Myanmar – Western Powers Exploitation of Religions to Incite Violence

October 27, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Western powers prominently the United States, Israel and United Kingdom representing the hegemony are not only engaged in the Middle East mayhem but also preoccupied in spreading violence worldwide.

The specific target in South East Asia interestingly although not surprisingly is Myanmar previously known as Burma.

United States and United Kingdom direct involvement with arms supply and financial aid to the ruling military junta primarily promoting ethnic and religious divide in the otherwise peaceful society.

Myanmar practicing Buddhism renowned for peace, non-violence and harmony deliberately chosen to polarize communities applying the divide and conquer strategy of the forces aimed at unattainable global dominance.

The recent incidents involving the so-called Buddhists – the United States State Department hired proxies in semblance with rebels in Libya and terror networks in Syria are deployed through the military power monetarily enticed to instigate unprecedented ethnic cleansing in that nation.

Rohingya Muslims in western state of Rakhine – the minority group killed and their homes burned by the United States sponsored terror groups posing as Buddhists to defame and discredit the religion epitomizing peace and non-violence since origin and practiced up until now.

Replicating the reprehensible act currently carried out in Syria against different demography and similarly in Lebanon via bomb explosion in Christian neighborhood to arouse tension between Muslims and Christians in these states.

The anti-peace leaderships in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel are regrettably behind the atrocity fracturing communal unity for political advantage.

Furthermore, the U.S. organized mobs disguised as Buddhists also funded to harass Christian population reportedly sought to convert to Buddhism.

Hinduism and Buddhism maintaining equal reverence for all religions initiated and established by Almighty God – the only true divine power representing the universe as the creator condemns the assault on Islam and Christianity.

Notwithstanding the subversion of Judaism by hegemony introduced Zionism.

Besides for clarification – Hinduism and Buddhism neither enforce religious doctrine on their followers nor pursue coercion with other members of diverse faith conforming to the philosophy of individual freedom and discretion.

The killings of Rohingya Muslims and similarly persecution of Christians including others subjected to prejudice is unacceptable and reproachable.

Such actions are crimes against humanity not to mention the indulgence is in direct violation of Buddhist teachings premised on tolerance, love and respect for all beings on earth.

Rohingya Muslims being citizens of Myanmar deserve equal rights and protection in every aspect.

The restriction on humanitarian aid to the victims of foreign powers incited attacks is synonymous to Palestinians experience with recent Finnish Ship Estelle diversion on international waters by Israel.

Myanmar government and political oppositions are urged to address Rohingya Muslims problems effectively restoring fair opportunity in terms of political, economic and social progress.

Likewise, Christians and Buddhists could come together in averting overseas intrusion to segregate unified existence in Myanmar.

Myanmar deprived of political freedom under military leadership using western supplied weapons on political dissidents and peaceful demonstrators is also exploited by the west with crippling economic sanctions again parallel to Cuba, North Korea,, Syria and Iran citizens’ plight.

Now the western determination to exacerbate Myanmar’s dire conditions, the misguided agents are fomenting religious clashes to vilify yet another divine entity – Lord Gautama Buddha, the incarnate of divine Lord Vishnu – the protector and savior of humanity.

In addition to eloquent facts on the meaning and purpose of life detailed in Hindu Holy Scripture Bhagvat Gita during the preceding incarnation as Lord Krishna.

Lord Vishnu’s ninth incarnation as Lord Gautama Buddha was predominantly to elaborate on universal peace, empathy and compassion.

The caricature of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon him and family) and the latest sacrilege against Lord Gautama Buddha by western ideologues responsible for world suffering reflects the lack of human elements defining character and false perception.

The despotism emanating from presumed supremacy is symptomatic of declining status in accordance with natural conclusion of Dark Age also known as the Kaliyuga.

Myanmar citizens’ solidarity to preserve the long cherished Buddhist traditions and values embracing secularism and cultural diversity in equanimity are paramount for common good.

Injustice against fellow beings inclusively affects all resulting in fragmentation and disorder caused by preventable conflicts benefitting none.

The government along with religious, social and humanitarian groups commitment honoring human dignity transcending race, religion, political and economic background are instrumental for national stability, peace and prosperity.

Wishing Rohingya Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and citizens of other equally important denomination a new beginning and promising future pledged to peace and non-violence – the foundation of Buddhism.

Hinduism and Buddhism celebrates life as a gift dedicated to bring joy and peace in service to mankind.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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