United States – Happy Thanks Giving! (2013)

November 28, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Thanks Giving provides reason to reflect on events and express gratitude for benefits and gains even though such appreciation at any time rather than on special occasion would promote better relations in society.

The Native American tradition honoring earth for bountiful crops demonstrated importance on planet protection that in return guarantee good harvest, clean air and water – the necessities in life. 

Environment preservation abandoning pursuits and techniques contributing to pollution and contamination could reverse the trend from disasters to positive development.

The contemporary practice fomenting violence through warfare, terrorism and use of nuclear component attributed to habitat destruction and species extinction.

The endless wars involving chemical attacks and nuclear proliferation comprising missile testing on deserts and oceans cause ecological imbalance with ripple effects on food chain.

Industrialization encroachment on rain forests in Amazon and African savannah with deforestation, over fishing and poaching activities respectively impact conditions essential to sustain life.

The persistent abuse of land, air and sea aimed at natural resource depletion ignores the adversity endangering existence of all beings including those responsible for the detriment.

Thanks giving originating from culture that worshipped nature prevalently disregard the requirement to contain icecaps melting in the Arctic and Antarctic, soil erosion leading to massive flooding and mountaintop removal with dynamites for mining…despite serious repercussions experienced worldwide.

The ordinary custom extending beyond meeting and greeting family as well as friends on this holiday pledging support to national, humanitarian and environment cause would exemplify individual and collective duty incumbent on inhabitants.

Whenever the source generating life and energy confronted with systemic violation of standards due to excess greed, the valleys and rivers nurturing plants and diverse species begin to decline decreasing survival opportunity.

The immediate priority is to save the treasure cove under water, on ground surface and in the sky to avert catastrophic weather producing economic problems with infrastructure and livelihood damage.

Neglecting earth would mean denying sanctuary along with supplementation and salvation process.

Whether Keystone XL pipelines project in the United States or global nuclearization – these decisions threaten evolution with risks outweighing economic and political prospects now and in the future.

Evidently conservation with appropriate actions expanding green revolution is the viable solution to safeguard biodiversity.

Happy Thanks Giving!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




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