United States Senate Actions Chronicle

August 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The United States Senate in the past week (August 2nd – August 6th 2010) made inroads through following actions.

1. Senate Confirmation of the Supreme Court Nominee.

Senate confirmed the Supreme Court Justice nominee, Elena Kagan and further enhanced the intellectual as well as the judicial acumen in the United States Supreme Court.

Congratulations! To the Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan for the highest honor and a lifetime opportunity to serve the people of the United States with objectivity, diligence in the interpretation of the constitutional law and decisions evaluated on the pervasive impact.

As stated earlier, Justice Elena Kagan would be a valuable asset to the present distinguished Supreme Court representation in all aspects.

Best Wishes to Justice Elena Kagan in the new judicial responsibility.

President Barack Obama and Congress members deserve credit in efficiently addressing the nomination process.


2. Senate Confirmation of the National Intelligence Director

Senate also confirmed the National Intelligence Director – James R. Clapper to lead the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies.

Recently, there were concerns regarding the fragmented intelligence apparatus and the revolving complexity compromising the efficiency required to serve national security.

The newly appointed Director is claimed to possess the credentials and experience in the intelligence field with glowing references from the defense and intelligence departments.

Director Clapper is expected to integrate the national intelligence efforts and provide the management crucial for national security.

It appears that Director Clapper successfully demonstrated his ability in this respect and convinced the Senate Committee for a unanimous vote during the confirmation hearing.

Congratulations and Best Wishes! To the National Intelligence Director – James R. Clapper in the important designation to safeguard national interests.


3. Senate Approval of $26 Billion for States and Schools

Earlier in the week, the Senate passed the bill to fund the States and School districts in an effort to protect the teachers and the several government workers’ jobs.

Teachers, law enforcement and emergency department employees were facing layoffs due to the states’ severe deficit crisis.

The federal aid is a saving grace for it would provide the school districts with timely financial supplement in maintaining the proper academic environment.

With respect to the states, the furloughs hurt the employees and deep spending cuts were targeted against the essential programs.

But, now the funding could help in those areas and prevent job losses that otherwise would have exacerbated the state and national unemployment.

The $26 billion is a stopgap measure to allow the states in continuing the necessary educational and social services including the border security provision by deploying 1000 patrol agents as a strike force in the sensitive areas.

The benefits are also extended to the department of Justice in handling the excess case overload.

It’s noteworthy that the bill is entirely funded by the revenue from closing the business tax loophole and making spending cuts.

Therefore, it does not add to the national deficit.

The $600 million appropriated towards border security is also paid for. The 10 percent increase in spending is adjusted against the visa application fee hikes on the few companies sponsoring foreign workers.

Senate action is praiseworthy and reflects the authors such as the New York Senator Charles E. Schumer as well as others’ true commitment in defending the nation from economic woes and security foes.

House of Representatives are returning to vote on this bill next week. It’s indicative of their dedication to rescue the vulnerable members in the society. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House members’ action are attention worthy.

The public gratitude in this regard would be inevitably conveyed through ballots in November 2010.

Republican Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe share the appreciation for their bipartisan support in the recent legislations.

Perhaps, other Republican members would join their two esteemed colleagues in the near future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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