North Korea – United States Nuclear Threats

August 9, 2017

North Korea – United States Nuclear Threats

By Padmini Arhant

The latest exchanges and conflicting reports as well as positions from United States media and relevant departments are irresponsible and unnecessary.

North Korea on its part must exercise restraint from providing fodder to United States hawkish elements never content with miserable setbacks from perpetual wars including nuclear options against nations regarded eternal adversaries for profitability from wanton aggression.

The wars thus far beginning with Korean war, nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam war dragging neighbors in the region, wars in Africa, Latin America throughout twentieth century have been a colossal failure.

The tradition continued in the twenty first century invading Afghanistan transformed into permanent occupation in that country, Iraq under false pretext, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Sudan destroyed for strategic dominance and economic resources represent United States and allies’ belligerent legacy.

Again, all of these confrontations resulting in massive loss of lives, decimation of sovereign nations, bifurcation of nations, refugee crisis and depletion of economies including United States taxpayers footing lofty adventures proved counterproductive.

When will the hawkish factions and media drumroll that has enabled illegal military interventions pay attention to history and heed warnings on self-destructive course best abandoned allowing self and others to exist peacefully on this planet?

The ending of regimes would typically begin with those calling for such actions ignoring their own and allies’ provocative pejorative indulgence wherever possible.

Those who think they rein control on world destiny must recognize they are neither invincible nor immortal. The former has been adequately and explicitly demonstrated in the wars highlighted above. As for the latter, mortality being absolute certainty regardless of status and bellowing rancor, the destination following departure from the world must be of utmost concern to hell raisers on earth.

Whatever time left for all expended in protecting life, preserving the fragile habitat threatened with constant nuclear arsenal and promoting peace could alleviate the burden of accountability for those responsible for mayhem abusing the position of power and hegemonic disposition.

Let there be no delusions none can escape from settlement of karmic debts however the perception might be in this respect.

The deep state actors and players are indeed sinking in the deep swamp beyond hope for survival.

Something to think about prior to stirring the firestorm producing outcome to self-detriment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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