with U.S. and Israel air attacks laden with nuclear components repeating combat operations similar to Iraq and Gaza respectively.

United States backed terrorists were behind chemical weapons massacre in incidents verified and confirmed in the U.N. investigation.

In a bizarre twist, instead of disarming terrorists in possession of biological and chemical weapons, Russia and United States subjected the victim Syria to stockpiles disposal under UN agency purview.

Meanwhile, Israel the major weapons of mass destruction (WMD) stockholder having used against Gazans in 2008-2009 shelling and supplied terrorists in Syria never probed or expected to comply with so-called international law.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Moscow to express personal gratitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syrian disarmament.

U.S., Britain, Israel, France and alliance – Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar notwithstanding Lebanon drawn into quagmire.  The terror infiltration in Syria until today with spill over effects in Iraq has left nearly 250,000 dead and millions as refugees in Syria alone.

Turkey citizens have also been hit with terrorism due to Turkish authorities overt engagement in aiding and abetting terror against Syria and Iraq. 

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan close relationship with Iran irrespective of Turkish administration role in proliferating terror explains political and economic interests prioritized over humanitarian issues and regional security.

Not to miss the opportunity amid chaos Germany occupies Turkey with Patriot missile installation and western defense contingency in Turkey stated as necessary for missile management.

Similarly, hegemony trump card Russia occupation of Syria in the Mediterranean coast Tartous with the Russian naval base and the latest airstrikes claimed as wiping Daesh Takfiri on western counterpart behalf is exploiting Syrian political trust in advancing hegemony agenda.

Russia having recently annexed Crimea from eastern Ukraine predominantly to maintain Russian strategic advantage in Black Sea and overture to Caribbean nation Cuba with debt forgiveness in exchange for Russian military base corroborate hegemony multifaceted expansionism in the One World government and New World Order.

The former Soviet Union presence in Afghanistan essentially revived in the current extension of United states and NATO military permanence.

Russiathe key member representing hegemony with veto privilege at unipolar UNSC exemplifying military options in Syria perhaps exhausting defense inventory to replenish reserves other than promoting military industrial complex stock value.

The terror manifestation via hegemony terror recruitments  that began to debilitate Libya, Yemen and other parts of North Africa facilitating mayhem in the Middle East is a convenient situation to justify aggressive maneuver.

Hegemony waged Syrian and Iraq war creating, manufacturing and fostering terror clarifies exalted organized crime against humanity.  States bankrolled terrorism asserted as political leaderships license to kill innocent children, women and men anywhere.

Not to mention hegemony colonization through pervasive terrorism substituting conventional warfare.

Hegemony apocalyptic ambitions contribute to alarming rise in death toll and humanitarian disaster in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and wherever hegemony footprints are detectible i.e. almost worldwide.

The terror networks survival is dependent on financing, artillery procurement and logistics made available by none other than hegemony.

Upon terminating terror groups lifeline, the activities would substantially diminish without the need for exhibiting aerial military might.

Hegemony duplicity in classifying militancy into moderates and extremists to suit policy fall short on facts deepening fallacy.

The terror operatives are instructed and led by hegemony authorized organizations and affiliation.

The real commitment to expunge terrorism would commence with the source and catalysts held accountable for heinous crimes and atrocities against unarmed civilians in Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere.

No terror outfit could possibly exist without hegemony and proxy governments complicity in the nuclear age and superior information technology era.

Regardless, conclusion of protracted warfare in Syria, Iraq and Libya with the exclusion of bombs, missiles and air assaults that invariably produce massive destruction of infrastructure and civilian sites is prudent.

The global sanctions on weapons transportation or transfer to terror elements combined with terror shelters demolition and freezing terror benefactors undertakings is the preliminary step towards stifling terrorism.

Addressing the root of all evil fomenting terrorism would cease terror existence.

Hegemony and terror domains exit in entirety is the saving grace marking turbulence and tribulations expiry.

Syria, Iraq and Libya or for that matter any other nation on earth could no longer be subjugated under false pretexts to prolong dying supremacy and parasitic tradition.

The counterproductive measure on regional and global dominance best abandoned with resources divested in improving lives in the domestic front and international cooperation on universal economic development would guarantee global peace and progress.

Wishing peace and stability in every aspect to citizens in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




















Arab Spring – Permeating Middle East Peace and Political Stability

June 12, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The political uprising in Tunisia last December inspired pro-democracy movement across the Middle East.

Arab Spring denotes the long overdue political transformation granting freedom of expression – a fundamental right in every civil society, free and fair elections that guarantees participation of all political groups and social equality transcending gender notwithstanding socio-economic as well as educational status.

Political oppression over decades mired by human rights abuse has been prevalent up until now prompting fierce battle between government forces and civilians for democracy in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen.

People in the Middle East and North Africa have valiantly protested against authoritarianism with many innocent lives sacrificed in the violent crackdown by political leaderships unwilling to relent to public call for their resignation.

The Contact Group meeting on Libya held in Abu Dhabi, UAE on June 9, 2011 is a phenomenal step towards expediting the dawn of democracy in the region.

More than 30 countries and many international organizations pledging support to rebuild Libya and offering humanitarian aid to the nations in political turmoil is welcome and signifies the general consensus on Middle East stability being vital for global security.

Thousands of lives saved through international intervention are praiseworthy.

However, the leaderships responsible for massacre are still in power and the ammunitions used in the brutal attacks against peaceful demonstrators were supplied by the powerful nations’ defense industry.

The outreach to political dissidents in the oppressed nations is undermined by arms supply to dictatorial governments thereby strengthening their defense against national movement.

Behind the scenes negotiations with autocratic powers and the heir apparent in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and more prominently Libya has prolonged the crisis and emboldened the embattled leaderships to remain in power against republic will.

The simultaneous approach has created confusion and delayed imminent political transition contributing to further loss of life and economic damages that could be reversed through categorical denouncement and explicit action leading to the illegitimate governments’ termination in office.

Individual assessment of political situation in the Middle East could shed light on the problems and offer viable solutions to end misery paving the path for a new beginning with people governing national resources that would allow sovereignty to prevail over dynasty or totalitarian rule.

Tunisia – The origin of political awakening led by citizens quest to drive the nation towards political independence and sowing the seeds for democracy to blossom in the near future.

Political struggles are not without obstacles and the post conflict poses more challenges often becoming the litmus test for the revolution viability.

Tunisian election scheduled on July 24, 2011 is now postponed to October this year to facilitate better preparation considering the nation’s first experience at the polls.

The Contact group along with International Stabilization Response Team and UN assistance in this regard is poignant in terms of setting up system to produce the election media conduct code or technical aid prior to historic elections in Egypt and Tunisia…to promote smooth electoral process.

It is essential for the citizens in Tunisia and elsewhere to form a united front in rebuilding their nation and work together towards common goals i.e. economic progress and social equality reflected in political representation.

Egypt – The Supreme Council of Egypt Army subsequent to Mubarak regime dismissal is yet to lift emergency rule, probe human rights violation, Tahrir Square political activists persecution such as virginity tests for women and men subjected to electrocution…

Replicating the predecessor undemocratic civil rights suppression confirms emulation rather than elimination of tyranny.

Although Egypt’s national election is due in September 2011, the current developments under the military government are a direct assault on democratic reform and calls for the swift transfer of power to civil society.

Failure to adhere to democratic principles is extending Mubarak rule by proxy.

Egypt Army assumed power on U.S and allies watch to curb the rise of western feared fundamentalism against local sentiments on external influence predominantly responsible for long lasting dictatorships in the region.

The Contact Group efforts translated into results in keeping the army at bay exclusively for national defense not governance in Egypt and alike would prove the real commitment to establish democracy in the Middle East and North Africa.

Libya – The recognition of Transitional National Council as the Libyan population’s legitimate representative is a progressive measure and the Contact Group members’ assurance to maintain relief emphasize the Council’s legitimacy in implementing the desirable change that is inclusive, transparent and in coherence with the twenty first century concept.

None of these aspirations are feasible unless the Gaddafi government is removed from power and the perpetrators of war crimes brought to justice to prevent recurring atrocity against humanity.

The recent killing of 28 freedom fighters during Gaddafi loyalists’ incursion near Misrata, North Western Libya reinforces the requirement to disarm the regime in possession of disproportionate artillery stockpiles.

Again reiterating the earlier statement on arms supply to undemocratic elements, the economic and political pressure by the Contact Group can be effective only when the chain link on weapons delivery to the government forces are broken and confiscated in order to contain violence used thus far to combat national resistance.

The leading international powers’ military strategy to arm the revolutionaries instead of disarming the belligerent government security personnel has converted the initial non-violent dissent into armed retaliation in Libya and Yemen…

Again the real beneficiaries are the defense industry or the military industrial complex profiteering from arms distribution to all sides at the enormous expense of precious lives.

Therefore it is incumbent upon the governments to cease weapons dispatch and substitute them with economic development.

The decision at G8 meeting in Deauville France in May 2011 with every G8 country prepared to open its market to nations committed to meaningful reform underpinned by clear conditions is noteworthy.

Nonetheless the G8 nations reciprocal investment in the countries heading towards democratic structure is equally imperative to develop the domestic economy.

Trade relationships, social and cultural exchange between nations are mutually rewarding and nurture economic growth alongside improving strategic partnerships.

The western governments hold the key to liberation in the Middle East and North Africa since the heads of the state in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia…were all considered allies and approved for various political and economic reasons regardless of their governance track record.

It is a unique moment for the western powers to disavow relation with unsavory leaderships and unequivocally engage in the power transfer to the people without further bloodshed and destruction.

Syria – President Bashar Al Assad obsession with power came to light in the escalated violence forcing his own people to flee their homeland across the borders as refugees.

The leaderships’ cumulative response throughout Middle East towards public demand for republic rule has been similar i.e. excessive force and killing of their population they have enslaved over several years.

Power is honorable when lives are saved, protected and uplifted not the contrary per the status quo.

Syrian state collapse is a possibility in the treacherous trail by the Assad government eager to stay in power but unwilling to surrender in national interest.

Syrian population resolve and resilience will enable their political dreams to come into fruition.

The dictatorial governments downfall is a matter of time for they can no longer continue with the genocide carried out to expand their term in office indefinitely.

Yemen – Sharing the traits with counterparts in Syria and Libya – The politically and physically wounded President Ali Abdullah Saleh is another example of autocracy losing grip on power.

Yemeni President was never acknowledged as the leader and rejected by the people given the President’s self-appointment to power exacerbated with brutality in the latest political upheaval.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh survived the political storm with the U.S and allies backing in the so-called war on terror.

The President has no credibility and would be better poised to step down from office with dignity in the wake of national demonstration urging Saleh administration to leave avoiding the unarmed civilian sacrifice.

Bahrain – The reaction to political evolution is no different from the regional events.

The powerful economic and military ally in Saudi Arabia and United States respectively has been instrumental in sustaining violence against the citizens.

Needlessly the kingdom’s dominant maneuvering is a temporary escapade imitating the neighboring rulers’ tactics eventually resulting in inevitable expulsion from power.

Refusal to accept the new millennium generation determination to replace autocracy, theocracy and plutocracy with functional democracy is delusional at the least and individually detrimental as exemplified in the present and past testimony.

The current trend pursuing confrontation under the guise of patriotism is politically misleading and economically devastating serving only the foreign authorities’ selective agenda.

As for the western powers declaration to democratize Middle East and North Africa the mission is noble and perhaps urgent attention drawn to independent Palestine State with West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem officially designated as Palestinian territories not barring illegal settlements and occupation would reaffirm the genuine motive behind solemn solidarity.

People in the Middle East and North Africa have endured immense suffering and denied normal existence.

The extraordinary courage exhibited in taking their grievances to the streets non-violently is bound for remarkable victory concluding the repressive era.

Freedom is in the air and the permeating Arab Spring promises pleasant fragrance in the environment – political rights and economic prosperity in the society.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

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State of the Union Address by President Barack Obama

January 29, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

President Barack Obama presented the first State of the Union address to the joint session of the United States Congress.

Appropriately, the core message was about the economy and the various proposals to revive the nation from the prolonged economic recession that began in 2002.

Attention to the small businesses, students and the average American families who represent the significant consumer base is timely and the commitments are economically viable.

The tax cuts to Corporations preserving American jobs is a necessary strategy to deal with the double digit unemployment risen to the current rate by 2.6 percent, since inheriting the 7.6 percent rate in January 2009 when the former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney left office.

In fact, the $787 billion funding towards President Obama initiated American Investment and Recovery Act helped to contain the economic crisis and the unemployment to a marginal increase against the financial sector avalanche.

There was a large emphasis on education to improve Math and Science skills among K-12 students.

In addition, the President laid out the programs to ease the burden on the students attending Community College through tax incentives, affordable loan payments, increasing Pell Grants and even enticing them to join public service in exchange for the loan adjustment. Of course, the families were included with a $10,000 tax relief for their children’s college education.

As highlighted by the President, sound education is the stepping-stone to progress and prosperity in a society and the effective means to reduce poverty. Also, it would decrease the prison population that is straining the state budgets like in California.

In social issues – the President pledged to repeal the ‘don’t ask don’t tell,’ discriminatory policy in the United States military against the gay service personnel who are equally dedicated in their patriotic duty. A remarkable recognition and long overdue.

On the discretionary budget-spending freeze scheduled to begin in 2011, it’s relieving to note that the safety net for the retirees and senior citizens available through social security, Medicare and Medicaid for the low-income families would not be affected.

However, it’s essential to apply tighter control on the defense spending that is disproportionately increasing against health care, educational and environmental cause regardless of party representation in the White House.

The President urged both parties in Congress to rein in wasteful spending in the form of earmarks or pork barrel – It’s necessary to be discerning in the expenditures given the accumulated national debt.

Job creation through public projects such as high-speed railways and infra structure maintenance is coherent with the former President JFK’s achievement in connecting America from coast to coast.

It’s a worthwhile investment and pervasive in dealing with the energy and environment issues.

The President is right on target in this respect due to multiple benefits on these projects viz.

First, it would decrease unemployment and boost the economy simultaneously.

Second, it enables energy conservation with mass transit possibly becoming the desirable public transportation, besides having a positive environmental impact.

Third, from the health standpoint – the automobile accidents being the leading cause of premature deaths and often leaving the victims with horrific physical injuries in the industrialized countries, the proposed system is a preventive measure in that regard.

Moreover, the stress factor that is common among the motorists could be eliminated as well.

Last but not the least; the local economies would enormously gain from an efficient public transport system attracting tourists within and outside the country.

It’s gratifying to note the President’s affirmation on the health care reform – Echoing the President’s message – Health care legislation cannot wait indefinitely for it’s proved to be a burgeoning crisis contributing to national deficit due to horrendous costs not to mention the loss of lives.

The President also detailed on the financial reform that ought to be implemented to save the domestic and the global financial markets from major catastrophes in the future. It’s crucial for the legislation to be loopholes free to deter the industry from circumventing the rules and regulations.

With respect to the on-going wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the capturing and killing of terrorists might be a partial success for the military operation. Nevertheless, terrorism emanating from despair and desolation cannot be eradicated with military might and sophisticated drone attacks.

In the absence of a functional government facilitating basic necessities like clean water, agricultural and industrial growth, education, health care and social equalities that guarantees freedom to live life with dignity, the regions will continue to be the breeding ground for terror.

The President fulfilling the campaign promise on troops withdrawal from Iraq by this summer deserves praise and credit. Again, the veterans returning home after a traumatic combat situation have to be suitably provided for their settlement in the civilian environment. These patriots and their families cannot be abandoned after their sacrifices for the nation.

Warning the rebels in Iran and North Korea on nuclear programs is warranted. But, the successive failures in the multilateral talks in 2009 and 2010 among the 6 powers including Russia on Iran’s nuclear program suggests the inherent mistrust and power struggle conspicuous in the United Nations Security Council.

Reiterating the earlier suggestion, the solution to resolve the international crisis on different fronts is to expand the U.N. Security Council from 5 to 11, with the inclusion of new and conciliatory members like Japan, Brazil, India, South Africa, UAE and the present defacto member, Germany.

In other international crisis, even though the Israeli Palestinian conflict was not part of the address, the President responded to a town hall participant’s question on this issue.

Despite Israel being the United States strongest ally and the political predicaments prevalent more in Israel than Palestine, Israel’s settlement expansion along with brutal occupation and humiliation through check posts in Palestine must be condemned unequivocally to reflect fairness and United States commitment to an independent two state solution in the region.

To summarize the first State of the Union address by President Barack Obama, the content was relevant with the economy being the primary focus and the well-articulated objectives strengthened the urgency to act on the issues confronting the nation.

The presentation was immaculate for it had the measured composure and at the same time the passionate delivery revealed empathy, resilience and resolve to energize the party members and the democratic base especially after being let down in the preceding political upheavals.

Now, the responsibilities lie with the Congress members of both political parties to lay their ideological differences aside and coalesce to pass the legislations designed to alleviate the average Americans’ suffering, for which the representatives were elected.

The people on their part, i.e. the students, working families, senior citizens, businesses and alike have a unique opportunity to renew democracy by calling the local representatives in the House and the Senate to pass the pending legislations on financial reform, health care and climate bill.

Democracy is efficient with the main street activism to promote the desired ‘Change,’ in Washington and Wall Street.

When we could succeed in 2008, we will do so in 2010, if you make it possible.

Please extend your support to our President Barack Obama and those Congress members who are devoted to your interest and not the special interests.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Reconfiguration of the U.N.Security Council

August 9, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” – simple yet meaningful creation by the renowned American Poet – Robert Lee Frost.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Only if the authorities in power – the corporations and the governments alike, in the contemporary world honor the commitment to their people and prioritize the promise to the general population over personal quest for profit, privilege, prestige and politics,

Perhaps, it might be possible to wipe out the global problems such as poverty, disease and war polluting the planet and restore the deep, dark and lovely woods that once used to be the nature’s paradise.

The past week event involving the release of two American journalists – Laura Ling and Euna Lee through high profile diplomacy aided with the former President Bill Clinton’s visit is a confirmation that communication and dialogue can be effective in resolving international crisis.

Congratulations! to President Bill Clinton on the job well done and the American citizens Laura Ling and Euna Lee on the reunion with their respective families. The former Presidents’ expertise and popularity always remains a valuable asset to the nation and the international community.

The world is not a safe place than it was before. In fact, in the nuclear era and arms proliferation – the trading of conventional and modern weaponry particularly the nuclear arsenal is a major threat to global security. It’s not the question of who’s entitled to the possession of new age weapons of mass destruction gauged by the threats materializing into action and the responsible vs. irresponsible nuclear ownership etc.

Whenever there is a hierarchy in terms of quantity and superiority, it foments a possibility for back channel arms race or illicit exchange of the nuclear technology as it is prevalent now. It’s relevant to the recently intercepted cargo shipment allegedly containing nuclear materials from North Korea to yet another brutal regime Burma.

Even though, the recent agreement between the United States and Russia in the arms reduction including the non-proliferation of nuclear warheads is significant due to President Obama’s strategy, the desire among other nations like North Korea and Iran to be a nuclear power is symbolic not to mention the defiance towards the Superpower and the United Nations.

The present volatility in international security stems from the lack of trust and cooperation among the major players in control of the world security and economic prosperity and their undue dominance for five decades yielding the status quo counter-productive. The focus is directly on the United Nations Security Council permanent membership.

U.N.Security Council originally set up with the five nations permanent membership following the major world wars I and II in identification of the role and economic status then, does not synchronize with the present reality.

Besides the poor achievements or the lack thereof on global fronts i.e. economic, political and environmental issues by the exclusive body, the obvious polarization within the P5 or the permanent membership club has been detrimental for the world security and prosperity.

The P5 has demonstrated politics more than delivering solutions on many international crises rendering the United Nations most important component redundant and controversial. The council’s inability in arriving at a consensus on crucial international matters due to predictable action by members exhibiting economic and political clout is strongly indicative of its impotence in the decision making process.

Much to the frustration and disappointment of other big and small nations, the P5 management of genuine global catastrophes ranging from nuclear containment or disarmament to alleviating poverty, hunger and disease has been a miserable failure. Any positive results in the latter attributable to the relentless work by the non-governmental and non-profit organizations funded through private endowments and caring international groups.

Again, not all P5 members meet the criteria primarily based on economic status given the conspicuous shift in the current world economic dynamics. Notwithstanding, the precipitous decline of P5 performance in hosts of issues particularly with respect to North Korea, Iran, Burma and other despot leaderships around the world, unequivocally requiring the urgent expansion of the Security Council from P5 to P11.

Further, the ‘so-called’ P5 and Plus in reference to the western ally Germany as a defacto member of the U.N.Security Council regarded hypocritical by the deserving and true economic powers seeking permanent membership for years only to be declined noting obvious reasons reminiscent of the twentieth century imperialism not in concurrence with the new millennium geo-economic and political setting.

P5’s likely opposition and reluctance to the proposal possibly viewed as a monopoly of the power, thereby unnecessarily creating opportunities for aptly qualified potential members to seek alternatives undermining the P5 course of action in the regional and worldwide issues.

Apart from the Security Council permanent membership enlargement, the U.N. Preamble is due for review and modification in the permanent members’ tenure depending on the member track record to world peace, progress and prosperity. Otherwise, the U.N. Security Council permanent membership no longer set in stones as a guaranteed life-long privilege for the perceived presumptuous players despite them abdicating responsibilities, and voting rights abuse on global matter witnessed until date.

To reiterate, under the new structure, the permanent membership will be strictly merit based and humanitarian objectives attained collectively from the individual member contribution. Non-cooperative members on universal cause viz. defense programs and warfare, environment…disqualified and replaced with other aspirants subject to eligibility conditions.

In light of the true perspective, the new members to the imminent expanded P11 Security council, in addition to the existing ones – United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China are:

Brazil, Japan, India, South Africa, Germany and UAE (United Arab Emirates) assuming functions of the permanent council members in the leadership role for the respective regions reflecting diligence and fair representation anchored on promoting regional trade, security, economic prosperity, cultural exchange and eventually nuclear disarmament.

The inevitable expansion in addition to the prevailing U.N. temporary membership on roster allowing other U.N. members to participate in the international resolution to global issues is the only and concrete remedy for the burgeoning arms deal, human rights violation, illegal occupation of lands, economic disparities, natural disasters and last but not the least global warming.

As stated above, the five members council neither adequately represents nor addresses the growing demands by the rest of the world in terms of political, economic, energy, social, cultural, and environmental challenges.

Therefore, it is incumbent on the United Nations to pursue the proposal set forth for immediate reorganization of the Security Council irrespective of the five members dissent or approval in accordance with the new world order.

Reconfiguration of the Security Council would provide positive outcome with majority voting
in favor of curbing international threats and terrorism, nuclear non-proliferation leading to disarmament by all nations, economic prospects, and political stability by liberating occupied lands as well as containing if not eliminating miseries in the impoverished regions of the world.

The recommended action targeted towards power and responsibility sharing among other economic and democratic/progressive nations rather than the continuation of twentieth century dominance proven ineffective in advancing the humanitarian rights and goals.

Finally, Congratulations are in order for the new member nations to the Security Council –

Brazil, Japan, India, South Africa, Germany and UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Appropriately representing the continents/regions considering their contributions to the world economic, political and international security.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant