Earth Day – Nature is the Source of Science

April 23, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Earth is the common habitat that binds all species existence through food chain and depletion of any endangers survival of another. The food pyramid link is broken with many species extinct or increasingly becoming rare in the exploitation of earth’s resources meant for all.

Science discovered in nature has led to development in protecting and prolonging life. The continuous progress in prevention and cure enabled by variety of roots and plants along with chemical compounds available on earth is a natural event. The research using other animal species prior to human clinical trials is made possible by nature. The laws of physics, chemistry and biology are governed by nature barring unnatural extraneous manipulations and interference.

The inventions viz. nuclear bombs to exert dominance and introduction of guns, rifles and grenades…are regressions in civilization and continue to claim lives as potent weapons of violence.

Natural science emanating from nature guided knowledge in the study of cells and genetic compositions innovate medicine with new treatment and therapy for life threatening illness. Due to diverse orientations, any disruption in the structure as part of creation contributes to ecological imbalance eventually weakening planet sustenance.

Earth being the habitat for different genus including microorganisms, the environment neglect is a serious matter that stifles life and deteriorate living conditions with pervasive impact. The notion prioritizing economy over environment for mega profitability and meager jobs is ill-conceived and not without consequences in the near and long term depriving present and future generation to exist and experience longevity.

The combination of politics and economic goals behind global warming denial prompts egregious decisions ignoring reality. Importantly the phenomenal costs to repair and restore following environment damages exceeds revenue and gains proving the venture a lost cause at the expense of majority. The policies discarding evidence on environment woes explains impervious stance determined towards self-detriment considering own presence in the world.

The propagation on the past administration efforts to curb global warming while no discussion on the outgoing administration’s offshore drilling approval despite environment disasters such as Gulf coast BP oil spill in April 2010 and lowering bars in environment regulations to accommodate energy sector demands might serve political prospects against factual data.

The political maneuvers to win popularity and maintain status quo with entities representing economic sector was the trend that are not regarded necessary in earnest evaluation of any administration rule. At the end of the day, the actions behind the scenes are reflected in general practice. The economic segments financed political campaigns overrides commitment to rational endeavors like saving environment and optimizing planet enrichment.

The current Keystone XL pipeline project in the United States with investors from all political factions as stakeholders defy environment ramifications for personal profits and political expediency.  The brazen measure stomping legitimate resistance from indigenous groups to favor corporation and politics is misguidance overwhelming prudence. Environment laws would be meaningful upon enforcement across the spectrum. The industries behind pollution particularly known for evasion.

In the subject of Science, the political climate regardless of party in power engineered towards wars with bombings, shelling, predator drones, missiles, rockets and nuclear submarines notwithstanding consistent nuclear testing whether subterranean or overland consumes national budget with little or none to spare for National Institute of Health (NIH) funding and organizations engaged in promoting life.

The climate treaty is ineffective with no desire to change course in defusing conflicts other than nuclear threats and military artillery employed as provocation fueling tensions in sensitive regions of the world.

Western exclusive nuclear rights defining the odd decree as responsible vs. reckless when the latter is applicable to them based on legacy exacerbates global peace and environment safety.

The grave danger to environment is posed from nuclear status. Accordingly, denuclearization of all not just the targeted few is the only way to mitigate global crisis given the major powers quest for dominance and territorial annexations with nuclear might at the helm accelerating nuclear proliferation.

The preliminary step would be for all nuclear powers without exception to unconditionally surrender and dispose nuclear arsenal that would then qualify any member to denounce any other nuclear state violation. The lack of sincerity and political will on ethical standards to contain strategic arms race, short and long range ballistic missiles and several engagements bolstering offensive response to international issues compromise climate accord.

Furthermore, the sophisticated nuclear laden stockpiles and defense power embarked on confrontational strategy generates defiance vs. deterrence scenario that would consequentially affect the entire world. The western controlled system allowing them nuclear possession and storage with defacto partners in South East Asia and NATO allies in Europe set precedence in nuclear expansion.

Additionally, the trend substituting conventional warfare with terror sponsoring introduced in 2011 to quell Arab Spring in the Middle East and bifurcation of nations like Sudan into Sudan and South Sudan in 2012 to access oil and other resources in the region, extension of occupation in Afghanistan, militarization of Africa in the past decade bear responsibility in the destruction of lives and environment.

As long as hostility and aggression remain the choices over peaceful negotiations and resolutions, no climate agreement can tackle challenges in modern era.

The population suffering from avoidable communicable diseases and ailments, declining basic environment and economic prosperity choking atmosphere from congestion, severe air pollution and water contamination are not factored in the policy to benefit the privileged society shifting the burden of degradation and liabilities on average citizens worldwide.

In the fervor to drop Mother of all bombs and execute Mother of all aggressive schemes devised by Father of terror representing international crime syndicate,

Mother Nature and Mother Earth endurance is tested slighting the experiments counterproductive outcome.

Nature under assault in all directions with negative involvements for political, economic and vested interests in investments is myopic and carcinogenic with universal adverse effect.

Galaxy exploration for inhabitance amid excoriation of earth endowments is analogous to splitting between shores and midstream ending in undesirable landing.

Science success in healing life and strengthening life span is directly related to safeguarding environment and natural precincts vital for all beings on earth.

Commemorating Earth every day besides specific date is individual and collective responsibility. The remembrance delivered positively would be a glowing tribute to the only place of habitat for life.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission









Iran – Nuclear Deal Exacerbate Global Security

July 14, 2015

From Padmini Arhant

Any peaceful nation would be determined to lead the region towards denuclearization.

However, the religious leadership claiming to be against nuclear weaponry somehow enthusiastic about becoming a nuclear state is a paradoxical paradigm.

Not to mention the stance defy logic and  God’s will endangering self-existence and that of the region.

Nobel Peace Prize winner’s commitment to nuclear armament rather than disarmament is contradictory and presents a convoluted meaning of peace.

In contrast, Syria was attacked and still remains so with United States and allies sponsoring of terror operation in that country.  The reason behind persistent violence justified as stripping Syria of chemical and biological weapons in possession.  

Syria honored the unilateral disposal of biological stockpiles under UNSC appointed agency supervision.

Now enabling Iran to nuclear status and commending the action exemplify the passion for destruction and perpetual volatility in the Middle East.

Perhaps more nobel peace prize to those for exacerbating global security!

More on this topic in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

World – Nuclear Armament 2015

June 25, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone!

I present the topic with emphasis on nuclear armament exacerbating global security.

In my previous segment, I talked about the implications of nuclear proliferation currently invigorated amongst major nuclear powers as well as other nuclear states worldwide.

Being a nuclear power is a burden than formidability. The misconception about nuclear empowerment deserves discussion and debate.

I reiterate my statement that nuclear status is meaningless. The reason I say this is because a nuclear state deploying nuclear arsenal or nuclear components against non-nuclear state as it happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the 20th century and subsequently in Vietnam, Iraq, and recently in Syria demonstrates weakness not strength and further highlights belligerence.

The nuclear nation air strikes laden with nuclear substance against non-nuclear state is a routine affair.

The reckless indulgence is in direct violation of the rules of engagement in warfare.

There is no deliberation prior to the use of depleted uranium or white phosphorous causing tremendous suffering to victims evident in citizens of Iraq and Gaza.

During Iraq war, the aggressors and allies used uranium on civilians in Fallujah and as a result the babies are born with congenital birth defects leading to generational impact.

This is one dimension of nuclear showdown.

The frivolous statements during presidential election in the United States warning non-nuclear adversary on the possible use of nuclear arsenal against them and euphemistically quoting all options on the table are maintained as acceptable norm of speech.

The other scenario is – nuclear nation threatening another nuclear state. The dangerous precedence ignores the preemptive nuclear exchange besides creating tensions in the region. The example is Cuban missile crisis in the 20th century that brought two nuclear powers – United States and the former Soviet Union on the brink of nuclear confrontation.

Likewise the two nuclear states in the Indian sub-confinent, South Asia – India and Pakistan Kargil war in May 1999 almost led to nuclear meltdown. 

In the 21st century, the provocation persists in the Korean peninsula with regular military drills showcasing nuclear capable fighter jets and submarines contributing to North Korea missile testing and investment in nuclear enhancement. The P5+1 usual response to North Korea’s nuclear activities is economic sanctions lasting over decades forcing population in that country into starvation.

The incumbent administration in the United States – pivot Asia policy in Asia pacific and counterpart China’s territorial annexations is another development for the world to contend with in the ongoing skirmishes in the region.

Similarly in the Baltic Sea – NATO involvement and continuous military exercise prompts Russia towards missile defense system preparedness amid disagreements between Russia and western powers on Ukraine instability.

Middle East – volatility from violence and pervasive terrorism is the choice amongst terror networks sponsors unyielding to peace prospects in ending Syrian conflict.

The intention in the Middle East is to prolong status quo having changed that part of the world into hot bed for terror operation.

Central Asia – Afghanistan designated as war zone under the pretext of combating Taliban and al Qaeda operatives in the nation.

United States military presence in central Asia substituting former Soviet Union projects the nuclear triangle with Russia and China 

Pakistan – another nuclear state with extensive terror infiltration should be a matter of great concern for the world. United States arms supply to Pakistan while extending cordial relations with ally India is a paradoxical paradigm.

Latin America – Imperial aspirations pursued with territorial disputes alongside military and naval occupation of the region.

Africa – the militarization of the continent claiming to safeguard African borders underestimates human intelligence on the real reason behind massive military incursion.

The risks that accompany nuclear status are attention worthy.

The safekeeping of nuclear weapons demand vigilance, prudence and effective management taking both human and technological errors into account.

The nuclear arsenal maintenance is no ordinary task and requires constant monitoring to avert any disorder.

The safe disposal of outdated and obsolete inventory alone costs a fortune.

In the event of mobilization of nuclear stockpiles carried out from time to time, the lapse during transportation and transit is alarming based on past incident in the United States with missing arsenal upon arrival in the destination.

Then there are nuclear sites wear and tear triggering leakage and contamination of rivers are issues that affects residents in the area.

In the aftermath of Soviet Union disintegration – the former nuclear states like Ukraine, Georgia and other nations under Soviet bloc are yet to confirm complete nuclear disarmament with remnants stock misplaced following rapid fragmentation and Soviet withdrawal.

Nuclear status is a menace costing taxpayers in billions and accordingly an economic liability to the nuclear state.

Nuclear powers military interventions and imperial ambitions through invasion and occupation has depleted national treasury in quest for regional and global conquest.

There is no guarantee that there would be no extemporaneous and impulsive actions using nuclear weapons as there are entities promoting such concept as a casual experiment much to global detriment.

Nuclear power is redundant and best renounced with a commitment to preserve life and habitat i.e. the planet for present and future existence.

The world becoming nuclear free zone is global responsibility and could no longer be evaded for that would mean denying peace, stability, security and most importantly life on earth.

The next segment will be on economic woes and miscalculation in the illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land.

I will be back with my thoughts on that subject.

Thank you for your interest.

Peace to all!

Padmini Arhant











Global Security – Nuclear Proliferation

June 23, 2015

Dear Citizens,

I present a short segment on Nuclear Status with details to follow shortly on this issue and global matter.

Please click on the audio link for the content.

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant

World – Straight Talk With Hegemony

June 22, 2015

Dear Citizens,

I present the audio version of my thoughts and analysis on Hegemony controlled politics and world affairs.

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Thank you for your participation.

Padmini Arhant

United States – Happy Thanks Giving! (2013)

November 28, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Thanks Giving provides reason to reflect on events and express gratitude for benefits and gains even though such appreciation at any time rather than on special occasion would promote better relations in society.

The Native American tradition honoring earth for bountiful crops demonstrated importance on planet protection that in return guarantee good harvest, clean air and water – the necessities in life. 

Environment preservation abandoning pursuits and techniques contributing to pollution and contamination could reverse the trend from disasters to positive development.

The contemporary practice fomenting violence through warfare, terrorism and use of nuclear component attributed to habitat destruction and species extinction.

The endless wars involving chemical attacks and nuclear proliferation comprising missile testing on deserts and oceans cause ecological imbalance with ripple effects on food chain.

Industrialization encroachment on rain forests in Amazon and African savannah with deforestation, over fishing and poaching activities respectively impact conditions essential to sustain life.

The persistent abuse of land, air and sea aimed at natural resource depletion ignores the adversity endangering existence of all beings including those responsible for the detriment.

Thanks giving originating from culture that worshipped nature prevalently disregard the requirement to contain icecaps melting in the Arctic and Antarctic, soil erosion leading to massive flooding and mountaintop removal with dynamites for mining…despite serious repercussions experienced worldwide.

The ordinary custom extending beyond meeting and greeting family as well as friends on this holiday pledging support to national, humanitarian and environment cause would exemplify individual and collective duty incumbent on inhabitants.

Whenever the source generating life and energy confronted with systemic violation of standards due to excess greed, the valleys and rivers nurturing plants and diverse species begin to decline decreasing survival opportunity.

The immediate priority is to save the treasure cove under water, on ground surface and in the sky to avert catastrophic weather producing economic problems with infrastructure and livelihood damage.

Neglecting earth would mean denying sanctuary along with supplementation and salvation process.

Whether Keystone XL pipelines project in the United States or global nuclearization – these decisions threaten evolution with risks outweighing economic and political prospects now and in the future.

Evidently conservation with appropriate actions expanding green revolution is the viable solution to safeguard biodiversity.

Happy Thanks Giving!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



U.S. Relations with India

July 19, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s visit to the Indian sub-continent is a topic to discuss in different context. It’s obvious that the United States engagement in Afghanistan tied with the success of the Zardari-Gilani government presumably involved in eliminating the mayhem in the northwestern region by the Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces after substantial autonomy from the less credible previous military rule of the President Pervez Musharraf.

Despite the severe domestic economic crisis, the continuation of U.S. financial and military aid to Pakistan is an enormous investment of U.S. trust and resources in the nuclear Pakistan. In return, Pakistan must deliver the long anticipated results terminating not only the major terror organizations like Al-Qaeda and Taliban but also all terror networks in its entirety constituting a menace to its own and international peace and security.

Much to the anxiety of the nuclear neighbor India and the remaining Western nations, United States role in expecting the Pakistani government to co-operate and contribute effectively in the global war against terror is crucial unlike the blind trust and blank checks policy of the Bush administration.

As stated earlier, the United States focus and priority should shift from the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the people of these socially and economically disadvantaged nations.

Although, the long overdue transformation depends on the interface with the respective governments, the United States must not squander the leverage it holds against the bureaucratic powers in both Pakistan and Afghanistan denounced for widespread corruption.

Further, given the disproportionate U.S. economic aid and troops commitment in the global cause, it’s incumbent on the international allies and every other nation affected by global terrorism to share the financial and military burden in alleviating the universal security crisis.

With respect to the emerging economic power and nuclear India’s concern over its nuclear neighbor Pakistan’s refusal and non-compliance of the international extradition treaty involving terrorists and terror networks in the Mumbai attacks last year —

The non-committal and disheartening response by the head of the State Department during the Indian press conference in Mumbai do not bode well with the world’s largest democracy in tune with the U.S. relations and pledges towards its allies particularly the closest ally Israel evidenced in the recent rhetoric such as —

“Strike against Israel will be an attack on the United States with a serious retaliation…”

To reiterate, the key representatives of the present White House and some legislators conspicuously favored to double standards are doing more harm than helping the United States in regaining the lost international solidarity and support much required in all fronts ranging from the economy, the environment, to the international security.

Unfortunately, the changing political landscape and economic developments in Asia and elsewhere ignored by the old school of thoughts indicates their ill preparedness of the reality.

The United States interest to take economic advantage of the expanding Indian middle class segment that is impressively political savvy and the U.S. demand seeking Indian input in the environmental issue possibly characterized as an ‘opportunism,’ considering the United States defense of the Zardari government’s inaction towards India’s security matter.

It would add to significant blunders in the U.S. foreign policy if the United States continues to adhere to the conventional strategy of hard line approach towards hypothetical threats yet selectively oblivious to genuine frustration based on real and proven events between the two nuclear nations in the Indian sub-continent.

Needless to state that the dysfunctional U.S. foreign policy due for drastic reform in the world view and understanding of the plight of the nations dependent on the United States to be a trustworthy partner in the mediation process of international peace and security. Otherwise, the status quo reviving the cold war era facilitating the nuclear and conventional arsenal proliferation is imminent.

Leadership thrives with fairness and equal treatment of all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant