Switzerland – WHO, WEC, UBS

January 17, 2022

Switzerland – WHO, WEC, UBS

Padmini Arhant

WHO – World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. The international health body is yet to contain the global pandemic COVID19 extended into COVID22 with no short supply of inter-continental variants and mutants wreaking havoc in human lives thus far.

Meanwhile, profiteers raking fortune from the mandated vaccine and pandemic treatments are laughing all the way to UBS, Switzerland and tax havens in exotic shores feigning unfamiliarity with the idea of contentment. They are breathlessly making a killing from the bio-engineered virus caused breathlessness consuming lives and debilitating healthy lifestyle of mankind.

WEC – World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland unabashedly announced Great Reset absent relevant details to configure global financial system.

The WEC cardinal rule is aimed at the ordinary average citizens in the world  i.e. 99% will own nothing in financial assets is the public statement from the WEC founder Professor Klaus Schwab at the forum in 2019 and 2020. 

The 99% rights such as individual liberty, economic opportunity and financial security are effectively null and void.

Juxtaposed the 1% possession and entitlement to global resources and natural endowments to prolong for eternity.

WEC’s Great reset was not possible without global economic shut down.

The WHO mismanaged COVID19 evolving into global pandemic conveniently necessitated world wide economic freeze linked to pandemic lockdown and the rest fell in place like a jigsaw puzzle.

UBS – Though publicly stated as not an acronym, the UBS is world renowned swish Swiss bank attracting legal and overwhelmingly illegal money from all corners of the world. The capital flight into the Swiss economy from diverse channels and entities as well as individuals unable to bury the illicit wealth in their domain park the funds at UBS and alike.

The trend depleting national treasury around the world in tax evasions and various unscrupulous nefarious transactions reach the high security nuclear stealth vaults at UBS and similar safe havens world over.

The pervasive corruption culture predominantly behind global poverty, hunger and disease in the otherwise plentiful planet earth thrives in the creation and mobilization of assets largely from developing nations into the developed world.

As a result, the super wealthy status is a matter of  transforming the regions with rich economic resources and human capital freely accessible for exploitation and excoriation. The tradition continued over centuries now exponentially capitalized by 1% representing the exclusive club in the world. 

The super rich competition is maintained within the trillionaire and billionaire circle with the rest of the population categorically informed about owning nothing in their name except debts and taxes remaining the irrevocable obligations in life for the 99% in the world.

Switzerland, the european nation and European Union (EU) member proudly declared neutral state in warfare has also retained neutrality in fomenting and fostering corruption.

The Swiss financial system is the trend setter in this regard with majority world population deprived of basic to fair share of economic means in the unaccountable transfer of wealth by the rich, famous and powerful from different nations in the world.

The commonality in WHO, WEC and UBS  is besides Switzerland in geographic location, the three powerful organizations and institution representing health, economy and finance respectively – the lifeline and oxygen of human survival are instrumental in exacerbating human suffering with unmitigated crises experienced in the pandemic, economic and financial meltdowns adversely affecting human natural immunity compromised with unnatural events.

The fundamental change in these organizations renouncing corruption and restoring ethical functioning with transparency and accountability is the only way forward for global progress and prosperity.

The WHO assuming autonomy independent of any foreign governments’ influence and incentives is the preliminary step towards earning credibility as the world health body.

The WEC relinquishing control over nearly eight billion population destiny to benefit selective few amongst selves is the precursor for sustainable global economic growth and development.

The 1% economic status is directly tied to 99% stable and affordable living. 

Last but not the least, the UBS and other havens  rejecting unlawful illegitimate funds around the globe and myriad sources ranging in backgrounds not barring corruption, criminality, extortion, trafficking and smuggling etc. would exemplify Switzerland and European commitment in combating systemic corruption, the foremost element denying human population existence with basic needs and healthy social economic environment.

The individuals and companies from developing nations exposed in massive corruption scandals as well as implicated in bankrupting public savings in financial institutions are currently guaranteed safe passage to and refuge in Europe with impunity.

The European Union action in collective responsibility to curb corruption enacting extradition treaty with nations across the globe would detoxify the toxic activity crippling lives all around.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



India – Security Breach and Election Rally

January 16, 2022

India – Security Breach and

Authority Mind Set 

Padmini Arhant

When terror attacks are launched against any specific targets anywhere in the world, the terror groups wherever they are claim responsibility and let the world know of their present action.

There are also terror groups who have issued warnings to nations big and small of their future intentions perhaps extending courtesy to their potential victims of the forthcoming terrorism. The gesture creating the impression on terrorists’ resolve is unique.

In contrast, the highest government home ministry in the executive branch responsible for the safety and security of citizens and nation at large including the  head of the nation as Prime Minister is in hibernation and absolved of any accountability in the security breach matter.

The ruling BJP government in New Delhi via state run media is preoccupied in propagating information shifting blame on anyone regarded a fair game except them, the central authority’s interior ministry with entire national and PM security related apparatus directly under their control.

The odd developments preceding the security breach episode in Bathinda, Punjab is noteworthy.

The BJP government’s home minister in New Delhi reportedly commented to BJP colleague, the Meghalaya governor Satya Pal Malik on the Prime Minister’s mindset. The message arguably attracted  citizens’ attention.

The home minister in New Delhi raising questions on the incumbent Indian Prime Minister’s state of mind with above reference upon being taken into confidence by Meghalaya Governor on PM’s apathy to the tragic deaths and sacrifice of 700 or more farmers in the nearly two years peaceful non-violent march in the capital and northern states of India is an internal confirmation out in the open.

The security breach controversy in Punjab on January 5th again directly involving the home ministry in New Delhi is not beyond reasonable doubt in public mind regarding the relation between the home minister and Prime Minister in the capital New Delhi.

Usually the government key figures as the first and second in line with the latter aspiring to succeed in the immediate future are witnessed time and time again.  Sometimes, there are situations with conflict within two most powerful positions in government surface with inferences to mental and cognitive ability.

The Punjab security incident and the Prime Minister’s remark on surviving the event expressing politicized gratitude to interim Punjab Chief Minister further serve as a self-endorsement of the mindset statement proving the central government home minister’s view.

In a nutshell, the cat out of the bag pose predicament in any event management and damage mitigation.

Often times, something out or leaked from the direct source in government project a clear picture of reality for public notice.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter



Is Politics Qualified to Disqualify Anyone?

January 15, 2022

Is Politics Qualified to Disqualify Anyone?

Padmini Arhant

Here is the irony. In a nation touted the world’s largest democracy is represented by the Chief executive and majority legislative members at the national and state level whose educational qualifications are self-certified to justify their various positions in disguise as public service.

The reality on politics’ service is their pledge of allegiance and commitment to oligarchy, domestic organizations, campaign financiers and last but not the least the foreign global power.

This is not unique to any specific nation or domain. Sadly it is prevalent in most parts of the world with global syndicate dominance installing governments and reining universal control.

The individuals from rank and file to the top most in hierarchy as authority possess credentials except genuine talent exceeding any measures in corruption, criminality, deception, deceit and violations of all types ranging from trust to individual rights and life of the people electing them to public office.

Most of them proving their competence or the lack thereof evidenced in failure of governance and leadership. Besides, the national status quo with respect to overwhelming majority forced into deteriorating economic, education, health and social standards are verifiably the proof of the pudding.

These individuals enacting laws and legislations while exempting them from the rules and regulations as prime violators are veterans in enforcing anything found detrimental to ordinary lives and people in lower middle, poorer and poorest economic strata.

The controversial NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Indian students in India seeking enrollment in undergraduate medical course has long been subject to debate and discussion.

The students are required to meet the criteria prior to admission for undergraduate medical degree. This is nothing new as there has been synonymous entrance exam like Pre-Medical course requirement in the northern regions of India perhaps replaced with NEET introduced by Congress government earlier and continued by the ruling BJP in New Delhi.

Although on surface, the national government rule might appear to be beneficial in the selection process with the best and brightest pursuing the medical course to save lives in society,

The real life situation is anything but smooth and straightforward.

In fact, the students with ambitions in medical career especially from a disadvantaged economic and social background despite excelling in the NEET exam are denied admission. 

The worst is the meritorious are displaced with preferential nepotism enrollment.  The wealthy and influential progeny – i.e.  industrialists, politicians and celebrities’ offsprings with below average percentage or even failures enrolled through bribes and incentives are common. The medical and engineering degrees bought outright with a price tag is not ruled out in the category with money power traded over merit.

In this regard, the practice is in semblance with educational institutions overseas including the United States elite premium education granted to politicians, prominent members and celebrities’ descendants in the reserved quota secured via endowments that are essentially bribes in corruption culture.

In India, the agonizing experience has led to tragic events with NEET qualified candidates deprived of opportunity committing suicide in the state of Tamil Nadu. As a result of these consequences, Tamil Nadu citizens – the students in particular are generally opposed to NEET exam.

They urge the central government to allow students in competing on the academic performance results from high school graduation rather than filtering under the pretext of NEET predominantly favoring students not necessarily qualified considering the short cuts and nefarious means finding their way in enrollment for medical course.

The stealthiest truth in contemporary era is ;

What if similar National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for politics were to be mandatory?

Almost the entire political class and establishment would be disqualified and ineligible to serve in different capacity beginning with the head of the state, the second or third in line and so on including cabinet ministers in critical positions demanding not only acumen and relevant expertise but also ethical efficacy. 

The unqualified determining the otherwise qualified candidacy as not suitable is the paradoxical paradigm exacerbating social and economic miseries world over.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter



Science and Sports

January 13, 2022

Science and Sports

Padmini Arhant

What is the correlation between science and sports?

Science and sports are adventures in their respective fields involving mind, body and spirit coordination. 

Unfortunately, science in the onset of the pandemic as an exception with inconsistency in public health protocol and guidelines leading to questionable reliability in preventing and containing the pandemic proved a misguided adventure in COVID19 mitigation. 

Whereas sports like Skydiving as drawn analogy with pandemic instructions in late night comedy monologue is a direct contrast in reality. 

Skydiving instructors and skydivers engage in the activity that might be viewed extreme by some or many after knowing and understanding the risks and safety mechanisms of the act. 

In other words, the skydivers are fully briefed and provided comprehensive information on the activity with complete and full liberty to exercise discernment and discretion to change the mind until the last minute before taking the dive. 

The skydivers with skydive instructors are aware of the pros and cons factoring the calculated risks / hazards with security as the most important consideration. There is no force, coercion or solicitation of any kind. The involvement is entirely voluntary accepting sole responsibility for the decision. 

In comparison, the pandemic recommendations are mandatory and the minimal to major risks in the prescribed methods are expected to be absorbed entirely by the individual expected to follow the mandate.

The pandemic public health directions thus far has been wavering from one extreme to another with more speculations than specifications.

Furthermore, unlike skydiving rule, the pandemic advice accommodates no choice in individual determination of personal well being.

Accordingly, the pandemic handling thus far has been anything but reassuring in the much anticipated herd immunity via fully vaccinated or naturally infected means regarded the saving grace in ending the health disaster in recent memory. 

Amidst confusion and chaos, science and human population are victims of arbitrary positions maintained to suit political narrative rather than scientific resolution. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter



The so-called Lone Wolf vs. The Pack of Hyenas

January 10, 2022

The so-called Lone Wolf


The Pack of Hyenas


The reference lone wolf coined since the days of the parasitic hyenas originating in January 2009 as authority and thereafter them and their representative puppet regimes desperately seek undeserving attention via provocation and unnecessary inflammatory remarks.

The false notion among those with titles and designations as authority in politics misconceive the concept of respect as exclusive rather than universal in any civilized society.

In the contemporary political maelstrom, the pack of hyenas distinctive as scavengers on carcasses experience the gut-wrenching cataclysmic upheavals in their den fearing rude awakening and imminent extinction of the pack having exhausted survival instincts.

The hyenas known for existence on corpses transform into cannibals witnessed earlier in 2010-2016 as cannibal sponsors through terrorists wreaking havoc in Syria, Libya and the entire Middle East as well as North and North Eastern Africa – bifurcating Sudan into Sudan and South Sudan in July 2011 triggering worst humanitarian and political crises continued till today.

What more?

In the Indian sub-continent – Indian fundamentalists Hindutva helm hired lackeys desertion from Kashmiri politics and Indian so-called liberal media together ironically claiming to represent Kashmiris in the valley, muslims, other minorities and marginalized in India – the population held hostage by Hindutva government in New Delhi are two sides of the same coin.

The above mentioned Hindutva crony representative in local Kashmiri politics and supposedly liberal wired media exemplify they are actual sell outs to New Delhi Hindutva system and foreign global power.

The comment stating the so-called lone wolf aliased bedroom fanatics / terrorists typically cast them in hypocrisy ad nauseam in their fatal obsession with lone wolf syndrome.

Furthermore, the comment lone wolf and bedroom fanatics / terrorists could only emerge from autocratic perverts and agents abusing power with their indulgence in lewd crude conduct.

The internationally blacklisted banned and Indian taxpayers funded Pegasus spyware and similar technology misused to pry and spy on any individual branded an outsider at home or abroad criminalize perpetrators and the ones authorizing perversion as state prerogative.

The Hindutva indoctrinated social media auction captioned Bully Bai also intentionally spelled Bully Boy aimed at the so-called lone wolf under the pretext of targeting muslim women on New Year’s eve Dec 31, 2021 is beneath any culture and human decency.

The immorality and ethical transgressions are the trends in the present political environment.

What business is for an Indian government to invade private home and life of anyone quoted an outsider in a faraway foreign land?

When national security demands deterrence of the formidable nuclear armed neighbors next door especially China having established territorial rights in the Himalayan and north east regions of India besides confirming maritime advantage in strategic locations leaving India in vulnerable position.

Nonetheless, the foreign entity – Indian government in New Delhi misplaced priority in violation of individual rights of private citizen addressed an outsider living overseas is condemnable and reprehensible.

Meanwhile, the Kashmir Valley renegade’s loose tongue quoting British innuendoes on the so-called lone wolf aka bedroom fanatics /terrorists, the slur whether prompted by domestic political insecurity or toeing the line to incognito foreign power possibly the rocky royal decadence and deceitful syndicate joint faction verbiage behind Indian political defection lexicon.

On September 26, 2014 the incumbent Indian authority’s then arrival in New York was scheduled to be met with the United States Federal Court Summons with a highly likely arrest warrant for Gujarat, Godhra pogrom in 2002.

The lawsuit was filed by human rights groups in the United States Federal Court in New York in 2014.

The United States administrator at the White House in 2014 came to the Indian counterpart rescue in averting embarrassment and criminal charges at that time. 

The White House external intervention in 2014 in this matter is a reminder of birds of a feather flocking together in recognition of parallel in crimes against humanity. 

The Islamophobia related muslim victims realization of the fact in this regard is important.

These revelations are least surprising. Indian government in New Delhi and RSS history is directly linked to colonial rulers in pre and post independent India with RSS aiding and abetting the colonial masters with radicalized recruits against then freedom fighters led by brave patriots sacrifice.

Notwithstanding the ominous activities inevitably leading to hyena pack elimination in self-destructive course. 

What goes around comes around in nature’s designed earth with axis of evil dismantled and disposed for life progress and sustainability.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



Is God in Danger?

January 7, 2022

Is God in Danger?

Padmini Arhant

Update Jan 8, 2022 – The Indian media viz. India Today news debate titled ‘Who is to be blamed’ on the alleged security breach of BJP leadership and India’s PM in Bathinda, Punjab election rally.

The Indian media India Today host – Rajdeep Sardesai in the program reported the crowd gathered on the flyover where the VVIP convoy guarded with special protection guards and beefed up security were not protestors i.e. farmers in Punjab.

The program reports that they were in fact BJP supporters planted on the scene.”

The BJP ministers and those trending with the allegation on PM’s security breach are either oblivious   or resigned to selective politicized narrative on Punjab farmers and civilians gathering posed potential threat to PM’s layover on the overpass for 20 mins on that day.

The media account on BJP supporters brought over to the site near PM convoy creating unnecessary controversy to malign Punjab voters is apparently not politically convenient for the ruling party.

These reactions and activities are hardly surprising in the contentious political environment.

India’s incumbent PM’s political rallies since 2014 and until now are largely organized with mandatory public attendance.

The attendees especially the so-called Dalits and poorer sections in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and all over India are brought to the rally venue by force beating them using brute force and intimidation that are well documented and available in public domain.

Accordingly, the BJP supporters presence on the flyover near PM’s convoy and not Punjab farmers or ordinary folks in Punjab as purported by BJP rank and file as well as cabinet ministers adopting appeasement strategy resonate with BJP’s routine policy. 

Padmini Arhant 


Something is not right in the Hindutva system, New Delhi, India. 

The self-proclaimed God claim to have emerged from Kedarnath cave in what was constitutionally designed as SECULAR INDIA ominously transformed into rabid ideological fundamentalist political governance in New Delhi, India apparently in grave danger. 

The presumptuous God as the head of the government crying foul over alleged security lapse in the northern state Punjab amid heavily contested election campaign unravel two important things among other issues. 

The self-declared God ironically tainted with communal riots and minority cleansing legacy continued until today should have experienced premonition on any forthcoming life endangering incident to self and others well ahead of time. 

In that respect, the travel plan could have been cancelled thwarting the much propagated endangerment to life of the so-called God aka the political head of the nation. 

Another being, the political figure touted God could have fearlessly engaged with the frustrated farmers crowd branded protestors and alleged assassins without blowing the matter out of proportion in the election season. 

Again, those habitual of recycling failed strategy continue to expect different results regardless proving  stupidity as permanent mantra. 

On August 30, 2018 there was a similar propaganda on the alleged assassination of God designated as the nation’s chief leadership in New Delhi, India.

At that time utilizing the insidious policy, the central government deployed crony sycophantic media accused the government’s targeted individuals such as human rights activists, authors, writers and environmentalists among civil society advocacy groups as potential assassins. These civil society members were arbitrarily detained denying them habeas corpus with many held in undisclosed detentions till today is the reality. 

The hullabaloo over the politically anointed God’s life threatened by farmers and disenchanted citizens gathering in a reasonably distant area away from the VVIP’s convoy in Punjab disrobe the self-canonized God’s image. 

The ground situation in the entire charade confirm the citizens as electorate in Punjab declining the ruling national party chief’s visit for electoral gains rather than acknowledgment of dismal performance in resolving farmers grievances, mishandling of the surging pandemic and severe economic crises affecting population across the spectrum nationwide. 

The real God would have prior knowledge about any ill-omen individually or collectively and act accordingly without hue and cry witnessed at present. The theatrics conclusively verify political opportunism. 

The repeat episodes from 2018 and now in 2021 categorically corroborate assassination of facts and status quo rejecting asserted political expediency. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter



Proxy Strategy

January 5, 2022

Proxy Strategy

Padmini Arhant

The strategy to attack me via proxy, puppets and pawns by all those using members of their clan in politics, entertainment, media and civil (?) society is lame, ludicrous and laughable. 

While I’m presenting facts based issues and well substantiated evidences on public matter unlike the supremacists misogynists’ relentless personal assaults against me since my appearance in public domain until now in unpaid selfless service and continuous sacrifice over the last fourteen years is fait accompli for the entire syndicate, their paid stooges, core and fringe elements engaged in the losing battle. 

The cowardly tactics to hide behind own proxies as me when I have directly called out these proxies and orchestrators on their political and humanitarian violations time and time again is idiocy glaring at the wanton provocateurs. 

Needless to say such indulgence is yet another shameful endeavor losing face and inviting disgrace for all those wasting life on earth.  Not to mention the burden on soul with bad karma in living and beyond.

The trend to ridicule me using own clique’s profile and legacy is criminality ad nauseam.

Notwithstanding the futile efforts boomerang at the source and lackeys much to own embarrassment. 

As for the plagiarists, opportunists, wannabes and desperate individuals stealing my identity, ideas, good karma, hard work and lifestyle as theirs for fame, fortune, power and turning against me are self declared parasites with no hope or personal ability for independent achievement.

These pathetic pitiful gold diggers at my expense lack self-respect and dignity epitomized in their counterproductive involvement and representation of criminal entity. 

The real courage and integrity lie in eye to eye direct engagement with your enemy viz. me in contrast to exhausting filth and trash brimming amongst thou – the collective decadent deceitful. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



Women Power Reminiscence

January 4, 2022

Women Power Reminiscence

Padmini Arhant

What happened to the male and female characters in Shiva religion (Saivam, Vainavam and Saktham for Sakti) who humiliated and persecuted women to demonstrate their dominance and hubris is quite interesting to say the least and worth checking out in this topic.

1. In Ramayana, Lord Ram’s consort Goddess Sita was abducted and held captive by the demon King of Lanka i.e. Sri Lanka today.  The reason behind Goddess Sita’s captivity is Ravana’s sister – Surpanaka one of the three women troublemakers besides Lord Ram’s step mother Kaikeyi and her assistant Mandira, the instigator of family politics triggering the entire epic Ramayana.

King Ravana is slayed. Surpanaka and the rest meet their karmic fate. The slaying of Ravana is celebrated as Dusshera and Diwali in India and other parts of South Asia following the Shiva religion.

2. In Mahabharata, one of the main characters Queen Draupati is humiliated by Kauravas, then ruling members of Hastinapur now Delhi, India. Among the Kaurava brothers – Duryodhana and Dushasana along with their maternal uncle Shakuni responsible for the public disgrace of Queen Draupati succumb to their evil deeds and killed in the battle. 

Duryodhana prior to his death tries to hide under the ocean. He is then spotted and summoned to the land by Lord Krishna and brought to justice for all his actions.

Not to mention the elimination of Kaurava clan of their own doing is a testament to evil reaping what evil sows in life.

3. Kannagi seeking justice from King Pandiyan in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. In Tamil literature Silappathikaram, the event involving missing precious Jeweled Anklet is a remarkable testimony on the so-called ordinary woman and womanhood.

Kannagi an intelligent, chaste, pious and loving wife outwitting the reining King of Madurai is the take away from the real incident.

The Pandiyan Dynasty –  King Pandiyan’s irreversible mistake costing Kingdom, Madurai and much more in the Royal court proceeding against Kannagi’s beloved husband Kovalan, accused of stealing the Madurai Queen’s precious jeweled anklet.

Upon hearing King Pandiyan’s hasty wrongful judgment against Kannagi’s husband Kovalan and execution of an innocent man, the leading lady Kannagi valiantly proves her deceased husband’s innocence embarrassing the King on the erroneous judgment without due diligence and process.

The devoted wife Kannagi then challenges the King Pandiyan on the ill-fated decision and misguided judgment against her innocent husband Kovalan.

King Pandiyan is then dethroned at his will upon realizing the monumental judgment error against an innocent man.

Importantly Kannagi’s grit and wisdom demonstrated in exonerating her demised husband instantly disrobes the King of might and power with King’s acumen and discernment failing in the critical hour of fairness and justice barring prejudice and predisposition.

The net outcome in the Royal episode is the Pandiyan dynasty ended and Madurai burns from subjecting Kannagi and her husband to presumptuous fatal trial.

The women power never to be underestimated is the moral of this iconic epic.

Kannagi leaving an indelible mark on womanhood in chastity, integrity and superb intelligence deservingly earned  her a shrine in the ever miscalculated power and impeccable qualities of women in history.

Unlike the modern day political and public figures’ statues regardless of tainted legacy erected and inaugurated in public square. The tradition exalting the destructive and depraved squandering average taxpayers money exemplify crony politics and sycophantic corrupt system.

The worst is the contemporary practice that divinify augmenting Avatar status to incorrigible evil incarnate. The trend claiming proprietorship on religion ignore blasphemy and sacrilege of religious sanctity. 

4. Mahisasura was a demon Prince and described as sexist and misogynist. He egotistically challenged women’s power having received a boon from Lord Brahma, the creator in the Trinity that he would be killed by none except a female force.  Mahisasura scoffed at this unique blessing and dismissed it as misspoken by the cosmic entity.

Lo and behold much to his dismay and devastation, the Goddess Durga – God Shiva’s consort appears and he is vanquished from the face of the earth where he was wreaking havoc and making lives miserable for innocent beings all around.

Accordingly, Goddess Durga is known as Mahisasura Mardini – meaning the one who killed the demon Mahisasur and relieved the victims of their suffering from the demon’s power.

The above epics conclusively confirm the women’s  plight whether Sita, Draupati or Kannagi’s misery and indignation respectively. Nonetheless none of their persecutors were spared and every one of them including all those in collusion and complicit in exacerbating abuse against Sita, Draupati  and Kannagi perished to the point of no return.

Similarly, Goddess Durga was disrespected and insulted continuously by arrogant Mahisasur slighting Lord Brahma’s reminder. He was also dealt with in the manner ordained in the demon’s destruction.

As a result, invariably all of them were shown their appropriate place i.e. ending in the grave and undesirable destination beyond entirely by their choice.

Goodness prevailing over evil is indomitable truth.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



Pandemic Update – Omicron Variant Data

January 1, 2022

Pandemic Update – Omicron Variant Data

Padmini Arhant

Science explained well with scientific data from scientific community. 

Video presentation from Dr. John Campbell on Omicron Science is shared to help public for better understanding and preparedness to cope with the changing patterns in the pandemic – Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 


Authoritarian Despotism Case Study

December 28, 2021

Authoritarian Despotism Case Study

Padmini Arhant

What leads to authoritarianism?

There are several factors that leads to authoritarian rule in a system.

The first and foremost is weak or lack of opposition to incompetence, corrupt and criminal activities in government and leadership.

No checks and balances is the cornerstone of authoritarianism.

The constitution is made irrelevant and inconvenient under authoritarian power.

The economy is segregated into the poorest, poor, lower income and middle income comprising the work force with these groups classified as mere working class and among them the middle class are taxpayers. 

Juxtaposed, the upper middle class, wealthy and super rich stash wealth offshore, deplete national treasury in tax evasion and money laundering. This group become the authoritarian stalwarts in quid pro quo. The hierarchy in society premised on social economic status enable authoritarian rule.

The media, press and communication outlets become the voice of the dictatorial leadership heading the failed government. There are overt and covert operatives with mainstream conventional media representing and protecting authoritarian flagrant violations.

Whereas the other touted as the so-called independent and investigative media is another wing of authoritarian regime to mislead public in nuanced narratives and by far the ardent promoter of authoritarianism with false accounts on the leadership so-called popularity and charisma in contradiction to ground reality. The blatant fabrication is aimed at adding insult to human intelligence.

The successive defeats in big state elections, the fear of losing upcoming elections based on electorate disillusionment with leadership at national as well as local government prompting postponement of state assembly elections would not be happening at the height of any leadership’s immense popularity and irresistible charisma projected by the media circus favoring authoritarianism.

The old adage – it is better to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.  The devil in disguise is a major threat in any situation aptly applicable to the above mentioned deliberate deception and deceit.

Anything out in the open is at least visible. In contrast the insinuations and innuendoes from the so-called independent media claim to delineate from mainstream are the intimate bed fellows hard wired with authoritarianism in the wireless digital era. Accordingly, with all form of communication channels including the social media under control, the rise of authoritarianism is no longer veiled in euphemism.

Additionally, the systematic control and takeover of institutions beginning with judiciary, government agencies such as intelligence bureau, income tax, the central reserve bank and financial institutions are brought under the executive branch purview and direct authority. The absolute rein over these organizations further enhance and energize authority in silencing dissent.

In other words, the constitutionally empowered autonomous body are dismantled and centralized under the leadership at the helm.

The civil servants are delegated to propaganda and constant misinformation to condition public mind on taxpayers funded government dissemination and indoctrination.

Above all, the dangerous move ominously raising the red flag is when the executive branch in a Parliamentary system unilaterally shift the military command from the President to Prime Minister’s ambit. The civilian leadership posing in military camouflage outfit could not be a mere fashion statement.

The most common trait in dictatorial governance is targeting a particular demography, pawn religion as political ideology, subvert constitution governed secular democracy to fundamentalist, radical rhetoric arousing majoritarianism.

The political twists and turns of twenty first century authoritarianism compared to previous century of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, the combined dictatorial regimes in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia is the glaring transformation of democracy into fascism today.

In the past century, the dictators enforced authoritarian rule gradually with convincing socialism, communism and majoritarian rule.

In fact the idea of socialism, communism and pluralism veneered underlying coarse rough crude fascism in the making. These concepts were conveniently misused to subjugate population.

Without a shadow of doubt, the imperialists and major economic stakeholders’ direct and indirect involvement in the creation and nurture of dictatorial powers worldwide contributed to extensive authoritarian rule lasting several decades into the twenty first century continued until now.

The difference between then and present time is  transparency. The modern day witness and aware of oligarchs appointed and approved governments typically puppet regimes installed to serve oligarchy feudal system antithetical to constitution, secular pluralist democracy and capitalism with real market economy.

In terms of economic system, the contemporary trend overwhelmingly favor and positioned as monopolists economy displacing the capitalism defined competitive market economy.

The ongoing developments are far worse than in any other time. The global elites – the tech giants owned social platform arbitrary censorship of facts and truth in public domain is the fact of life despite free speech infringement.

The cancel culture evolving into intrusion and invasion of individual rights, life and privacy is carried out as prerogative. Notwithstanding restrictions on decisions related to personal health, lifestyle and well being is the latest law. 

Apparently, the individual liberty to exercise discretion on all things concerning personal life is no longer private matter. Instead it is entirely left to powerful groups in health industry and various dealers, shakers and movers in global syndicate. 

Politically, the authoritarian government transcending to autocracy with elections reduced to formality or even better deferred and delayed to suit individual interests especially when the odds are against incumbency is yet another sign of unpopularity, impropriety and carte blanche authority in full view. These are clear omens initiating 24/7 propaganda to mitigate image damage and event management. 

What is the role of academia, religious consortium and influential civil society in the manufacture of autocracy?

Unfortunately there are divisions in this respect as well.

One section of society presumably representing any or all of the above specified groups are very active in exalting autocracy such as drawing parallels from the past authoritarian style even it happened half a century ago to justify current autocratic rule. Again the reminder about the past authoritarianism invariably fails to note fatal consequences to that effect.

In other issues, they go further and normalize autocrat perversions via Pegasus and variety spyware with references from western activities rather than condemning the lewd indulgence not boding well for any civilized society and a make-believe democracy. It is plain complicity in elevating autocracy.

The other group conversely choosing to remain silent spectators entirely in self-interests is a do nothing segment until own experience dawn on them. This category falls under complacency.

Either groups do more harm in their respective ways than imaginable.

On the other hand, the rare righteous voice against autocracy is often under relentless attack from all directions for standing up to cronyism buttressed authoritarianism.

Upon righteous prevailing in the interception of autocracy, the complicit and complacent parties cited above would be in forefront to enjoy the benefits and fruitful outcome completely sidelining and rejecting righteous function in the entire cause. Such response is routine and hardly surprising. 

The opportunists and wannabes massive collusion in the rise of despotic dictatorial regimes inevitably fall together in the zero-sum game of democracy vs. dictatorship since time immemorial. 

There is glimpse of hope provided the republic repudiate autocracy neutralizing ravaging autocratic environment. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter



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