Myanmar – Rohingya Muslims Plight

March 16, 2018

Myanmar – Rohingya Muslims Plight

Padmini Arhant

Anytime a nation’s minority group experience isolation, persecution and human rights violations, that nation’s leaderships and government are in spotlight. Myanmar has been systematically involved in expelling Burmese born citizens of ethnic origin despite them being the second and third generation since the country was taken over by military junta through coup d’état, in the early sixties in the past century.

The military reining control over key resources like natural gas, precious metals and minerals with deals struck between them and western energy behemoths as well as emerging economic power viz. China care less about humanitarian problems and remain focused on respective economic goals.

On the other hand, Myanmar’s military rule having accommodated western backed candidate and Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s leadership and political party representation in a quasi democratic setting designed to convince the world on Myanmar’s desire towards political evolution and possible democratic environment has interestingly found a partner with similar sentiments in the wake of brutalities against Myanmar’s ethnic demography, the Rohingya Muslims.

Above all, the western leaderships and Britain in particular with the incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May recently calling out India on the treatment of minorities while ignoring the blatant violations and genocide of Rohingyas in Myanmar explains the political nature of selective empathy in humanitarian issues rather than applying one standard i.e. the golden rule on human rights abuse anywhere.

Notwithstanding the imperialists responsible for wiping civilizations and pioneering prejudice in the divide and conquer strategy until today owe an apology to victims families and the descendants besides reparation costs for depleting resources and exploiting human capital in various colonies around the world.

The western backed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s stance on this issue not only as a government representative and authority but also as a Nobel peace prize recipient confirms political expediency over humanitarian affairs demanding fairness, justice and equality in any society regardless of political system in place.

The Rohingyas conditions in Myanmar is parallel to Sri Lankan Tamils in Sri Lanka and subsequent summary execution of civilians especially the youth targeted by then Sri Lankan government. The systemic killings carried out not without regional and international i.e. India and United States support in 2009. Additionally, to facilitate the massacre, the UN peace keeping corps was withdrawn at critical juncture abandoning the pleading Sri Lankan Tamils entirely at the mercy of the former Commander in Chief and President Mahinda Rajapaksha authorized merciless killing of unarmed Tamil civilians in the island nation.

With no condemnation on Sri Lankan air raids and shelling, the Sri Lankan government’s actions barely noticed by the UN Security Council that otherwise never miss an opportunity to impose economic sanctions against the favorite adversaries like North Korea, Venezuela and alike citing human rights issues together with nations earmarked for alienation and trade embargo.

The ethnic cleansing in Myanmar by radicals that should have been prevented at onset is reprehensible. As such nations regardless of political structure are obligatory to guarantee safety and security of all citizens nationwide prohibiting discrimination and disenfranchisement.

In fact, when every nation is expected to provide the same safety measures to tourists, visitors and business travelers from overseas and safeguard them from any harm during their visit to any country,

It is incomprehensible to witness the unruly conduct and hostility against Rohingyas – one of the many ethnic groups in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s government slighting responsibility in defending the particular ethnic minority from genocide leaving them with no choice but to flee the nation offshore only to be turned down by neighboring states across the border or alternatively preyed upon by predators like human traffickers and criminal agents to abuse them for their illicit commercial trade is unacceptable. The activities could only be described as callousness on those responsible for the tragic yet avoidable humanitarian disaster.

Myanmar is not alien to ethnic diversity. In fact, there are at least one hundred and thirty five ethnic groups and Rohingyas are one of them. Among these members, the major ethnic races representing Burmese society viz. Karen, Kayin, Kayah, Bamar, Karenni, Shan, Mon, Wa, Rakhine, Palaung, Chin, Kachin and Kokang to name a few are well known in the spectrum. The segregation of a single ethnic segment, the Rohingyas denying them statehood and citizenship is a national default.

Again, the incumbent leadership Aung San Suu Kyi as the State Counsellor equivalent to Prime Minister post choosing to remain oblivious and worst failing to recognize the assault and expulsion of Rohingyas as violent and undemocratic event is extremely disappointing and deeply regrettable.

Whatever the reasons might be behind such complicity, the lack of humanitarian concern from Myanmar’s authorities and especially a Nobel Peace Prize awardee reflects poorly on individual basis and those favoring them in the international domain.

Likewise, the out of control situation in this instance towards Rohingya Muslims also raise questions about Islamic nations complacency and silence to the exclusion and expatriation of population belonging to their faith with no initiatives and pressure on western counterparts involved in economic and strategic partnerships explains the trend in humanitarian matter.

Rohingyas belong to Myanmar and ousting them using aggression and inhumane standards does not bode well for a country aspiring to be democratic and tolerant in the efforts towards political and economic development.

No nation’s progress could be real and legitimate until the people of different sect, class, gender and social paradigms possess equal rights and opportunity without being threatened in maintaining their relevant cultural heritage. Inappropriately, the definition of progress is entirely tied to economic growth, modern infrastructure and foreign investments alongside neglecting social inequality or participating in elimination of certain ethnic denomination with generational legacy.

The other tradition during racial, sectarian and communal unrest in any society is using religion as the pawn for political and fundamental cause. The practice to tarnish religions is aimed at further discord and chaos within community and the world at large. Any followers of sacred religions would refrain from unholy indulgence and strive hard to exemplify peaceful and positive traits through genuine commitment and disposition not performing for camera and audience to win superficial credit.

Nonetheless, there should be no misconception on the established truth the elements using religion to advance personal and vested interests invariably meet their fateful outcome in the end justifying the means serving as precedence to deter future engagement.

In conclusion, Rohingyas and people from anywhere confronted with synonymous plight deserve to be respected and accepted barring social indignation and injustice. Rohingyas are part of mainstream population in Myanmar and forceful deportation from their domicile is against the norm in political, social, humanitarian, ethical and practical sense.

Moving forward the restoration and rehabilitation of Rohingyas and others sharing the dilemma in Myanmar is absolutely necessary and important for the authorities in Myanmar and abroad to sustain fragile peace and stability in the South Asian and Southeast Asian region.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter







United Nations – Litmus Test

August 31, 2017

United Nations – Litmus Test

Padmini Arhant

The United Nations General Assembly scheduled on September 2nd assuming a new role in the event of UNSC dissolution is critical for the organization poised as an international body.

United Nations with 186 countries as members is headed by key powers nominating their representative as Secretary General rather than the position filled through election by member states considering the international forum expected to preside over global matter unlike the trend until now.

UN annual assembly featuring world leaders’ speeches on common issues besides relevant problems concerning them and their region is the standard format. However, the resolutions to crises are few and far between. Any attempts in this regard suffer setbacks due to obstacles from those against such measure.

The urgency to end conflicts in Syria, North Korea, Yemen, Iraq and Libya…lack political will and initiatives despite massive humanitarian toll, refugee crisis, health and environment hazard from terror sponsorship in Syria, Iraq and Libya while provocative military drills in Korean Peninsula inviting response from North Korean authority.

Not to mention starvation imposed through illegitimate sanctions affecting vast number in the country dealing with such irrational move.

The sources behind ongoing warfare and tensions declining to cease aggression towards nations targeted for economic interests and strategic dominance are primarily responsible for unwanted skirmishes and bloodshed in the regions undermining those nations sovereignty.

Any terms and conditions in disputes would normally apply to all sides for peaceful settlement. The party involved in incursions of a sovereign nation blaming the other and at the same time continuing with military exercise or backing terror outfits as the case may be rejecting international rules and civil engagement forfeit the right to objection to any response from the states bound by national defense.

The provocateurs unwillingness to refrain from activities whether military operations in Korean peninsula, illegal occupation and invasion in Afghanistan or terror manifestation in the Middle East exacerbate situations threatening world peace and security.

United Nations legitimacy is largely dependent on ability to function withstanding pressures, threats, incentives and influence having been the norm since inception to maintain international status quo. The UN concept as an international society is yet to be established with aspiring members unable to enroll and represent their cause and people oppressed by those exerting control over the organization.

Accordingly, United Nations effectiveness is based on implementing the following actions in the upcoming session.

Syria – Ending Syrian conflict with cessation of violence and terrorism. The states in opposition to peace and renouncing terror would clarify motives and inevitably deal with consequences like the ones experienced in the past and present.

Afghanistan – UN vote to end foreign occupation and complete withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops including private contractors, intelligence agents and operatives from the war torn nation is imperative.

North Korea – The withdrawal of United States base in recognition of Korean nations sovereignty allowing dialogue and diplomacy between South and North Korea to take precedence is paramount to ease frictions in Korean Peninsula. Again, insisting on prolonging strains with military instructions and preparations would only result in defeat and unnecessary confrontation.

Yemen – United States, Israel and allies enabled Saudi intrusion in Yemen producing casualties and widespread disease like cholera could no longer be a Yemeni problem. The termination of bombing and shelling in the North African nation is an immediate requirement to let Yemen emerge from persistent decimation.

Palestine – United Nations General Assembly vote to bring Palestinian plight to conclusion by declaring Palestine statehood is pertinent not only for Palestinians in beleaguered Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem i.e. occupied Palestine but also verify UN authenticity and effectiveness to act on long standing Middle East issue.

Tibet – Similarly the independence of the Himalayan nation from the People Republic of China annexation deserves attention and recognition of sovereign statehood in addition to membership as a separate country in the UN.

Taiwan – Independent status to be acknowledged as the Far East nation is a UN member.

Sri Lanka – The nation to offer equal rights barring segregation and disenfranchisement of Sri Lankan Tamils in the island nation. The other alternative is full autonomy to Tamil majority provinces to compensate for hard line government policy leading to human rights violation and denial of equal opportunity.

Myanmar – UN to vote on Rohingya Muslims citizenship rights as naturalized inhabitants of the country providing relief to Rohingyas abandoned by global community.

Kashmir – The entire population – both majority and minority rights, purging terror from across the border, demilitarization on both sides in India and Pakistan, independent investigations of abuse on all fronts, granting easy access without bureaucracy interference for citizens to travel for medical treatments and civilian government addressing the needs of all not just the preferred demography is to be promoted and executed to guarantee citizens safety and security in the valley.

Pakistan – Baluchistan and Sindh province grievances cannot be neglected as an internal affair with growing frustration among locals in these territories facing many difficulties jeopardize potential for peaceful coexistence in South Asia.

Likewise, the citizens in Africa, Latin America and indigenous groups subject to civil wars, foreign interventions disrupting political and economic stability and atrocities respectively are to be resolved in a fair and just manner to justify UN embodiment of peace and unity.

Failure in this respect would confirm United Nations power or the lack thereof and perhaps create the requisite for new global platform where all nations regardless of size and stature would contribute to the decision-making process on equal footing eliminating hierarchy.

Finally, the entities outrage at hate sentiments expressed in the organized rally in Charlottesville, Virginia is contradictory given their complacency and participation in genocide in the region and other parts of the world.

Hate and discriminatory practices against any not just the selective few must be condemned without reservations as that would exemplify genuine intolerance to prejudice prevalent towards race, religion, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic and educational background.

Humanity served to benefit all is the path to sustainable peace and success.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission














Refugee Crisis and Western Policy

January 31, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter Spouse in Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant


Light dispels night without being the knight with military might.

Beware Eye wear (Eyeglasses) manufacturers in the new craze for cosmetic spectacle blinding parody agents in search of tentacle to reach the pinnacle in the mindless act in accordance with the pact. 

BOLLYWOOD is the malady exploiting India’s majority seeking to escape tragedy. 

The filthy rich rise at the expense of those in grinding poverty with the former granted immunity on crimes from tax evasion, embezzlement, rape, man slaughter to corruption and links to under world and politics while the latter struggle for survival in the opportunistic environment is the reality delineating superficiality. 

Entertainment serving as the platform for political rhetoric is nothing more than rooster on the roof engaged in personal spoof. 

The chime rhyme with the crime not knowing the act is not worth a dime. 

Fame and fortune is a twilight zone where promiscuity and flattery pave entry to fraternity. 


The Powerful Dilemma

The state of mind as eternal when next moment is fickle.

Those who think they control everything possess nothing except fear and false pride.

Power is meaningless when subjugated to falsehood and fabrication.

Spin on issues in any direction – right, left and center make the spinner dizzy and lose consciousness sinking into coma from frost bite protecting frozen peccadillo.

Free speech tongue tied unable to swallow or spit sour candy sugar coated for palate.

License to powerful is silence for the powerless.

Secrecy and supremacy leaves democracy a fantasy.

Immunity is a privilege in return for sacrilege.

Mute the voice of salient to amplify the noise of subservient.

Bake a cake with fillings and toppings producing the fake in poor taste and quality.

Title an entitlement in the arrangement on derailment.

Dancing to tune promise fame and fortune.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission


By Padmini Arhant

Beginning with Vietnam flaring into other parts in South East Asia in the twentieth century,

East Timor during Indonesian President Haji Muhammad Suharto government an ally of western power, the massacre leading to sedition of tiny island nation.

In the twenty first century:

Myanmar – Rohingya community persecuted and declined domicile under western partnered military junta and the so-called democratic leadership Aung San Suu Kyi exemplifying political expedience over humanitarian call.

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa termination of Tamil civilian population in Eelam and Jaffna in 2009 with UN deserting the pleading citizens at the mercy of Sri Lankan army empowered by India’s Congress regime and external weapons supply.

The illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan using inside collusion 9/11 attack as premise for aggression to advance Project for New American Century (PNAC) – the western policy consistently contributes to refugee problems in the world.

The western powers and allies in the Middle East responsible for deaths and destruction in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Yemen.

Denying Palestinian statehood stalling 70 years old dispute perhaps to reach centenary and beyond remaining unresolved due to alliance rather than compliance from the party in default viz. Israel with endless settlement activity.

The U.S. administration of former President Barack Obama and State Department under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in coordination with EU intervention in removal of democratically elected government in Ukraine.

The permanent occupation of Afghanistan by United States and NATO under the pretext of security in contradiction to ground reality fomenting poppy cultivation facilitating arming of drug lords trading weapons with Taliban and insurgents to perpetuate violence in that region.

Similarly, the bifurcation of the North African nation and the largest country Sudan in July 2011 into Sudan and South Sudan resulting in scores of casualties and political chaos that is far from over until today.

Likewise, West and East Africa through western especially France recolonization bid through UNSC authorization and UN troops caused mayhem than mitigating crisis.

Latin America, constant interference to promote proxy governments displacing people choice governance in Honduras, Paraguay and Ecuador in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.  The persistent efforts to derail Argentina, Venezuela and Bolivia.  In this context previously Haiti in the Caribbean has been the victim of United States organized political unrest exiling popular leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

The fast and furious program under the administration of former President Barack Obama and Justice Department then Attorney General Eric Holder triggering Mexican drug cartels killings of Mexican citizens in Mexico opened the floodgates for feared residents in villages and outskirts to flee their once peaceful zone.

The trend continued regardless of administrations leaning left or right, moderate, conservative, liberal and progressive given illegitimate incognito forces reining control over system and world body not without complicity from executive and legislative branch leaderships representing western dais.

The empowerment of dictatorial regimes with arms delivery, maintaining diplomatic relations and providing logistic support to quell pro-democracy initiatives in Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia in recent times deprive population the freedom and fundamental right to exist in their homeland forcing them to seek refuge offshore.

The conclusion –there is an urgent need to review the policy sponsoring human rights violation, terrorism and wars prior to outcry on refugee influx in western domain.

You don’t go there if you don’t want them in your territory.

The cause and effect recognition is the preliminary step towards resolution on any issue.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission


Myanmar – Rohingya Muslims Genocide Is Humanitarian Crisis

October 31, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Myanmar leaderships’ isolation of Rohingya Muslim community in the ongoing ethnic genocide is contradictory to human nature.

While the world cherish tremendous progress in various fields,

The trajectory in human relations is unfortunately not impressive.

Human development severely lagging behind especially the inadequate global response in the treatment of marginalized and disenfranchised demography worldwide due to race, religion, uniqueness or socio-economic background exacerbates the experience.

Myanmar government and opposition could consolidate efforts to end atrocity towards Rohingya Muslims or any member in society targeted in hate crimes or xenophobia.

Such actions on moral and humanitarian grounds notwithstanding government’s political responsibility to restore peace and order would not only define leaders priority but also confirms national recognition of human rights and tolerance.

Similarly the religious leaders and humanitarian groups within Myanmar could play a prominent role exemplifying the essence of unity and outreach during crises to rescue life and assist the victims in the current violence preventing the incidents from evolving into an internal conflict that would inevitably affect all.

Injustice towards one ultimately impacts the entire sphere for the souls are inter-connected and the modern existence being globalized in economic, environmental and other important areas of common interest.

Besides, the tensions in neighboring nations diminish prospects for hassle free trade and hospitality industry such as travel and tourism providing revenues to the states in the region.

Myanmar government and opposition alike are urged to intervene to protect citizens regardless of authority designated non-citizenry status in direct violation of natural amnesty to generational inhabitancy anywhere.

Rohingya Muslims having been the integral part of mainstream society since colonial power organized transmigration for increased productivity exclusively benefitting the empire,

The community contributions despite seclusion cannot be ignored and accordingly deserves state assistance in every dimension.

Regarding western leaderships complacency in this instance once again pronounces the double standards on international affairs jeopardizing respective representation in conflict resolution as a fair and credible participant.

Concurrently, western refrainment from fomenting sectarianism or polarization witnessed throughout Middle East, Afghanistan and elsewhere would alleviate suffering for significant majority.

UN Humanitarian organization abstinence at the critical hour is a disappointment revealing the agency operation politicized rather than remaining non-partisan to mitigate human plight.

International community specifically the regional support would provide relief to Rohingya Muslims dealing with western instigated intensified attacks exploiting the minority vulnerability.

Human innate quality is compassion and empathy nurturing life unlike the status quo in Myanmar and around the world.

Life is an opportunity to demonstrate positive attributes by caring and sharing elevating individual aspirations to be benevolent benefactor for greater good.

Regrettably the hired extremists posing as the so-called Buddhist Monks to defame religion – yet another Libyan and Syrian style slaughter are wasting their lives in denying fellow human beings peaceful existence.

They are obviously misled and perhaps even unaware of the harmful effects upon them that could be easily reversed in changing course to heal instead of hurting the people in Myanmar’s western province Rakhine.

Ceasing violence would be a preliminary step in human behavior enabling reason and intellect to govern activities in adherence to conscience also recognized as the Super Consciousness – the source of knowledge providing intuitive guidance.

Rohingya Muslims desperately require humanitarian aid like food, medical supplies and other necessities that could save innocent lives in the outside elements fueled crime against humanity.

Myanmar government along with opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi commitment to calm the situation could avert unnecessary social unrest in the country.

The burden of peace, non-violence and harmony enshrined in Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy rests on national leaderships, religious heads and the citizens of Myanmar.

Not to mention the foreign influenced ethnic cleansing undermining sovereignty conforming to contemporary trend that are evidently counterproductive for the origin.

Wishing Rohingya Muslims peace and permanent solace from the struggles endured by them thus far.

Extending synonymous thoughts to generally peaceful society in Myanmar.

Peace to al!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Myanmar – Western Powers Exploitation of Religions to Incite Violence

October 27, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Western powers prominently the United States, Israel and United Kingdom representing the hegemony are not only engaged in the Middle East mayhem but also preoccupied in spreading violence worldwide.

The specific target in South East Asia interestingly although not surprisingly is Myanmar previously known as Burma.

United States and United Kingdom direct involvement with arms supply and financial aid to the ruling military junta primarily promoting ethnic and religious divide in the otherwise peaceful society.

Myanmar practicing Buddhism renowned for peace, non-violence and harmony deliberately chosen to polarize communities applying the divide and conquer strategy of the forces aimed at unattainable global dominance.

The recent incidents involving the so-called Buddhists – the United States State Department hired proxies in semblance with rebels in Libya and terror networks in Syria are deployed through the military power monetarily enticed to instigate unprecedented ethnic cleansing in that nation.

Rohingya Muslims in western state of Rakhine – the minority group killed and their homes burned by the United States sponsored terror groups posing as Buddhists to defame and discredit the religion epitomizing peace and non-violence since origin and practiced up until now.

Replicating the reprehensible act currently carried out in Syria against different demography and similarly in Lebanon via bomb explosion in Christian neighborhood to arouse tension between Muslims and Christians in these states.

The anti-peace leaderships in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel are regrettably behind the atrocity fracturing communal unity for political advantage.

Furthermore, the U.S. organized mobs disguised as Buddhists also funded to harass Christian population reportedly sought to convert to Buddhism.

Hinduism and Buddhism maintaining equal reverence for all religions initiated and established by Almighty God – the only true divine power representing the universe as the creator condemns the assault on Islam and Christianity.

Notwithstanding the subversion of Judaism by hegemony introduced Zionism.

Besides for clarification – Hinduism and Buddhism neither enforce religious doctrine on their followers nor pursue coercion with other members of diverse faith conforming to the philosophy of individual freedom and discretion.

The killings of Rohingya Muslims and similarly persecution of Christians including others subjected to prejudice is unacceptable and reproachable.

Such actions are crimes against humanity not to mention the indulgence is in direct violation of Buddhist teachings premised on tolerance, love and respect for all beings on earth.

Rohingya Muslims being citizens of Myanmar deserve equal rights and protection in every aspect.

The restriction on humanitarian aid to the victims of foreign powers incited attacks is synonymous to Palestinians experience with recent Finnish Ship Estelle diversion on international waters by Israel.

Myanmar government and political oppositions are urged to address Rohingya Muslims problems effectively restoring fair opportunity in terms of political, economic and social progress.

Likewise, Christians and Buddhists could come together in averting overseas intrusion to segregate unified existence in Myanmar.

Myanmar deprived of political freedom under military leadership using western supplied weapons on political dissidents and peaceful demonstrators is also exploited by the west with crippling economic sanctions again parallel to Cuba, North Korea,, Syria and Iran citizens’ plight.

Now the western determination to exacerbate Myanmar’s dire conditions, the misguided agents are fomenting religious clashes to vilify yet another divine entity – Lord Gautama Buddha, the incarnate of divine Lord Vishnu – the protector and savior of humanity.

In addition to eloquent facts on the meaning and purpose of life detailed in Hindu Holy Scripture Bhagvat Gita during the preceding incarnation as Lord Krishna.

Lord Vishnu’s ninth incarnation as Lord Gautama Buddha was predominantly to elaborate on universal peace, empathy and compassion.

The caricature of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon him and family) and the latest sacrilege against Lord Gautama Buddha by western ideologues responsible for world suffering reflects the lack of human elements defining character and false perception.

The despotism emanating from presumed supremacy is symptomatic of declining status in accordance with natural conclusion of Dark Age also known as the Kaliyuga.

Myanmar citizens’ solidarity to preserve the long cherished Buddhist traditions and values embracing secularism and cultural diversity in equanimity are paramount for common good.

Injustice against fellow beings inclusively affects all resulting in fragmentation and disorder caused by preventable conflicts benefitting none.

The government along with religious, social and humanitarian groups commitment honoring human dignity transcending race, religion, political and economic background are instrumental for national stability, peace and prosperity.

Wishing Rohingya Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and citizens of other equally important denomination a new beginning and promising future pledged to peace and non-violence – the foundation of Buddhism.

Hinduism and Buddhism celebrates life as a gift dedicated to bring joy and peace in service to mankind.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Myanmar – Landslide Victory for NLD in by-elections

April 3, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Congratulations! To citizens of Myanmar, National League for Democracy and leadership Aung San Suu Kyi on the landslide victory in by-elections paving way for democracy currently as strong and legitimate opposition soon evolving into republic ruling power at the center.

Myanmar has long been denied political freedom and fundamental rights to elect genuine representation committed to public and national interest.

After great sacrifices and struggles over decades, the ray of hope emerging through NLD under internationally renowned leadership of Aung San Suu Suki guarantees optimism for the South East Asian nation.

Myanmar President Thein Sein and military junta recognition of the electoral mandate is welcome more so on the political reforms exemplified in holding by-elections – the preliminary step towards democracy with anticipated rapid development on the horizon.

The conciliatory response to people’s democratic aspirations is a positive sign and maintaining the inclusive policy for equal and fair political opportunity to all regardless of demographic strength would broaden national prospects across the spectrum.

Political system receptive to democracy eliminating military governance from civilian rule is crucial for true democratic functionality beginning with constitutional amendment in this regard and civil liberty to pledge irreversible status.

Military confined to safeguarding security in the national frontiers rather than involvement in Parliamentary affair is best suited enhancing the institution’s unique responsibility and disciplinary character that could bring forth the defense academy respect and appreciation for democracy.

The election outcome favoring NLD is an affirmation for sea change in political landscape imperative for nation building and economic revival.

Military representatives amid civilian elected legislators arguably form the basis for domestic and international concerns delaying democratic process into fruition.

The military intervention in politics threatens democracy subjugating population despite opposition bipartisanship on some legislative issues creating a false perception of public acceptance amongst army hierarchy not necessarily synchronized with reality.

Myanmar government preparation to move forward with other political reforms focused on peace and reconciliation with ethnic groups would be an important milestone and a paradigm shift from the contemporary trend using military might and brutal force.

Similarly in dealing with secessionism largely arising from disenfranchisement, gross economic and social inequality marred with violence often leads to fierce confrontation ultimately resulting in civil war.

The armed conflict aimed at right to self-determination and federalism confronted with the dilemma of ceasefire or political negotiations between government and opposing factions could not be addressed without mutual agreement to end fighting and,

Meanwhile organizing peace talks for amicable resolutions on all relevant matter would expedite desperately required humanitarian relief to victims caught in crossfire.

The government procrastination or rebels default could jeopardize the fragile initiatives and keeping promises is incumbent upon on all sides to arrive at a general consensus for national benefit.

Myanmar’s request to international community especially the United States to lift economic sanctions in consideration of latest political progress with more in the immediate future is reasonable and highlights the impending actions for comprehensive political transformation required ahead of national elections in 2015.

Trade embargo invariably hurts the people more than the intended target and precipitates economic decline for the country barely surviving in the volatile global economy.

Regional cooperation could perhaps ease the burden with exchange of goods and services strengthening partnerships through exports and imports complementing the balance of trade.

Myanmar has great potential to compete effectively in the global environment provided there is political will to abandon obsolete measures to curb dissent along with divestments from military spending to economic goals.

In acknowledgment of peace and diplomacy combined with by and large free and fair elections that delivered 40 out of 45 Parliamentary seats to NLD,

The status quo confirms the present government’s willingness to accept republic governance conforming to twenty first century timeline bracing the momentum for better economic standards, political liberation and social justice.

On that sanguine note, wishing the people of Myanmar and leaderships tremendous success in all endeavors dedicated to entire society and nation at large.

Peace, republican democracy and prosperity in abundance to Myanmar.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant














Environmental Disaster – Gulf Coast Oil Spill

June 7, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Ever since the explosion at the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that initially claimed 11 lives, the avalanche of unmitigated losses has become the reality.

It is evident in the oil dripping Pelicans, dolphins and lifeless birds alongside the economically devastated fishermen, tourist industry and restaurateurs.

Approximately 1.6 million gallons of oil reportedly gushed from the spill that is yet to be completely contained.

Meanwhile, it has evolved into the economic and environmental disaster for the entire Gulf Coast threatening the inhabitants in the adjacent regions with oil plumes traced as farther in Florida.

Further, the BP oil company liable for the calamity has maintained that it could take until August 2010 to stop the leak in the face of extensive damages to the states near the Gulf Coast.

During the congressional hearing on the major environmental catastrophe, it was clear the BP executives including the federal regulators responsible for monitoring the risks failed in their assessment of the pervasive repercussions from the oceanic accident prior to issuing permits.

Like any other hearing, the company CEOs’ concern for the shareholders interest superseded national interest when they evaded the obvious questions leading to the cause and aftermath of the accident.

The disappointments following the oil spill is the BP’s unsuccessful action to block the leak and more disturbing is the legislators, especially Alaska’s Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski and others rejecting the Democrat Senator Bill Nelson’s bill to increase the cap for oil spill damages to $10 billion from $75 million,

Thereby, eliminating the possibility to hold BP accountable in the greatest man-made environmental destruction.

As it turns out, according to the NYT June 5, 2010 report – titled ‘Gulf Oil Spill’:

“The letter co-signed by Janet Napolitano, the director homeland security, said that federal agencies had already spent $93 million on the spill response, which BP is yet to reimburse.”

When the industry representatives in Congress are in the forefront protecting them from financial liabilities and diligently transferring the burden on the taxpayers,

Besides allowing the federal agency to issue more permits for offshore drilling continuation,

The combined power in Washington and Wall Street determination to ruin the habitat with unsustainable policies is conspicuous.

Not to mention their decisions adding insult to injury endured by ordinary citizens across the coastal region having a ripple effect overall.

The reason to proceed with shallow water or deep water offshore drilling is provided as the necessity to meet the enormous energy requirement in the United States.

With energy and environment directly linked to consumption and conservation, the pursuit of clean energy from natural sources – solar, wind, hydropower and bio-fuel comprise the absolute safe energy solution against the increasingly risky and hazardous resources viz. coal, oil and nuclear energy.

Now the argument is immediate availability of the latter and the projected longer duration to harness the former.

Even though the solar, wind, hydrothermal as well as bio-fuel technology is currently in use, the U.S. investment in these abundant sources is replaced by the energy industry preferred limited resources i.e. oil, coal and nuclear power.

The simple explanation for the less importance to plentiful alternatives over scarce energy resources – which has led to perpetual wars, nuclear proliferation and consequently standoff is profit driven strategy set by the OPEC, ONGC, Coal and Nuclear industry.

Anything that is freely accessible to a large extent with a higher possibility to trade within national and international territories i.e. solar, wind and hydrothermal projects are secondary choices due to the broadening energy supply capabilities inducing competition to the energy monopolies in the industry.

The recent mining accident in Virginia, oil spill in the Gulf Coast, civilian nuclear program used as a pretext for nuclear weapons –

The latest being Myanmar, the military junta is apparently involved in uranium enrichment for a nuclear warhead,

All of it underscore the urgency to adopt energy programs that are environmentally conducive.

In terms of curbing the extraordinary energy demand, the society consuming less and leaning towards environmentally healthy lifestyle is the viable remedy to the burgeoning energy shortage.

For example, California’s recent announcement to ban plastic bags throughout the state and,

Previously guiding the nation on stringent carbon emission standards through EPA regulation to avoid legislative rigmarole are the positive steps to energy saving and life enhancement on earth.

Concentrating on the green technology development to boost green jobs is a favorable short and long term economic and environment goals.

Again, divestment from the conventional minerals to natural elements is the ideal alternative to energy independence.

Unless vigorous investments are made in the solar, wind, hydrothermal, biodiesel etc.,

The world will never be ready to migrate from the life endangering fossil fuel and nuclear energy to the truly green energy production.

Planet sustenance is dependent upon the ecosystem optimized preservation that is violated through prevalent drilling and mining for oil, coal and uranium.

The limitless human wants and desires have contributed to the status quo –

A dire economy, prolonged wars, cataclysmic changes to the environment in the form of extreme drought, flood, tornadoes, hurricane and tsunamis…beyond human control.

It is made worse by the lack of recognition to rein in on the profit oriented energy opportunities depleting the earth’s resources with no regard for the present or the future.

If the energy industry giants conscientiously engage in the energy derivation from sun, wind, water and bio-fuel the demand and the affordability factor can be effectively addressed, particularly with the hydrosphere phenomena –

Oceans covering the two-thirds of the earth’s surface supplemented by sunshine and windy conditions in the equatorial zones.

Instead, polluting and contaminating the natural habitat through risky mechanisms is opted regardless of the carnage from it.

Notwithstanding, the democratic powers political appeasement of the “Petro-dictatorial” regimes merely to replenish the ever growing contemporaneous energy needs.

There are several ways to relieve the society from the energy deficiency.

Reducing the usage and maximizing the above outlined potentials is the origin to end the energy and environment crisis.

Manufacturing and distribution of eco-friendly products and services is an emerging trend but not popularized in practice.

The existing problems related to the economy, energy, environment and political issues are attributed to excess greed, self-interest and dominance ultimately affecting all.

Unfortunately, the political and economic powers resist the environmental dangers in the Gulf coast oil spill and a range of energy industry mishaps for they refuse to steer away from the traditional means irrespective of the tragic outcome.

Expecting different results from the same methods fits the fantasy than the fact.

The position on the ‘presumed’ job losses from these sectors as the justification to resume offshore drilling in spite of massive environmental harm does not bode well for it ignores the similar, if not severe economic experience by the local industries and residents affected in the oil soaked areas.

Moreover, the energy industry is being requested to retain the workforce and not abandon them by diverting to solar, wind, hydrothermal and bio-fuel sources that aptly qualify as –

“Clean energy substitutes.”

Collective reaction rather than actions is witnessed in the Gulf oil spill with BP not demonstrating the ability to terminate the leak altogether into the seventh week of the horrific incident, rendering the numerous livelihood and lives dispensable.

Monetary compensation to the victims and the states impacted by BP’s negligence is the least the oil company could offer in this instance.

Marine life has been significantly impaired creating an ecological imbalance reflective in the deteriorating food pyramid.

Offshore drilling moratorium is negated by simultaneous shallow water drilling permits despite no guarantee in the so-called ‘risk free’ process.

Conflicting preparations are detrimental to the planet, the natural habitat for all species.

Energy challenges in the modern era are best dealt with natural and holistic approach.

Gulf Coast oil spill is just the tip of the iceberg in the energy exploration.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

People’s Republic of China – Domestic and Foreign Policy

February 19, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

There is an inherent danger in the hybrid economies with the state controlled capitalism conspicuous in the Google – China controversy with the hackers in China infiltrating the Gmail user accounts.

Having been threatened by Beijing recently, I can relate to the incident.

Hence my message to Beijing is:

I remain steadfast in my commitment to the humanitarian cause and strongly condemn the Communist nation’s following actions:

Human rights violation against the people of China,

Suppression of democracy

Imprisonment of Chinese dissidents

Failure to curb human trafficking and organ extortion crimes in and from China.

Interference in foreign nations’ visitor protocol – example United States and India.

Harassment of foreign investors in Chinese soil,

Patent law and Copyrights infringement.

Music, Movies and Software piracy.

Currency manipulation to gain export advantage against the United States and the rest of the world.

Arms supply to Africa,

Aiding ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka,

Promoting tension between Pakistan and India on Kashmir,

Territorial dispute with India and incursion in the northeastern border concerning the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh.

Refusing to acknowledge Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Forging defense and economic partnership with the dictatorial regime, the military Junta in Burma.

Non-cooperation with international community on Iran and North Korea nuclear standoff.

Abuse of the U.N Security Council permanent membership.

Declining support in the global financial regulations on tax havens used by corporations.

Disregard for the COP15 Copenhagen environmental accord.

And the most reprehensible crime against humanity being –

The illegal invasion and occupation of the independent nation – Tibet

Innocent men, women, children and the Buddhist Monks of Tibet subject to tyranny and persecution.

Systemic eradication of Tibetan culture.

Desecration of the Tibetan shrines and the Tibetan Buddhist religion constituting sacrilegious in the highest order.

It’s important for the Chinese leadership to understand that economic prosperity without freedom is analogous to the bird with clipped wings locked in a golden cage.

Sooner than later the caged bird would set itself free as all living species are born to be free.

Individuals with authority fail to understand that no matter how mighty and powerful one might be –

All things must end for a new beginning in compliance with the natural law.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Reconfiguration of the U.N.Security Council

August 9, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” – simple yet meaningful creation by the renowned American Poet – Robert Lee Frost.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Only if the authorities in power – the corporations and the governments alike, in the contemporary world honor the commitment to their people and prioritize the promise to the general population over personal quest for profit, privilege, prestige and politics,

Perhaps, it might be possible to wipe out the global problems such as poverty, disease and war polluting the planet and restore the deep, dark and lovely woods that once used to be the nature’s paradise.

The past week event involving the release of two American journalists – Laura Ling and Euna Lee through high profile diplomacy aided with the former President Bill Clinton’s visit is a confirmation that communication and dialogue can be effective in resolving international crisis.

Congratulations! to President Bill Clinton on the job well done and the American citizens Laura Ling and Euna Lee on the reunion with their respective families. The former Presidents’ expertise and popularity always remains a valuable asset to the nation and the international community.

The world is not a safe place than it was before. In fact, in the nuclear era and arms proliferation – the trading of conventional and modern weaponry particularly the nuclear arsenal is a major threat to global security. It’s not the question of who’s entitled to the possession of new age weapons of mass destruction gauged by the threats materializing into action and the responsible vs. irresponsible nuclear ownership etc.

Whenever there is a hierarchy in terms of quantity and superiority, it foments a possibility for back channel arms race or illicit exchange of the nuclear technology as it is prevalent now. It’s relevant to the recently intercepted cargo shipment allegedly containing nuclear materials from North Korea to yet another brutal regime Burma.

Even though, the recent agreement between the United States and Russia in the arms reduction including the non-proliferation of nuclear warheads is significant due to President Obama’s strategy, the desire among other nations like North Korea and Iran to be a nuclear power is symbolic not to mention the defiance towards the Superpower and the United Nations.

The present volatility in international security stems from the lack of trust and cooperation among the major players in control of the world security and economic prosperity and their undue dominance for five decades yielding the status quo counter-productive. The focus is directly on the United Nations Security Council permanent membership.

U.N.Security Council originally set up with the five nations permanent membership following the major world wars I and II in identification of the role and economic status then, does not synchronize with the present reality.

Besides the poor achievements or the lack thereof on global fronts i.e. economic, political and environmental issues by the exclusive body, the obvious polarization within the P5 or the permanent membership club has been detrimental for the world security and prosperity.

The P5 has demonstrated politics more than delivering solutions on many international crises rendering the United Nations most important component redundant and controversial. The council’s inability in arriving at a consensus on crucial international matters due to predictable action by members exhibiting economic and political clout is strongly indicative of its impotence in the decision making process.

Much to the frustration and disappointment of other big and small nations, the P5 management of genuine global catastrophes ranging from nuclear containment or disarmament to alleviating poverty, hunger and disease has been a miserable failure. Any positive results in the latter attributable to the relentless work by the non-governmental and non-profit organizations funded through private endowments and caring international groups.

Again, not all P5 members meet the criteria primarily based on economic status given the conspicuous shift in the current world economic dynamics. Notwithstanding, the precipitous decline of P5 performance in hosts of issues particularly with respect to North Korea, Iran, Burma and other despot leaderships around the world, unequivocally requiring the urgent expansion of the Security Council from P5 to P11.

Further, the ‘so-called’ P5 and Plus in reference to the western ally Germany as a defacto member of the U.N.Security Council regarded hypocritical by the deserving and true economic powers seeking permanent membership for years only to be declined noting obvious reasons reminiscent of the twentieth century imperialism not in concurrence with the new millennium geo-economic and political setting.

P5’s likely opposition and reluctance to the proposal possibly viewed as a monopoly of the power, thereby unnecessarily creating opportunities for aptly qualified potential members to seek alternatives undermining the P5 course of action in the regional and worldwide issues.

Apart from the Security Council permanent membership enlargement, the U.N. Preamble is due for review and modification in the permanent members’ tenure depending on the member track record to world peace, progress and prosperity. Otherwise, the U.N. Security Council permanent membership no longer set in stones as a guaranteed life-long privilege for the perceived presumptuous players despite them abdicating responsibilities, and voting rights abuse on global matter witnessed until date.

To reiterate, under the new structure, the permanent membership will be strictly merit based and humanitarian objectives attained collectively from the individual member contribution. Non-cooperative members on universal cause viz. defense programs and warfare, environment…disqualified and replaced with other aspirants subject to eligibility conditions.

In light of the true perspective, the new members to the imminent expanded P11 Security council, in addition to the existing ones – United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China are:

Brazil, Japan, India, South Africa, Germany and UAE (United Arab Emirates) assuming functions of the permanent council members in the leadership role for the respective regions reflecting diligence and fair representation anchored on promoting regional trade, security, economic prosperity, cultural exchange and eventually nuclear disarmament.

The inevitable expansion in addition to the prevailing U.N. temporary membership on roster allowing other U.N. members to participate in the international resolution to global issues is the only and concrete remedy for the burgeoning arms deal, human rights violation, illegal occupation of lands, economic disparities, natural disasters and last but not the least global warming.

As stated above, the five members council neither adequately represents nor addresses the growing demands by the rest of the world in terms of political, economic, energy, social, cultural, and environmental challenges.

Therefore, it is incumbent on the United Nations to pursue the proposal set forth for immediate reorganization of the Security Council irrespective of the five members dissent or approval in accordance with the new world order.

Reconfiguration of the Security Council would provide positive outcome with majority voting
in favor of curbing international threats and terrorism, nuclear non-proliferation leading to disarmament by all nations, economic prospects, and political stability by liberating occupied lands as well as containing if not eliminating miseries in the impoverished regions of the world.

The recommended action targeted towards power and responsibility sharing among other economic and democratic/progressive nations rather than the continuation of twentieth century dominance proven ineffective in advancing the humanitarian rights and goals.

Finally, Congratulations are in order for the new member nations to the Security Council –

Brazil, Japan, India, South Africa, Germany and UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Appropriately representing the continents/regions considering their contributions to the world economic, political and international security.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant