United States – Neocons Obsession with Warfare

May 14, 2019

United States – Neocons Obsession with Warfare

Padmini Arhant


The topic will focus on neocons obsession with warfare through provocation, economic sanctions and wanton aggression.

There is an immediate requirement for United States administration to rein in unnecessary skirmishes and loose talks causing tensions in the ever volatile middle east. United States at Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Israel’s behest initiating confrontational engagement against Iran is counterproductive.

President Donald Trump heeding hawkish club’s ill-advice within administration is cavalier approach without contemplation on adverse consequences of such attempts hurting United States economy and importantly thousands of young men and women forced into harm’s way.

Neocons strategy to begin war in every administration regardless of right or left in the White House is the norm considering the masterminds and architects behind the devastating policy inflicting thousands of casualties and ruining millions of lives are never held accountable.

Any unwarranted attacks or combative measures would have grave global economic repercussions with oil productions and worldwide demand triggering proxy inflation to benefit selective few while the rest of the world struggle to survive the energy chaos and economic challenges expected to follow mendacious cause.

Not to mention the rapid oil price escalation exacerbating ordinary citizens lives and livelihoods in the United States and worldwide.

United States National Security Advisor John Bolton resignation is in order as neocon strategist ever remaining on collision track against nations viz. Iran and Venezuela – the two oil producers posing no threats whatsoever to United States and so-called allies, people and interests unlike the other way around.

John Bolton and the kind endanger international security and economic development.

The world deserves economic progress benefitting entire humanity in contrast to status quo.

The obsolete concept and neocon ideology waging war for profitability is best laid to rest as that has evidently contributed massive national debt to a tune of $22 Trillion with Federal deficits expected to average $1.2 trillion, or 4.4 percent of gross domestic product far higher than the average over the past 50 years burdened on every man, woman and child in the United States is certainly unwelcome with inevitable backlash in the national election in 2020.

President Donald Trump adopting constructive course such as peaceful dialogue, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity combined with humanitarian care for the people subject to unlawful, unilateral economic sanctions in Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Cuba…and elsewhere would be wise and demonstrate United States commitment to global peace and economic prospects.

The article will be updated based on maturity of the current situation. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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