Myanmar – Rohingya Muslims Genocide Is Humanitarian Crisis

October 31, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Myanmar leaderships’ isolation of Rohingya Muslim community in the ongoing ethnic genocide is contradictory to human nature.

While the world cherish tremendous progress in various fields,

The trajectory in human relations is unfortunately not impressive.

Human development severely lagging behind especially the inadequate global response in the treatment of marginalized and disenfranchised demography worldwide due to race, religion, uniqueness or socio-economic background exacerbates the experience.

Myanmar government and opposition could consolidate efforts to end atrocity towards Rohingya Muslims or any member in society targeted in hate crimes or xenophobia.

Such actions on moral and humanitarian grounds notwithstanding government’s political responsibility to restore peace and order would not only define leaders priority but also confirms national recognition of human rights and tolerance.

Similarly the religious leaders and humanitarian groups within Myanmar could play a prominent role exemplifying the essence of unity and outreach during crises to rescue life and assist the victims in the current violence preventing the incidents from evolving into an internal conflict that would inevitably affect all.

Injustice towards one ultimately impacts the entire sphere for the souls are inter-connected and the modern existence being globalized in economic, environmental and other important areas of common interest.

Besides, the tensions in neighboring nations diminish prospects for hassle free trade and hospitality industry such as travel and tourism providing revenues to the states in the region.

Myanmar government and opposition alike are urged to intervene to protect citizens regardless of authority designated non-citizenry status in direct violation of natural amnesty to generational inhabitancy anywhere.

Rohingya Muslims having been the integral part of mainstream society since colonial power organized transmigration for increased productivity exclusively benefitting the empire,

The community contributions despite seclusion cannot be ignored and accordingly deserves state assistance in every dimension.

Regarding western leaderships complacency in this instance once again pronounces the double standards on international affairs jeopardizing respective representation in conflict resolution as a fair and credible participant.

Concurrently, western refrainment from fomenting sectarianism or polarization witnessed throughout Middle East, Afghanistan and elsewhere would alleviate suffering for significant majority.

UN Humanitarian organization abstinence at the critical hour is a disappointment revealing the agency operation politicized rather than remaining non-partisan to mitigate human plight.

International community specifically the regional support would provide relief to Rohingya Muslims dealing with western instigated intensified attacks exploiting the minority vulnerability.

Human innate quality is compassion and empathy nurturing life unlike the status quo in Myanmar and around the world.

Life is an opportunity to demonstrate positive attributes by caring and sharing elevating individual aspirations to be benevolent benefactor for greater good.

Regrettably the hired extremists posing as the so-called Buddhist Monks to defame religion – yet another Libyan and Syrian style slaughter are wasting their lives in denying fellow human beings peaceful existence.

They are obviously misled and perhaps even unaware of the harmful effects upon them that could be easily reversed in changing course to heal instead of hurting the people in Myanmar’s western province Rakhine.

Ceasing violence would be a preliminary step in human behavior enabling reason and intellect to govern activities in adherence to conscience also recognized as the Super Consciousness – the source of knowledge providing intuitive guidance.

Rohingya Muslims desperately require humanitarian aid like food, medical supplies and other necessities that could save innocent lives in the outside elements fueled crime against humanity.

Myanmar government along with opposition leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi commitment to calm the situation could avert unnecessary social unrest in the country.

The burden of peace, non-violence and harmony enshrined in Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy rests on national leaderships, religious heads and the citizens of Myanmar.

Not to mention the foreign influenced ethnic cleansing undermining sovereignty conforming to contemporary trend that are evidently counterproductive for the origin.

Wishing Rohingya Muslims peace and permanent solace from the struggles endured by them thus far.

Extending synonymous thoughts to generally peaceful society in Myanmar.

Peace to al!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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