Russian Energy Clients

March 24, 2022

Update: Russia Invasion of Ukraine.

Kremlin’s evasion on Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu whereabouts is intriguing. The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu public appearance was noted in the Moscow televised National Security Council meeting on March 11 briefing the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the ongoing war.

The Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is known to be one of the key war strategists in President Vladimir Putin’s so-called special operations against Ukraine.

The Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu’s absence during the critical time raise questions and speculations all around.

The information regarding Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s reported truancy quoting alleged ill-health and the other assumption on the Minister Shoigu’s purported defection to Finland across the Russian Border could all be laid to rest with Kremlin’s transparency on the matter.

However, the confirmation on the latest top Kremlin aide and prominent official Anatoly Chubais’s resignation over disapproval of Ukraine war is an acknowledged fact.

Importantly, the highest Kremlin figure Anatoly Chubais is notably the former boss of the incumbent President Vladimir Putin during the latter government position in then President Boris Yeltsin’s term in office.

Accordingly, the high-profile Kremlin member Anatoly Chubais’s departure from the political circle and the country is self-explanatory on internal dissent within on the Ukraine military invasion.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


Russian Energy Clients

Padmini Arhant

In the normal environment, the economic activity between Russia and the rest of the world would be understandable.

However, lured by discounted price on cheap energy imports from Russia subsequent to the belligerent invasion and ongoing merciless shelling of cities and civilian areas in neighboring Ukraine, those forging energy deals with the aggressor at this time are essentially declaring themselves contributors to violence against Ukrainian population.

Not to mention the subjugation of Russian citizens with conscription and indefinite gag order accompanied by arrests on peaceful dissent against unnecessary war.

The relentless air raids and hypersonic missiles in Mariupol, Kharkiv and other cities in Ukraine forcing children, expectant mothers and critically ill patients run for their life besides turning 10 millions or more Ukrainians into refugees bear on the energy purveyors slighting ethical and legal consequences related to economic sanctions in condemnation of military strikes in Ukraine.

The worst is among several prioritizing self-interests over human lives targeted in the continuous air assaults against Ukrainians reveal true colors in discrimination of human tragedy.

The so-called world’s largest democracy in the Indian sub-continent, South Asia and others in western Europe maintaining economic ties taking advantage of Russian low cost energy are directly financing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine civilians right now.

No wonder Kremlin is now openly and defiantly stating they would not hesitate to include nuclear weapons citing any possible existential threat to Nuclear Titan Russia from the non-nuclear Ukraine defending their sovereign rights.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has emphasized any deployment of peacekeeping troops in response to Poland’s suggestion as direct war between Russia and NATO.

The Russian Foreign Minister ignoring the fact, Poland is now dealing with tremendous influx of Ukrainian refugees – courtesy President Vladimir Putin’s so-called special operations carried out indiscriminately leveling every standing building and civilian apartments in Ukraine.

What about UN peace keeping force to facilitate humanitarian aid and safe evacuation of civilians in the daily bombing aimed at civilian premise?

Is that objectionable as well to Moscow?

Moscow has many legitimate grievances with respect to Donbas region violence in the past eight years accounting for loss of lives in that part of Ukraine.

Additionally, Moscow has repeatedly expressed concerns over the United States and western funded bio labs endangering lives worldwide.

Agreed, these are valid claims and deserve global attention and permanent solution banning efforts and means harming lives anyhow anywhere by anyone now or in the future.

Nonetheless, Moscow’s military campaign against civilians in Ukraine lasting a month has critically damaged Kremlin’s moral stance to raise issues in the above regard.

Those killing innocent lives declining call on ceasefire in the month long unprovoked conflict not only in self-denial of  inflicting deaths and devastation but also justifying the violent crime as personal goals with no end in sight. Such disposition place them in quandary and hypocrisy.

There was a time prior to the invasion of Ukraine when Moscow could represent at UNSC and other international forum drawing United States and western powers attention to issues threatening lives such as bio labs and the western share of military interventions in foreign land.

Unfortunately, now Moscow having revived past Soviet era aspirations on territorial annexations via foreign invasion and occupation, relevantly not shying away from stating the possibility of using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine battle unarguably create a huge credibility factor for Moscow’s representation as moral authority on global affairs.

Finally, the subsidized energy offers from Moscow to energy dependent clients in western Europe, South Asia and other parts of the world are conscientiously participating in the Russian nuclear threat laden warfare against Ukraine with inevitable protraction in the region and beyond upon Kremlin’s military engagement not brought to conclusion effective immediately.

These participants are to be reminded that their egregious decision purely to serve own requirements are fueling Kremlin’s fire power rather than dousing the flames consuming lives and living space in the war zone.

The energy flow continuing without any stipulation from these states on energy consumption at the least insisting Moscow end the senseless violence in Ukraine and commit to meaningful peace talks with neighbor Ukraine classify as reckless myopic opportunism. 

The fire engulfing the far away land sooner than later hitting own turf is not a remote but a probable cause to act and avert such calamity in self-protection if not for those victims dealing with the extraordinary ordeal.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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