Global Pandemic and China

June 12, 2020

Global Pandemic and China

Padmini Arhant

The corona virus SARS-CoV2 transformed into global pandemic continues to consume lives affecting millions worldwide with a catastrophic impact on every domestic economy producing aggregate effects on the global economy. The pandemic caused health disaster and economic collapse is immeasurable.

The corona virus(COVID-19) genome SARS-CoV2 identified as such by China and scientific community gaining rapid human to human transmissibility that was initially denied by Chinese authorities in Beijing and endorsed by World Health Organization at the outbreak onset is on the record. Furthermore, the travel ban that was critical to prevent the spread of the virus was also rejected in the earlier days by Beijing and WHO stating the virus posed no threat to humans and the world need not be alarmed in that respect. Again these are public statements from Beijing and WHO even after the virus explosion in Italy, Iran and South East Asia.

Although Beijing dispute the origin of the virus, the infection starting in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China and the Wuhan Institute of Virology located mere 300 feet from the wet market are factual data. The latest confirmation on SARS-COV2 virus genetic alteration research showing characteristics in correlation with the virus adaptability in humans affected in the current pandemic doesn’t appear to be a coincidence. No matter how these findings and new revelations are circumvented, at the end of the day the virus origin and source emerging from Wuhan, China is incontrovertible.

China’s virologist Shi Zengli referred to as the bat woman apparently for her prolonged study of corona virus in bats having become unavailable soon after the viral eruption now suddenly appearing following scientific determination on possible viral leak from Wuhan lab to defend indefensible position on all issues in Wuhan Institute of Virology and handling of the cataclysmic event quoting politicization of science perhaps at Beijing’s behest is a weak argument. The authorities in Beijing having ignored the lapses in the P4 lab and Wuhan Institute of Virology settings brought to attention by United States embassy in Beijing in January 2018 with little or no precautionary measures including secrecy on experiments in Wuhan lab directly concerning humanity cannot be slighted as sheer politics especially when the world is experiencing insurmountable health and economic crises due to the pandemic.

In fact, the authorities in Beijing had politicized the corona virus right from early detection in Wuhan until today letting that evolve into a pandemic crossing international borders and territories rather than allowing science, medicine and public health experts to address the problem there and then when it actually occurred in Wuhan, China.

Furthermore, Beijing’s aggressive tactics forcing medical professionals and scientists including virologists in Wuhan Institute of Virology to abscond from the scene while silencing whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang to death bare evidence to Beijing’s hard line policy toward own population in Wuhan and rest of China.

Notwithstanding Chinese Communist party leadership politicizing SARS-COV2 known as COVID19 from the get go until now barring access to international experts in the assessment of virus origin and source.

There is no doubt that collaborators on experiments conducted in Wuhan lab facilitated and funded by those in Europe, United States and other western nations with fair knowledge about China’s political system granting carte blanche authority to China’s leadership without proper oversight in place on the operation, methods and various undertakings in Wuhan Institute of Virology share responsibility for resting decisions exclusively to China.

In general, science explorations into future assuming to protect humanity from potential health and survival hazards such as pandemics, the involvement without any preparedness for untowardness jeopardize humanity endangering lives and livelihoods prevalently encountered in the corona virus mass infection. Regardless, science bear serious responsibility and propriety to avert consequences snowballing beyond control like the present pandemic.

Beijing turning the tide against global citizenry, the corona virus victims either succumbed to the deadly virus or fighting the pandemic in the health and economic front exacerbate situation. Instead, Beijing extending full cooperation for an independent investigation and inquiry into SARS-COV2 i.e. COVID 19 cause and catalysts without political meddling from anywhere would substantiate any claims one way or another besides setting precedence to prevent pandemics in the future.

The corona virus detected and treated in Wuhan, China as far back as October 2019. However, Wuhan epidemic brought to world notice only in late January 2020 with lockdowns imposed in late March this year.

Political angle to the pandemic is the health calamity downing healthy economy coinciding with United States Presidential election year in 2020 when Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has long been engaged in corona virus experiments since 2009.

On the global response to pandemic – the lockdowns in the absence of any prevention or cure to the highly infectious corona virus reportedly effective per public health officials and governments though not without economic costs and in many parts of the world drastically affecting the poor, fragile and the most vulnerable in health and economic terms largely attributed to financial constraints, insufficient resources considering demand surge in medical supplies and little or no economic relief from governments in certain economies leaving population to deal with hunger and lack of facilities amid extensive shelter-in-place order.

The migrant workers in different countries share a common problem and that was being stranded in locations without ways to support them and their families especially with the layoffs and no income forcing them to return home. In India for example, the migrant workers lost their lives in preventable causes of death and many from starvation, heat exhaustion and accidents in the course of long journey by foot back home covering as far as 1,500 km or more. These tragedies were avoidable had the migrant workers been able to leave earlier by available means of transport prior to lockdown with the central government giving adequate time rather than spur of the moment decision confining them to congested settings defeating the purpose of social distancing and close contact.

The extended lockdowns would be feasible had the governments made provisions to supply food and essential services including financial assistance to cover the entire period with factories and regular working conditions shut down in the wake of the pandemic. The easing of lockdowns based on local authorities reports on pandemic effects in their areas and accordingly setting guidelines for gradual reopening would be the initial steps towards economic revival. Any drastic measures always leads to undesirable outcome. Citizens on their part maintaining self-discipline in personal hygiene stated earlier like washing hands and feet, sanitizing commonly used surfaces, allowing 6 feet distance avoiding  personal contact when outside, monitoring personal health to remain healthy and active are all necessary to combat virus and keep illnesses at bay.

Now on China’s policy in mainland, Xin Jiang province, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, India, South China Sea and other territories facing the Communist Party’s authoritarianism is a matter of grave concern. China’s rise to economic power status is a consolidation of local population hard work, global consumers contribution and western powers overarching privileges granted to Communist Party in Beijing contradictory to western stance on communism and socialism imposing sanctions against other nations lasting over decades typically enriched China’s politburo members and multinational companies representing the top 1% in global society.  

Hong Kong – Beijing agreed to Hong Kong’s autonomy under one country two systems recognizing the island as an independent territory with own legislative assembly, rule of law, judiciary, trade and economic relations with the rest of the world including China on autonomous basis until now. China’s broken promise in the introduction of national security law defining pro-democracy movement as extremism and going further in labeling any future attempts on democratic rights as terrorism and sedition is clear human rights violation for a nation presiding over the same issues from other parts of the world as a permanent member of United Nations Security Council with veto power. China’s  contradiction in this respect is a serious flaw beckoning Beijing authorities unconditional acknowledgment of Hong Kong’s autonomy. China honoring the residents democratic rights is the path to peaceful resolution on Hong Kong independence.

Similarly in mainland and Xin Jiang province, China – Beijing’s crackdown on non-violent political dissidents in mainland and Uighur Muslims plight in the supposedly autonomous Xin Jiang province has attracted international condemnation with situations only deteriorating as time goes by with no hope for freedom of speech. In Uighur Muslims’ case, the internment camps enduring torture and all sorts of abuse denying foreign press any access to view their conditions in isolation tarnish China’s image. The fundamental changes beginning with individual rights, political freedom, freedom of press and other basic human rights in every aspect are imperative for real progress in China.

Taiwan – Beijing asserting rights over sovereign Taiwan as China’s territory falls under the same category as territorial annexation by force. Taiwan is an independent nation with democratically elected leadership, President Tsai Ing-Wen having been re-elected to second term in office. Taiwan’s status as a free democratic state is a long standing position that cannot be subverted under threat or political intrusion.

Tibet – the Buddhist nation though regarded an autonomous region under China, the reality is otherwise. Tibet was once an independent nation that was aggressively invaded and taken over by neighboring China. Tibet has an elected government in exile formally referred to as Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) headed by President Lobsang Sangay, the lawful democratic governing body to govern Tibet. Beijing’s claim on Tibet is inexplicable. Tibet independence from China is quintessential for the latter’s interpretation of autonomy with sovereign statehood. Tibet was a free country. Ever since occupation in 1959, the Tibetan population are subject to enormous suffering with culture and civilization completely wiped out under China. Time for Tibet liberation from People Liberation Army (PLA) and Beijing’s control in China ending the decades old sovereign subjugation.

Nepal – the proud Himalayan nation at the foothills of the highest peak Mt.Everest, the heavenly abode of God Shiva with Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha is unfortunately landlocked between  China and India. Nepal is compelled to contend with wanton skirmishes and territorial seizures considering authoritarian leaderships in both China and India sharing common aspirations especially towards neighbors regarded weak and vulnerable. Nonetheless, Nepal possess abilities to deal with challenges in the shadow of holy heritage, the majestic Himalayan premise.

India –  China having previously annexed approximately 38,000 Aksai Chin in Ladakh and reportedly entered the region across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) recently surrounding India in all directions from west in Ladakh,  north and northeast viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Assam and,

In south, reports confirm China having seized the island strip in Indian territory off Maldives in Indian Ocean pouring millions of pounds sand in preparation for submarine base are significant encroachment and invasion of foreign land, in this instance India. China and India have been drawn into warfare earlier in 1962, 1967…and were at the brink of escalation in Doklam border standoff near Bhutan in 2017. These incursions and invasions characterize China’s hegemony against Nuclear India and other neighbors in the region. In other security issues related to India, China’s empathy to Pakistan based terror networks extended when China was the only country among the 15-member UNSC to have opposed the ban on Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar despite the terror group’s terrorism against India.

China carried out these activities while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping on several occasions reminiscent of Gujarat days when the former Chief Minister entertained Chinese investments in Gujarat and all over India upon assuming office as Prime Minister. India’s trade deficit with China is $57.4 billion per public data given opaqueness on both sides of the government in revealing the latest figure. India’s earlier trade surplus $3.9 billion against Hong Kong reversed into $2.7 billion trade deficit in 2018 following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visits to India.

China has consistently been the beneficiary against India accessing Indian market in trade and economic deals. In return India received China’s military interventions via troops deployment covering all sides of the Indian territory. Additionally, China’s overt and covert operations in north eastern states luring Indian citizens to Beijing’s economic incentives laden with political agenda are some of many omissions on the Indian government oversight.

Chinese leaderships decision on immediate withdrawal of troops, artillery and military assets from the current positions within, near and around India is paramount and remains the determining factor for China’s recovery from internal economic turmoil, pandemic containment and political turbulence in Communist party politburo.

China has the opportunity to alleviate unnecessary tensions with India. The two nations as ancient civilizations has much to benefit from each other in mutual growth and development that inarguably requires trust and reliable partnership without any surprises such as the ongoing border intrusion and military posturing in the Himalayas and across Indian boundary in the region.

The elephant and dragon dance is possible upon the dragon, the mythical character in ancient legend renounce emitting fire endangering self and all around. On the contrary, the elephant existing since time immemorial worshipped in Hindu, Buddhist religion and offshoots proved priceless in living and beyond for many attributes is testimony to peaceful co-existence in the habitat.

South-China Sea – the increased clashes in international waters between China and ASEAN countries viz. Vietnam after the Vietnamese fishing boat drowning linked to China’s interception, Malaysia reportedly confronted by China near Malaysian oil rig facility, Philippines intimidated by China restricting local fishing and availing marine resources in archipelago. Japan has long standing territorial dispute with China over Senkaku Islands dispute, or Diaoyu Islands dispute respectively. Tiaoyutai Islands is contested between China and Taiwan.

Needless to say United States patrol in South China Sea unwelcome and perceived as interference by China in the overall international collision in Asian waters.

The nations worldwide burdened with pandemic originating in Wuhan, China enforcing economic shut down has inflicted phenomenal losses that are irreversible in terms of fatalities, a staggering 388,000 and still rising and 6.6 million affected right now from the deadly virus cannot be written off as benign incident. The pandemic generated humongous economic liabilities depriving billions from livelihoods and driving businesses into insolvency is historic and expected to prolong over a period of time until economic revival and sustainability.

The global citizens as prime consumers of Made in China goods and services are naturally frustrated and feel betrayed by Beijing and World Health Organization’s joint lapses and malfeasance in withholding facts and numbers on the virus victims at the start of the pandemic.

Beijing might succeed in winning favors from certain governments, organizations, multinational companies and those willing to appease China’s Leaderships at any level.

The average citizens as retail buyers buying goods manufactured in China instrumental in China’s economic empowerment hold the key to Beijing’s present and future.

Hence, China’s political, economic, strategic, military and social transformation conforming to individual freedom, free speech, free press, civil rights, democratic system, open free society within China towards own people and Hong Kong citizens aspiring democratic values with self-governance, independent Taiwan, Xin Jiang province, Tibet and all others enunciated above in South and South East Asia, South Pacific and the rest of the world are no longer a choice but an obligation to rebuild China and the global economy.

China’s seismic shift in political and strategic evolution accepting democracy, respecting human rights, neighbors sovereignty, territorial integrity and above all transparency and trustworthiness in all dealings is the only way forward to earn global citizens confidence and approval.

China’s economic prosperity ascribed to free market enterprise in the global economy venturing into mainland invigorated meteoric rise. The political and strategic reforms in China’s system is long overdue for positive exchange in relations severely compromised in Beijing’s rattled response to COVID19 and economic ramifications.

Beijing’s reconciliation and rapprochement with India and neighbors in South China Sea would renew ties boosting economic progress amongst all.

China’s engagement with United States and western powers is a complex relationship. China positioned as a major creditor financing and servicing western economies. The trade war with United States alongside China as the manufacturing hub for United States mega corporations is an inter-dependent economic chain link with lingering mistrust and mendacious malfeasance overwhelming at certain times like currency manipulation to gain export advantage and leverage foreign currency reserves and at present the corona virus corroded the benefit of doubt against China.

United States recent steps against China are motivated by the latter’s inconsistency in meeting expectations with inherent deficiencies in mutual cooperation and understanding on many issues from economic strengths to intellectual property rights that are contentious requiring considerable revisions and renewed measures for a fresh dependable transparent trade alliance.

In conclusion, China’s awakening to twenty first century reality represented by generation within the country, Xin Jiang Province, neighboring Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan for independence leading to a democratic society with freedom, political rights, individual liberty to elect government through ballots not bullets, honoring the will and wishes of nations seeking respect for their sovereignty and territorial integrity, abandoning hostility for harmony with all nations in the region and world wide is the only way forward to establish meaningful and universally acceptable transition that guarantees trust, peace and fulfillment on obligations and commitments.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





















North Korea and United States Historic Summit

June 11, 2018

North Korea and United States Historic Summit

Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon-Jae-in on the historic summit and a peaceful beginning that has been long overdue.

North Korea having taken the necessary step in demolition of the nuclear site and subsequent peace developments between North and South Korean leaderships paved the way for the summit in Singapore. President Donald Trump has taken the courageous and pragmatic approach that has been avoided by earlier administrations and gone further in recognizing the real problem i.e. United States military exercises and 32,000 troops deployment which is indeed provocative.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is demonstrating willingness and commitment on denuclearization together with earlier gesture in releasing three American hostages held on espionage. These steps are significant and accordingly merits removing economic sanctions against the people in North Korea allowing the economic opportunities that would not only benefit North and South Korea along with the entire Asian region but also provide trade prospects between United States and North Korea.

The initial measure is the cornerstone for success of the historic summit.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

North Korea and United States Peace Summit

Padmini Arhant

The first meeting between the leaderships in North Korea and United States is in progress in Singapore. The engagement in direct dialogue at high levels is the beginning for any positive outcome in relations that has been challenged over decades with unnecessary tensions and confrontational interactions causing anxiety and grave concerns regarding the situation in Korean Peninsula.

North Korea’s initiative for a personal meeting with United States administration that had been requested over a long time is now taking place in Singapore.  United States response to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a welcoming gesture that could lead to a possible breakthrough in relations undermined with aggressions and economic sanctions until now. The population in Korea having endured tremendous suffering especially the people in North Korea due to sanctions and military activities in the territory deserve peaceful resolution ending the long standing disagreements and transforming the armistice to irreversible peace accord.

The world’s attention is on the ongoing talks that could not be expected to settle all issues in the initial communication. Peace requires patience, perseverance and sincere commitment from all sides that would mean pursuing continuous peaceful involvement.

I look forward to the momentum in maintaining mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity besides equal understanding from all sides that is fundamental to any peaceful agreement. 

I convey my best wishes to the citizens in North and South Korea as well as others in the region for permanent peace and harmony that would guarantee economic progress and development benefitting all. 

P.S. I don’t play basketball though I have nothing against the sport. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


North Korea – Missile Launch

November 29, 2017


North Korea – Missile Launch

Padmini Arhant

North Korea’s latest missile launch demonstrating Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capability, however lacking in ability to deliver nuclear payload due to weight and velocity leads to classification as test mode rather than operational type.

The inconsistency in United States media reporting on description and details with major television broadcasters – the cable news network (CNN) sounding alarm on the supposedly imminent threat to entire U.S and the world at large is media sensationalism. Such sound bites set the stage for warfare witnessed in the past and recent air raids and bombing in Libya and Iraq earlier with media propaganda.

The news media, the television networks in particular exercising caution and diligence with proper verification of facts for accuracy on reporting any matter ranging from sensitive nuclear issue to regular news events would be credible. The media has a responsibility to maintain ethical standards in coverage and analysis. The failure to do so given the pattern on media drum roll for warfare ignoring dire consequences and massive casualties is irresponsible journalism. The media trend favoring military intervention is well known exposing media role in fomenting violence.

North Korea’s nuclear program is contentious and as stated on this website many times over, the situation is a cause and effect scenario with provocation via U.S. troops deployment in Korean Peninsula under the pretext of protecting allies South Korea and Japan combined with crippling economic sanctions prompting reaction from North Korea.

United States recognition of the problem in this regard followed with genuine commitment through dialogue and diplomacy is the preliminary step towards diffusing conflict with North Korea.

Simultaneously, North Korean leadership outreach to South Korean people and government for direct discourse setting aside political differences and military exchanges is critical since the development in North Korea and United States position through missile launches and military exercise respectively upon reaching adverse point would immediately affect those in the Peninsula beginning with citizens in South and North Korea as well as large U.S. troops contingency in the region.

Obviously, there is an urgent need to invest in renewing communication between North and South as the crisis is related to the fate of Korean citizens on both sides forced into decades long skirmish with foreign meddling and presence for economic and strategic dominance preventing any hope to evolve from prevalent armistice to permanent peace treaty in Korea.

North Korea seeking nuclear status in self-defense against U.S. air strikes and military action could be deterred in the latter withdrawal of military activities in Yellow Sea and large naval base at North Korea’s doorstep. The aggression verbatim and in naval drills thus far substituting civil engagement proved counterproductive. Unless the most powerful nuclear nation i.e. the United States refrains from actions threatening security and sovereignty of any foreign nation and in this instance North Korea, the crisis would not desist.

Nuclear threats not just between North Korea and United States but in fact amongst any other nuclear states like India and Pakistan or for that matter the anti-Russian sentiments in the United States political circle with think tanks as well as institutions and organizations designing U.S. foreign policy not ruling out nuclear confrontation observed in the Cuban missile crisis in the past century is a reality.

Similar warning against Iran in the Middle East by United States during Presidential race and administrations in power regardless of right or left in political representation are reasons for nuclear quest in deterrence and not defiance to nuclear challenge from United States and other nuclear powers.

The call for denuclearization of North Korea would be practical in accepting and implementing the same rule across the spectrum not just selective imposition against nations isolated for geopolitical and economic aspirations that in return exacerbate any prospects on nuclear disarmament.

The world is never safe with nuclear weapons in anyone’s possession that are categorized as responsible vs. reckless in nuclear proliferation. The nuclear arms and advanced technology deployed in short and long range missiles with nuclear warhead endanger life and planet survival.

The recent vote in the United Nations on nuclear disarmament clarified the will of the majority to rid the world of nuclear menace.

Please refer to  UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament

United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia voting against the proposal is a disillusionment revealing the nuclear powers misplaced priority neglecting life over nuclear stockpiles.

The acknowledgment of nuclear danger among nuclear and non-nuclear states serving as de facto to nuclear power translated into agreement to nuclear arsenal disposal by all on independent international oversight would exemplify sincerity and obligation to leave behind a nuclear free world for the present and future generation.

The contemporary conditions are not favorable amid higher nuclear ambitions amongst major nuclear powers allocating disproportionate spending on nuclear enhancement and modernizing nuclear techniques while demanding nations they are in discord with to disavow nuclear program. The extraordinary expectations only reverse the opportunity on nuclear free zone.

In any setting, the prominent nuclear states viz. United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, India and Pakistan… along with the rest submitting to nuclear disarmament would legitimize concern on nuclear proliferation by others paving the way for positive outcome. In the absence of any desire to renounce nuclear status by nuclear powers rejecting the idea of non-nuclear world promotes anxiety and necessity among the targeted nations to be a nuclear force.

North Korea’s reservations on nuclear deal is premised on United States legacy against Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Syria and nations invaded for economic interests. The paradigm shift in U.S. foreign policy to respect and honor nations barring threats and military intrusions instead inviting them to a meaningful discussion would be conducive in building trust moving forward. Any other option that discounts peaceful negotiations would be a cavalier approach with extreme ramifications. The egregious decisions resulting in irreversible loss of lives and regional chaos would be disastrous and unwise.

North Korean leadership Kim Jong Un and military advisers are urged to pursue diplomatic course with South Korea and Japan abandoning repetitive missile launch in Sea of Japan.  The time and resources expended in aggressive maneuvers should be directed at peaceful overtures that are guaranteed to be beneficial in winning global community support and ending foreign occupation.

Nuclear exchanges are not to be taken for granted as there is nothing to gain except debris and devastation highlighting abuse of power and violation of many lives at stake.

In conclusion, the nuclear powers unanimous consensus in relinquishing nuclear rights is the absolute and fair resolution on nuclear strategy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine mission


North Korea Nuclear Testing

September 3, 2017

North Korea Nuclear Testing

Padmini Arhant

North Korea Nuclear Testing – As long as the status quo remains with United States and South Korea military drills in Korean Peninsula and sanctions against people in North Korea providing the reason for North Korea Nuclear armament in self-defense, the tension in the region is bound to escalate.

Just before the latest nuclear testing by North Korea on Sunday, the U.S. sources behind North Korea standoff reiterated their position on reunification of Korea as undesirable. Instead they clearly stated their preference for contemporary North Korea.

Such statement clarifies the state of affairs which means South Korea is expected to eternally depend on United States military base on their soil. The situation has striking resemblance to Afghanistan.

Like the 16 years old war in Afghanistan proved unwinnable having lost scores of lives on all sides and incurred phenomenal economic liability to a tune of $6 trillion at U.S. taxpayers’ expense, the failed policy on troop surge pursued to prolong stagnancy.

With respect to Korea – The skirmishes involving back and forth responses between U.S. and North Korea via military exercise and nuclear testing respectively to continue unabated creating an environment for all nations in the region to beef up defense stockpiles absorbing major share of every nation’s national budget.

The military industrial complex and prominent think tanks hawkish strategy to thrive rain or shine exacerbates any potential for peaceful resolution not only concerning North Korea but anywhere in the world.

Not surprisingly, the defunct UNSC serves illegitimate actions provoking nations to adopt extreme measures in retaliation.

Unless the trend targeting nations for economic interests and strategic dominance cease with recognition of those nations’ sovereignty, the global security is threatened by unnecessary aggression and egregious decisions without reflecting on own interventions behind the conflict.

The nations under military incursion are required to accept hostility as the norm and acquiesce to harsh and unfair conditions imposed through UNSC and unipolar assessments.

South Korea extending an olive branch to North Korea and the latter in return authorizing peaceful negotiations with the former rather than nuclear threats is the only way forward to defuse crisis in the Peninsula.

United States removal of troops and military artillery from Korean Peninsula is critical to avert any disaster.

Unfortunately, profitability is prioritized over citizens’ lives and safety in the war games that are no longer affordable in the nuclear age.

There is an urgency for responsibility and reason to prevail over recklessness and obstinacy.

United States military presence in foreign shores under any pretext is naturally unwelcome and having negative impact on any possible resolutions between North and South Korea.

The citizens in North and South Korea together with the entire population in Asia Pacific deserve to exist in peace and not be subject to lingering hostility promoted by myopic foreign policy.

There should be no reluctance in diplomacy and dialogue with North Korea. Similarly, North Korean leadership direct engagement with South Korean counterpart would exemplify both nations’ commitment to protect people and the nation they represent that otherwise seemingly held hostage to political and military demand.

Power is worthy in resolving disputes without expending lives and taxpayer funds that are best divested in nation building and economic development.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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North Korea – Korean Peninsula Peace Treaty

August 10, 2017

North Korea – Korean Peninsula Peace Treaty

By Padmini Arhant

The message is addressed to all parties concerned in the escalating tensions in Korean Peninsula. North Korea, South Korea, Japan and United States.

North Korea statement on possible missile launch near U.S. territory Guam is not favorable to North Korea’s objectives as such strike would unnecessarily trigger response that could lead to greater conflict.

Instead North Korea would be able to achieve goals in maintaining composure paving the way for direct peace talks between Pyongyang and Washington that was desired earlier by North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong Il, father of the current leader Kim Jong Un to derive meaningful solutions to longstanding impasse deserving conclusion.

North Korea’s overture for dialogue rather than missile testing near United States army base in Guam or Japan would far outweigh any skirmishes that are best avoided to protect lives and sovereignty perhaps North Korea’s priority.

North Korea has much to gain in diplomacy and discourse scheduled at earliest convenience with United States following these actions from both sides that are critical to defuse crisis.

  1. The immediate suspension of nuclear testing and any other nuclear activity by North Korea not barring rockets are key to initiate peacekeeping in the region.
  1. Simultaneously United States and South Korea halting military drills and incursion near North Korea would confirm commitment towards peaceful resolution.
  1. Upon all sides in adherence to required protocol, North Korean leadership authorizing civilian representatives for meeting with civilian counterpart in South Korea is vital for a new chapter on Korea.
  1. Setting aside all differences, grievances and concerns, the meeting between North and South Korea focused on renewing diplomatic, cultural, economic and family ties allowing citizens on both sides to meet and greet each other is important to improve bilateral relations.
  1. Subsequently, United States arrangement with North Korea again through civilian delegation for unconditional discussion is imperative to reverse the current trend from combat to conducive exchange.

Once the parties complete talks, the next course would be aimed at solidifying agreements transforming armistice to formal peace treaty.

The contentious issues are – United States base in South Korea, military exercise and nuclear threats against North Korea obviously straining potential peace maneuvers between two neighbors sharing many things that are common having been one nation prior to Korean war.

On the other hand, North Korea preparing for nuclear confrontation with persistent nuclear programs and warnings are unhelpful and counterproductive.

Due to mistrust among all sides for known reasons, the cause and effects identified above would alleviate fears and apprehensions beginning with withdrawal of provocative measures from all parties involved in the dispute.

North Korea pausing nuclear proliferation and diverting resources towards economic growth and development would be prudent strengthening population for a better future. The economic sanctions against North Korea lifted to promote North Korean economy is pertinent providing relief to North Korean citizens having suffered in the political and military stalemate.

North Korean leadership Kim Jong Un and top brass military command paying attention to consequences of preemptive strikes would demonstrate diligence and deliberation eventually paying off for a positive outcome.

Besides, the North Korean leadership and advisers reflecting on previous experience in the twentieth century should serve as guidance to employ restraint and avert conflict at all costs for a nation seeking termination of struggles within winning citizens confidence on survival.

North Korea along with all nuclear states submission without exception to nuclear non-proliferation moving towards disarmament is urgent requirement. The nuclear possession threatening global peace and security is no longer negotiable posing incumbency on major nuclear powers and others to commence dismantling and safe disposal of nuclear arsenal under independent international supervision.

United States Superpower status shifting from military involvement not only in Korean Peninsula but worldwide substituted with peaceful engagement and productive contributions would exemplify trustworthiness and reliable partnership to rest of the world.

The present leaders in respective countries are obligatory to safeguard safety and security of not only their citizens but the entire world unwisely subject to protracted challenges tied to economic interests and strategic dominance.

North and South Korea together with United States conforming to peaceful negotiations for a permanent peace accord is the absolute way forward that guarantee stability and economic progress.

The details of peace agreement will be presented post compliance of the preliminary process highlighted above.

I convey my best wishes for a peaceful settlement benefitting citizens in the region and humanity at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission










North Korea – United States Nuclear Threats

August 9, 2017

North Korea – United States Nuclear Threats

By Padmini Arhant

The latest exchanges and conflicting reports as well as positions from United States media and relevant departments are irresponsible and unnecessary.

North Korea on its part must exercise restraint from providing fodder to United States hawkish elements never content with miserable setbacks from perpetual wars including nuclear options against nations regarded eternal adversaries for profitability from wanton aggression.

The wars thus far beginning with Korean war, nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam war dragging neighbors in the region, wars in Africa, Latin America throughout twentieth century have been a colossal failure.

The tradition continued in the twenty first century invading Afghanistan transformed into permanent occupation in that country, Iraq under false pretext, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Sudan destroyed for strategic dominance and economic resources represent United States and allies’ belligerent legacy.

Again, all of these confrontations resulting in massive loss of lives, decimation of sovereign nations, bifurcation of nations, refugee crisis and depletion of economies including United States taxpayers footing lofty adventures proved counterproductive.

When will the hawkish factions and media drumroll that has enabled illegal military interventions pay attention to history and heed warnings on self-destructive course best abandoned allowing self and others to exist peacefully on this planet?

The ending of regimes would typically begin with those calling for such actions ignoring their own and allies’ provocative pejorative indulgence wherever possible.

Those who think they rein control on world destiny must recognize they are neither invincible nor immortal. The former has been adequately and explicitly demonstrated in the wars highlighted above. As for the latter, mortality being absolute certainty regardless of status and bellowing rancor, the destination following departure from the world must be of utmost concern to hell raisers on earth.

Whatever time left for all expended in protecting life, preserving the fragile habitat threatened with constant nuclear arsenal and promoting peace could alleviate the burden of accountability for those responsible for mayhem abusing the position of power and hegemonic disposition.

Let there be no delusions none can escape from settlement of karmic debts however the perception might be in this respect.

The deep state actors and players are indeed sinking in the deep swamp beyond hope for survival.

Something to think about prior to stirring the firestorm producing outcome to self-detriment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission







Avatar (Reincarnation) – Part II

May 24, 2017

Identity Politics (Hindi)


United States – Bilderberg 2017 Meeting in Chantilly, Virginia

By Padmini Arhant

The global elites with corporate heads, bankers, European Royals and government representatives including officials from the past and present U.S. administrations discreetly gather annually to discuss on world matter.

The leading news organizations from overseas and the United States presence with press editors and chief from Bloomberg, Economic Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal this year and previously The New York Times and The Washington Post…to name a few are regular at the conclave.

The secret meeting today June 1st – 4th in Chantilly, Virginia slight democracy and transparency considering the decisions made at this gathering are enforced on world population.

The idea of secrecy in unanimous agreement not to disclose issues and details barring minutes of the meeting or press briefing pose serious threat to freedom of press and right to information concerning humanity. The press and media attendees at this assembly remaining silent further explains complicity in events against national and international interest.

The past and present participants’ collusion to maintain the undemocratic tradition with Presidential candidates joining the session witnessed in 2008 and earlier continued until now.

The Bilderberg group as incognito power asserting authority with egregious plan of actions to benefit the group and others pledged allegiance to them is gross violation of access to knowledge and proposals affecting lives and livelihoods of citizens across the globe.

This year agendaWar on Information is not surprising given the misuse of public trust with fake news, propaganda, distortion, subversion and fabrication leading the charts under the guise of free speech waging war against truth and facts condemned as hate speech to suppress reality.

Bilderbergers efforts to contain actual messages and instead supply concocted versions along with irrelevant news serving as major distraction remains the primary goal. Those who have been loyal to secret society stratagem are monetarily rewarded and abundantly credited regardless of their involvements in terror sponsorship and economic deals having serious impact on victims in targeted missions.

The clandestine meeting verifies the credibility or the lack thereof on members’ intention to resolve global problems for greater good rather than personal and vested gains at the majority expense.

Bilderberg group activities are evidently detrimental besides controversial. The exclusivity rejecting people outcry over privacy of the meeting exemplify determination to prolong status quo proved unsustainable.

Any meeting with powerful entities claiming absolute control over destiny of more than seven billion inhabitants and their unwillingness to hold open forum is scandalous not to mention the tolerance to such practice generating false impression as mass approval.

Allowing the convention to be the norm clarifies the state of affairs in systems poised as democracy.

Democracy subjugated in disguise is worse than declared repression.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission



Europe – EU and Election

By Padmini Arhant

In the events led by Supremacists, maintaining bankers and bureaucrats run EU as the ultimate power undermining EU member states sovereignty is the primary goal in European and western nations elections.

Behind the veneer rallying for liberal or moderate governments against conservatives even though there is allegiance to oligarchy from all sides in this respect, the real expectations from global elites is the selection under the guise of election to see pro-EU and conglomerate choice prevail in the election.

Britain – The former conservative Prime Minister David Cameron betting on pro-EU platform in BREXIT referendum cost his term in office despite the TORI representative and then U.S. President Barack Obama, the apparent democrat campaigning in EU favor in 2016.

Fast forward, the liberal candidate Jeremy Corbyn pro-EU stance is welcome amongst EU establishment in semblance to recent France election where the so-called socialist government economics Minister turned born-again neo-centrist French President Emmanuel Macron receiving EU and Supremacy cadre mass approval against oligarchy branded nationalist contestant Marine Le Pen in France.

United States the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also pro-EU advocate losing the election is regarded a major blow than U.S. citizens and foreign nationals falling prey to 9/11 terror attack and subsequent casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria besides elsewhere due to internal collusion and complicity in illegal invasion, occupation and terror sponsorship.

Canada – The current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of liberal party affirmation to EU emulating predecessor the conservative party Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Canadian politics is indicative of indifference in political affiliation with commonality on their positions towards EU and bankers controlled politics and economy.

Germany The bankers’ chief representative, German Vice Chancellor Angela Merkel remains the all-time favorite for enforcing IMF and ECB authorized austerity defined as fiscal responsibility on euro zone members ignoring dire consequences experienced until now in Greece and other member nations viz. Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

To summarize on strategy, the oligarchy and global elites controlled world political system evidently seeks representation pledged allegiance to them and their policy.

Any perception on gender bias noted against French candidate Marine Le Pen and Britain’s incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May is offset with endorsement of U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Germany’s VC Angela Merkel considering their positions to stand by EU and financiers ambit.

Likewise, the political parties regardless of right, left, centrist, progressive and independent do not matter. The ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, the conservative touting for EU was cheered as much as the liberal candidate Jeremy Corbyn loyalty to EU.

The shadow powers through UN, IMF, World Bank, EC, ECB and EU with NATO prolonging status quo overrides sovereignty for unipolar authority.

The dysfunctional system continued for fiduciary in the name of democracy denying people fair opportunity to republic representation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


Supremacists Rise and Decline

By Padmini Arhant

Jews and Christians half-brothers and sisters Muslims are patronized in the academic and entertainment world.

The western policy sponsoring terrorism and illegal invasion and occupation of Islamic countries worldwide is aimed at two specific goals and they are transforming Muslim youth into terrorists and imposing refugee status on the population.

The worst overture is empathy to anti-Muslim and Islamophobia from the quarters responsible for the trend pioneering prejudice based on race, religion, ethnicity, class and social economic background.

Supremacy and quest for dominance is a psychological disorder emanating from insecurity and inadequacy prompting subjugation and discrimination of anyone regarded a threat to self-asserted exceptionalism.

Supremacists legacy is polarization and exploitation of targets leading to superficial status as dominant force with fear and ignorance guiding them towards violence and sedition.

The Supremacist traits are a result of lack of understanding and humility in accepting diversity as core element of creation.

The paradoxical peculiarity amongst Supremacists seek homogenous society contrasting homophobia although homosexuality practiced in relations and representation. Similarly they express zero tolerance to Islamophobia while being instrumental in Muslim cleansing through terrorism and military interventions in Islamic regions.

Supremacists xenophobic sentiments arise from exclusivity and paranoia barring anything not fitting the profile. The self-contradictory existence and false image eroding individual values contributes to decline.

Hubris indigenous to Supremacy is behind inevitable downfall.

The topic will continue to shed light on events led by Supremacy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant. com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Climate Change

The climate treaty would be effective and meaningful upon terror sponsors and arms dealers ceasing activities to save life and the planet.

The multi billion dollars weapons contract with Saudi Arabia and free arms supply to Israel and various terror factions in Syria and Iraq besides weapons reaching groups in South Asia, Latin America and Africa claiming innocent lives and polluting environment impede any efforts on climate change.

United States and Israel backed Saudi Kingdom assault on Yemen resulting in massive casualties and outbreak of cholera and other epidemic impact environment in the region spreading across the world with the free flow of goods and services as well as travel in the global economy.

Any advice from one to another on violation of climate treaty is farcical since G-7 members are responsible for major arms sales and proliferation of terrorism.

Needless to say practising what one preaches would exemplify credibility.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant. com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Political Scam 

The  Murder Inc. and Masonic society is deceiving the world in claiming the war on terror funded by them proliferating terrorism as lifeline to prolong status quo.  The duplicity objecting to travel ban on Muslim countries as liberal view to refute incumbent administration is simultaneously reversed in bombing the same Muslim nations by both the so-called democrat and republican White House.

What needs to be understood is the travel ban enforced indirectly ensuring there are not many Muslims left to travel with relentless shelling and killings through terror sponsoring since 2011 under presumably liberal Presidency Barack Hussain Obama in the United States that continues until now.

The former President Barack Hussain Obama denying any affiliation with Islam despite the name and lineage never regarded an issue.

Similarly the apparent liberal, left wing and democratic President Barack H. Obama outreach in overturning the lawsuit filed in New York against the right wing Prime Minister of India, Narinder Modi  for instigating communal violence in Gujarat resulting in many casualties with large number of muslims is accepted with admiration.

The present clamor over concern on anti-Muslim or Islam emerging from the western quarters that are committed towards decimating Islamic nations is hideous hypocrisy. 

The anti-Islam agenda is the brainchild for fundamentalists behind Greater Israel under the pretext of Project for New American Century that launched the major terror attack in the United States on 9/11 followed by series of invasions of Muslim countries in different parts of the world.

Accordingly the proxies representing them in the United States and western domain from the right, middle and left including allies in the Middle East and elsewhere remain complicit in the destructive cause.

The western empathy to Muslim refugees having been responsible for their plight and status is conflicting when they would not cease fueling terror and violent interventions in Islamic world. 

Judaism’s half brother Islam sharing the connection with Christianity is exploited for ideological extremism. In the process United States resources are depleted and western sphere targeted in the recent terror attacks convicting Islam in the zero-sum game.

The masterminds and catalysts behind this messed up operation are in a bind and clueless in averting self-inflicted disaster victimizing ordinary people. 

Fomenting and fostering terror is unjustified geopolitical strategy.

One reaps what one sows in life.  

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


Social Hypocrisy 

The nefarious international clique and unscrupulous proxies represented media and communication outlets revealing real character in comments such as waitress, maid, housekeeper, stewardess and chauffeur…clearly indicative of their disdain and condescendence to people in the service and hospitality industry. The same would apply to families world over as overwhelming majority lead a modest life.

The crassness is a classic example of hypocrisy on etiquettes and political correctness across the spectrum.

The ignorant, arrogant and insolent view cleaning up ones’s own mess is beneath someone in contrast to them leaving behind their muck for others. 

By the way, how do these pompous fleecers deal with nature calls? 

Do they have one of their own come to aid given the crony culture?

What is forgotten by these dim parasites and opportunists is their worthlessness to be otherwise due to the same folks waiting around them without whom they would never be important notwithstanding their destructive presence evidently a major liability soon to be vanquished for good reasons.

Besides who do they think they are begging for votes to legitimize their illegitimacy and dependent on the labor?

The same people who are scrubbing floors, serving tables and doing dishes to earn dignified livelihood unlike them amassing wealth from treason, corrupt dealings, embezzlement, tax evasion not barring murder of the people electing them to office and enabling their rise to fame. 

Life with fear and guilt gilded in gold is a waste defeating the purpose of human embodiment ultimately ending in undesirable destination.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission

Avatar (Reincarnation) – Part II

By Padmini Arhant

In my last segment, I presented a synopsis on incarnation and journey after death highlighting the worlds that exist other than earth.

The topic will be elaborated for better understanding on life after death in my forthcoming book.

Is there a place called hell? – Hell there is.

Who else would know better than hell raisers on earth and their victims?

When beautiful earth is transformed into hell by those inflicting immeasurable pain and misery on others posing no threat to them, their karmic debts could never be evaded as they do with taxes and atrocities committed for centuries to exert supremacy and dominance that continues until today.

In their relentless efforts to maintain status quo with duplicity and hostility, the gatekeepers of hell poignantly chosen their destination upon imminent death since all living beings are subject to mortality regardless of whoever they assume to be in the world.

The irony is those sentencing others to death are fearful of own fatality due to inner fear on the inevitable terminus upon being deceased.  Yet there is no inclination to change course and introspect in self-acknowledgment on crimes and misdeeds in their lifetime.

Whenever the clock is turned counterclockwise evident in the past and contemporary events accelerated in the dawn of twenty first century with medieval feudalism and vassal statehood asserting authority, the conditions terminate the function and the ones behind the operation in any capacity.

The reliance on falsehood and violence barely the lifeline for international clique despite incest amongst them and proxies boarding the doomed vehicle headed towards the cliff.

Additionally, the propaganda to subvert facts is fervent in the hope to prevail in mass deception forgetting the reverse impact experienced in this experiment thus far.

The devious ploys are a gamble with the tide turning against gamblers in fait accompli.

The tradition in creating enemy serving as the premise to invade, occupy and destabilize nations carried out with every administration in the United States and western world.

In the focus on hypocrisy in politics and society – I begin with politics in the world arena.

There are four main rivals among many others for hegemony with whom sable rattling and belligerence continues for unsubstantiated cause.

They are North Korea in Korean Peninsula poised at warning the major creditor China next to Japan holding substantial stake on U.S. Treasury securities besides remaining the largest exporter of goods to the United States having extended the most favored nation (MFN) status to the apparent competitor under former President Bill Clinton and successors thereafter.

Next – Russia. In the wake of overthrow of democratically elected government in Ukraine by EU and United States leaderships under former President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prompting Russian interference,

Russia is a convenient reason to boost NATO presence and incursion in the Baltic sea and around eastern and central Europe. Russia was slammed with sanctions for Crimea resulting from U.S. and EU direct role in dismantling Ukraine and installing pro-Nazi government while expressing zero tolerance to incidents cited as Nazism.

In the Middle East –Israel and Saudi Arabia’s arch nemesis – Iran and Syria.

Following United States and NATO illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003, United States and EU key western powers sponsored terrorism in 2011 with spate of recent terror attacks in western sphere is self-inflicted lesion.

Terror sponsors crying foul on terrorism is analagous to  arsonists objecting to fire crackers sale manufactured by them.

More on hypocrisy in politics and society to resume shortly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


















headlines in main stream media ratcheting investigations on incumbent administration ties with Russia.















Nuclear Reactor Leakage in Fukushima Power Plant

March 12, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Japan declared nuclear emergency upon one of the five nuclear reactors explosion in the Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) operated power plant in Fukushima about 240 Km or 150 miles north of Tokyo.

It is a matter of grave concern considering the radiation leakage impact with news report on three citizens having been exposed despite the evacuation from the area in close proximity.

Nuclear energy being vigorously pursued regardless of safety issues poses a major threat to humanity.

Besides the civil nuclear program inevitably leading to nuclear arsenal status is predominantly responsible for the nuclear arms race not to mention the rhetoric on global warfare to deter one nation while entering into agreement with others thereby promoting defiance in the contentious nuclear armament.

Even with Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and yet to be implemented Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) the radioactive material storage and disposal arrangements or the lack thereof endanger life on the planet.

On FMCT – the UN General Assembly passed resolution (48/75L) in December 1993 for a comprehensive ban on fissile material production along side the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) monitoring and verification.

Then the Conference on Disarmament (CD) in March 1995 enacted the UN General Assembly resolution (48/75L) and agreed to mandate cut-off treaty negotiations through Ad Hoc Committee.

Subsequently in May 1995, the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) during review meeting had called to expedite FMCT given the international support in this regard.

However, the Conference on Disarmament (CD) unable to act without general consensus on FMCT has been forced to retreat due to the impediment in combining FMCT with other nuclear disarmament issues contributing to the status quo.

Further in 1998 – apart from the CD reaction to India and Pakistan nuclear testing, the progress in the FMCT measure effectively taking stock of nuclear production to non-proliferation is hindered by the nuclear powers’ double standards creating a hierarchy detrimental to disarmament efforts.

Previously Chernobyl and now Fukushima nuclear blast is a grim reminder to accept the facts on the serious ramifications of nuclear site management when subject to unpredictable catastrophic events. It can no longer be dismissed as sporadic occurrence especially with the generational ill effects evident in the health and environmental degradation.

It is time for global commitment towards complete nuclear disarmament without exception to protect life and maintain planet sustenance increasingly under attack on land, air and water.

Thus far the nuclear industry, coal mining and oil companies have successfully led the continuation of environmental abuse under the pretext of high energy demand suppressing the alternative sources like solar, wind and hydro power emergence in the mainstream utility supply presently unaffordable with unreasonable constraints such as ten year contract in addition to government rebates benefitting the solar companies than the average consumer.

Exorbitant profit margin takes precedence in the free market lacking competition to curb the essential commodity price experienced in the energy sector.

Shifting focus on Japan’s nuclear contamination – the emergency stop-gap on the Fukushima power plant reactor has not effectively addressed the damage from the devastating earthquake and tsunami leaving the residents vulnerable to potential health problems.

The world has an opportunity to abandon policies proved cataclysmic to life on earth and instead adopt a rational approach in the energy consumption arguably instrumental in the contemporary wars notwithstanding complacency to brutality resulting in human annihilation in Libya and oil rich nations confronting political uprising.

Japan is faced with a huge humanitarian crisis deserving universal empathy and formidable action at the nuclear front and planet preservation.

International community could set the FMCT in motion and conscientiously engage in nuclear disarmament to honor life and the humanity’s only habitat.

Keeping the worst affected citizens in the northeastern region of Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture in thoughts and prayers – wishing the people of Japan renewed strength to rise again like the glorious Sun.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

March 11, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt sympathy to the citizens in Japan and the nations along the Pacific rim on natural disaster alert.

Japan is hit by massive earthquake with 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale triggering a 7.3 meter i.e. nearly 24 Ft high tsunami in the North Eastern region.

The devastation from the ferocious waves hitting the northern shores of Japan is overwhelming and the images with every possible material objects being swept away in the extreme natural calamity pose tremendous challenge to the rescue operators.

Heavily electronic and automaton oriented infrastructure, communications notwithstanding the transportation system are affected during such catastrophe.

Nuclear power plants shut down in a carefully calibrated manner with the concern on one particular reactor being monitored for temperature setting is a relief and avoiding further loss of life in the dangerous environment could ease the burden on the coordinated relief efforts.

The international pledge to support Japan would expedite restoration and definitively save lives.

People stranded in their domain particularly those entrapped in the rubbles need immediate assistance for most casualties rise from the inability to survive when victims lay buried under the collapsed building structures.

Japan is well known for being impressively organized to minimize harm and injury to life.

Nonetheless the phenomenal wrath of Mother Nature as witnessed in this horrific event would consume substantial resources to contain the aftermath damages poignantly requiring patience and perseverance especially throughout the search for the loved ones.

Although economic status and logistic sophistication combined with well preparedness all contribute to positive outcome in the humanitarian crisis, the horrendous effects from earth shattering breaks down barriers in the excruciating battle to salvage life.

Japanese government under Prime Minister Naoto Kan along with cabinet and the people of Japan are reached to extend the sincere condolences on the human tragedies with prayers to heal the mourning and wounded for a renewed beginning.

Wishing hope and strength for a speedy recovery to the people of Japan – the land of the rising Sun.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Korean Peninsula Peace Strategy – The Unified Korea

November 29, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The recent skirmishes in the Korean Peninsula evolved into a deadly attack on the South Korean port Yeonpyeong.

According to the news reports – South Korea suffered casualties with two civilians and two marines killed in the North Korean firing forcing many residents to leave for the mainland.

Further the U.S and international news agencies also reported that prior to the attack, the North Korean authority and their ally China warned the United States to refrain from conducting military exercises with South Korea on the Yellow sea, the disputed territory between North and South Korea.

The joint naval drill on the economic route was characterized as ‘provocative’ by China and its key trading partner North Korea.

North Korean subsequent artillery response revived emotions among South Korean citizens affecting the latest diplomacy between the once unified nations.

Regardless of the military operation on the West sea of Korea, the North Korean action resulting in fatalities is reprehensible. The real victims in the avoidable quagmire are the South and North Korean population.

Simultaneously, it is important to highlight the missed opportunity following the former President Jimmy Carter visit to North Korea in September 2010.

The North Korean leadership’s unprecedented peace message through President Jimmy Carter requesting Washington to hold peace talks and Pyongyang eagerness to commit to de-nuclearization including permanent peace treaty with the United States and South Korea was not pursued leading to the status quo.

The urgency to move forward with the initiative was elaborated in the article titled:

‘Special Acknowledgment – President Jimmy Carter North Korea Visit’ published on this site on 09/20/10 under International Politics.

Had United States given North Korea the benefit of the doubt then it would have clarified Pyongyang’s sincerity or the lack there of considering the protocol through U.S. ex-President that emphasized serious and the highest possible communiqué even if it was not representative of the current administration.

It’s regrettable that invitation for peaceful dialogue is ignored fomenting military option as the preferred reaction to the twentieth century cold war generated political standoff.

When diplomacy is not the priority for the primary negotiator, it promotes belligerence accompanied by tragic loss of life as witnessed in the present discord.

Any attempts to salvage the situation in the aftermath appear disingenuous jeopardizing the trust factor among the participants expected to resolve the contentious issue.

After the Korean War (1950-1953) – the communist North Korea is a nuclear state with reportedly 8 to 12 nuclear arsenals in possession and preparing to strengthen its nuclear capability.

In April 2010, there were allegations against North Korea on the South Korean warship, the Cheonan drowning that claimed 46 sailors’ lives.

North Korea has exhibited missile stunts causing tensions in the Peninsula and now this time around the attack is detrimental to the humanitarian developments comprising South Korean food aid to North Korea notwithstanding tourism and trade relations benefiting both nations.

Similarly, South Korea and U.S. military activities foster hostility even though the defined purpose is stated as – restrain North Korea and remind its dependable partner China to intervene in the conflict to deter North Korean aggression.

China’s reluctance to comply with US demand is perceived as an act intended to protect national interests using North Korea to challenge United States in the multilateral entreaty.

It is clear from the existing situation that adversarial approach exacerbates the crisis with undesirable results such as deaths and destruction. There is tremendous display of power politics and self-interest contributing to the escalating turmoil in the region.

Evidently procrastination serves none except allowing North Korea to enhance nuclear armament leaving vast majority in abject poverty and isolation while South Korean citizens remain fearful and frustrated from the confrontation.

North Korea is extremely vulnerable despite the indicated nuclear proliferation and constant harassment of South Korea – the neighbor and trading partner. The impending power transition is yet another uncertainty in the political domain.

Therefore, North Korea could thrive from renouncing violence against the people of South Korea otherwise their relatives across the border. In all these years, the saber rattling is proved counterproductive and withheld economic progress.

Although both nations rely heavily on the external powers – i.e. Communist North Korea seeking China’s assistance and Capitalist South Korea dependent on the United States, they fail to recognize the fact that they could end the conflict today on their volition through bilateral peace treaty.

South Korea as a sovereign nation is at liberty to establish peace accord with North Korea irrespective of the international effort. The peaceful strategy would insure the democratic government pledge to improve security and reunite the families split across the border.

Hence, the reconciliation between the two nations could be aimed at the unification process with South Korean economy and North Korean defense power enabling a strong and prosperous Korea as one nation.

The achievement would be analogous to Germany – When the Berlin wall demolition facilitated the East and West Germany merger with significant advantage prevalent in the EU member.

Upon reunion with North Korea, South Korea could stimulate the domestic economy through local growth and consumption like China. The people in North Korea would at last be emancipated and become a valuable resource for the South Korean market economy.

North Korean military personnel would adequately address the national security concerns for the united Korea. It would be a phenomenal success for the people in terms of political stability, economic prosperity and social equality.

Tranquility in Korean peninsula would permeate to other parts of Asia and guarantee peace for all other nations in the continent.

North Korean commitment to nuclear disarmament could come to fruition in the course of constructive and meaningful engagement by the Korean leaderships.

In this context, the independent South Africa exemplified the smooth nuclear dismantling setting precedence for other nuclear powers to adopt ‘non-nuclear’ concept.

South Africa deserves praise for the monumental decision favoring humanity.

The nuclear free zone is the only effective policy for global peace and security.

North Korea peace offer could be directly presented to the people of South Korea and the deal finalized in good faith to demonstrate the leadership’s affirmation for solidarity yielding a unified Korea.

Sincere condolences to the South Korean families grieving for their deceased members and,

Best Wishes to North and South Korea for peaceful existence as one nation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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