Western Imperialism Promotes Violence in Islamic Nations – Part 1

July 11, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Lebanon – South Beirut bomb explosion

Bomb blasts in residential neighborhood, Bir al-Abed, South Beirut, Hezbollah stronghold early this week reportedly left several injured with some of them being children.

The explosive detonated in civilian area is reprehensible usually affecting vulnerable citizens in the impact zone.

Wishing wounded members speedy recovery and Lebanese society unified resistance against sponsors of terror.


Pakistan – Karachi Bombing and United States Drone Strikes

The commercial port Karachi is constantly faced with bombing and explosions producing massive casualties aside routine civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes in northwestern Pakistan.

The latest attack targeting senior security personnel of President Asif Ali Zardari in Karachi pose grave security concerns for all.

Karachi focus on restricting weapons flow with coalescence in crackdown on terror groups is the antidote for endless killings in the major city.

The central government, state and city police along with military as well as intelligence agencies could play a key role in foiling terror plots to save lives and deter destruction.

Furthermore, the Shiites regularly fall prey to sectarianism not only in Pakistan but also in most Islamic nations around the world.

Muslim unity is imperative to thwart neo colonial sedition agenda.

Sincere condolences to bereaved families on the loss of loved ones in bombings and drones having become the means for perpetual chaos and life disruption.


Afghanistan – United States and NATO Presence Including Drone Attacks Foment Violence

The nation is confronted with relentless shelling from people foes on all sides declining ordinary citizens rights to exist in the war torn country.

United States drone attacks legalized by President Barack Obama and Pentagon expansive policy to set up nine military bases in addition to western powers engineered narcotic trade deprive Afghans fair chance of survival and those living from making progress towards modern civilization.

The so-called troop withdrawal in 2014 accompanied by declaration to leave sizable forces behind to train Afghan army and police is outdated reason considering the explanation used to prolong western occupation since invasion in 2001.

Amid militarization of Afghanistan, Pakistan assisted United States negotiation with Afghani Taliban in Doha, Qatar to set up government in exile as Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is yet another imperial dogma enforcing dominion republic status on occupied sovereign nation.

Best Wishes to Afghan republic in reclaiming complete independence from internal and external dominance.


Iraq – Explosions rocks the country since U.S. and Coalition Invasion in 2003

Iraq is the bedrock for western instigated sectarianism aimed at fragmentation of the country in accordance with imperialists charter.

Having isolated northern Iraq as Kurdish region, the fledgling western empire continues to sow acrimony among various groups in society.

Unfortunately, the people in Iraq deal with incessant bombings confining them to mournful existence although Iraqis overcome obstacles with courage and optimism as they did during U.S. and Britain use of depleted uranium against them alongside illegal economic sanctions over decades that was lifted in the past month.

Iraq is a nation with enormous potential to rise like phoenix despite hegemony incredulousness reflected in disintegration plan based on religious sect and ethnicity.

Wishing citizens in Iraq peace and solidarity moving forward with nation building retaining Iraqi national identity.

Egypt – United States, Israel and Saudi Intervention behind Turmoil

The current unrest entirely attributed to imperialists and globalists viz. IMF and GCC intervention.

The foreign and regional influence exemplified in appointment of interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi slated as Liberal economist to maintain cataclysmic neo liberalism favoring plutocracy and stifling Egyptian economic growth.

Similarly, the appointment of interim Deputy President Mohamed El-Baradei is to protect imperialist Israel and United States goals undermining Egypt sovereignty.

Egypt freedom struggle has to begin with eliminating imperialism, fundamentalism and militarism constituting subjugation by U.S., Israel and Saudi regimes opposed to republic governed democracy.

Besides monetary institutions flawed neo liberal strategy, which is essentially socialist capitalism enable exploitation of national work force to bailout greed driven insolvent banks and corporations in control of western political establishment with de facto extension worldwide.

Wishing Egypt population dawn of peace and stability in recognition of strength remaining in national cooperation that was instrumental in western backed Mubarak rule overthrow albeit remnants from that era still in overt and covert operation requiring people power perseverance.


The topic will continue in Part II to shed light on other Islamic nations on imperialists radar for conquest.

Meanwhile, violence is the expression of intolerance to civility and rationality.

Those behind such heinous crimes reveal their disregard for life and slay innocent lives wherever possible much to self-detriment.

The unnecessary discord between various sect and religious or political factions only benefits the enemy of peace and humanity.

The consolidated action rejecting violence and foreign intrusion in sovereign internal affairs is best displayed via peaceful engagement in dialogue depicting national harmony.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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