Midterm Elections 2010

November 4, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To the Congressional members from both political parties on their victory in the 2010 midterm elections.

The Republican members experience on November 2, 2010 is similar to the Democrats 2006 election results.

Regardless, all contenders deserve praise and recognition for their tireless campaigning in the political race.

The Democrats dedicated their valuable time and resources to improve American lives.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, The House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Franks and other honorable Congressional representatives worked diligently and demonstrated commitment.

Likewise, the isolated Republican members’ contribution is equally valid in the legislative matter.

Welcome to the New House Speaker – The Hon. Rep. John Boehner.

Rep. John Boehner’s remarkable life journey to attain the American dream is admirable.

The Republican majority in the House beginning January 2011 have an opportunity to resolve the national crises.

Any solutions to the contentious problems are meaningless if they fail to address the average citizens’ plight and protect national interest over special interests.

Hopefully both sides will set the differences aside and work together in alleviating the main street struggles. Washington gridlock is the reason for the alternation in the Capitol Hill.

If the political parties cannot arrive at a consensus on legislative affairs, it defeats the purpose of winning elections.

There were many surprises and setbacks in the electoral outcome. Democracy being undermined in contemporary politics is not unusual and conspicuous during elections with corporate cash drowning the republic voice.

In other instances, candidacies unfairly targeted to settle political scores contributed to the elimination of veteran political figures with exemplary record.

Politics ignoring merits and rewarding misrepresentation is a travesty and a national loss.

The mandate is clear underscoring the republic rule – Washington is required to deliver the campaign promises and not a political rhetoric.

Unfortunately the tradition continues with any administration in the absence of real change causing public frustration and disappointment reflected in the electoral backlash.

Among many national issues, the economy is a primary concern with stagnant growth in the job market. Foreclosures, liquidity freeze… and other economic hurdles in the Housing and Financial sector are far from over.

There are many challenges ahead and now it depends on the Republican majority to coordinate with the Democratic minority in the House to prevail in all fronts.

Transparency and accountability is realistic when it is applicable to all – given Washington clout and Wall Street influence on the political parties.

The key industries monopoly on the legislation is the deterrent factor producing watered down reforms directly affecting the economic conditions and the national deficit.

In the environmental matter the California ballot measure – Prop. 23 successfully prevented the oil companies’ dominance and their polluting strategies. The action saved the rapidly growing clean energy sector currently providing 500,000 jobs.

The environmental organizations such as Earthjustice and several prominent groups along with committed supporters were responsible for the phenomenal intervention.

Synonymous steps by other states on public issues yielded the desirable change.

People power can never be underestimated in any form of government. Throughout history, political transformations, social and economic progress have been made possible by people movement exemplifying that ordinary citizens are capable of extraordinary achievements.

Therefore, if legislations are controlled by affluent sources empowered with the lack of political will in Washington then the citizens’ response – ‘change course’ is inevitable and effectively conveyed through ballots.

It is imperative for all factions to come together and consolidate efforts in leading the great nation forward. Nation thrives with prosperity accessible to all and not just the privileged members in the society.

Good Luck! To the newly elected Congress in reaching the anticipated milestones.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

2010 Elections – The Balance of Power

September 6, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

With less than eight weeks for the mid-term elections, the speculations are the GOP will claim the House and the House majority leader will be John Boehner. Similarly, the speculators believe the GOP has a slim chance of taking over the U.S. Senate.

In view of the optimistic Republican forecast as potential majority House members it’s essential to review the GOP plans for the nation.

Currently, the GOP mantra is the economy they successfully transformed into near ‘Great Depression,’ during their majority rule in the House and Senate under the Republican administration of the former President George W. Bush and the Vice President Dick Cheney.

The Republicans might fervently argue that the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate since 2006.

Although it’s a valid argument, the Republican members always gain control over legislation regardless of them being the majority or the minority due to their allegiance to the special interests devising the bills in Capitol Hill.

Moreover, the former President George W. Bush vowed to veto the bills passed by the Congressional Democrats on every issue and the veto record exemplifies the oath.

Per the leading conservative talk show host complimenting on the previous Republican administration – “President George W. Bush was not the lame duck for the agendas were pushed against the Democrats will.”

The comment is accurate in that respect – prominently the Iraq war, financial deregulation, blank check to Wall Street and tax exemptions to the wealthy by letting the middle class America disappear with the lower income families in poverty were all the Republican achievements that drove the surplus economy into skyrocketing deficit mostly blown away in the illegal warfare.

The GOP economic plan is none and their winning strategy in the coming elections,

According to Wall Street Journal, September 2, 2010 – By David Wessel – Thank you.

“Republican rhetoric offers little help. To the quiet discomfort of a few GOP politicians and several who advise Republicans on economics, this year’s campaign, so far, has little of the substance that accompanied the 1994 Republican renaissance with then-House leader Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America.

The only sure thing is that if President Barack Obama is for it, Republicans are against it.

Comments by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell a few weeks ago are typical:

If a bill doesn’t kill jobs or make it harder to create them, they’re not interested. It’s time for a different approach.”

This may be smart politics. Why be specific and give the other side a target, when you’re winning by riding a wave of voter frustration: Don’t like the Obama economy? Vote for us.

The closest Republicans come to a public economic agenda are speeches by their House leader, John Boehner, who promises more detail later this month to blunt Democratic efforts to paint Republicans as the “Party of No.”

For now, a few themes are evident.

One is that the spending-heavy Obama is a failure, often extrapolated into arguing that government spending is inherently bad.

“The common logic among Washington Democrats is that government spending creates jobs when that money is used to build a hiking trail or a playground,” Mr. Boehner said, disapprovingly, during an Aug. 24 speech in Cleveland.

Adds GOP Rep. Paul Ryan: “We are not Keynesians. We don’t believe in demand-side stimulus. We’re going to stop the spending spree.”

That’s easier to promise than do. Even spending foes, once in office, tend to spend.

“Prior to the Democrats’ takeover of the Congress and the White House in 2008, the Republicans ushered in the largest expansion of federal spending since the heydays of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society in the 1960s,” says Alaska’s Joe Miller, who beat incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary.

“You’re going to have a whole bunch of people coming here who aren’t going to want to vote for any spending bill—maybe defense? Maybe not?—to fund the government,” predicts Vin Weber, a former Republican congressman. That could force GOP leaders to rely on Democratic votes for spending bills to keep the government running, hardly a recipe for curbing spending.

The leadership’s avowed interest in promoting free-trade pacts, for instance, may not be shared by the populist Republicans who are winning primaries.

The absence of a coherent Republican agenda reflects more than the usual lack of consensus. The gap between current congressional leaders and tea-party activists is huge.”

GOP Economic Plan Overview – By Padmini Arhant

There is no economic plan upon Rep. John Boehner assuming House leadership and likewise in the Senate.

Except for extending the 2000 – 2008 President Bush and Vice President Cheney’s failed economic policy.

1. Renewing all the Bush tax cuts is a top GOP priority.

2. Business friendly tax cuts enabling massive Wall Street CEO Bonuses.

3. A big corporate tax overhaul that cuts rates now – Inevitably depriving revenue for the nation, besides widening the national deficit to an alarming proportion – precedence set by the Republican administration with unique expertise in this regard.

Ironically, it’s also the GOP’s main criticism against President Barack Obama even though the President has diligently set up bipartisan committee on deficit control.

4. Promoting free trade pacts – outsourcing 90% American jobs overseas enlarging the unemployment indefinitely and facilitating,

5. Small businesses, Retail and Wholesale industry collapse from the lack of consumer spending.

On the contrary, the Congressional House Democrats under the efficient and result oriented Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed the following legislation – swiftly and favorably to all Americans including the Small Businesses and Corporations to promote job growth.

Ref: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/d?d111:0:./list/bss/d111HR.lst:

1. H.R.1: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – keeping 750,000 and more Americans employed with a significant rise in the immediate future upon complete investment.

2. H.R.2 : Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009

3. H.R.11: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 – Guarantees equal pay for women that were denied by the Conservative Supreme Court votes followed by the Republican Senate coherence to the equal rights denial to women. The bill was passed through Democrats votes.

4. H.R.12: Paycheck Fairness Act – Subsequent to Republican Senate ‘Nay’ votes for equal pay to women, the matter was introduced through a new bill and passed with the Democrats votes.

5. H.R.13: TEACH for Our Future Act of 2009 – Focused on Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, and Competitiveness. Referred to the Subcommittee related to Higher Education…

6. H.R.14: Federal Ocean Acidification Research And Monitoring Act of 2009 – Referred to the House Committee on Science and Technology.

7. H.R.78: Stop Mortgage Fraud Act – Latest Major Action: 4/1/2009 House committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Committee Hearings Held.

8. H.R.83: Homeowners Insurance Protection Act of 2009 – Latest Major Action: 1/6/2009 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Financial Services.

9. H.R.84: Veterans Timely Access to Health Care Act – Latest Major Action: 3/25/2010 House committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Subcommittee Hearings Held.

10. H.R.74: Financial Oversight Commission Act of 2009 – Latest Major Action: 1/6/2009 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Financial Services.

11. H.R.58: Green Schools Act – Latest Major Action: 3/16/2009 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education.

12. . H.R.52: Tropical Forest and Coral Conservation Act – Latest Major Action: 1/6/2009 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

13. H.R.49: American Energy Independence and Price Reduction Act – Latest Major Action: 2/4/2009 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources.

14. H.R.47: Expand and Preserve Home Ownership through Counseling Act – Latest Major Action: 1/6/2009 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Financial Services.

15. H.R.46: Family Self-Sufficiency Act of 2009 – Latest Major Action: 4/30/2009 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

16. H.R.43: Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act of 2009 – Latest Major Action: 1/6/2009 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committee on Ways and Means, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

17. H.R.21: Ocean Conservation, Education, and National Strategy for the 21st Century Act – Latest Major Action: 6/18/2009 House committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Subcommittee Hearings Held.

18. H.R.16: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make permanent the deduction of State and local general sales taxes – Latest Major Action: 1/6/2009 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

19. H.R.15: National Health Insurance Act – Latest Major Action: 1/6/2009 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committee on Ways and Means, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

20. Economic bills to stimulate job growth, Financial Reform, Health Care law, Unemployment Benefits extension and energy bill are the hallmark of Speaker Nancy Pelosi leadership.

Together with the extremely hardworking Democrat legislators alongside selective few Republican members votes made the historic legislation possible.

The choices are clear. American jobs, economy, education, health care, environment and energy independence are the Democrats priority.

Whereas the Republican leadership under John Boehner is clueless evidenced in the Wall Street Journal report and the minority leader’s interviews.

Why would the American electorate reject a bright future with Democrats under the leaderships of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the House, Senate Democrats majority and President Barack Obama?

When they are all constantly engaged in improving American lives.

Quoting from the cited Wall Street Journal report –

“Many Republicans are running on “anger.” That may win the election; it’s hard to turn into a legislative agenda.”

Further, the Republican election winning strategy is to create a wedge between the solid Democrats working towards economic recovery and social progress. Usually it’s premised on distortion, false propaganda and negative attacks considering there is no specific economic or other proposals from them to move the nation forward.

GOP might have won in the past on divide and rule, polarization tactics. However, disregarding the reality on their track record that will be clarified and presented loud and clear to protect the American electorate from being misled in the coming weeks nearing election – is underestimating voter decision power.

After all, actions speak louder than rhetoric.

American voters’ prospects are assured under Democrats rule in the House, Senate and the White House.

The Republican action thus far has been protesting every legislation – particularly the jobs bill, economic revival such as unemployment extension, tax credits for consumer spending, payroll tax exemption to small businesses and corporations, $30 billion to community banks for small business lending…and,

Importantly they were against Wall Street reform and everything to do with national interest.

Republican candidates are hopeful in November 2010 to win the elections through their relentless support to Wall Street and the special interests’ campaign financing.

Unlike the Democrats accomplishments and future commitments towards American families and businesses that confirm their candidacy.

Please safeguard and secure your own, your family and the next generation’s prosperity by granting the Democrats a super majority status in the House and the Senate.

It’s well known that the Republican balance of power consistently produce “Washington gridlock,” – rewarding the special interests at the average American plight.

Allowing that to happen would be devastating for the national and global economy with slow and steady growth.

Notwithstanding history repeating itself reminiscent to 2000 – 2008 – President Bush and Vice President Cheney era.

Please visit the websites – www.dcccc.org, www.dscc.org. www.dnc.org and www.dga.org with your generous and affordable donations to help all Democratic contenders win the congressional election in November 2010.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Campaign Finance Reform Bill

August 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Further to the United States Senate Actions Chronicle, there were more relevant bills proposed by the Senate Democrats in the past month – July 2010.

Campaign Finance Reform: The bill aimed at the election campaign’s fundamental problem – the special interests influence undermining democracy.

Evidently, it did not survive the Republican members opposition.

Although, the House passed the legislation, it failed in the Senate by three votes short of 60 votes required to eliminate Republican filibuster against the Disclose Act and various important components protecting the democratic sanctity.

The Democrats introduced the bill primarily to offset the negative effects from the Supreme Court’s decision granting unlimited access to the corporations, unions and other interests through campaign contributions, political ads and advocacy for or against any political candidate ahead of the election.

However, there was an exception to the Supreme Court’s rule that permitted Congress to legislate the interest groups’ political rhetoric via disclaimer and disclosure requirements.

Democrats precisely drafted the legislation to prohibit overseas corporations, federal contractors and tax payer bailed out businesses from the sponsorship.

At the same time, the bill enforced the disclaimer and disclosure requirement on the rest with the respective organizations’ chief executive or union leader’s personal appearance and endorsement message in the political ad.

Similar criteria apply to the nexus group representing the corporations, trade unions…to identify the top donors in the political ad.

Additionally, the corporations and advocacy groups are expected to provide campaign contribution details exceeding $1,000 in their political expenditure accounts.

The purpose behind this legislation is to enable transparency for free and fair elections by limiting the powerful organizations from depriving the electorates’ voice being heard in a democracy.

Not surprisingly, the business groups had expressed their grievances claiming the legislative act violated the free speech right and reportedly highlighted on the unions not being subject to the same conditions.

This issue could be addressed with a clear emphasis on the bill to affect all participants in the political campaign including the non-profit organizations with a political agenda regardless of stature.

Up until now, the legislation passage is entirely dependent on the democrats and isolated Republican member votes viz. Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, in all major issues.

The Republican opposition has been driven by the special interests controlling the electoral and legislative process.

Now, the Republican members voting against the campaign finance reform prove their priority to the business groups over their constituents and the American electorate in the nation.

In return, the business groups have pledged extraordinary support and financial backing to the Republican candidates thwarting the democrats’ effort to represent the American people and the nation at large.

Therefore, the public demand across the political spectrum is imperative to revive the bill and restore democracy upon the Congress members’ return from August recess.

Any resistance to the bill will indicate the political party and the member’s self-interest against national interest.

Rest assured, the Democrats bill on the campaign finance reform is a phenomenal step towards fixing the broken political system in Washington.

People have the power to bring about the long overdue change in the political sphere.

It’s possible by electing the legislators demonstrating their commitment to work for the people and the democrats are diligently performing their constitutional duties in improving American lives.

Please send your affordable / generous contributions to DCCC, DSCC, DNC and DGA in getting the doers i.e. the democrats elected overwhelmingly to the House, the Senate and State Governors in November 2010.

It might be a great challenge to compete with the corporations, but the will of the people cannot be deterred by the forces against them as established in 2008 elections.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

P.S.: Please send your contributions to the following address or visit their websites.

DNC – Democratic National Committee – www.dnc.org
Attn: Governor Tim Kaine
430 South Capitol Street SE,
Washington, D.C., 20003

DCCC – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee www.dccc.org

Attn: Speaker Nancy Pelosi
430 South Capitol Street S.E.
Washington, D.C., 20003

DSCC – Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee www.dscc.org
Attn: State Senator (?)
120 Maryland Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002.

DGA – Democratic Governors Association – www.democraticgovernors.org
1401 K Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005

United States Senate Actions Chronicle

August 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The United States Senate in the past week (August 2nd – August 6th 2010) made inroads through following actions.

1. Senate Confirmation of the Supreme Court Nominee.

Senate confirmed the Supreme Court Justice nominee, Elena Kagan and further enhanced the intellectual as well as the judicial acumen in the United States Supreme Court.

Congratulations! To the Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan for the highest honor and a lifetime opportunity to serve the people of the United States with objectivity, diligence in the interpretation of the constitutional law and decisions evaluated on the pervasive impact.

As stated earlier, Justice Elena Kagan would be a valuable asset to the present distinguished Supreme Court representation in all aspects.

Best Wishes to Justice Elena Kagan in the new judicial responsibility.

President Barack Obama and Congress members deserve credit in efficiently addressing the nomination process.


2. Senate Confirmation of the National Intelligence Director

Senate also confirmed the National Intelligence Director – James R. Clapper to lead the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies.

Recently, there were concerns regarding the fragmented intelligence apparatus and the revolving complexity compromising the efficiency required to serve national security.

The newly appointed Director is claimed to possess the credentials and experience in the intelligence field with glowing references from the defense and intelligence departments.

Director Clapper is expected to integrate the national intelligence efforts and provide the management crucial for national security.

It appears that Director Clapper successfully demonstrated his ability in this respect and convinced the Senate Committee for a unanimous vote during the confirmation hearing.

Congratulations and Best Wishes! To the National Intelligence Director – James R. Clapper in the important designation to safeguard national interests.


3. Senate Approval of $26 Billion for States and Schools

Earlier in the week, the Senate passed the bill to fund the States and School districts in an effort to protect the teachers and the several government workers’ jobs.

Teachers, law enforcement and emergency department employees were facing layoffs due to the states’ severe deficit crisis.

The federal aid is a saving grace for it would provide the school districts with timely financial supplement in maintaining the proper academic environment.

With respect to the states, the furloughs hurt the employees and deep spending cuts were targeted against the essential programs.

But, now the funding could help in those areas and prevent job losses that otherwise would have exacerbated the state and national unemployment.

The $26 billion is a stopgap measure to allow the states in continuing the necessary educational and social services including the border security provision by deploying 1000 patrol agents as a strike force in the sensitive areas.

The benefits are also extended to the department of Justice in handling the excess case overload.

It’s noteworthy that the bill is entirely funded by the revenue from closing the business tax loophole and making spending cuts.

Therefore, it does not add to the national deficit.

The $600 million appropriated towards border security is also paid for. The 10 percent increase in spending is adjusted against the visa application fee hikes on the few companies sponsoring foreign workers.

Senate action is praiseworthy and reflects the authors such as the New York Senator Charles E. Schumer as well as others’ true commitment in defending the nation from economic woes and security foes.

House of Representatives are returning to vote on this bill next week. It’s indicative of their dedication to rescue the vulnerable members in the society. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House members’ action are attention worthy.

The public gratitude in this regard would be inevitably conveyed through ballots in November 2010.

Republican Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe share the appreciation for their bipartisan support in the recent legislations.

Perhaps, other Republican members would join their two esteemed colleagues in the near future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Why Public Option is not an option in the Historic Health Care Reform?

December 29, 2009

    By Padmini Arhant

    During the Presidential election campaign in 2008, despite the encouraging endorsement from the “Majority White,” electorate in Iowa, the media, the African American caucus and the Democratic Party wrote off the Obama candidacy in the wake of New Hampshire and Nevada results favoring the then formidable opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton representing the establishment in the Democratic Party.

    It could be a distant memory. Nevertheless, the reality of an African-American candidate as the 44th President of the United States made possible by the average citizens from all walks of life representing the stars and stripes who came forward in multitudes with donations ranging from a dollar to an affordable amount, seeking the long overdue change in Washington.

    It certainly didn’t emerge from the political realm or within the Party and various African American organizations who were cautiously observing the direction of the political storm.

    Now, when it’s the payback time for the historic election’s beneficiaries to demonstrate the real commitment to the people in a democracy, the political betting is placed on satisfying the insatiable appetite in the form of bribery to the fellow democrats in the Senate caring more about their own financial gains and political future than the republic interest. The reference made to the Democrats in particular because, the Republican minority stance is to oppose not the issue but the party in a majority.

    If it were the Republican administration pushing the agenda, the republican minority would not be wasting time in their innovative tactics to boycott the bill. Unlike the democrats, the party is ever united in their pledge to advance the ideology with further support from the conservative/moderate democrats evidenced in the legislations passed during the Bush administration.

    The republicans have a point. In spite of the filibuster proof majority, the democrats are forced to scramble for votes in the senate and left at the mercy of the conservatives and moderates within their own party. You don’t need foes with “friends” like that suggesting the Democratic Party is merely a platform for these representatives of the special interests’ strategy to enhance the odds on both sides that guarantee them an absolute victory with every legislation.

    It’s worth examining the lobbyists’ orchestrated health care bill.

    For instance, the delay in the Senate voting was perceived to be a drawback for the democrats with the republican members threatening to stall the progress at the behest of none other than the same lobbyists working on both sides. Simultaneously, the over two thousand page dossier prepared by again the lobbyists’ loyalists in the finance committee, became the bone of contention for the opposition minority comparing the voluminous content to a forklift item.

    Besides, the legislation is made effective a year later in the Senate bill i.e. 2014 allowing the industry to prosper with the status quo in the interim. Without effective and robust competition like the public option and the cost reduction schemes from the health care industry, the lobbyists are comfortable with the mandatory insurance on 30 million people and safety net from the federal subsidies to purchase the private insurance in the weak market place.

    Having been satisfied with the Senate bill, the lobbyists win irrespective of the pace and it’s not surprising to note the pre-emptive adoption of the Senate bill against the House bill.

    Are they being indifferent in any way?

    Politics is only concerned about personal salvation. A few democrats’ and an independent’s (as a democrat ‘loyalist’) overt action to promote the special interests’ profit oriented plan over the general population plight only legitimize the minority power against the majority.

    What’s being ignored in the undemocratic and dangerous precedence having become a tradition is that, honoring the minority’s calculated shenanigans simply boosts the special interests’ status to railroad forthcoming legislations already evident in the pending climate change and other bills.

    All that matters right now is a bill to showcase on the D-Day, the “State of the Union” address and the people always expected to remain content with the politics and business “as usual” from Washington and Wall Street.

    Any dissent in this respect is characterized as the die-hard liberalism’s refusal to view the big picture. Contrary to the belief, it’s the progressives who have compromised from the single payer system to the public option and other factors like Medicare buy-ins tossed out of the bill, notwithstanding the infringement on women’s rights, essentially all and any components benefiting the people and the national interest.

    The irony being if not for the progressives’ iron will to stand up against the ‘Tea Party’ movement and similar grandstanding, the health care bill would be history rather than historic.

    The frustration among the progressives is reaching the point of creating a third party entirely on public campaign financing to reflect the true meaning of democracy and challenge the nay Sayers once and for all that ‘Change is inevitable’ through action from the bottom up, exemplified in the 2008 Presidential election.

    Although, the spiritual message emphasized on the human requirement to overcome the negative vices, it’s poignant to elaborate the qualities viz. greed, ego, envy, rage (anger) and hatred are the human beings’ vulnerabilities and centuries have gone by without the lessons being learned regardless of the human spirit’s degradation.

    Contemporary practice scorns the interjection of ethics and morals in the discussions as naïve and unpragmatic. The reason being it’s inconvenient for those indulging in the activities producing short-term gains while neglecting the long-term crisis witnessed in all major national issues such as housing market, energy, health care and environment not excluding the military interventions.

    Therefore, there is no bar on human conduct normally qualifying as“unconscionable.”

    I respond to the requests from the honorable members of Congress Patrick Kennedy, Senator John Kerry, Senator Al Franken and the speaker Nancy Pelosi to stand by President Barack Obama in legislative matter. To them I reiterate the earlier statement that,

    I extend my unwavering support to the Presidency of Barack Obama provided the White House is committed to implement the “Change” promised on the campaign trail in both domestic and foreign policy issues yielding ‘realistic’ change the people can believe and thrive in.

    Unfortunately, with minor exceptions the majority decisions thus far favor the special interests i.e. the oligarchs in the financial, health and energy sectors not to mention the ongoing warfare and general foreign policy signifying the continuation of Bush-Cheney doctrine. The haphazard attempt during the climate summit in Copenhagen was quite disheartening and appropriately admitted by the President.

    Regrettably, the campaign donations to the DNC, DCCC, and DSCC are invested to elect the conservatives and the moderates posing major problems in the legislative matter. It may not be a deterrent factor in fund raising as they have the special interests financing the campaigns.

    However, a monumental task awaits in the coming elections convincing the betrayed electorate justified in their reluctance to support the party or the candidacy that fails to honor the democratic will.

    The recent gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia serve as good examples in this regard. In addition, the mayoral race in New York with a narrow margin victory to Mayor Mike Bloomberg having outspent his opponent is yet another reminder that performance benefiting the people ultimately delivers the desirable results in the polls.

    Since the political structure in Washington is laid on the Wall Street foundation through campaign financing and deal exchanges, the burden is on the people to join the movement in reclaiming democracy subverted by the power in politics and profits.

    Corruption and Cronyism cannot be eradicated unless there is a concerted campaign finance reform strictly enforcing public financing and rejecting swift boating from the candidacy and/or party in the coming elections. Private financing floats to assist candidates from both parties to survive the mild and vicious campaign attacks through advertisements.

    It’s noteworthy that Goldman Sachs, AIG…invested in both Senator John McCain and the then Senator Barack Obama’s candidacies. Obviously, the contributions rose sharply as one candidate’s winning prospects exceeded another along with the donors’ expectations to return the favor. Politics is amazingly trustworthy in the transfer of power from the people to the actual authorities, the corporations via the legislators. It’s visible in the health care issue and several others.

    Given the prevalent system in politics, it’s imperative for the progressives to run in the coming elections with the public blessings to prevail against the special interests and the greed driven politics. I have been requesting the DNC to transform the Democratic Party with the progressives on whom the nation and the rest of the world can rely upon for the long overdue peace, progress and prosperity.

    Money can buy love, trust and integrity but not truth and rationality. For rationality enables the human mind to recognize the truth behind illusion and reality. Those who are committed to the virtues decline to be a sellout at any costs. Sadly, the honorable principles of many are undermined by the dishonorable deeds of the few.

    Often people who care is mistaken for rivals, the real opponent in disguise trusted to be genuine due to the veil blinding the vision, and it largely stems from fear and personal insecurity that obstructs the human intellect to accept situations with clarity.

    People must rise and ensure their needs are adequately addressed from now on as the health care reform could be the beginning of the end to the self-interest dominance in Washington and Wall Street guided by the maxim “All for me and none for you.”

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant


    Bush Stimulus Package

    July 23, 2009

    By Padmini Arhant

    Presentation of Bush Stimulus Package details

    From: Stimuls Package details – Thanks

    Source: http://www.stimuluspackagedetails.com/bush.html

    Bush Stimulus Packages

    In 2008, the Bush Administration handed out a slew of economic stimulus packages.

    Under President George Bush’s administration, the Federal government gave

    $29 billion to bail out Bear Stearns,

    $178 billion to American taxpayers in the form of economic stimulus checks,

    $300 billion to bail out American homeowners,

    $200 billion to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,

    $150 billion to bailout AIG, and

    $700 billion to bail out banks (TARP).

    Total Bush Administration Bailout – $1.557 trillion dollars i.e. $1 trillion and $557 billion dollars.

    Timelines Of The Bush Economic Stimulus Packages

    Following is a timeline of the economic stimulus packages, in chronological order.

    March 2008 – $29 Billion Stimulus Package – Wall Street Bailout

    The Federal Reserve stepped in to prevent the collapse of Bear Stearns (one of the world’s largest investment banks and brokerage firms) by guaranteeing $29 billion worth of potential losses in its battered portfolio. This provided enough economic stimulus for JP Morgan Chase to take over the beleaguered firm.

    May 2008 – $178 Billion Stimulus Package – Average American Bailout

    The U.S. Treasury provided an economic stimulus package to American taxpayers in the form of $600 economic stimulus checks for individuals and $1,200 economic stimulus payments for couples.

    That cost the government $100 billion, and they threw in another $68 billion in tax breaks for businesses, $8 billion to increase unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 39 weeks, and a $4 billion economic stimulus package to be doled out to states and local municipalities to buy and rehab foreclosed properties.

    July 2008 – $300 Billion Stimulus Package – Homeowners Bailout

    The Bush Administration committed $300 billion for 30-year fixed rate mortgages for at-risk borrowers, as well as tax credits for first-time homebuyers, who could be eligible to receive up to a $7,500 tax credit.

    September 2008 – $200 Billion Stimulus Package – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bailout

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (privately owned mortgage companies that are backed by the federal government) were about to fail, due to declining house prices and rising foreclosures.

    The Bush Administration stepped in with a $200 billion economic stimulus package and placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their $5 trillion in home loans in “temporary conservatorship,” to be supervised by the Federal Housing Finance AgeSeptember 2008 – $50 Billion Stimulus Package To Guarantee Money Market Funds

    When the economic crisis reached a crescendo, Americans began to pull their money out of money market funds – historically considered to be the safest investment. To stop the bloodshed, the U.S. Treasury agreed to guarantee up to $50 billion, for up to a year.

    September 2008 – $25 Billion Stimulus Package – Automakers Bailout

    In an attempt to stave off bankruptcies for the “Big 3 automakers,” the Bush Administration gave General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler $25 billion in low-interest loans.

    September – November 2008 – $150 Billion Stimulus Package – AIG Bailout

    With the world’s largest insurance company in dire straits and 74 million clients at risk, the American government chipped in and gave AIG (American Insurance Group) $150 billion in a stimulus package that included: loans, purchase of toxic assets, and purchase of preferred shares.

    October 2008 – $700 Billion Stimulus Package – Banks Bailout

    The Bush Administration, under the umbrella of the U.S. Treasury, committed $700 billion in economic stimulus money under TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). By many accounts, if this economic stimulus money hadn’t been injected, credit between banks would have frozen overnight, and not only the American economy, but also the global economy, would have seized up.

    Is The Economic Stimulus Package Working?

    “Is the economic stimulus package working” seems to be the question on most people’s minds.

    But which economic stimulus package are you talking about?

    Bear Sterns was taken over by JP Morgan Chase, so maybe that $29 billion economic stimulus plan worked.

    We all got our economic stimulus checks in 2008, but we didn’t necessarily put them back into the economy, so that $178 billion might not have been well-spent.

    The $300 billion mortgage stimulus, “Hope For Homeowners,” awarded in July 2008 didn’t work very well either, because few people took an interest in the program. While proponents of this particular economic stimulus package estimated that 400,000 homeowners could be helped over a three-year period, in the first month, only 111 had applied.

    The $200 billion economic stimulus handout to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage giants, stabilized them enough to prevent collapse.

    The $50 billion economic stimulus to stabilize money market funds might have averted a disaster.

    The $150 billion doled out to AIG, the insurance giant, prevented their closure, but must not have completely solved the problem since AIG came back for $30 billion more less than six months later, even as they were awarding $165 million in bonuses to their top executives.

    The $25 billion given to the Big 3 automakers, Chrysler, Ford, and GM, allowed them to live to see another day, but they remain on the brink of disaster.

    The $700 billion bank bailout, given in extreme haste in October 2008, might have kept the banks functioning, but no one really knows where that money went or what was done with it, so it’s hard to judge whether TARP is working.

    $700 Billion Bush Stimulus

    The $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, (TARP), given out by the George Bush Administration in October 2008. No one can seem to track down any details on this. The money was given to banks with the goal that they would lend it to people. They didn’t seem to do that, but no accountability was written into the hastily concocted plan, which seems to have been concocted in a matter of days, in a “cocktail napkin” format.

    And that was just the economic stimulus packages of 2008.

    Response to DCCC

    April 16, 2009

    Hon. Speaker of the House

    Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

    430 South Capitol Street, SE

    Washington DC 20003

    April 4, 2009

    Dear Madam Speaker,

    It is an honor to receive your invitation to continue volunteering for the various issues highlighted in your letter.

    Since I’m currently engaged in reviving my career, and attending to family interests placed on hold the entire past year due to my extensive involvement in the Presidential campaign 2008, there is an urgency to fulfill personal and financial commitments towards my young dependent family.

    However, I will continue to serve humanity to the extent possible for the people at home and around the world.

    I take this opportunity to wish you the best in your endeavors.

    Thank you.


    Padmini Arhant

    Response to Request from Speaker Nancy Pelosi

    November 6, 2008

    Response to request from Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    Response to Request from Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

    September 13th, 2008.

    From: Padmini Arhant

    Honorable Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    House of Congress
    United States

    Dear Madam Speaker,

    Congratulations! on your historic achievement in breaking the “hard glass ceiling” as the “First Female Speaker of the House”, as well as being third in line for the “Office of Presidency of the United States”.

    I am honored by your request to assist the “Democratic Party” and the “Presidential Candidate”, Senator Barack Obama in the highly contested “Presidential race 2008”.

    Please accept my apologies for the delay in my response.

    I am currently dealing with some personal emergency at the home front,

    Therefore, unable to make any financial contributions to “DNC” or the “Presidential Campaign” of Senator Barack Obama.

    Once the situation is under control, I will do my best to oblige your request in any manner I can.

    However, I would like to emphasize that I pledged my support to the people and I remain committed to the democratic values that appears to be dissipating in the current electoral process.

    Meanwhile, I wish the Democratic Party represented by you and the “Presidential Candidate”, Senator Barack Obama success in November 2008.

    Thank you.


    Padmini Arhant

    Campaign Strategy

    October 22, 2008

    Political campaigns set their own policy and strategy depending on their performance at the polls and confidence level in general.

    Nowadays, with the technology and media at disposal, the campaigns utilize them to the maximum potential.

    All carried out at a high premium, where the Corporations behind the media and technology rake profits during any political season.

    Meanwhile, the volunteers usually the foot soldiers and workers at the phone banks and campaign booths work relentlessly for “free ” to see the campaign prevail in the race.

    Nevertheless, the success of the campaigns still depends on human capital.

    As stated earlier, the campaigns recruit volunteers for human element to infuse enthusiasm and in certain situations embellish the message. While others, cross the limit and exaggerate the fiction about their opponents.

    The campaign expectations from the volunteers far exceed their own contribution to the campaign victory.

    All those on the campaign payroll and beneficiaries of monetary gains presumptuously place demands on volunteers to outperform in the most challenging area of campaigning, i.e. delivering the result – fund raising , voter registration and casting the ballot .

    One would think that, the acknowledgement of these volunteers mostly responsible for the cause of celebration, precede personal information… of the surrogates and alike during events like Conventions .

    Unfortunately, that is not the demeanor commonly represented in Politics.

    Somehow, the entities in charge of these campaigns… usually the next of kin of the political candidate and the individuals claiming ownership rights on the campaign, influence not only the candidate, but also the media and news organization by controlling the communication channels.

    Such management style undermines democracy and reflects the “sense of entitlement ” of the power behind the operation.

    Further, there is a certainty of the “abuse of power” upon election to the office.

    Whenever, any campaign prioritizes the appeasement of the corporate media and vice versa, it is the demise of democracy due to lack of transparency in the fair portrayal of campaign messages and events.

    It is evident in recent media ratings that the electorate is disappointed with the extreme bias and propaganda on the airwaves in an effort to see their political faction succeed by any means.

    Fortunately, the Information Superhighway is an alternative source available for voters to conduct their own research and obtain facts in a discerning manner.

    The nation is embracing a historic event with emotions and sentiments on the rise over a range of issues that matter people.

    When preparing to write a new chapter in history,

    The old ways of empowering some and enslaving the other,

    In addition, pandering to certain groups while slandering the rest by the entities in the campaign, media and elsewhere is a strategy best left behind in national interest.

    A “Change” that unites and not divides the nation is where the future lies.

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant

    Fairness Doctrine

    October 21, 2008

    Most recently, a frustrated reader, evidently a Republican wrote the following letter to the editor, the San Jose Mercury News, October 20, 2008. – Thank you.

    “Shame on the media for favoring Dems

    The media and Hollywood have lost all self-respect. The movie “W” comes out 19 days before the election.

    The re-release of “Hanoi Hilton,” which portrays an actual true version of what happened to John McCain, is halted and will not be released until a week after the election.

    I’m sure this is just coincidence. Joe the Plumber questions Obama; he gets investigated by the media.

    Palin gets more scrutiny in a few weeks than Obama has for two years.

    From Tony Rezko to William Ayers, to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, to ACORN, no investigations!

    Thank God for alternative media. Without it, where would we get the news?

    Oh wait, the Fairness Doctrine will fix this.”

    Jon Hoefling


    The Fairness Doctrine has remained focused on issues concerning people in the United States and around the world. It is a true commitment and solemnly pledged for the welfare of humanity.

    If the re-release of “Hanoi Hilton” is halted for political reason,

    Then it undermines the democratic values and such practices have no place in politics or elsewhere.

    Both Presidential campaigns are advocating “change” in Washington.

    The Change must begin in the Campaign trail to have any impact and credibility upon their election to office.

    It is appropriate for the electorate to have both sides of “Presidential Profiles” to help them make an informed decision on November 4, 2008.

    In terms of non-partisan effort by the Fairness Doctrine, – please refer to the blogs –

    Presidential Race – Sequel, May 24, 2008, Accountability – Aug 12, 2008 –www.padminiarhant.blogspot.com


    Accountability – www.padminiarhant.com under U.S.Politics.

    Further, the Fairness Doctrine in evidence of “transparency and accountability” would like to present the communication held with the Republican Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain.

    The original transcript of the letter from the Republican Presidential Candidate:

    To: Padmini Arhant

    From: John McCain

    Tuesday Morning

    Dear Friend,

    I am 100% committed to leading our Party to victory in this November’s elections all across the country, and I need RNC Members like you, men and women who have done so much to help our Party in the past, working alongside me.

    That’s why I made it my first priority , after securing the Republican Presidential nomination, to reach out to you today to ask you to stand with me in a criticially important undertaking.

    The fate of all of our Republican candidates and the fate of our Party in the 2008 election is in the hands of Americans like you. We cannot succeed without your immediate and generous support.

    That’s why I am asking you to join in the effort that I will be spearheading in the coming months to build and strengthen our Party’s national organization from the grassroots up. This RNC project will be known as VICTORY 2008.

    My friend, it is absolutely critical that we kick-off Victory 2008 immediately – and with as much strength as we can muster.

    Our challenge this year is greater than it ever has been – because our Democrat opponents are more determined to win total control of the government than ever before. They are raising unprecedented sums of money. And they have seen record-breaking voter turnout in primaries and caucuses nationwide.

    That is why we must begin right now – to answer this challenge.

    And that’s why it is so important to me to have Republicans like you join with me in making a 100% commitment to RNC VICTORY 2008 today.

    So please take a moment to sign and return the enclosed RNC VICTORY 2008 Pledge of Support, along with your contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or even $25 to help us kick-off this campaign.

    We’ve set an aggressive goal of raising $10 million in seed money in the next 30 days to jump-start our Victory effort. That’s why it is essential that you return your Victory 2008 contribution immediately.

    Your gift will be used for promoting our Republican agenda, identifying Republican and Republican-leaning voters, conducting voter education and Absentee Ballot programs as well as implementing the RNC 72-Hour national Get-Out-The-Vote effort to get our voters to the polls on Election Day.

    Perhaps most important of all, your gift to Victory 2008 will help fund the RNC’s voter registration program which has a goal of registering 2 million new Republican voters before Election Day.

    Let me be perfectly clear about what is at stake for our nation if we fail to elect conservative Republican leadership in Washington, D.C.

    If liberals like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi control the White House, Congress and statehouses across this country …

    …they will raise your taxes. Already, leading Democrats have laid out plans to pass record-setting tax increases.

    But if Republicans win, we will make the present tax cuts permanent, work to cut additional taxes and simplify the tax code. Republicans know that raising taxes in tough economic times is a recipe for disaster, but tax cuts are proven medicine for getting the economy growing again.

    If liberal organizations like MoveOn.org have their way, our troops will be recklessly pulled out of Iraq and our enemies will be handed a victory they have neither won nor deserve.

    But Republicans will not give up. We will see the war through to victory and make sure the radical Islamic extremists have no sanctuary and no victory.

    If liberals have their way, government spending will skyrocket as they implement government-run health care and resurrect their entire portfolio of the failed welfare state programs of the 60s and 70s.

    But not if we Republicans unite and work together. Our free-market solutions and conservative principles are better for America – and that has proven true time and again.

    As the Democrats tear each other apart arguing over “Who will raise taxes the most ?” and “Who is more committed to cut and run in Iraq?”, you and I need to be getting organized and reaching out to our fellow Americans to let them know there is a BETTER WAY , our way, the Republican way of solving problems that does not rely on big government and high taxes.

    History has shown that no nation has ever taxed its way to economic prosperity…

    …And no nation has ever become more secure retreating from a conflict that they are winning or by standing down their troops in the face of a sworn enemy such as the radical Islamic terrorists who have made our destruction their sole purpose in life.

    I know this because as a proud foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution some years ago, I witnessed first hand the strength and power of our conservative ideals and principles.

    I was inspired to get into politics by Ronald Reagan. I respect and cherish the leadership President Reagan brought to our Party and our nation. And the principles that guided him provided the lessons needed to improve the policies of today.

    I want to restore the trust of the American people in their government.

    I want our Party to make the tax cuts permanent.

    I want our Party’s candidates and leaders to strengthen ethical standards in government to eliminate the influence of big monied interests.

    I want Republicans to stop Congressional earmarks that allow lawmakers to inject millions of dollars in pork-barrel spending into legislation with no accountability. And, as President, I will veto any bill that comes to my desk with earmarks.

    I want Republicans to lead the way to expanding affordability and accessibility to quality health care with market-based – not big government – solutions.

    I want to help elect Republicans who will fight to strengthen border security.

    I want the Republican Party to ensure that our nation builds on the success we have achieved in Iraq under the leadership of General David Petreaus and the troop surge he orchestrated and implemented.

    And I want to keep America safe, prosperous and proud so that our children and grandchildren will have even greater opportunities than the ones we were blessed with.

    Our Republican agenda stands in stark contrast to our liberal Democrat opponents who are rallying behind a tired, failed agenda of creeping socialism, ever-rising taxes and a defense policy of retreat-and-defeat.

    My friend, that is not the kind of change our nation needs.

    But I cannot succeed, nor can our Party prevail over the challenges we will fact from the Obama/Clinton Democrats, without the support of dedicated Republicans like you.

    That is why your immediate response is crucial and your generous financial support is urgently needed.

    We’ve all seen the Democrats’ massive rallies, record-setting voter turnout and colossal fundraising reports. It is obvious they are pulling out all the stops to win.

    Will you sit on the sidelines and let them take control of Washington? Or, will you join with me by signing and returning the enclosed Pledge of Support along with a contribution today?

    The past few elections have shown that every vote counts.

    You and I need to make sure the Republican Party has the resources it needs to fight for every vote, all across the country.

    Clearly we must act immediately to be ready for the challenges ahead . The ambitious goal of raising $10 million in the enxt 30 days for Victory 2008 is just the beginning. And the fact is – we can’t afford to fall short .

    So please take a moment right now to sign and return the enclosed RNC VICTORY 2008 Pledge of Support. Please also enclose your most generous contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or even $25 to help us fully fund our Party’s outreach efforts, voter registration and get-out-the-vote programs.

    The future of our nation, our Republican agenda and our entire Republican campaign effort depends on the success of RNC VICTORY 2008 and on your support today.

    Please let me know that I can count on you. Thank you.


    John McCain

    United States Senator

    P.S. The liberal Democrat agenda is wrong for America and we need to unite now to stop it. That’s why I’m personally asking you to support RNC VICTORY 2008. This effort is critical in giving Republican candidates the edge they need to win.

    Please sign the enclosed Pledge of Support and return it with your contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or even $25 today. Your support is urgently needed to help us reach our goal of raising $10 million to kick-off Victory 2008 this month. Thank you in advance for joining me in this very important cause.



    Victory 2008


    To: Senator John McCain 575590126

    RNC Victory 2008 V08CA060

    From: Padmini Arhant

    Dear Senator McCain,

    I am honored to be one of the first to join the RNC VICTORY 2008 effort. I realize how important Republican Party outreach, Voter Registration, and Get-Out-The-Vote programs are to strengthening our grassroots foundation and helping Republican candidates running for office all across the country. I pledge to do everything I can to help this critical effort succeed.

    Enclosed is my personal contribution of:

    $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, $ other

    Signature ____________________________

    Padmini Arhant

    Please make your personal check payable to RNC Victory 2008

    Contributions to the Republican National Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.


    Please note the Senator’s letter was received in May 2008, during the height of Democratic Primary election.

    The requests still continues up until now.

    My response to the above letter:

    May 27th , 2008.

    Private and Confidential

    Intended for Addressee Only

    From: Padmini Arhant

    To: Hon. Senator John McCain

    Presidential Candidate, Republican Party

    Washington DC 20077-7252

    Dear Senator McCain,

    I am honored to receive information about your candidacy. I salute you for your service to this great nation as a war hero and a Senator representing the State of Arizona.

    Your commitment to bring about changes on national and international issues is praiseworthy.

    I am sure you will continue to work tirelessly for the welfare of all Americans and people around the world, if, you were to be elected the next “President of the United States ” in November 2008.

    As an “Independent,” I pledge my support to the people of this nation and millions around the globe.

    My position is to voice my concerns for humanity in all aspects.

    With all due respect, to you and several other honorable Statesmen and women, I realized lately that politics is not for people like me seeking truth and justice.

    My request to your candidacy for the office of “The President of the United States ” is, to address the great many challenges confronting our nation with effective policies that would benefit the people and not the Special Interests or the Lobbyists .

    It is essential for the next administration to address every issue with diligence in providing immediate relief to the people from the economic, energy, education, health, and environmental crises.

    It is evident from the recent polls that the nation is desperate for Change comprising "Fiscal responsibility, Accountability and Transparency” in Washington Politics.

    I am confident that any candidate sincere in delivering the specified change can win the general election in November 2008.

    I would like to add that candidates must have a legitimate time line for troop withdrawal from Iraq and divert investments to accelerate economic growth at home.

    The national security and foreign policy is another major concern for the electorate.

    I cannot possibly emphasize enough to pursue the path of Peace and Diplomacy at every opportunity over War and Aggression .

    The nuclear proliferation is another culminating factor to the existing volatile world environment. These are bipartisan issues and matter to the entire humanity.

    I hope the future “President of the United States ” would earnestly seek multilateral resolutions for international crises as we have learned a harsh lesson from the current Iraq war .

    I wish you the very best in all your endeavors including the “Presidency of the United States” in November 2008.

    Thank you.


    Padmini Arhant

    P.S: There might be many deserving choices in the Republican Party and outside.

    If, I may take the liberty of expressing the choice for your Vice Presidential candidate;

    I think given the two most compelling issues – economy and Iraq war in the minds of the electorate,

    The New York City, Mayor, Michael Bloomberg or the Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel not only alienate your candidacy from the current unpopular administration but also bolster the Republican ticket as “centrist” among “independent” and crossover electorate.

    I am almost certain that either one of these two choices will be a “win-win” situation for you in November 2008.


    Finally, The Fairness Doctrine is to promote peace, progress and prosperity for all and bring forces against the maxim to justice.

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant

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