UNSC – Declared Illegitimate Body 

August 6, 2017

UNSC – Declared Illegitimate Body 

By Padmini Arhant

United Nations Security Council is declared an illegitimate body effective immediately no longer in a position to enforce illegal and biased sanctions or authorize unlawful military interventions at will against nations regarded a fair target.

United Nations Security Council – a unipolar body representing imperialism and Supremacy in the twenty first century violating sovereign status of nations around the globe is not recognized a valid international authority.


United Nations Security Council is eliminated for the following reasons.

1. The council formed in the twentieth century subsequent to World War II primarily funded by the same forces that are behind perpetual wars in the twenty first century inventing and sponsoring terrorism as pretext to warfare decided on concentration of power through UNSC.

2. UNSC comprising five permanent members with veto powerUnited States, Britain, France, China and Russia with the new addition Germany proclaimed as P5+1 asserts superior authority over the rest of the world.

3. The P5+1 imperial legacy and quest is no secret in the illegal invasion, occupation and territorial annexations that continues unabated until today.

4. Not long ago, the second tier was introduced within UNSC. The fifteen members have temporary status lasting two years rotated among other UN members again subject to approval with P5+1 exerting influence in the selection and rejection process. The maneuver was to deny other nations permanent membership in the exclusive club.

5.  The same principle is adopted using coercion not barring threats and underhand techniques to win votes on UNSC resolutions undermining legitimacy and integrity on international law.

6. UNSC promotes imperialistic goals that will be highlighted in this article.

7.  UNSC is a platform for some permanent members to settle political scores on issues that are binding on them to comply with in the increasing threat from them exacerbating global peace and security.

8. UNSC permanent members trajectory and ongoing trend violating territorial rights of other nations besides gross human rights violations within and outside the country disqualify them to preside over global disputes that they are responsible for and never held accountable.

9. UNSC is instrumental in imposing starvation and mass poverty via economic sanctions they have never been subject to despite their egregious involvements in international affairs.

10. Last but not the least, UNSC is defunct, not trustworthy and proved incapable of resolving global crisis due to their footprints and full fledged engagement in causing immeasurable pain and misery among world population.

The ex-UNSC permanent members sprawling imperialistic goals not surprisingly overlap with each other’s lofty ambitions in different regions exposing one another in the undying territorial quest with little or no concern for myriad problems in the domestic front.

Since rationality never given a chance at UNSC from formation to functioning with decades of failed policies, the UN Security Council paradoxically transformed into a committee championing chaos and political instability world over.

In the former UNSC, United States military bases across the globe along with NATO allies Britain and France confront Russia in the Baltic and China in the Yellow, South and East China sea as well as Africa.

Notwithstanding the U.S. presence in Afghanistan extending over to Central Asia and military operations in Latin America maintained in the aftermath of colossal failures and regional population demanding foreign troops exit from their soil.

Having exhausted means to justify militarization anywhere including the Korean Peninsula, UNSC was a convenient fallback to constrict nations defending sovereignty against wanton aggression.

Consequently, the sanctions imposed by United States and UNSC against nations – North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela are null and void. Similarly Israel’s unilateral economic blockade against GAZA is ineffectual and invalid. The resolutions to these nations issues will be presented in due course.

The former UNSC permanent memberships with veto power could be best described as the foxes guarding the chickens house unable to shed the trait revealed in vigorous hegemony.

Moving forward subsequent to UNSC dissolution is review and reorganization of UN General Assembly inviting all members for fair participation and equal opportunity around the globe regardless of statehood – applies to independent nations such as Palestine, Tibet and Taiwan not any promulgated groups, terror factions and networks or states founded to divide sovereign nations.

Any obstruction to UN role as reliable global forum to preside over international issues would lead to forming a new international body barring obstructionist measures and anti-humanity strategy while inviting members in agreement to creation of an international consortium substituting preferential status with egalitarian position allowing all nations to contribute in global crisis management through one vote per nation removing prevalent proxy in the voting process.

The issues to be addressed by UN in the post UNSC annulment will be enumerated in the immediate future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


United States – Congress Deal on Sanctions Against Russia, Iran and North Korea

July 22, 2017

United States – Congress Deal on Sanctions Against Russia, Iran and North Korea

By Padmini Arhant

The bipartisan agreement on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea at United States allies’ behest is politically motivated ignoring serious repercussions of such action.

When will there be acknowledgment of destabilizing legacy from U.S. foreign policy architects and game players who continue to inflict immeasurable misery, unrest and political chaos world over?

United States constant meddling and illegal interventions in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia including the creation of al-Qaeda and the latest ISIS has obstructed global peace and progress with turmoil and tumultuous events having become the norm.

The legislation following cues from forces embarked on vested interests convey message to the world that United States governance is directed by foreign diktat that cares less about negative impact of such initiatives given the unnecessary adversarial environment in the nuclear age.

The current deal is a bad move for reasons cited below.

RUSSIA – Regardless of the endless saga over alleged Russian interference in 2016 U.S. Presidential race causing propaganda fatigue that has run its course and lost novelty, the reruns are nothing more than deflecting public attention from issues concerning the nation and the rest of the world.

The economic, financial and travel sanctions against non-western nations eventually hurt United States and allies position on the economy with domestic businesses having any representation in the nations that are sanctioned unable to carry on operations due to embargo on that country.

In the global economy with interdependency, widespread supply chain, technological connectivity and importantly fuel imports viz. natural gas from Russia to Europe and oil from Iran to other parts of the world could generate fuel crisis. The trade restrictions would ultimately cost the average consumer and businesses in the United States and elsewhere as experienced in the past slowing economic activities all around.  Not to mention the inflation counteracting any positive growth and development.

Besides, the antagonistic approach towards these nations via sanctions proved counterproductive until now. The path of diplomacy and dialogue has long been abandoned replaced with cavalier decisions and aggression exacerbating global relations in the twenty first century.

The impatience and irresponsible reactions are not the solutions to global problems. The initial step in addressing issue is to review and recognize one’s own flaws and deficiencies prior to fault finding and consider pragmatic measures to ease tensions than enforce inappropriate recommendations.

United States pursuing constructive choices and maintaining stable partnership with Russia is paramount. The resolution on several international issues beginning with Ukraine, ending war in Syria, nuclear non-proliferation leading towards disarmament that is critical for life and planet survival are all dependent on peaceful overture.

Again, Paris climate treaty is ineffective in the absence of eliminating nuclear threat and terror sponsorship arming terror networks with chemical and biological weapons alongside conventional weapons cache.

IRAN  – The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached between P5+1, EU and Iran in Geneva in 2015 was premised on lifting sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran’s non-nuclear program.

The accord categorically called for adherence on both sides with default from either prompting pre-JCPOA status.

United States Congress heading towards sanctions against Iran at closest ally will would not only jeopardize JCPOA but also compel Iran to the original option on nuclear defense that could no longer be challenged with U.S. reversal on Geneva pact.

NORTH KOREASanctions proved counterproductive as they are with any nation. The notion that depriving North Korean citizens from normal existence would deliver revolt against North Korean government is a gross miscalculation. The starvation imposed via sanctions punish the population producing resentment against those behind the failed strategy adding to nationalism amongst the victims of economic warfare. Furthermore, the prohibition of exports and imports is also barring trade prospects for United States business with the isolated country.

United States presence in the Korean peninsula with provocative military drills on Yellow Sea has promoted North Korea nuclear ambitions in recent memory. The demilitarization and commencement of communication involving fair expectations would be the initial requirement to deescalate conflict.

United States foreign policy moving away from saber rattling and unsuccessful sanctions substituted with amicable and rational proposals would be a paradigm shift in the changing geopolitical dynamics.

All the more reason for nuclear free zone to be global priority in the otherwise nuclear frenzy climate.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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World – Irony and Idiocy (Social Paradigms and Security)

February 22, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The highlights are social paradigms and security.

Holocaust – The reference is to discriminatory killings of Jewish population in the twentieth century. However, the colonial era genocide in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America not necessarily regarded in the category confirming selective connotation.

Relevantly Israeli authorities’ occupation of Palestine and persecution of Palestinians resulting in destruction of lives and livelihoods for nearly seven decades apparently do not fit the definition either.

Colonialism in the twenty first century targeting race, religion, sectarian, caste and community divide for global dominance promoted as acceptable norm.

Despite propagation on holocaust, Nazism favored in the dismissal of Nazi cohorts’ decisive role as permissible involvement. The trend continued in contemporary Israeli Palestine and Ukraine crisis.

UNSC evolved into P5+1 with the addition of Germany in the absence of Israel’s objection clarifies congruence.

Germany exerting authority as influential power against EU and euro members demonstrated in Greece economic and political affairs.

Furthermore, Germany’s active participation as NATO ally in western interventions in foreign land and unilateral decisions on ground troop incursion in Tunisia under the pretext of training Tunisian soldiers against western sponsored al Qaeda offshoots Daesh, al Nusra Front and other groups summarize hegemonic goals.

Obviously holocaust in these terms is the event of the past with outreach to sources behind much publicized experience prioritized for vested interests.

Elsewhere social unrest is the smoke screen to prevent political establishment policies and activities from scrutiny. The subversion of real concerns in society as anti-government initiatives describes the tendency towards police statehood. 

Security – Citizens held hostage under the guise of national and global security.  The shift from conventional warfare to manufacturing and proliferating terror for hegemony aspirations facilitate gross misuse of power in direct violation of civil rights and basic freedom.

Security is convenient tool for terror organizers in massive surveillance, communication access and intrusive measures with little or no respect for constitution guaranteed individual privacy and citizens act.

Western backed terror outfits are funded, armed and deployed in Syria, Iraq, Libya and North Africa directly and through lackeys in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and alike in the so-called war on terror.

Terrorism is deplored amid fueling terror with ammunitions and artillery supply to factions for supremacy.

Hosting false flag shooting and terror incidents with 9/11 setting precedence in the United States along with classifying information on various crimes is the strategy to prolong fear, hostility and suppression of liberty. 

Safety is threatened by none other than forces enabling terror by providing resources to terror networks engaged in worldwide operation.

In other settings security is suitable to crackdown public dissent on government performance and burgeoning issues affecting lives in society.

Security is the secret weapon to evade accountability with zero tolerance to peaceful assembly and general dissatisfaction.

The irony in both social paradigm and security is actions paradoxical to disposition verifying duplicity without acknowledgment.

Electing governments pledged allegiance to anti-republic status compromise sovereignty not to mention idiocy in such complicity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





















World – Current Affairs

January 9, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Highlights Preview:

Project for New American Century – Facts and events related to the mission will continue to dominate the topic of discussion. 

The rise of sleeping giantGermany as the new addition in the P5+1, the  exclusive unipolar decision making body – UNSC authorizing economic sanctions and military intervention against non-western nations will be the focus in the upcoming article.

GermanyEU chief representative in collusion with monetary authorities – ECB, IMF and leading financial institutions behind austerity imposition in Europe serve financiers vested interests at ordinary citizens’ expense contributing to deepening income disparity and economic problems. 

Germany deployment of troops in Iraq, Syria and now Libya under the pretext of training local armed forces besides lucrative defense contracts with Saudi Arabia regardless of latter established as terror facilitator in funding, arming and training terror networks throughout middle east confirms hegemony operation. 


The foes and friends in disguise.  

The quest for conquest persists despite catastrophic outcome.

A glance at failures and devastating results in the pursuit for global dominance premised on the end justifying the means would provide insight to fait accompli.

The reality check would clarify the destination. 

Topics to resume in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


World Affairs – Glimpse of Developments during the week

July 17, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Iran Nuclear Deal – The significance would be realized upon intentions transforming into actions in lifting sanctions as that affects people of any nation more than their government.

The blockade hurt economy which again impact population  especially the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged in society.

The deliberate motive to stall economic progress of a nation through sanction is best abandoned not only on humanitarian basis but also from the economic standpoint considering adverse effects on global economy.

UNSC egregious decisions with misuse of veto power and sanctions on selective nations while the real offenders on nuclear proliferation such as P5+1 and allies maintaining status quo is a huge credibility problem confronting the world.

The dissolution of UNSC in possession of veto power could no longer be evaded or dismissed in the twenty first century with changing geopolitical and economic dynamics as well as social cultural environment.

Furthermore UNSC –  the unipolar exclusive club is responsible for human misery worldwide due to imperial aspirations authorizing military interventions and trade embargo on nations regarded P5+1 adversary and slight requirement to respect other nations sovereign rights in the world.

Any objection from UNSC P5+1 members to end hierarchy and accept all nations equal participation would clarify the purpose as polarization for unqualified dominance.

The nuclear pact with Iran would be meaningful upon P5+1 and allies including Israel’s disarmament setting precedence for a nuclear free world.

Meanwhile, the political exchanges on this issue projects a contrived performance to confuse world audience.

Greece – The ruling government capitulation to EU & EZ demand to receive bridge loan €7 billion to Greece banks and a subsequent €86 billion as third bailout to meet debt obligations to major creditors such as ECB and European Stability Mechanism ESM with Germany Bundestag proposals on setting up a trust comprising Greece public assets for privatization i.e. reserving Greece national and private properties as collateral is anything but remedy to Greece economic recovery.

The developments aim to protect predator practice reflective in Germany’s assertive goals and Brussels geopolitical strategy as confirmed by France Prime Minister Manuel Valls in response to opposition to GREXIT.

Any government or leadership myopic view on matter prolonging into major erroneous commitment is not fighting the battle and indeed surrendering weapons to those keen on further assault unlike the premier’s interpretation otherwise. 

On the contrary adopting pragmatic approach preventing the nation and people from endless debt cycle by returning to original currency bolstered with sound financial and economic reforms would be the saving grace. 

In the prevalent supremacy era with increasing ambitions to occupy nations under any pretext ranging from providing security, training foreign nations military and police force to installing Patriot Missile system like Germany did in Turkey in 2012 and the current rescue financial scheme for Greece evolving into seizure of sovereignty prompts citizens alert. 

The organizations and institutions betting on failed policy and flawed strategies to deliver anticipated outcome repeatedly deal with disappointment and calamity of greater magnitude.

The established pattern yet to be recognized counterproductive. 

EU and euro zone survival not possible in retaining Greece or other member states for vested interests with foundation premised on superficial settings contributing to collapse.

Greece and PIGS citizenry waking up to reality and assuming control of their life and livelihood through political and economic freedom not subjugation is the sensible alternative to the crisis.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







Iran – UN Resolution on Sanctions And Stipulation

July 15, 2015

From: Padmini Arhant

UN resolution on sanctions and stipulations in the Iran nuclear agreement with P5+1 will be discussed in due course.

Meanwhile, the topic per the news report presented for reference.


UN Resolution Would End Iran Sanctions in 10 Years

By Associated Press – Published on July 16, 2015. – Thank you.

A draft U.N. resolution to implement the Iran nuclear deal says U.N. sanctions would “snap back” into place if Iran fails to meet its obligations. But it also says that stipulation would end in 10 years.

The draft, obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, states that none of the seven previous U.N. resolutions on Iran sanctions “shall be applied” after 10 years, and “the Security Council will have concluded its consideration of the Iranian nuclear issue.”

But a U.S. official familiar with the details of the resolution said the five veto-wielding permanent members of the council agreed that a new resolution would be adopted at the end of 10 years to reinstate the snap back mechanism for an additional five years.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly, said the agreement by ministers from the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany who negotiated the deal “will be in writing as a statement of intention.”

President Barack Obama has cited the snap-back mechanism as a main defense of the proposed pact in responding to sharp criticism from the U.S. Congress and some American allies. France also has stressed the significance of sanctions coming back into force quickly if Iran breaks it promises.

But Russian officials have given mixed accounts of how the mechanism would work. Moscow has traditionally opposed any voting procedures in which it would lose its Security Council veto power though Obama said Wednesday that “in the agreement, we’ve set it up so we can override Iran’s objection, and we don’t need Russia or China in order for us to get that override.”

“If they continue to object,” Obama said, “we’re in a position to snap back sanctions and declare that Iran’s in violation and is cheating.”

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power circulated the draft resolution to the Security Council on Wednesday and diplomats said they expect a vote probably early next week.



World – The Real Nuclear Deal Upon P5+1 Disarmament

July 14, 2015

From: Padmini Arhant

The nuclear deal with P5+1 disarmament relieving the world from nuclear threats and use of nuclear components in the relentless warfare would be significant and relevant. 

The varying statements from the White House and Iran on the nuclear agreement leads to skepticism due to inconsistency in substance.

In the Iran nuclear deal – the facts do not correlate with the position maintained through New World Order (NWO) controlled press and communication media.

United Sates endorsement of Iran’s nuclear rights and uranium enrichment program for nuclear energy despite Iran’s declaration on oil and natural gas reserves lasting over hundred years raise credibility factor.  The situation would then open floodgates for other nations to become nuclear. 

Alternatively, the containment of Iran’s nuclear proliferation being favorable to the nuclear armed Israel – the United States and western powers ally, the objection from Israeli Prime Minister in this context is misrepresentation.  

Additionally the White House need not be warning Israel’s U.S. Congress about exercising veto upon rejection of the deal.  The charade reflects intentional misinformation.

Nonetheless, the consistent efforts to vilify the authentic divine mission and glorify negative forces continually experience debacles in the venture.

The irrefutable truth is the fake and falsehood can never be the original in identity, trait and principle.

The genuine mission engaged in peaceful and positive endeavors to relieve humanity from the rule of duplicity and deceit is a solid commitment unrelenting to deceptive demagoguery.

Regardless, the P5+1 zero nuclear status with disposal of nuclear arsenal is critical for global security yielding a nuclear free world.

The constructive aspect in the Iran nuclear matter would be lifting all sanctions effective immediately provided there is element of truth in this regard.

Similarly P5+1 extending decision to remove sanctions on all other states viz. North Korea, Cuba, Syria and any other targets would be wise and demonstrate fairness towards the people of the world.

UNSC i.e. P5+1 using veto power and arbitrarily imposing sanctions on nations branded adversary essentially wage economic warfare against the citizens of those states and deprive them from normal existence.

The P5+1 leaders having abandoned their nations on economic and social issues engaged in nuclearization of the Middle East evidently seek recognition on the accomplishment that has set precedence for more nuclear aspirations in the volatile region irrespective of the actual content in the Iran nuclear deal.

Saudi Arabia acquiring nuclear arsenal from Pakistan – the state funded by Saudi Kingdom for vested interests cannot be ruled out in the near term.

The NWO architects and catalysts are adept in creating threats evolving into tyranny worldwide and the Middle East in particular.

They started al Qaeda in Afghanistan that is widespread under diverse names al Nusra Front, ISIS,and ISIL…and perhaps more to emerge later to meet their requirement on war agenda.

Up until now, the NWO direct support to Saudi Arabia in unleashing terror prolonged in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

In Palestine, the NWO military aid to ally Israel facilitate constant attacks on Gaza combined with United States veto promoting aggressive settlement activity in the remaining occupied territory.

The Islamic Republic – Iran’s partnership and participation with New World Order regime apparently no longer in disguise.

The unveiling of cooperation between NWO and Islamic Republic Iran reveals surprising developments in the offing.

NWO expansive relationships not without infidelity is a red alert for the allies serving hegemonic goals with fate turning against them sooner than later.

NWO backed Iraq’s former President Saddam Hussein to confront Iran subsequently to become an adversary to invade the nation.

Likewise, Libya was relieved from sanctions to benefit NWO oligarchy clinching lucrative deals in quid pro quo upon renouncing nuclear ambition during Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s rule.  The Colonel was then assassinated in public square.

Libyan leader’s friendly ties with NWO not only cost his life but also allowed easy access to destroy the oil rich north African state.

Any peaceful nation would not pursue nuclear status given the burden of management and liability in safeguarding nuclear site notwithstanding the unknown circumstances when none of the guarantors on the nuclear pact would be around leaving the world more dangerous for the next generations.

Again P5+1 leading the world adopting non-nuclear strategy with surrender of nuclear stockpiles in their possession in transparency would earn them respect and trust now and in the future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










Iran – Nuclear Deal Exacerbate Global Security

July 14, 2015

From Padmini Arhant

Any peaceful nation would be determined to lead the region towards denuclearization.

However, the religious leadership claiming to be against nuclear weaponry somehow enthusiastic about becoming a nuclear state is a paradoxical paradigm.

Not to mention the stance defy logic and  God’s will endangering self-existence and that of the region.

Nobel Peace Prize winner’s commitment to nuclear armament rather than disarmament is contradictory and presents a convoluted meaning of peace.

In contrast, Syria was attacked and still remains so with United States and allies sponsoring of terror operation in that country.  The reason behind persistent violence justified as stripping Syria of chemical and biological weapons in possession.  

Syria honored the unilateral disposal of biological stockpiles under UNSC appointed agency supervision.

Now enabling Iran to nuclear status and commending the action exemplify the passion for destruction and perpetual volatility in the Middle East.

Perhaps more nobel peace prize to those for exacerbating global security!

More on this topic in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

China – Interview with China’s President Xi Jinping  

May 12, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The audio version is available in the above link. The interview is conducted in Mandarin (Chinese language) with simultaneous English translation. Please click on the audio feature above.

President of the People’s Republic of China, The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Hello! Mr. President.

Welcome to the public domain. Padminiarhant.com

Thank you for inviting me.

Let me begin with China’s Title.

1. Q. Is China the People’s Republic?

Ans. China is stated as the People’s Republic.  However, China is governed by Communist Political bureau.

2. Q. How is China positioned in the 21st Century?

Ans. China is the emerging economic power and a major creditor to the United States and EU. China is also a global exporter with trade relations in every region. As permanent member of UN Security Council, China is equal partner in the P5+1 exclusive club.

All things considered, China also represents hegemony in undermining peace and stability.

3. Q. Where does China stand on territorial disputes with neighbors, the issues remaining contentious and escalating tension in the region?

Ans. Although, China is not in direct confrontation with any specific nation, there are skirmishes on the borders and international waters – South China Sea in particular attracting world attention.

4, Q What is the reason behind disagreements in this matter?

Ans. China is an integral part of hegemony sharing similar goals in maintaining economic and strategic dominance.

5. Q. Isn’t China’s policy forcing developing nations in the region to increase defense budget and facilitating United States permanent military base?

Ans. China and United States positions are favorable to the military industrial complex. The incursions are intended to proliferate arms deals including nuclear capability.

6. Q. China’s invasion and occupation of Tibet, China declining recognition of Taiwan as independent nation, the political unrest in Hong Kong, China’s claim on Indian States of Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh and Aksai Chin in Kashmir, Maoists infiltration in India and Nepal clarify China’s imperial traits to control region.

What makes any nation think they can rule other states when providing for their own people is a major challenge?

Ans. Invasion and occupation of land is signature act of imperialism. Japan and China are historically imperial powers in the region. China’s territorial expansion is the continuation of trend in modern age. China’s hegemonic ambitions conform to UNSC P5+1 legacy.

7. Q. China’s relation with the United States is based on economic inter-dependency with China’s investment in U.S. Treasury Securities and United States granting MFN status to China.

However, there are other issues like currency adjustments contributing to trade imbalance, intellectual property rights violations by China and United States engagement in cyber attacks and standoff in Korean Peninsula as well as East and South China sea are few among several feuds that cannot be ignored now or later.

What is China’s proposal to the existing undercurrent in the relationship with United States and should the world believe the rivalry as a matter of concern?

Ans. China’s economic and military strength is formidable. Nonetheless both China and United States are partners and represent hegemony. The lingering mistrust is a result of two dragons vying for prominence.

8. Q. North Korea ties with China evident in China’s assistance in enabling North Korea – the nuclear state. Yet, China voted for sanctions against North Korea recently despite economic sanctions adverse impact on the people.

Similarly China’s arms supply to various factions in Africa in exchange for oil foment civil wars paving way for former colonizers to recolonize the continent. Such activities suggestive of hegemony pact for free access to African resources at the population expense.

Is China a reliable ally?

Ans. China is no different from other imperialists as we are poised to benefit ourselves in legitimizing illegitimate policy worldwide.

Whether China is a reliable ally or not – history is testimony to the fact.

9. Q. China led bank Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank (AIIB) conspicuously a spin off from Asian Development Bank luring United States allies confirm the concept cloning World Bank, IMF, ECB etc.

Why are the nations in North Africa and Middle East pledging support to improve Asian infrastructure rather than Africa?

Ans. Hegemony has many manifestations and China is one of them. World Bank, IMF, ECB, ADB and alike ill reputation are the reason behind AIIB emergence to prolong business as usual.

10. Q. China ‘s human rights record witnessed in Tiananmen Square and arrests of political dissidents besides crackdown on Uighurs in Xinjiang province, persecution of Tibetan monks and desecration of Tibetan heritage are common events.

As head of the state and Communist party chief, do you contemplate on reversing decadence to providence?

Ans. China’s human rights matter is in political interest. The communist doctrine is in semblance with hegemony ideology – i.e. to preserve concentration of power within core structure.

Furthermore, communism is an invention then to promote prevalent feudal system under the guise of republic.

China’s President Xi Jinping – Thank you.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant