United States – Election 2020 Voter Fraud and Constitutional Violation

December 22, 2020

United States – Election 2020 Voter Fraud


Constitutional Violation

Padmini Arhant

The democrat Presidential bid by Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Emhoff disqualified for the following reasons.

1. Foreign intrusion from China, Russia and Iran in November election 2020 is confirmed and made public by Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Radcliffe subsequent to assessment per Executive Order issued on September 12, 2018 by President Donald J. Trump on foreign interference. The finding in conjunction with latest sprawling cyberattack against United States infrastructure targeting sensitive and critical database tantamount to cyber warfare and appropriately necessitates national emergency implementation to deal with the crisis.

2. Voter fraud elaborated and presented by live witnesses’ testimonials under oath with penalty for perjury in key swing states public hearing in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Nevada are incontrovertible. Furthermore, staggering illegal ballots in Michigan tipping the original lead from incumbent contender Donald Trump to democrat contestant Joe Biden during the unusual pause on election night lasting several hours is now raising serious doubts on the projected win for Joe Biden.

3. Constitutional guarantee on equal protection of law for all states represented in the electoral college were flouted by Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin to name a few among battleground states with little or no regard for the rule of law binding on all states in the Union.

Pennsylvania – The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, on November 26th, 2020 an order signed by Judge Patricia McCullough, issued… that state lawmakers violated Pennsylvania’s Constitution by adopting Act 77 …

This order highlighted Pennsylvania state’s dismissal of constitutional procedure that in essence required state legislature assembly to amend constitution with majority vote for the intended purpose unlike arbitrary adoption of Act 77 to stymie electoral rule of law detailed in the state constitution.

Similarly in the election of state electors in swing states MI, AZ, WI, PA and GA as well as other disputed states, the constitutionality determining criteria was discarded typically rejecting republic representation and will of the people while the remaining member states in the Union like Texas diligently in compliance with constitutional and state legislative electoral process.

Upon the great state of Texas approaching the highest court on land, the Supreme Court of the United States, the politically influenced SCOTUS declined hearing on the case precipitating constitutional meltdown.

In recent memory, the former President Barack Obama currently heading and directing the democratic party maintained that the “Constitution is really just a piece of parchment. It has no power on its own. We, the people, give it power. We the people give it meaning – with our participation, and the choices we make. Whether or not we stand up for our freedoms. Whether or not we respect and enforce the rule of law.”

It is obviously open to interpretation. However, the ex-President Barack Obama notably had little or no respect for rule of law regardless of the same enshrined in constitution. The predecessor’s excess abuse of power exercising extra judicial executions related to illegal surveillance of United States citizens and creation of IS and ISIS through intervention in Libya and Syria slighting Congress are prominent examples among many unconstitutional and undemocratic maneuvers by previous administration.

Congressional approval on domestic and foreign matter became irrelevant for Barack Obama with executive order flamboyantly carried out during two terms in office attracting credible criticisms from constitutional experts on either side of the aisle on Barack Obama’s lawlessness weakening democratic foundation seated on constitution. The critics also noted that former President Barack Obama expected Supreme Court justices should decide cases based in part on empathy as opposed to merit relevantly reflected in SCOTUS response to Presidential election 2020 lawsuits in the present time.

Case in point on empathy overriding merit – In Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action against the state of Michigan’s ban on affirmative action citing the state’s violation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. In this matter, the former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court appointee Sonia Sotomayor obliged the appointer’s political will. The Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor held that Michigan state’s ban on affirmative action violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause clarifying the law that mandated equal treatment on race violated a constitutional provision mandating equal treatment.

Juxtaposed, the similar challenge on equal protection of law mandated in state constitution with reference to election procedures and electors concerning the swing states MI, PA, GA, AZ, WI and NV…violations are not treated as such despite the states’ decision to ignore constitution mandate jeopardizing election integrity.

In politics, the issues are more associated with political expediency and advantage than ethical efficacy and constitutional meaning.

Finally, the China spy gate implicating democrat rank-and-file Eric Swalwell post FBI briefing has led to congressional consensus to eliminate congress member Eric Swalwell from Intelligence committee in view of alarming exposure compromising intelligence and national security. In equal application of law, the Biden family scandals revealing Joe Biden as principal beneficiary in all financial dealings with foreign adversaries effectively discredit and delegitimize Biden Presidency to represent the United States and the republic governed by the constitution.

Hence, conclusively the incumbent Donald J. Trump is the duly elected President to serve second term in office.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





United States – Alleged Cyberattack on Government Infrastructure

December 18, 2020

United States – Alleged Cyberattack on Government Infrastructure – Fake News (?) 

Padmini Arhant

According to Fox News / Fake News (?), the United States government infrastructure inclusively not barring national nuclear security administration and Los Alamos National Laboratory daringly under cyber attack.

The Fox News suggesting Russian espionage activities since March 2020 interestingly at the height of first lockdown in the wake of COVID19 pandemic from Wuhan China is double downing on nations forced to combat the deadly virus unleashed on humanity by those funding the bizarre experiment to test the corona virus virulence upon transmission among human species. The Wuhan lab in Hubei province, China set up with funding from Europe and United States billionaires viz. Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Melinda Gates foundation investments in corona virus experiments on Beijing’s oversight said little or nothing on COVID-19 global pandemic despite the ravaging effects world over.

Similarly, on the other side of the globe, India was under military attack by China in the Himalayan region deploying troops and military installations along north and north eastern border of India. The military aggression from Beijing launched and escalated in March 2020 while Indian population was dealing with the pandemic and lockdown crippling health and economy like in the rest of the world.

The mainstream media Fox News report on purported cyber attack against United States listing host of government departments which is almost the entire federal government and three states in the pool as detailed below.

Department of the Treasury, Department of Commerce, National Institutes of Health, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Department of State, Department of Defense, Executive Office of the President i.e. The White House, NASA, United States Postal Service, National Nuclear Security Administration, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Department of Energy, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Office of Secure Transportation and at least 3 states in the Union supposedly hacked in the process. The Fox news also lists Microsoft and at least 40 customers of the tech giant accounts along with Fortune 500 companies and Wall Street as victims of the alleged cyber operation in Fox News – Lou Dobbs Tonight on date.

The Fox News described the alleged cyber aggression as biggest ever in geopolitical history. The report emphasis on Russian infiltration and downplaying China’s dominance on Biden family and democratic party is characteristic of mainstream media raising an alarm on one adversary and accepting the other as lesser of the two evils in their narrative beckon attention.

The report detailing alleged cyber warfare presented as gargantuan in magnitude and calling out the current administration under President Donald J. Trump for response to media and deep state representatives reverts the situation on MSM to explain the contradictory stance to their viewers as captive audience in the indefinite lockdown to stymie COVID-19 from Wuhan, China.

Have Fox News and rest of communication networks experienced coup d’etat considering their position being anything but fair, objective and neutral throughout election year and post election?

The media clamor on alleged cyber invasion citing Trump administration compared to media muted reaction to explosive revelations on election corruption, voter fraud, Dominion debacle and Biden family scandals confirm radical change in media reporting undermining journalistic ethics.

The deep state members from either side of the political aisle who voted in favor of President Donald Trump impeachment proceeding voicing their concerns on the alleged cyber perpetration further validate the coup scenario. The deep state prominent members’ alacrity in the proposal on National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) originally introduced and executed by ex-President Barack Obama against United States citizens without due process arouse suspicions on such recommendation in the absence of any verifiable evidence on the reported cyber incursion.

Furthermore, the media in this instance i.e. Fox news failure to share the fact on Trump administration’s immediate action against China CCP espionage activities in Houston, Texas shutting down the consulate and expedited expulsions of those behind national security threat unlike the democratic party and media remaining oblivious to democrat rank and file Eric Swalwell, the member of intelligence committee exposure in China spy gate compromising intelligence and national safety until now is reprehensible.

Not to mention the Biden family deep connection with diverse foreign adversaries debilitating United States status in every respect hardly regarded an issue brushing aside the existential and imminent jeopardy confronting the nation at large.

The media role in dissemination of any information and deep state concerted efforts to subvert truth and reality contributing to mass awakening more than ever. The responsibility lies with every citizen to urge their elected representatives in Congress and Senate to act diligently setting aside political differences and partisanship in serving national interests against China’s sprawling engagement at every level. The status quo aptly apply to other foreign governments such as Russia, Ukraine and any other states intrusion in the United States affairs and involvement with unelected Presidential team and family in quid pro quo directly affecting United States on all matter.

Meanwhile, the relevant federal and state authorities utilizing resources and power to determine veracity on alleged cyber attacks with appropriate measures is critical to contain and thwart any form of foreign or internal security threats against Unites States and the republic.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Freedom and Individual Rights Not Exclusive

September 9, 2020

Freedom and Individual Rights are not Exclusive

Padmini Arhant

The misconceptions among ruling class in the world are one too many justifying their unjustifiable prejudice and injustice as way of life for victims in the seriously flawed dysfunctional system they control as entitlement.

Who is the ruling class?

The ruling class are those pulling the proxies strings and maintain absolute authority over anything and everything like finance, science, politics, economy, media, entertainment, religion and social structure comprising gender bias, race, faith, economic educational background discrimination in society.

The ruling class established hierarchy has 99% struggling to make ends meet and among them overwhelming majority are below poverty line.

The ruling class worst fear is fairness and equality for they consider that a major threat to their dominance.

They strive to keep those challenging status quo anonymous and failing that engage in character defamation, isolation. constant indignation and criminal involvement that otherwise subject ordinary citizens to fullest extent of law in any society.  The ruling class strategy involve pawns and fake members in politics, media, entertainment – the three key fields found useful in diversion and subversion of truth and reality.

How does the ruling class operate?

The ruling class operate incognito. They are in disguise via proxies and surrogates in politics, judiciary, law enforcement, media, entertainment, religion and main economy. The ruling class deployed crony contingency are bribed with political positions, monetary compensations and pseudo awards to represent them and cover up their heinous crimes beginning with abuse of power, authoritarianism masked as democracy ,  oppression, subjugation and blatant violation of others’ rights, all of which considered their prerogative.

What makes the ruling class survive despite global frustration and dissatisfaction with status quo?

The ruling class controlling communication and dissemination of information to public regarded central to keep population in the dark. The relentless efforts to deflect public attention from burgeoning issues like the pandemic consuming lives and paralyzing economy, soaring unemployment, lack of economic stimulus to revive business and employment opportunities across the spectrum, China’s aggression and transgressions on the borders and foreign frontiers…are the least concerns exacerbating citizens suffering and misery.

The ruling class primary goal is for 1% to flourish at the top and the rest 99% deteriorate to rock bottom even though the former existence and fortune dependent on the latter hard work in the work force and contribution as end consumer of merchandise and services enabling the rich becoming filthy rich in the inequitable income distribution.

Accordingly, the ruling class preference and legacy is to undermine 99% rights asserting supremacy in all domains viz. politics, economy, science, technology, media and entertainment…quelling dissent and rise of alternative choices in the heavily politicized mechanism.

What is the solution to break the tradition?

Rejecting ruling class impropriety and intolerance to anything related to 99% plight. Reclaim civil liberties, individual freedom and personal rights that are inalienable and yet taken for granted by the ruling class denying 99% the right to dissent and defense.

Reminding the ruling class on 99% core value and significance in economy, politics as voters and above all people constituting the nation and any society deserving fair access to earth’s resources that are mistaken as the ruling class private estate.

Freedom and individual rights including privacy and personal data are monetized for commercial and political gains among the lawless ruling class paradoxically presiding over law and order applicable only to law abiding citizenry letting the fox guard chickens den in the unruly untenable environment.

Citizens self-awareness and initiatives exercising discernment in retaining independence and freedom of choice rather than plain submission to ruling class ascendancy is the preliminary step towards emancipation.

Anything short of minimal recognition to personal liberty and rights inevitably empower ruling class in the already declining democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 








Turkey in Libya and Syria

February 13, 2020

Turkey in




Padmini Arhant

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ambitions in Syria and Libya is interventional with Turkish leadership having been directly responsible for Syrian refugees status quo through participation in providing refuge to terror outfits like al-nusra front in 2011, 2012 onwards that cost not only innocent Syrian lives but also claimed many Turkish citizens lives from terror blowback against Turkey.

Furthermore, Turkey exploring occupation of Libya would be illegal invasion of foreign land that would not be appreciated by Turkish leadership and citizens upon similar attempts from any regional states against Turkey.

Syria has been the bedrock of violence due to international powers sponsorship of terror evolving into various terror groups such as IS, ISIL and ISIS as the latest one. Turkey’s role was instrumental in aiding and abetting terror factions attracting Turkish population dissent and protests across Turkey in recent memory.

The non-violent peace march in Turkey at that time in 2012 was quelled with brute force by Turkish leadership Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then serving as Prime Minister of once secular democratic nation regrettably transitioned into conservative hardline governance denying citizens political and civil rights. Turkey was once regarded the model democracy for muslim nations in the region and outside.

Unfortunately, the Turkish leadership’s quest for power along with external forces harmful and destructive backing allowing then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to amend constitution transforming the political system from Parliamentary to Presidential form of government nascent in the existing trend.

The political maneuvering slighting opposition in Turkish Parliament by then PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan having exhausted term limit led Turkey into the  current situation.

Any aspirations to revive earlier centuries empire status viz. Ottoman empire would be egregious and importantly impact the country of origin planning such move now or in the near future.  The erroneous calculations proved pessimistic time and time again for imperialism. The twentieth and twenty first century imperialistic goals invariably affecting the source in terms of economic liabilities in sending troops to foreign soil and humanitarian costs that are irreversible would be the occupier’s concern prompting abandonment of such flawed decision and counterproductive strategy.

Syria and Libya having been utilized as the battle ground for international forces launching terror attacks essentially behind massive humanitarian crises in the form of refugees turning Syrian and Libyan population stateless in their homeland.

Besides, the continuous warfare depriving Syrian and Libyan people the urgent economic revival endangering ordinary lives survival further exacerbated with western imposed economic sanctions. In promoting terror through recruitment, training and funding of terror groups, these two nations remain the target for relentless hegemonic pursuits within and outside the region.

Turkish leadership and political members exercising diligence and renouncing any incursions against Syria and Libya would demonstrate wisdom and maturity in dealing with border related issues and other factors that are best resolved through civil non-violent and constructive democratic course rather than unnecessary present confrontation.

Syria and Libya are sovereign nations with citizens entitled to self-determination rights that are not to be taken for granted or ignored by foreign powers espousing unwanted annexation desires that could only prolong the difficult moments into eternal conflict which is needless to say not a viable option for any nation or the Middle East for that matter.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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The Art of Peace and Diplomacy

July 30, 2018

The Art of Peace and Diplomacy 

Padmini Arhant

The latest offer from President Donald Trump to meet with Iran on fresh nuclear agreement is a positive step towards reconciliation of differences and misunderstandings that would benefit all, the Middle East in particular.

Iran accepting the opportunity for direct communication with United States would enable both sides to improve relations that are imperative in terms of global economy and energy sector.

President Donald Trump personal meeting with the leaderships from North Korea, Russia and now the overture to Iran are necessary to renew relations opening the channels for constructive peace and diplomacy. The peaceful dialogue is the only way that guarantees permanent resolution to long standing confrontations and adversarial positions maintained thus far.

India and Pakistan adopting similar policy with the incoming Pakistan government by setting aside political and strategic rhetoric is vital to defuse tensions between two nuclear states.  Indo-Pak involvement in building trust and reliable partnerships in trade, social and cultural exchanges as well as addressing common problems like water supply and environment conditions are critical for bilateral progress. 

Likewise, Taliban in Afghanistan recent ad hoc meeting with United States diplomat in Doha, Qatar for peaceful negotiations related to nearly two decades warfare in that nation is yet another promising start for the people of Afghanistan deserving respite and end to violence experienced thus far. 

However, the word of caution in this regard is unlike the previous event in 2013  with Taliban representation of Afghanistan in Doha, Qatar under separate flag proclaimed as The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan could not be simply taken as symbolic without strategic goals from behind the scenes operatives viz. the forces in Pakistan. 

Taliban commitment to peace in Afghanistan must be subject to renouncing violence which means disavow ties with architects and catalysts of terror including the purveyor of arms and ammunitions.

In doing so and upon verifiable and incontrovertible evidence of this requirement would then qualify them as Mujahids or liberators of their nation from foreign occupation and neighbor control such as Pakistan ISI and army. 

United States deploying peaceful means to conclude the Syrian conflict is paramount for Middle East peace and stability.

The adaptation of peaceful outreach and persistent diplomacy to end crises in every part of the world is the absolute measure to achieve global peace and security.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com


Global Security – United States Defense Strategy

December 24, 2017

Global Security – United States Defense Strategy

Padmini Arhant

United States military leaderships alerting US troops on the near future possibility of Russia and the Pacific theater being the next major areas of conflict is extravagant, unaffordable and not pragmatic.

The rhetoric from United States military command is unwise and serve as an unnecessary provocation challenging major nuclear powers Russia and China under pretexts not conforming to credible evidence.

“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming. You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence.”

Gen. Robert Neller, U.S. Marine Corps commandant.

Sgt. Maj. Ronald Green sounded a similar tone.

“At a Q&A session with the troops in the Norwegian Home Guard base near Trondheim, Neller said that the U.S. could shift its focus from the Middle East to Eastern Europe, citing Russia’s conflicts with Ukraine and Georgia as justification. He told the Marines that they should be prepared for a “big-ass fight” on the horizon.”

United States position in the world stage could be secure and respected provided the military leaderships, think tanks, every administration key officials and some members in Congress behind war strategy begin to acknowledge sovereignty of other nations, concern for all lives at stake over vested interests and importantly the devastation on the entire world upon such confrontation that would inevitably be nuclear.

The era of waging wars for profitability ignoring massive loss of lives and destruction is no longer viable and proved counterproductive time and time again.

The hard lessons from illegal invasion and occupation under false premise has been excruciating for U.S. taxpayers subject to enormous economic liability of warfare inviting adverse impact overall together with tarnishing United States image as an aggressor. Not to mention the scores of lives lost and millions forced into refugee status facilitating terror recruitment for networks preying on disenchanted and frustrated segments to unleash violence at the source of the problems.

In other words, United States determination to retain status quo backfires exacerbating preventable crisis.

United States and NATO operations beginning with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen followed by sponsoring terrorism against Syria since 2011, bifurcation of Sudan in 2012, militarization of Africa and Latin America in the past decade, destabilization of Ukraine in 2012, troops deployment in Eastern Europe through NATO allies extending up to Norway in June 2016, provocative military drills with nuclear threats in Korean Peninsula summarize U.S. exertion of military might and unnecessary intrusions endangering global peace and security.

United States demand on other nations to submit to U.S. failed and flawed policy is neither favorable to United States status nor conciliatory in maintaining peaceful coexistence, a natural and inalienable right of all nations and people in the world.

The argument from military top tiers and the newly unveiled national security strategy under President Donald J.Trump administration is basically prolonging stance up until now that was accelerated in the recent past with events highlighted above including the introduction of Pivot Asia by former President Barack H.Obama administration. The red flag claiming Russia and China are eroding America’s influence, interests and power eventually hurting America’s security and prosperity is a misguided perception without any credence.

The strange scenario projected to justify U.S. military buildup and base increase contradict reality.

China is one of the major creditors besides Japan and Saudi Arabia in floating the U.S.dollar and financing multi trillion dollar national deficit largely acquired from military interventions and terror sponsoring that has nothing to do with U.S. national security and instead fulfilling the core elements ideological and lofty agenda launched as Project for New American Century (PNAC) initially targeting U.S. citizens on September 11, 2001 and proceeded to other nations in the PNAC charter.

As for Russia presumed the enemy reviving Cold War sentiments post Soviet Union is yet another deviation from history and contemporary trend. There are no doubts that secret society comprising members from wherever sharing similar ambitions are in the league reflected in the unified resistance to UNSC dissolution, Nuclear disarmament and dismantling of international syndicate reining control over politics, economy, communication outlets and global affairs shunning transparency and accountability.

Nevertheless, the momentum seeking opportunity for warfare in Korean Peninsula or in the Baltic Sea is self destructive in the nuclear age. Any nation faced with persistent military threats and troops on their borders cannot be expected to remain complacent for peace is possible only in simmering tensions on all sides through reliable dialogue and diplomacy. The lack of will to pursue peaceful negotiations substituted with unlawful economic sanctions to anger the other side is paradoxical to blame game accusing the other party at fault while declining any responsibility for the situation.

The latest tax bill provision with $4 billion on missile systems aimed at installation and enhancement arguably arousing anxiety amongst those the strategy is intended with comments suggesting United States never ending desire to engage in warfare.

Having experimented perpetual wars and terrorism ruining lives, infrastructure and environment, United States renouncing violent hegemonic goals for universal peace and humanitarian endeavors would guarantee honor and credit besides winning humanity’s trust and confidence as honest broker and partner on global natter.

None can possibly sabotage or invalidate the salient characteristics and noble deeds of any carried out in good faith and sincere commitment to protect life and rights of all beings in a selfless and incorruptible mission.

Those who attempt in this regard have nothing but disappointment and embarrassment to savor along with a reminder to refrain from such indulgence in the short and long term.

In conclusion, United States defense strategy expending resources on peaceful overtures, constructive talks and diplomacy would produce positive outcome in diffusing conflicts nuclear or otherwise.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com
Spouse in Divine Mission

North Korea – Missile Launch

November 29, 2017


North Korea – Missile Launch

Padmini Arhant

North Korea’s latest missile launch demonstrating Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capability, however lacking in ability to deliver nuclear payload due to weight and velocity leads to classification as test mode rather than operational type.

The inconsistency in United States media reporting on description and details with major television broadcasters – the cable news network (CNN) sounding alarm on the supposedly imminent threat to entire U.S and the world at large is media sensationalism. Such sound bites set the stage for warfare witnessed in the past and recent air raids and bombing in Libya and Iraq earlier with media propaganda.

The news media, the television networks in particular exercising caution and diligence with proper verification of facts for accuracy on reporting any matter ranging from sensitive nuclear issue to regular news events would be credible. The media has a responsibility to maintain ethical standards in coverage and analysis. The failure to do so given the pattern on media drum roll for warfare ignoring dire consequences and massive casualties is irresponsible journalism. The media trend favoring military intervention is well known exposing media role in fomenting violence.

North Korea’s nuclear program is contentious and as stated on this website many times over, the situation is a cause and effect scenario with provocation via U.S. troops deployment in Korean Peninsula under the pretext of protecting allies South Korea and Japan combined with crippling economic sanctions prompting reaction from North Korea.

United States recognition of the problem in this regard followed with genuine commitment through dialogue and diplomacy is the preliminary step towards diffusing conflict with North Korea.

Simultaneously, North Korean leadership outreach to South Korean people and government for direct discourse setting aside political differences and military exchanges is critical since the development in North Korea and United States position through missile launches and military exercise respectively upon reaching adverse point would immediately affect those in the Peninsula beginning with citizens in South and North Korea as well as large U.S. troops contingency in the region.

Obviously, there is an urgent need to invest in renewing communication between North and South as the crisis is related to the fate of Korean citizens on both sides forced into decades long skirmish with foreign meddling and presence for economic and strategic dominance preventing any hope to evolve from prevalent armistice to permanent peace treaty in Korea.

North Korea seeking nuclear status in self-defense against U.S. air strikes and military action could be deterred in the latter withdrawal of military activities in Yellow Sea and large naval base at North Korea’s doorstep. The aggression verbatim and in naval drills thus far substituting civil engagement proved counterproductive. Unless the most powerful nuclear nation i.e. the United States refrains from actions threatening security and sovereignty of any foreign nation and in this instance North Korea, the crisis would not desist.

Nuclear threats not just between North Korea and United States but in fact amongst any other nuclear states like India and Pakistan or for that matter the anti-Russian sentiments in the United States political circle with think tanks as well as institutions and organizations designing U.S. foreign policy not ruling out nuclear confrontation observed in the Cuban missile crisis in the past century is a reality.

Similar warning against Iran in the Middle East by United States during Presidential race and administrations in power regardless of right or left in political representation are reasons for nuclear quest in deterrence and not defiance to nuclear challenge from United States and other nuclear powers.

The call for denuclearization of North Korea would be practical in accepting and implementing the same rule across the spectrum not just selective imposition against nations isolated for geopolitical and economic aspirations that in return exacerbate any prospects on nuclear disarmament.

The world is never safe with nuclear weapons in anyone’s possession that are categorized as responsible vs. reckless in nuclear proliferation. The nuclear arms and advanced technology deployed in short and long range missiles with nuclear warhead endanger life and planet survival.

The recent vote in the United Nations on nuclear disarmament clarified the will of the majority to rid the world of nuclear menace.

Please refer to  UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament


United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia voting against the proposal is a disillusionment revealing the nuclear powers misplaced priority neglecting life over nuclear stockpiles.

The acknowledgment of nuclear danger among nuclear and non-nuclear states serving as de facto to nuclear power translated into agreement to nuclear arsenal disposal by all on independent international oversight would exemplify sincerity and obligation to leave behind a nuclear free world for the present and future generation.

The contemporary conditions are not favorable amid higher nuclear ambitions amongst major nuclear powers allocating disproportionate spending on nuclear enhancement and modernizing nuclear techniques while demanding nations they are in discord with to disavow nuclear program. The extraordinary expectations only reverse the opportunity on nuclear free zone.

In any setting, the prominent nuclear states viz. United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, India and Pakistan… along with the rest submitting to nuclear disarmament would legitimize concern on nuclear proliferation by others paving the way for positive outcome. In the absence of any desire to renounce nuclear status by nuclear powers rejecting the idea of non-nuclear world promotes anxiety and necessity among the targeted nations to be a nuclear force.

North Korea’s reservations on nuclear deal is premised on United States legacy against Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Syria and nations invaded for economic interests. The paradigm shift in U.S. foreign policy to respect and honor nations barring threats and military intrusions instead inviting them to a meaningful discussion would be conducive in building trust moving forward. Any other option that discounts peaceful negotiations would be a cavalier approach with extreme ramifications. The egregious decisions resulting in irreversible loss of lives and regional chaos would be disastrous and unwise.

North Korean leadership Kim Jong Un and military advisers are urged to pursue diplomatic course with South Korea and Japan abandoning repetitive missile launch in Sea of Japan.  The time and resources expended in aggressive maneuvers should be directed at peaceful overtures that are guaranteed to be beneficial in winning global community support and ending foreign occupation.

Nuclear exchanges are not to be taken for granted as there is nothing to gain except debris and devastation highlighting abuse of power and violation of many lives at stake.

In conclusion, the nuclear powers unanimous consensus in relinquishing nuclear rights is the absolute and fair resolution on nuclear strategy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine mission


Russian Affair

November 4, 2017

Russian Affair

Padmini Arhant

The former FBI director Robert Mueller headed special investigation dominates news on the alleged Russian meddling in the United States 2016 Presidential election.

The special committee targeting then Republican Presidential candidate now elected President Donald Trump’s campaign aides and members’ presumed interaction and meetings with key Russian officials has led to recent indictments on this matter.

The U.S. actions besides the ongoing inquiry includes closing consulate general in San Francisco and annexes in Washington and New York.

Russia in turn has responded by reducing diplomatic service staff at U.S. facilities in Moscow as confirmed by Washington based Russia Today (RT) television network.

Russia Today – the state funded network founded by the state owned news agency RIA-NOVOSTI in 2005 is dedicated in promoting Russian government interests to the likes of mainstream media and others in the U.S. and elsewhere safeguarding oligarchy, political and Secret Society agenda.  

Although RT claims the network is independent, any business especially communication media receiving funding that has surged from $30 million in the beginning to current $300 million from the state obviously inclined to be subjective rather than objective.

RT projecting Russian image to counteract U.S. media versions about Russia and Russian policy is a conundrum for viewers having to deal with two extremes from both sides i.e. one for and the other against amidst missing facts from the content regardless.

On propaganda, RT efforts are on par with prevalent media trend in hyperbole and falsehood in presentation of historic events and entities pertaining to the past and present time conforming to syndicate strategy.

RT transmission in three languages viz. English, Spanish and Arabic attracting 120 million viewership in the United States and other parts of the world is a buffer to syndicate’s media presence via CNN, Fox and BBC worldwide.

The syndicate’s media control and influence on entertainment industry to deny public access to truth and factual information could be anything but freedom of press and free speech.

RT like counterparts are not without collusion on not maintaining journalistic standards and ethics that are rare and remains under attack. The journalism with accurate reporting, review and analyses on issues and topics concerning lives and world problems are replaced for political and commercial success ignoring harm to society and the world at large that eventually hurts the source.

As such, the citizens fatigue in fake news and indoctrination is evident in broadcasting networks declined rating prompting desperate attempts to avert further deterioration. The spin zone is yet another means to continue mindless discussions lacking in substance in anything goes talk shows and programs to fill in time in the 24/7 media.

United States and Russia relations might have strained due to latest developments,

However, the similarities in both nations policies on critical issues such as voting against nuclear disarmament in the UN vote past month, resistance to dissolution of UNSC granted veto power to five permanent members viz. United States, Britain, Russia, China and France and strengthening ties with Saudi Arabia clarify common goals.

In terms of disagreements, United States and Russia have difference of opinion on Ukraine, Syrian conflict, NATO buildup through Eastern bloc and incursion in Baltic Sea. The U.S. occupation in Afghanistan extended into Central Asia that was previously under former Soviet Union is causing uneasiness on regional basis.

Last but not the least, U.S. sanctions on Russia is not appreciated in the wake of 2016 electoral outcome distressing those for change in game plan.

On North Korea, United States sanctions against the south east Asian nation is welcome by Russia. The reaction confirmed in UNSC decision with Russia and China’s consensus to impose embargo on North Korea.

As stated repeatedly on this website on standoff between U.S and North Korea, the de-escalation via diplomacy and constructive dialogue should be the focus on both sides retracting from respective positions with United States and ally South Korea ceasing military exercise and provocative naval drills in Korean Peninsula.  North Korea on its part to suspend nuclear enhancement.

Furthermore, the major nuclear powers stance on North Korea’s nuclear status would be credible upon them in possession of enormous nuclear stockpiles never subject to independent international scrutiny lead other nuclear and non-nuclear states in safe disposal of nuclear weapons freeing the world from nuclear threats that are frequently exchanged in U.S. and North Korea confrontation. U.S. has also issued nuclear warnings against Iran preceding Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) treaty.

In the domestic front, Russia Today (RT) as state represented media is criticized for not providing opportunity to political opponents to Kremlin power. The same is applied towards any political dissent deprived from sharing thoughts and grievance on air to local and foreign audience. They are apparently considered detractors and accordingly excluded in participation on media channel.

The contemporary practice to debar alternative political perspectives especially with Russian elections on the horizon in March 2018 may not bode well for Russia in the post-communist era declared as democratic system premised on free and fair elections allowing contenders upon meeting eligibility criteria to run for office.

Then the incident though eleven years ago involving independent journalist, writer and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya tragic death from gunshot wounds in Moscow in 2006 deter Russian democratic evolution.

The free society would create and nurture environment to question authorities without fear of incarceration, character defamation or danger to their life. The country as vast as Russia with enormous potential in different fields not barring politics would benefit from eclectic representation that could permeate across the spectrum. The transformation is made possible with healthy debates and public forums on all topics relevant to citizens in the province and national level.

Russia’s membership in BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in addition to G20 and WTO serve economic prospects. On security to combat terrorism and any foreign intrusion – the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) comprising Russia and former Soviet republics in Central Asia enable neutralization.

Russian economy, political stability and national security are general expectations amongst electorate. Russia’s role in international disputes are also important whether personally that entails skirmishes at Russian border with NATO or tension related to U.S. and North Korea as well as ending Syrian warfare.

The internal challenges like corruption undermining real progress, Chechnya seeking resolution, immigration and social dilemmas are prominent woes requiring effective measures.

Russia is in the threshold of economic growth and constraints on political choices limits the scope for broader vision necessary to sustain expansion.

Finally, vox populithe voice of the people from all walks of life exercising the right to express views or concerns and journalism in particular not confined to state or external orientation would demonstrate vibrant democracy.

I convey my best wishes to citizens in Russia.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission









UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament

October 29, 2017

UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament

Padmini Arhant

The latest UN vote on nuclear disarmament gaining traction with 112 votes in favor, 44 votes against and 15 abstinences is the beginning to free the world from deadly and devastating nuclear carnage.

The resolution draft from Iran is the Islamic Republic affirmation to nuclear non-proliferation. However, the non-binding measure is perhaps to test reaction. The proposal acknowledgment in theory but not in practice is a persistent problem for global community.

The world faced with existential threat predominantly from major nuclear powers reluctance to nuclear non-proliferation on their part while setting terms and conditions on nations they challenge with military attacks including the favorite line – all options are on the table alluding to potential nuclear option exacerbate global security.

The safe disposal of nuclear arsenal by all nuclear powers without exception regardless of presumption as responsible vs. reckless together with abandoning nuclear testing to enhance nuclear capability and deployment of nuclear weapons in allies’ domain qualifying as de facto possession is the only way to eliminate nuclear danger.

Not surprisingly, the nay sayers to the resolution – United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia among others decline world peace and safety.

These active nuclear proliferators in violation of non-proliferation treaty ratified in recent times to effect indefinitely contribute to nuclear arms race in acting against international consensus.

Those who call for nuclear disarmament of any other nation would be credible in setting an example starting with them first and then lead the rest in that course. Otherwise the true colors come to light on motives along with legacy in illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land not barring the use of nuclear weapon.

The nations targeted for subjugation in any region are forced into nuclear response preparedness that is known as deterrent strategy. The aggressor such as United States and other permanent members defiance in renouncing nuclear status amid belligerence from them is essentially promoting nuclear armament.

The nations on radar are expected to quit nuclear aspirations. Ironically, those with such demand holding nuclear stockpiles never subject to independent international scrutiny and remain non-compliant in freezing nuclear activities. The stalemate in the absence of constructive approach via dialogue and diplomacy impose undesirable nuclear requirement.

The prominent nuclear powers viz. United States, Russia, Britain, China, France and Israel with established track record on colonization and territorial annexations pursue nuclear empowerment. Simultaneously, they expect those whom they aim at to disarm and oblige. In other words, they expect nations dealing with military incursions on the border to submit to suicidal mission.

Every nation has the right to self-defense and cannot possibly ignore the persistent security issues with provocative military drills and massive troops deployment near their territory.  The ongoing tension between North Korea and United States is precisely the cause and effect situation prompting North Korea to rely on nuclear defense. North Korea has cited the facts on U.S. and allies raid and decimation of Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Yemen for imperial goals that continues unabated until now.

North Korea slammed with economic sanctions for nuclear plans often criticized as the nation driving citizens to starvation and premature deaths without accepting the contributing factors – sanctions and sources behind protracted confrontation. North Korea’s predicament is whether to capitulate to United States military provocation or stay resilient.

Though nuclear threats are not to be exchanged frivolously, the environment unnecessarily create saber rattling on both sides instead of serious engagement to find common ground in defusing crisis. United States and South Korea ceasing military operation alongside North Korea enacting moratorium on nuclear program would provide opportunity for peace talks through direct involvement rather than proxies and demonstrate commitment to protect lives on all sides that are at stake.

United States and other nuclear states resistance to UN resolution on denuclearization of the world is disillusionment revealing the real forces endangering lives and habitat with no concern for any generation.

Furthermore, the safekeeping of nuclear weapon, maintenance and upgrade of nuclear technology to operate nuclear facility is a phenomenal cost to taxpayers of every nuclear nation that could be allocated in improving living standards like health care, housing, education, retirement plans and infrastructure.

The population suffering from poverty, disease and lack of support in basic survival needs are dying in great numbers with nuclear states investment in nuclear development prioritized over life existence.

Besides, the risks in transportation of nuclear missiles are serious and nuclear accidents like Chernobyl and earthquake triggered Fukushima proved catastrophic. The nuclear ambitions among nuclear states on the high confirmed in the UN negative vote, the policy is alarming leaving the world on the edge for geopolitical dominance.

No climate treaty is meaningful in the nuclear world mistakenly assuming nuclear strength as formidable security asset despite the liabilities of nuclear reckoning.

The leaderships and members behind such decisions fail to recognize reality that they may not want the nation they represent as leaders to relinquish nuclear status,

Nonetheless individually, they do have to part with it like everything else when they depart from the world. 

Most importantly, they need to contemplate on the world they leave behind for future is determined by choices made in the present time.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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UNSC – Declared Illegitimate Body 

August 6, 2017

UNSC – Declared Illegitimate Body 

By Padmini Arhant

United Nations Security Council is declared an illegitimate body effective immediately no longer in a position to enforce illegal and biased sanctions or authorize unlawful military interventions at will against nations regarded a fair target.

United Nations Security Council – a unipolar body representing imperialism and Supremacy in the twenty first century violating sovereign status of nations around the globe is not recognized a valid international authority.


United Nations Security Council is eliminated for the following reasons.

1. The council formed in the twentieth century subsequent to World War II primarily funded by the same forces that are behind perpetual wars in the twenty first century inventing and sponsoring terrorism as pretext to warfare decided on concentration of power through UNSC.

2. UNSC comprising five permanent members with veto powerUnited States, Britain, France, China and Russia with the new addition Germany proclaimed as P5+1 asserts superior authority over the rest of the world.

3. The P5+1 imperial legacy and quest is no secret in the illegal invasion, occupation and territorial annexations that continues unabated until today.

4. Not long ago, the second tier was introduced within UNSC. The fifteen members have temporary status lasting two years rotated among other UN members again subject to approval with P5+1 exerting influence in the selection and rejection process. The maneuver was to deny other nations permanent membership in the exclusive club.

5.  The same principle is adopted using coercion not barring threats and underhand techniques to win votes on UNSC resolutions undermining legitimacy and integrity on international law.

6. UNSC promotes imperialistic goals that will be highlighted in this article.

7.  UNSC is a platform for some permanent members to settle political scores on issues that are binding on them to comply with in the increasing threat from them exacerbating global peace and security.

8. UNSC permanent members trajectory and ongoing trend violating territorial rights of other nations besides gross human rights violations within and outside the country disqualify them to preside over global disputes that they are responsible for and never held accountable.

9. UNSC is instrumental in imposing starvation and mass poverty via economic sanctions they have never been subject to despite their egregious involvements in international affairs.

10. Last but not the least, UNSC is defunct, not trustworthy and proved incapable of resolving global crisis due to their footprints and full fledged engagement in causing immeasurable pain and misery among world population.

The ex-UNSC permanent members sprawling imperialistic goals not surprisingly overlap with each other’s lofty ambitions in different regions exposing one another in the undying territorial quest with little or no concern for myriad problems in the domestic front.

Since rationality never given a chance at UNSC from formation to functioning with decades of failed policies, the UN Security Council paradoxically transformed into a committee championing chaos and political instability world over.

In the former UNSC, United States military bases across the globe along with NATO allies Britain and France confront Russia in the Baltic and China in the Yellow, South and East China sea as well as Africa.

Notwithstanding the U.S. presence in Afghanistan extending over to Central Asia and military operations in Latin America maintained in the aftermath of colossal failures and regional population demanding foreign troops exit from their soil.

Having exhausted means to justify militarization anywhere including the Korean Peninsula, UNSC was a convenient fallback to constrict nations defending sovereignty against wanton aggression.

Consequently, the sanctions imposed by United States and UNSC against nations – North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela are null and void. Similarly Israel’s unilateral economic blockade against GAZA is ineffectual and invalid. The resolutions to these nations issues will be presented in due course.

The former UNSC permanent memberships with veto power could be best described as the foxes guarding the chickens house unable to shed the trait revealed in vigorous hegemony.

Moving forward subsequent to UNSC dissolution is review and reorganization of UN General Assembly inviting all members for fair participation and equal opportunity around the globe regardless of statehood – applies to independent nations such as Palestine, Tibet and Taiwan not any promulgated groups, terror factions and networks or states founded to divide sovereign nations.

Any obstruction to UN role as reliable global forum to preside over international issues would lead to forming a new international body barring obstructionist measures and anti-humanity strategy while inviting members in agreement to creation of an international consortium substituting preferential status with egalitarian position allowing all nations to contribute in global crisis management through one vote per nation removing prevalent proxy in the voting process.

The issues to be addressed by UN in the post UNSC annulment will be enumerated in the immediate future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


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