North Korea Nuclear Testing

September 3, 2017

North Korea Nuclear Testing

Padmini Arhant

North Korea Nuclear Testing – As long as the status quo remains with United States and South Korea military drills in Korean Peninsula and sanctions against people in North Korea providing the reason for North Korea Nuclear armament in self-defense, the tension in the region is bound to escalate.

Just before the latest nuclear testing by North Korea on Sunday, the U.S. sources behind North Korea standoff reiterated their position on reunification of Korea as undesirable. Instead they clearly stated their preference for contemporary North Korea.

Such statement clarifies the state of affairs which means South Korea is expected to eternally depend on United States military base on their soil. The situation has striking resemblance to Afghanistan.

Like the 16 years old war in Afghanistan proved unwinnable having lost scores of lives on all sides and incurred phenomenal economic liability to a tune of $6 trillion at U.S. taxpayers’ expense, the failed policy on troop surge pursued to prolong stagnancy.

With respect to Korea – The skirmishes involving back and forth responses between U.S. and North Korea via military exercise and nuclear testing respectively to continue unabated creating an environment for all nations in the region to beef up defense stockpiles absorbing major share of every nation’s national budget.

The military industrial complex and prominent think tanks hawkish strategy to thrive rain or shine exacerbates any potential for peaceful resolution not only concerning North Korea but anywhere in the world.

Not surprisingly, the defunct UNSC serves illegitimate actions provoking nations to adopt extreme measures in retaliation.

Unless the trend targeting nations for economic interests and strategic dominance cease with recognition of those nations’ sovereignty, the global security is threatened by unnecessary aggression and egregious decisions without reflecting on own interventions behind the conflict.

The nations under military incursion are required to accept hostility as the norm and acquiesce to harsh and unfair conditions imposed through UNSC and unipolar assessments.

South Korea extending an olive branch to North Korea and the latter in return authorizing peaceful negotiations with the former rather than nuclear threats is the only way forward to defuse crisis in the Peninsula.

United States removal of troops and military artillery from Korean Peninsula is critical to avert any disaster.

Unfortunately, profitability is prioritized over citizens’ lives and safety in the war games that are no longer affordable in the nuclear age.

There is an urgency for responsibility and reason to prevail over recklessness and obstinacy.

United States military presence in foreign shores under any pretext is naturally unwelcome and having negative impact on any possible resolutions between North and South Korea.

The citizens in North and South Korea together with the entire population in Asia Pacific deserve to exist in peace and not be subject to lingering hostility promoted by myopic foreign policy.

There should be no reluctance in diplomacy and dialogue with North Korea. Similarly, North Korean leadership direct engagement with South Korean counterpart would exemplify both nations’ commitment to protect people and the nation they represent that otherwise seemingly held hostage to political and military demand.

Power is worthy in resolving disputes without expending lives and taxpayer funds that are best divested in nation building and economic development.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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