Myanmar – Rohingya Muslims Plight

March 16, 2018

Myanmar – Rohingya Muslims Plight

Padmini Arhant

Anytime a nation’s minority group experience isolation, persecution and human rights violations, that nation’s leaderships and government are in spotlight. Myanmar has been systematically involved in expelling Burmese born citizens of ethnic origin despite them being the second and third generation since the country was taken over by military junta through coup d’état, in the early sixties in the past century.

The military reining control over key resources like natural gas, precious metals and minerals with deals struck between them and western energy behemoths as well as emerging economic power viz. China care less about humanitarian problems and remain focused on respective economic goals.

On the other hand, Myanmar’s military rule having accommodated western backed candidate and Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s leadership and political party representation in a quasi democratic setting designed to convince the world on Myanmar’s desire towards political evolution and possible democratic environment has interestingly found a partner with similar sentiments in the wake of brutalities against Myanmar’s ethnic demography, the Rohingya Muslims.

Above all, the western leaderships and Britain in particular with the incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May recently calling out India on the treatment of minorities while ignoring the blatant violations and genocide of Rohingyas in Myanmar explains the political nature of selective empathy in humanitarian issues rather than applying one standard i.e. the golden rule on human rights abuse anywhere.

Notwithstanding the imperialists responsible for wiping civilizations and pioneering prejudice in the divide and conquer strategy until today owe an apology to victims families and the descendants besides reparation costs for depleting resources and exploiting human capital in various colonies around the world.

The western backed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s stance on this issue not only as a government representative and authority but also as a Nobel peace prize recipient confirms political expediency over humanitarian affairs demanding fairness, justice and equality in any society regardless of political system in place.

The Rohingyas conditions in Myanmar is parallel to Sri Lankan Tamils in Sri Lanka and subsequent summary execution of civilians especially the youth targeted by then Sri Lankan government. The systemic killings carried out not without regional and international i.e. India and United States support in 2009. Additionally, to facilitate the massacre, the UN peace keeping corps was withdrawn at critical juncture abandoning the pleading Sri Lankan Tamils entirely at the mercy of the former Commander in Chief and President Mahinda Rajapaksha authorized merciless killing of unarmed Tamil civilians in the island nation.

With no condemnation on Sri Lankan air raids and shelling, the Sri Lankan government’s actions barely noticed by the UN Security Council that otherwise never miss an opportunity to impose economic sanctions against the favorite adversaries like North Korea, Venezuela and alike citing human rights issues together with nations earmarked for alienation and trade embargo.

The ethnic cleansing in Myanmar by radicals that should have been prevented at onset is reprehensible. As such nations regardless of political structure are obligatory to guarantee safety and security of all citizens nationwide prohibiting discrimination and disenfranchisement.

In fact, when every nation is expected to provide the same safety measures to tourists, visitors and business travelers from overseas and safeguard them from any harm during their visit to any country,

It is incomprehensible to witness the unruly conduct and hostility against Rohingyas – one of the many ethnic groups in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s government slighting responsibility in defending the particular ethnic minority from genocide leaving them with no choice but to flee the nation offshore only to be turned down by neighboring states across the border or alternatively preyed upon by predators like human traffickers and criminal agents to abuse them for their illicit commercial trade is unacceptable. The activities could only be described as callousness on those responsible for the tragic yet avoidable humanitarian disaster.

Myanmar is not alien to ethnic diversity. In fact, there are at least one hundred and thirty five ethnic groups and Rohingyas are one of them. Among these members, the major ethnic races representing Burmese society viz. Karen, Kayin, Kayah, Bamar, Karenni, Shan, Mon, Wa, Rakhine, Palaung, Chin, Kachin and Kokang to name a few are well known in the spectrum. The segregation of a single ethnic segment, the Rohingyas denying them statehood and citizenship is a national default.

Again, the incumbent leadership Aung San Suu Kyi as the State Counsellor equivalent to Prime Minister post choosing to remain oblivious and worst failing to recognize the assault and expulsion of Rohingyas as violent and undemocratic event is extremely disappointing and deeply regrettable.

Whatever the reasons might be behind such complicity, the lack of humanitarian concern from Myanmar’s authorities and especially a Nobel Peace Prize awardee reflects poorly on individual basis and those favoring them in the international domain.

Likewise, the out of control situation in this instance towards Rohingya Muslims also raise questions about Islamic nations complacency and silence to the exclusion and expatriation of population belonging to their faith with no initiatives and pressure on western counterparts involved in economic and strategic partnerships explains the trend in humanitarian matter.

Rohingyas belong to Myanmar and ousting them using aggression and inhumane standards does not bode well for a country aspiring to be democratic and tolerant in the efforts towards political and economic development.

No nation’s progress could be real and legitimate until the people of different sect, class, gender and social paradigms possess equal rights and opportunity without being threatened in maintaining their relevant cultural heritage. Inappropriately, the definition of progress is entirely tied to economic growth, modern infrastructure and foreign investments alongside neglecting social inequality or participating in elimination of certain ethnic denomination with generational legacy.

The other tradition during racial, sectarian and communal unrest in any society is using religion as the pawn for political and fundamental cause. The practice to tarnish religions is aimed at further discord and chaos within community and the world at large. Any followers of sacred religions would refrain from unholy indulgence and strive hard to exemplify peaceful and positive traits through genuine commitment and disposition not performing for camera and audience to win superficial credit.

Nonetheless, there should be no misconception on the established truth the elements using religion to advance personal and vested interests invariably meet their fateful outcome in the end justifying the means serving as precedence to deter future engagement.

In conclusion, Rohingyas and people from anywhere confronted with synonymous plight deserve to be respected and accepted barring social indignation and injustice. Rohingyas are part of mainstream population in Myanmar and forceful deportation from their domicile is against the norm in political, social, humanitarian, ethical and practical sense.

Moving forward the restoration and rehabilitation of Rohingyas and others sharing the dilemma in Myanmar is absolutely necessary and important for the authorities in Myanmar and abroad to sustain fragile peace and stability in the South Asian and Southeast Asian region.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter







India – Hegemony Run Political Establishment

September 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

In the previous segment, snapshot on hegemony backed regimes were presented to review reality.

Although the earlier topic only covered few among several worldwide, the facts confirm status quo.

Similarly, India apparently independent nation regardless of dominion republic declaration clarifying non-termination of foreign rule prevalent in proxy governance.

Hegemony strategy premised on control over entire political establishment bid on all factions for win win situation in the so-called election with foreign and domestic illegal funding serving political office bearers, campaign donors and incognito rulers’ interests through beguiled electorate vote.

Indian elections attract donations from myriad sources creating prime time to liquidate black money not barring counterfeit notes printing to bribe voters besides overseas funders viz. Ford foundation, Saudi Arabia and alike involvement up until now.

The political system with prominent political parties at the national and regional level forging alliances alternate positions as ruling and opposition while maintaining agenda to protect each other from accountability on corruption and criminality.

Tax revenues become personal wealth and used to gain political mileage.

For better understanding – the two major political parties Congress and BJP cited in the example.

In hegemony political screen play, direction and production – the common scheme is developing poster-figure (poster-boy) to camouflage duplicity.

With Congress Party – hegemony choice to head Indian government was former World Bank member and economist Dr. Manmohan Singh promoted as Mr. Honest and Mr. Clean later turned out to be otherwise in Coalgate scam and remaining oblivious in 2G spectrum scandal.

Finance, Defense and Foreign Affairs appointments are hegemony authorized and hence World Bank ex-officials viz. current President Pranab Mukherjee, then finance minister P. Chidambaram in key posts were least surprising due to allegiance to external authority.

Congress Party British Raj representative A.O. Hume founded Congress originated in pre-independence India retained dynasty until today.

The Congress Party led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) term I and II (2004 – 2014) was progressive on explosive corruption scandals from top to bottom i.e. the High Command to lowest order enabling hegemony operated foreign banks and tax havens flourish at Indian population expense.

Organized crime syndicate funneled financial institutions under Congress Party chief Sonia Gandhi and UPA finance minister P. Chidambaram not to mention BJP complicity considering inaction as chief opposition sums up political collusion. 

Cash for votes not only on campaign trail but also extended in Parliament with BJP theatrical performance in an effort to absolve responsibility is a serious blow to democracy.

Congress survival rocked not from BJP or any other political group strength.  In fact, the self-inflicted damages with massive corruption unfolding despite political parties and hegemony owned media cover up, the fox could no longer hide in sheep’s clothing scenario emerged on Congress and allies’ corruption deals paving the way for hegemony alternative – BJP and coalition.

BJP – Bharatiya Janata Party with British Raj fostered RSS also dating back to colonial era like Congress is hegemony’s other wing.

Hegemony prepared to roll the dice favoring BJP candidate.  Politics finds strange bedfellows in the ambiance of adversary becoming an ally and vice versa.

Indian state Gujarat former Chief Minister Narendra Modi was hegemony approved candidate in the bogus Gujarat re-election in 2012 against pseudo contender supposedly representing common man basically to stifle average citizens’ representation.

Hegemony policy and advise to power hungry political class to ride on targeted individual’s back while the entity isolated and shunned from reference in sheer violation of free speech and democratic rights justified under false pretext is indicative of fearing expeditious self-collapse.

The piracy and plagiarism evident in copyright infringement with ideas, solutions, phrases and style from presented as their own not to mention identity theft speaks volume on the political and personal character.

Furthermore, imitation of positive contributions without due acknowledgment is fraudulence and forgery constituting punishable crime in a civilized society in addition to burdening self with irreversible karmic effects.

Alternatively, caricature by paid actors using offensive material and platform is desperate times seeking desperate measures eventually hurting the catalysts and source. The contrived conduct poorly reflects on the promoters’ background and political embodiment.

Above all spying and 24/7 surveillance including eavesdropping and intrusion in private residence with little or no respect for other’s life is indecency and perversion emanating from political insecurity.

On the contrary, the political circle and everyone connected to them depleting national income and thriving on taxpayers funded salary and privileges not excluding sprawling mansions live discreet life cloaked in secrecy when they deserve to be on public radar.

In other activities placing the gun on other’s shoulders unleashing provocative and inflammatory sentiments is a cowardly gesture and do not necessarily safeguard the façade for what lies underneath is explicit in legacy and ongoing trend.

All actions have serious repercussions without exception.

Hegemony and delegates in Indian politics as Muslims half-brothers feign identity denying undeniable relationship with indifference to warfare imposed on people of Islamic faith worldwide.

The incumbent Indian administration recent borrowed remarks on terrorism is a cliché and disingenuous in light of latest abstinence on UN vote rather than unequivocal yeah endorsing Palestinian rights to file complaint on Israeli authorities’ atrocities with International Criminal Court of Justice.

Simultaneously Indian political apparatus at hegemony behest slight real freedom fighters like Netaji Subash Chandra Bose deemed imperialists enemy.

Juxtaposed the functionaries unduly glorify late Indian President A P J Abdul Kalam perhaps because of latter acquiescence to foreign manned Indian government’s unsavory stratagem.

Hegemony and Indian political contingency convoluted disposition is self defeating in the heightened absurdity.

The uncanny resemblance in hegemony remote rule in India cannot escape attention.

Hegemony projected ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with emphasis on integrity to keep Congress headed UPA in power.

Now the 66 years old Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hegemony’s poster person to advance foreign agenda.

Nonetheless fake image and personality is a hard sell requiring hyped marketing. Anything unauthentic inevitably fizzle more so with those inclined to despotism verifiable in history serving as testimony.

Likewise, hegemony loyalists P. Chidambaram holding finance ministry during Congress tenure and same portfolio awarded to BJP’s unsuccessful candidate Arun Jaitley in the national election is pre-determined decision mocking democracy.

Not long ago hegemony slated BJP as fundamentalists, hindutva and saffron party refusing then Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi travelers visa to visit United States quoting Godra communal violence as the factor.

Now in the well known political flip flop hegemony extending unprecedented rating lauding Modi governance is misnomer ignoring significant failures enumerated below.

Indian Parliament Monsoon session stymied and pronounced complete washout in the domestic front and foreign affairs – the critical high level talks between nuclear neighbors India and Pakistan – National Security Advisors meeting cancellation explains the lack of initiatives and misplaced priority.

Farmers plight with suicides that began in Congress fronted UPA duration escalated at present and war veterans hunger strike to receive fair pensions initially resisted authorizing police intervention to disperse peaceful assembly.

Modi Sarkar or government dubbed Mercantile Modi not without reasons with India’s wealthiest and leading industrialists Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani exerting influence and their delegations regularly accompany PM overseas tour.

Modi administration in return exchange partiality with requests to United States to list the moguls from economic, entertainment and political field in VIP category exempting them from security protocol applicable to ordinary citizens within and outside United States.

Indian political structure adapts United States political pattern with Wall Street drafting legislations through intense lobbying alongside special interests like AIPAC, NRA, religious zealots and institutions for imperial aspirations remaining firm on their respective ideology much to national and international detriment.

Viewing through Indian prism, the political parties predominantly represent the rich, famous and powerful in society.

Indian politics using caste and religion for communal divide is standard practice inherited from colonial ruler.

NDA and BJP trust deficit with Muslim community in India stems from Gujarat and Ayodhya incidents no less than counterpart Congress response towards Sikhs and Sri Lankan Tamils aiding previous Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksha brutal crackdown following former Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi assassination.

The political tactic to address this problem is indeed uniquely deceptive.  BJP cohort All India Majilis-e-ltte(?)had-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) – the Hyderabad based party flamboyant President Asaduddin Owaisi and sibling Akbaruddin Owaisi are BJP leadership and RSS sponsored canons exacerbating the existing authority credibility.

Whenever politics engage in Machiavellian approach aimed at end justifying the means, these are ominous signs for precipitous decline.

The analogy using Congress and BJP applies to regional political parties with prolonged rule enforced via flawed electoral process.

Indian political chronicle too consists assassination conforming to violent removal of leaders especially Mahatma Gandhi – pioneer of peace and non-violence raising poignant question on the price the nation expected to pay upon insiders committing treason to appease foreign power.

India’s freedom from oligarchy, dynasty, religious extremism and antiquated caste orientation preserved to facilitate hegemony dominance is paramount to experience pervasive progress in the country with vast potential.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













Politics Smear Campaign and Personal Attacks – Segment 1

June 27, 2015

Indian Village WomenMannequin with Hijab

The pictures of Gujarati women in the village with their heads covered similar to the photo with muslim women wearing hijab or the head scarf.

The pictures depict Hindu society in North, East and Western India adaptation of Islamic custom i.e. (women covering their head) imposed during the Mogul period.  The tradition maintained until today by Hindus in Northern, Eastern and Western India although not part of original Hindu religion and culture.


By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to impromptu interaction with focus on Politics Smear Campaign and Personal Attacks to deflect public attention on real issues.

Please click on the audio link for the content.

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant

Religious Event – Eid-Ul-Fitr 2014

October 6, 2014

The audio version is for listeners across the spectrum.  Your interest is appreciated.

By Padmini Arhant 

Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak! My felicitations on Eid-ul-fitr / Eid-ul-adha, the joyous occasion following holy Ramadan.

The religious event marking the conclusion of Ramadan observed with fasting is important in maintaining the rich tradition and cultural festivity.

Islamic faith representing peace, compassion and harmony in semblance with other religions provides opportunity for followers through Eid-ul-fitr to appreciate life and dedicate towards humanitarian cause.

Eid like many major festivals facilitates solidarity transcending denominations within Islam besides other religions as well.

The normal relations amongst people prolonged beyond festive season demonstrating human values with mutual respect, understanding and caring could lead to peaceful co-existence.

Eid-ul-fitr / Eid-ul-adha is a reminder to begin a new chapter renouncing negative characteristics and develop positive trait for individual and collective benefits.

There are many deprived of basic living conditions beginning with political, economic and social freedom around the world.

The religious or social function is a possibility to meet and greet family, friends and neighbors creating cordial environment.

Again Eid-ul-fitr is an exciting moment bringing people together exchanging pleasantries and invitations to feast on elaborate delicacies that always is the highlight during festival.

The other aspect is to remember the less fortunate in society and sharing whatever affordable to include them in the celebration.

On that poignant note, I convey my best wishes to people rejoicing Eid-ul-Fitr / Eid-ul-Adha this year and more to follow in the near future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








Western Imperialism Promotes Violence in Islamic Nations – Part 1

July 11, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Lebanon – South Beirut bomb explosion

Bomb blasts in residential neighborhood, Bir al-Abed, South Beirut, Hezbollah stronghold early this week reportedly left several injured with some of them being children.

The explosive detonated in civilian area is reprehensible usually affecting vulnerable citizens in the impact zone.

Wishing wounded members speedy recovery and Lebanese society unified resistance against sponsors of terror.


Pakistan – Karachi Bombing and United States Drone Strikes

The commercial port Karachi is constantly faced with bombing and explosions producing massive casualties aside routine civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes in northwestern Pakistan.

The latest attack targeting senior security personnel of President Asif Ali Zardari in Karachi pose grave security concerns for all.

Karachi focus on restricting weapons flow with coalescence in crackdown on terror groups is the antidote for endless killings in the major city.

The central government, state and city police along with military as well as intelligence agencies could play a key role in foiling terror plots to save lives and deter destruction.

Furthermore, the Shiites regularly fall prey to sectarianism not only in Pakistan but also in most Islamic nations around the world.

Muslim unity is imperative to thwart neo colonial sedition agenda.

Sincere condolences to bereaved families on the loss of loved ones in bombings and drones having become the means for perpetual chaos and life disruption.


Afghanistan – United States and NATO Presence Including Drone Attacks Foment Violence

The nation is confronted with relentless shelling from people foes on all sides declining ordinary citizens rights to exist in the war torn country.

United States drone attacks legalized by President Barack Obama and Pentagon expansive policy to set up nine military bases in addition to western powers engineered narcotic trade deprive Afghans fair chance of survival and those living from making progress towards modern civilization.

The so-called troop withdrawal in 2014 accompanied by declaration to leave sizable forces behind to train Afghan army and police is outdated reason considering the explanation used to prolong western occupation since invasion in 2001.

Amid militarization of Afghanistan, Pakistan assisted United States negotiation with Afghani Taliban in Doha, Qatar to set up government in exile as Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is yet another imperial dogma enforcing dominion republic status on occupied sovereign nation.

Best Wishes to Afghan republic in reclaiming complete independence from internal and external dominance.


Iraq – Explosions rocks the country since U.S. and Coalition Invasion in 2003

Iraq is the bedrock for western instigated sectarianism aimed at fragmentation of the country in accordance with imperialists charter.

Having isolated northern Iraq as Kurdish region, the fledgling western empire continues to sow acrimony among various groups in society.

Unfortunately, the people in Iraq deal with incessant bombings confining them to mournful existence although Iraqis overcome obstacles with courage and optimism as they did during U.S. and Britain use of depleted uranium against them alongside illegal economic sanctions over decades that was lifted in the past month.

Iraq is a nation with enormous potential to rise like phoenix despite hegemony incredulousness reflected in disintegration plan based on religious sect and ethnicity.

Wishing citizens in Iraq peace and solidarity moving forward with nation building retaining Iraqi national identity.

Egypt – United States, Israel and Saudi Intervention behind Turmoil

The current unrest entirely attributed to imperialists and globalists viz. IMF and GCC intervention.

The foreign and regional influence exemplified in appointment of interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi slated as Liberal economist to maintain cataclysmic neo liberalism favoring plutocracy and stifling Egyptian economic growth.

Similarly, the appointment of interim Deputy President Mohamed El-Baradei is to protect imperialist Israel and United States goals undermining Egypt sovereignty.

Egypt freedom struggle has to begin with eliminating imperialism, fundamentalism and militarism constituting subjugation by U.S., Israel and Saudi regimes opposed to republic governed democracy.

Besides monetary institutions flawed neo liberal strategy, which is essentially socialist capitalism enable exploitation of national work force to bailout greed driven insolvent banks and corporations in control of western political establishment with de facto extension worldwide.

Wishing Egypt population dawn of peace and stability in recognition of strength remaining in national cooperation that was instrumental in western backed Mubarak rule overthrow albeit remnants from that era still in overt and covert operation requiring people power perseverance.


The topic will continue in Part II to shed light on other Islamic nations on imperialists radar for conquest.

Meanwhile, violence is the expression of intolerance to civility and rationality.

Those behind such heinous crimes reveal their disregard for life and slay innocent lives wherever possible much to self-detriment.

The unnecessary discord between various sect and religious or political factions only benefits the enemy of peace and humanity.

The consolidated action rejecting violence and foreign intrusion in sovereign internal affairs is best displayed via peaceful engagement in dialogue depicting national harmony.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Spiritualism – Islam Milad an-Nabi –Prophet Muhammad / Mohammad (PBUH) Birth Anniversary

January 27, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Happy Birth Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad / Mohammad (PBUH)! on Friday January 25, 2013 also known as Milad an-Nabi celebrated by followers of Islam around the world.

Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – the holiest and most revered religious figure epitomizes justice, peace and harmony.

With spiritual guidance from Almighty God Allah, the holy religion of Islam spread through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and facilitated by Holy Scripture Quran enlighten mankind on the purpose of life and meaningful existence.

Synonymous to all other religions initiated and established by Supreme divine force,

Islam provides vision, hope and path to salvation i.e. purification from sins in order to live a guilt free life further enabling soul to rest in peace upon discarding physical body that is known as death or demise.

In conjunction with joyous birthday celebration of Islam’s favorite Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), many Muslim nations also observed ‘Muslim Unity’ week considering prevalent discord from western orchestrated violence throughout Muslim world.

Reviewing current situation worldwide with Middle East in particular, Islam is under siege and needs to be liberated from forces misusing the holy religion for regional and geopolitical dominance.

Besides adherence to strong principles demonstrating courage and integrity, there is an urgent requirement among Muslim community to display solidarity transcending sectarianism in recognition of all denomination not only within Islam but also extending to other faiths and non-religious groups in their society.

Strength lies in unity and peaceful means involving dialogue to resolve problems – the effective defense against foreign threats undermining sovereignty at every opportunity.

Human character personified in love, compassion and commitment towards peace as well as non-violence guarantee success leading to fulfillment of genuine aspirations in life.

Islamic countries cooperation promoting trade, financial aid and humanitarian assistance to oppressed, beleaguered and economically disadvantaged nations in Middle East, Africa and Asia would substantially improve living conditions for vast majority in abject poverty.

Non Aligned Movement (NAM) as an international body comprising global memberships assuming the role in passing resolutions with member nations general consensus is the only pragmatic approach for dealing with crises and dispute settlement.

NAM unlike UN has rotating Presidency without hierarchy such as P5+1 and second tier consisting 15 members council invariably undermined with superpower syndrome.

Moreover UN organization has lost credibility due to systemic failure in ending conflict in Syria resulting in enormous loss of lives and infrastructure destruction.

Freezing Israeli settlements expansion in the occupied Palestinian land and,

Subjecting nuclear states U.S. and Israel for international verification and sanctions against them for violation of international law in every respect.

UN Secretary General appointment, responsibility and decision making is in shadow powers control. The ideology driven policies are the reasons for status quo.

Nations are targeted with excruciating sanctions that tantamount to economic warfare in addition to military aggression.

The violators are rewarded while those in compliance of every UN resolution and international rules are consistently isolated with inhumane and arbitrary embargo not even exempting medicines and food supplies to victims of gross injustice.

Case in point – Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Haiti…among other developing nations subjected to crippling sanctions maintaining the tradition of slow and painful killings of respective nationality.

Above all, UNSC is the problem more than a solution to humanity today.

UN also responsible for sponsoring wars across the globe through UNSC primarily abused with veto power on critical matter viz. Palestinian statehood, Western powers illegal invasion and occupation of nations among many important issues contributing to world population plight.

United States, Britain, France and Germany prominently misuse UNSC for agenda under false pretexts threatening global peace and security.

Henceforth, NAM earns the reputation of being the legitimate international authority replacing UN specifically UNSC in enacting peace proposals and implementing recommendations on international affairs.

In conclusion, Islam’s holiness and likewise other religions sanctity cannot be tarnished with ignorance and impropriety.

God’s created religions are sacrosanct and will continue to dispel darkness exemplified in Prophet Muhammad / Mohammad (PBUH) mission as the shining bright light since time immemorial.

Best Wishers to people of Islamic faith and rest of the global society in pursuit of peace and happiness conforming to different religious teachings convergence on the message of universal empathy and benevolence for collective progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Spiritualism – Islam, Muharram Commemorating Shia Imam Hussain (PBUH) Martyrdom

January 5, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The faithful followers of Islam – Shia, Sunni, Alawites, Druz and Sufism… are all children of Allah – Almighty God – the creator, protector and benefactor of life.

Shia Muslims gathered to perform Arbaeen ritual in the holy city Karbala in Iraq on the 40th and last day of mourning observed during Muharram honoring the great sacrifice of third Shia Imam, Imam Hussain (PBUH), the grandson of Islam’s beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) maintaining the family tradition in humanitarian service.

Historic evidence on Imam Hussain (PBUH) with family and 72 companions valiant battle against Yazid, representing tyranny in seventh century marked the day of Ashura providing mankind guidance on the distinction between good and evil.

Imam Hussain (AS) and members martyrdom was not in vain considering the courage and integrity to defend righteousness and just cause against aggression admirably exemplified with dignity.

Again Imam Hussain (AS) commitment throughout resistance is an incredible source of inspiration not only to people of Islamic faith but entire world.

In the contemporary era, fragmentation in society facilitates foreign invasion and occupation.

Imperialism and colonization would not emerge let alone succeed upon national solidarity and patriotism.

The main avenues for foreign usurpation or infiltration are treason and narcissism among certain factions in society or diaspora paving way towards national subjugation.

With respect to Muslims plight and attack on Islam, the problems unequivocally attributed to clannish dynasty rule alternatively subservience to external forces for individual gains such as power along with wealth amassment witnessed in despotic regimes and their oppression as well as persecution of own population.

Al-Saud Kingdom and Gulf allies Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Turkey and elsewhere Pakistan, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan…prominently serve western interests costing citizens lives and destiny not to mention the surrender of sovereignty at will.

Although such posturing is contradictory to Islam and spiritual descendants (PBUT) principles aptly demonstrated in respective dedication to mankind.

The trend continues with sectarianism and fundamentalism benefitting foreign invaders agenda of divide and conquer strategy.

Muslims world over especially in the war torn nations enduring extreme violence like in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq and others under relentless foreign incursion or aided assault viz. Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are required to transcend barriers to unity i.e. remain unified in the demand for liberty and rights to self determination.

All are urged to solidify support regardless of sect, religion and delineations identifying one another as citizen of the country sharing common aspirations and individual dreams in life.

Nation’s strength lies in people power to rise to the occasion against challenges confronting them.

Accordingly, the situation affects the country at large allowing predators to exploit weaknesses within society fomenting unrest and turmoil to their advantage.

Reviewing ongoing conflicts with some nations struggling more than the other, hegemonic influenced discord is widely promoted in vulnerable and sensitive territories for easy access and dominance under crises resolution pretext.

While sponsoring terrorism and heinous crimes against innocent civilians through overt and covert operations ranging from direct involvement to proxy wars, the belligerence deterrence effective in unanimous dissent to foreign intervention in sovereign internal matter.

As for repressive governance reflected in brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters imposing ban on assembly curbing freedom of expression ominously prove departure from democracy and totalitarian rule.

Society tolerance to intolerance breeds injustice and embolden authoritarianism.

The atrocity against any particular segment like abandonment of Rohingyas in Myanmar or Palestinians and targeted killings of Shias in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq including Alawites in Syria with Saudi cleric decree to violate Syrian women rights constitutes sacrilege of Islam besides defiance to national and international law.

Those responsible for fellow Muslims and non-Muslims alike immense suffering invite grueling experience upon them invoking judgment in accordance with their action towards victims of abusive power and economic status.

Poignantly, clashes in Israeli and western societies for instance the orthodox vs. unorthodox or other distinctive traits defining individuality are non-existent or seldom occur limited to communication exchange unlike events witnessed in Muslim and non-western countries constantly related to identity oriented communal disputes viz. sect, religion and caste splitting communities with eventual impact on social fabric threatening national security.

The solution to endless strife is harmony and acknowledgment of each other as human beings prior to classifications that stokes sentiments against natural purpose.

Changing perceptions on diversity in the form of appreciation over denunciation would cultivate mutual respect and guarantee relative calmness relevant to peaceful co-existence.

Moreover, socio economic hierarchy whether religious denomination or caste systems wherever applicable are entirely human generated concepts revealing flagrant rejection of divine law indoctrinated on fairness, equality and justice.

In general, proper understanding, education and awareness combined with discernment in application of knowledge extremely important in the outreach to ostracized and marginalized demography duly qualified for basic rights and privileges otherwise only available to those claiming entitlements in the superficial segregation.

Social behavior conforming to inclusiveness and disavow exclusivity elevates human character delivering positive results on issues concerning personal and public dilemma.

Religious teachings and oracles are meant to dispel darkness and myths surrounding baseless arguments confined to thoughts collected on instinctive or impulsive reaction ignoring facts for hypothesis.

Finally, Muslims coming together in solid expression declining counterproductive ideology and dissipating powers malevolent practices lay the foundation for political, economic and social emancipation.

Remembrance of saints like Imam Hussain and progeny (PBUT) significant contribution is best depicted in emulation sowing seeds of love and understanding for flowers in full bloom permeating environment with serene beauty and fragrance.

Wishing Muslim brothers, sisters and rest of the world pleasant present comparable to enchanting perfume from garden of tranquility yielding a promising future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Islam – Eid al-Fitr Mubarak

August 19, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Eid al-Fitr Mubarak to members of Islamic faith!

The conclusion of holy month Ramadan observed with fasting and prayers celebrated as Eid festival in Islamic religion.

People following Islam share joy on this day exchanging greetings with scrumptious feast after prolonged fasting utilizing the occasion for atonement and course renewal reflecting on their life journey to attain inner peace and purposeful existence in harmony with nature and divinity.

The distinct sects within Islam in semblance with other religions come together during this important function transcending human induced differences recognizing essence of life, relations and personal attributes as valuable endowments from Almighty God, Allah worshipped by all Muslims across the globe.

God created religions through Messiah elucidating precepts poignantly guide seekers towards salvation or heavenly abode to selflessly perform duties exemplifying altruism leading to utilitarianism.

Accordingly Islam despite uniqueness satisfies fundamental requirement on piety, peace and humanitarian service.

Those straying from path have opportunity for review, remorse and reform conforming to redemption – universal maxim on liberation from sins epitomized in divine source established religions to benefit humanity.

Islam with significant representation brought together in understanding and appreciation for genesis of knowledge imparted in holy Quran and teachings by Prophet Mohammad (May Peace be upon him) highlighting negative attributes posing impediments in self-purification.

Individuals exercising discretion could effectively adopt values for own betterment rejecting vices proved detrimental in life.

Islam revered by many for providing light to disoriented and disconnected souls ultimately enlightened when pursued with sincere devotion and righteousness similar to other religions practiced in suitable form.

On this religious moment, wishing Muslims around the world Eid al-Fitr Mubarak with a new beginning comprising bountiful peace, happiness and a promising future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Tribute to September 11 Victims and Families

September 11, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Nine years after the catastrophic terror attack on American soil, the nation pays tribute to the victims and the families. Since the horrific event, the entire population has been subject to the ordeal in one way or another.

The citizens’ resilience to overcome personal tragedies is seen throughout the decade.

Many still silently suffering from the personal loss are coping with inner and external source of strength.

Life cannot be resurrected but the memories continue to provide the necessary comfort and solace to the survivors. The departed members’ dreams and aspirations sometimes fulfilled by those they leave behind.

The brave rescue workers during 9/11 deserve special remembrance and gratitude for a great number of fire fighters are now dealing with chronic illnesses that is exacerbated with the recent Senate legislation blockade on medical assistance to them.

It’s important to highlight the social setbacks following September 11, 2001.

Although the nation rallied behind the then President George W. Bush, soon after the society had become polarized giving birth to Islamaphobia. The anti-Muslim sentiments emboldened the fragmented terror groups to retaliate against western and other democracies around the world.

As a result, the civilian population with the peaceful Muslim majority among them continue to pay the price and subject to constant denigration including the extreme motives expressed lately.

There are many players responsible for the tensions prevalent within society. As stated earlier certain political factions eager to gain traction in the election year along with religious ethos devoted to divisiveness and selective media partnership enable the persistent discord.

At the same time, there is hope to revive genuine trust, mutual respect and understanding in the secular democracy. Unfortunately, controversies easily win media attention than peaceful activities.

Nonetheless, there is tremendous opportunity for the society to thrive on the individual uniqueness to serve greater good. It’s a matter of choice between harmony and acrimony.

The 9/11 aftermath has been complex and challenging for the people in New York and the international community. Yet the human spirit is not lost and that remains the beauty in the face of reality.

Peace to all New Yorkers and other citizens around the globe in their solemn moment on this day about their loved ones, friends and neighbors they parted with nine years ago.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Islam – The Religion of Peace

September 10, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Islam has been the target of the political, religious and social demagoguery.

Today, Islam – a sacred religion with an approximate 1.5 billion followers is the scapegoat for the ideologues representing the various factions in the world society.

From terrorism, warfare, politics, religion to social domain – Islam is the convenient alibi.

The actions are meant to reflect the so-called “tolerance, acceptance, and social equality.”

The ideology has no limit in seizing the opportunity to promote the individual belief, rights, political clout and image. Such irrationality stems from defiance against one’s own reasoning faculties.

If religion is commercialized by the religious authorities, the political opportunists politicize for their personal agenda.

As for the mainstream media – they do not wish to be left behind in the popularity contest.

So they play a dominant role in sensationalizing the issues and elevate narcissism to evangelism.

United States is confronted with two social issues surrounding Islam.

Burn the “Qur’an” day and the interfaith community center construction in Lower Manhattan, New York.

With respect to the provocative declaration against “The Holy Qur’an,” – The pastor Terry Jones in Gainesville, Florida – an unknown entity for obvious reasons until yesterday is now a celebrity in his own rights predominantly due to unnecessary media attention.

Amid speculations on the consequences following the desecration threat, the global condemnation from the highest hierarchies is justified but fails to recognize the real forces behind the inflammatory remarks and actions.

Pastor Terry Jones having assumed the responsibility to preach the gospel teachings of “Lord Jesus Christ,” is preparing to demonstrate his misconceptions about Islam and the religious scripture that personifies peace in every aspect.

The pastor’s intention overrides the virtues exemplified by the founder of Christianity – “Lord Jesus Christ,” – peace, love and compassion icon.

Attempts to insult Islam or any religion without exception are a direct assault on the religion they pretend to represent.

For true believers and the faithful ones would do everything in their power to be inclusive and not exclusive as witnessed in the contentious religious discourse.

As a result ignorance is pervasive in claiming that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are distinctive in one way or another regardless of all religions epitomizing peace and solidarity.

Denying equal respect to all religions is blatant rejection of “Almighty God,” – one supreme spiritual power worshiped by all through different sources.

Notwithstanding the discriminatory practice being disingenuous to the religion upheld as superior against the rest.

In this instance, the pastor’s decision to denigrate Islam suggests “Lord Jesus Christ” repeat crucifixion.

Allowing hatred, malice and presumptuousness to prevail over peace, harmony and humility is a sign of weakness and insecurity.

Islam is revered by Muslims in the same manner as Christianity by Christians, Judaism by Jews, Hinduism by Hindus, Sikhism by Sikhs, Buddhism by Buddhists, Jainism by Jains, Zoroastrianism by Parsis, Baha’ism by Baha’i…and all others whose forgiveness is sought for not being specified.

Any dispute in this regard would be arising from personal disposition against universal acknowledgment.

Pastor Terry Jones needs soul searching and reconciliation with reality.

If the pastor is submitted to Lord Jesus Christ and the lord’s clearly defined morals then he would wisely refrain from negative thoughts, words and deeds with an inevitable harm to fellow human beings whether they are American troops or Muslim friends and neighbors – essentially the humanity at large.

Pastors and priests have a greater obligation to pursue peace and help easing tensions in communities not become the cause for publicity.

Hence for Christ sake and the love of Jesus, abandoning disrespectful and demeaning activities against other religions would lead to discovering peace within and eventually assist in spreading peace around.

Hopefully, the pastor would heed to the concerned citizens plea and devote his attention in bringing people of all faiths together rather than indulging in divisive motives.

Peace to Islam and all other religions around the world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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