Spiritualism – Islam, Muharram Commemorating Shia Imam Hussain (PBUH) Martyrdom

January 5, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The faithful followers of Islam – Shia, Sunni, Alawites, Druz and Sufism… are all children of Allah – Almighty God – the creator, protector and benefactor of life.

Shia Muslims gathered to perform Arbaeen ritual in the holy city Karbala in Iraq on the 40th and last day of mourning observed during Muharram honoring the great sacrifice of third Shia Imam, Imam Hussain (PBUH), the grandson of Islam’s beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) maintaining the family tradition in humanitarian service.

Historic evidence on Imam Hussain (PBUH) with family and 72 companions valiant battle against Yazid, representing tyranny in seventh century marked the day of Ashura providing mankind guidance on the distinction between good and evil.

Imam Hussain (AS) and members martyrdom was not in vain considering the courage and integrity to defend righteousness and just cause against aggression admirably exemplified with dignity.

Again Imam Hussain (AS) commitment throughout resistance is an incredible source of inspiration not only to people of Islamic faith but entire world.

In the contemporary era, fragmentation in society facilitates foreign invasion and occupation.

Imperialism and colonization would not emerge let alone succeed upon national solidarity and patriotism.

The main avenues for foreign usurpation or infiltration are treason and narcissism among certain factions in society or diaspora paving way towards national subjugation.

With respect to Muslims plight and attack on Islam, the problems unequivocally attributed to clannish dynasty rule alternatively subservience to external forces for individual gains such as power along with wealth amassment witnessed in despotic regimes and their oppression as well as persecution of own population.

Al-Saud Kingdom and Gulf allies Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Turkey and elsewhere Pakistan, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan…prominently serve western interests costing citizens lives and destiny not to mention the surrender of sovereignty at will.

Although such posturing is contradictory to Islam and spiritual descendants (PBUT) principles aptly demonstrated in respective dedication to mankind.

The trend continues with sectarianism and fundamentalism benefitting foreign invaders agenda of divide and conquer strategy.

Muslims world over especially in the war torn nations enduring extreme violence like in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq and others under relentless foreign incursion or aided assault viz. Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are required to transcend barriers to unity i.e. remain unified in the demand for liberty and rights to self determination.

All are urged to solidify support regardless of sect, religion and delineations identifying one another as citizen of the country sharing common aspirations and individual dreams in life.

Nation’s strength lies in people power to rise to the occasion against challenges confronting them.

Accordingly, the situation affects the country at large allowing predators to exploit weaknesses within society fomenting unrest and turmoil to their advantage.

Reviewing ongoing conflicts with some nations struggling more than the other, hegemonic influenced discord is widely promoted in vulnerable and sensitive territories for easy access and dominance under crises resolution pretext.

While sponsoring terrorism and heinous crimes against innocent civilians through overt and covert operations ranging from direct involvement to proxy wars, the belligerence deterrence effective in unanimous dissent to foreign intervention in sovereign internal matter.

As for repressive governance reflected in brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters imposing ban on assembly curbing freedom of expression ominously prove departure from democracy and totalitarian rule.

Society tolerance to intolerance breeds injustice and embolden authoritarianism.

The atrocity against any particular segment like abandonment of Rohingyas in Myanmar or Palestinians and targeted killings of Shias in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq including Alawites in Syria with Saudi cleric decree to violate Syrian women rights constitutes sacrilege of Islam besides defiance to national and international law.

Those responsible for fellow Muslims and non-Muslims alike immense suffering invite grueling experience upon them invoking judgment in accordance with their action towards victims of abusive power and economic status.

Poignantly, clashes in Israeli and western societies for instance the orthodox vs. unorthodox or other distinctive traits defining individuality are non-existent or seldom occur limited to communication exchange unlike events witnessed in Muslim and non-western countries constantly related to identity oriented communal disputes viz. sect, religion and caste splitting communities with eventual impact on social fabric threatening national security.

The solution to endless strife is harmony and acknowledgment of each other as human beings prior to classifications that stokes sentiments against natural purpose.

Changing perceptions on diversity in the form of appreciation over denunciation would cultivate mutual respect and guarantee relative calmness relevant to peaceful co-existence.

Moreover, socio economic hierarchy whether religious denomination or caste systems wherever applicable are entirely human generated concepts revealing flagrant rejection of divine law indoctrinated on fairness, equality and justice.

In general, proper understanding, education and awareness combined with discernment in application of knowledge extremely important in the outreach to ostracized and marginalized demography duly qualified for basic rights and privileges otherwise only available to those claiming entitlements in the superficial segregation.

Social behavior conforming to inclusiveness and disavow exclusivity elevates human character delivering positive results on issues concerning personal and public dilemma.

Religious teachings and oracles are meant to dispel darkness and myths surrounding baseless arguments confined to thoughts collected on instinctive or impulsive reaction ignoring facts for hypothesis.

Finally, Muslims coming together in solid expression declining counterproductive ideology and dissipating powers malevolent practices lay the foundation for political, economic and social emancipation.

Remembrance of saints like Imam Hussain and progeny (PBUT) significant contribution is best depicted in emulation sowing seeds of love and understanding for flowers in full bloom permeating environment with serene beauty and fragrance.

Wishing Muslim brothers, sisters and rest of the world pleasant present comparable to enchanting perfume from garden of tranquility yielding a promising future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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