Syria – U.S. Military Forces Complete Withdrawal

December 19, 2018

Syria – U.S. Military Forces Complete Withdrawal

Padmini Arhant

United States latest decision for complete withdrawal of military forces from Syria is welcome and long overdue.

ISIS was a creation through foreign intervention comprising United States, western allies and partners in the Middie East. The wanton crisis generated humungous problems for the sources behind this operation and of course the victims as well in a manner expected with any illegal invasion and occupation of sovereign nations in the world.

American tax dollars were generously wasted as they are in several war zones and aggression experienced in the past and witnessed at present.

The perception whether ISIS was defeated or still needs to be contained will always linger without acknowledgment on the fundamentals of ISIS origin, survival and continuous decimation of a small nation Syria and neighboring Iraq forced to bear the brunt of relentless strikes and use of artillery.

Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan…are experimental grounds to test newly manufactured weapons potency under the guise of ISIS, Taliban and al Qaeda along with offshoots and fringe terror networks in these regions. Not to mention draining U.S. national treasury at taxpayers expense.

ISIS or for that matter any terror factions, militants, rebel forces anywhere stand no chance of emergence let alone sustainability in the absence of resources viz. weapons cache, funding and training provided by the same forces positioned as challengers in the bizarre confrontation.

In other words, you create an enemy with your support facilitating all means to them especially arms and ammunitions reaching them at ease besides financial aid to terror operatives combined with western intelligence training them to engage in indefinite warfare.

The humanitarian and economic liability under these conditions are beyond recovery. Needless to say the loss of innocent lives from substantial casualties and infrastructure damages inflicted on the nation, wiping rich civilizations never match the efforts to recuperate from permanent carnage.

Nonetheless, better late than never principle serve wisely in averting further disasters as learning lessons in life is preliminary step in avoiding repeat mistakes with no hope of turning point.

Not only Syria, the adjacent Iraq, Yemen and not too far away Afghanistan awaits similar decision to terminate military assaults and gross violence.

The only way to resolution on any disputes and disagreements is civil engagement premised on peaceful dialogue, diplomacy and mutually conducive environment building trust and integrity for successful outcome.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter Padmini Arhant 

Syria – Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Syrian Republic Right

January 21, 2018

Syria – Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Syrian Republic Right

Padmini Arhant

United States along with western and middle eastern allies invaded Syria in 2011 through terror deployment. Since then the terror sponsors have subject Syria to brutal violence, constant shelling, air strikes, use of chemical and biological weapons via terror networks much to the world’s horror and dismay.  The U.S. and allies’ involvement enabled evolution of various terror factions from al Qaeda becoming al Nusra Front, Daesh, Takfiri to The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and lately termed the Islamic State (IS) responsible for thousands of deaths and millions forced into refugee status.

United States training and funding of terror groups from the beginning in 2011 along with special forces on the grounds in Syria accompanied by repeat demand for Syrian electorate elected President Bashar Al Assad and government ouster by predecessor Barack Obama fueled the conflict disrupting positive outcome in any peace accord. The incumbent President Donald Trump administration’s parallel strategy to maintain U.S. troops in Syria and echoing previous administration’s rhetoric on removal of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, family and government is the standard U.S. foreign policy dictated by forces barely known to the American public or the global audience.

United States occupation of foreign land in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or anywhere in the world is the external forces devised foreign policy for global dominance despite repeat failures and phenomenal economic liability endured by U.S. tax payers and the people of target nations thus far. The reckless engagement rejecting reality and creating perpetual chaos in foreign land under false pretexts is proved dangerous, callous and counterproductive and yet the architects and catalysts behind the trend refuse to learn lesson from the experience.

While United States forcing government shut down on citizens during every administration and raising the concern for border security as a priority with the border wall exceeding the Great Wall of China or the past century Berlin Wall to prevent the flow of unarmed undocumented immigrants into U.S. territory,

The U.S. administrations regardless of political affiliation as left or right violating sovereignty and territorial integrity of foreign nations with armed terrorists and U.S. troops witnessed in Syria is the major hypocrisy in U.S. foreign policy.

United States and citizens have never experienced any threats from these occupied nations like Syria whatsoever when the reverse is the case with Syria, Iraq and Libya transformed into terror haven to prolong occupation and armed confrontation ignoring massive casualties and unending suffering for millions in the region.

The new dimension in Syrian crisis is the formation of alternative government in Syrian land with utter disregard for Syrian sovereignty and republic right. The U.S. role in northern Syria crafting a border force comprising Syrian Kurds initially claiming to defeat their own terror faction IS in Raqqa has catapulted the Turkish-Kurdish opposition along the Syrian border with Turkey.

Turkey having been instrumental in Syrian massacre from the start under the leadership of former Prime Minister turned President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the NATO ally crying foul and using the opportunity to infiltrate Syria with Turkish ground troops is all clear in the intent to Balkanize Syria into statelets as they unsuccessfully tried with Iraq in the creation of Kurdistan in northern Iraq that had to be ultimately rescued from ISIL by Iraq national forces in the U.S. and  allies generated quagmire in the Middle East replicated wherever their footprints are evident.

There is also shared interest among U.S. foreign policy designers overwhelmingly favoring allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia wish lists than humanitarian goals in their aggression against Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq and the extension of settlement activities in occupied Palestine. Again, it is no secret the systemic targeting of nations in the Middle East is to deter Iran’s influence and impose dominion republic status on these countries and citizens submitting to globalists agenda.

As a result, Syria is today occupied by foreign forces like United States and coalition besides terror outfits representing their western and middle eastern sponsors cause. Furthermore, Syria has been driven into inviting Russian intervention to combat international assault on all sides of this small nonetheless resilient nation leading to Russian operated Syrian Khmeimim Air base in the coastal city Latakia in Hmeimim, Syria in addition to the Russian naval base in Tartus on the Mediterranean coast of Syria.

There appears to be no sense of reasoning and recognition among them to abandon flawed policies and disastrous means aimed at regime change and reconfiguration of geopolitical landscape to suit their desire and insidious ambition in the name of defeating terror they produced, nurtured and directed to kill, terrorize and maim thousands of innocent lives in Syria and across the borders in the region.

These individuals in the position of power and authority are granted impunity on crimes against humanity. Accordingly, they accept no responsibility on direct authorization and complicity in genocide of population in foreign land for they represent the global syndicate rooted in self and vested interests at the expense of vast majority regarded vulnerable and their lives dispensable.

Where are the ideas and strategies flowing from on fragmentation and conversion of sovereign nations into vassal states in the revival of medieval feudalism?

Well, the representation is rather diverse varying from government to institutions, think tanks and prominent academia as well as organizations with personal as well as collective aspirations to maintain status quo in denying ordinary people freedom, basic rights, economic opportunity and social justice although their lectures and speeches are deceptively misleading and misguiding in every format.

Their motto is constant mayhem and discord worldwide boosting arms sales to all factions indiscriminately and promoting eugenics with divisive racial, religion and class warfare in society under the guise of democracy and non-sectarianism when their actions irrefutably confirm otherwise.

Here is the expressed opinion in the article published on December 25th, 2017 titled Opinion:

One way to counter Iran’s aggression? Change the map of the Middle East from the author Michael Makovsky, the President and CEO of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) and a former Pentagon official advocating among many other indulgence, the major proposals are inciting political unrest and partitioning of States into separate entity.

The excerpt of this article premised on offensive strategy is presented here with full length available in the link provided below.

One way to counter Iran’s aggression? Change the map of the Middle East from the author Michael Makovsky, the President and CEO of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) and a former Pentagon official

“Iran has taken advantage of ISIS’ crumbling caliphate to increasingly consolidate control over Syria and Iran, as it dominates their capitals and those of Lebanon and Yemen. It has effectively established a land bridge from Tehran to Beirut.

Reversing this strategic threat requires continued U.S. military presence and military aid to local forces in Syria and Iraq, and greater support for our regional allies, such as Israel and Jordan, who must contain the provocative actions of Iran and its proxies. But this defensive posture will not suffice even to contain Iran let alone transform its hegemonic trajectory.

Instead, we should draw from Ronald Reagan, who eschewed a defensive posture and pursued an offensive strategy to undermine the Soviet Union that included supporting indigenous anti-communist insurgents around the globe. We should pursue the same offensive strategy to roll back Iran’s regional hegemony.

We should recognize that maintaining Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen in their existing forms is unnatural and serves Iran’s interests. There is nothing sacred about these countries’ borders, which seem to have been drawn by a drunk and blindfolded cartographer. Indeed, in totally disregarding these borders, ISIS and Iran both have already demonstrated their anachronism and irrelevance.

These countries are not nation-states as Americans understand them but post-WWI artificial constructs, mostly created out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire in a colossally failed experiment by international leaders. With their deep ethno-sectarian fissures, these countries have either been held together by a strong authoritarian hand or suffered sectarian carnage.

Indeed, the principal vulnerability of Iran’s regional strategy is its dependence on brutal regimes to rule lands riven by ethno-sectarian fissures. The United States should exploit this vulnerability by supporting those forces in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen that oppose Iran’s domination and seek greater self-determination or independence from the capitals. The result could be transforming these failed states into loose confederations or new countries with more borders that more naturally conform along sectarian lines.”


Not that such attempts have not been experimented before for exerting overt control as they did with Sudan in 2012 bifurcating the oil rich African country into South Sudan plunging the newly formed fragile state into worst political and humanitarian turmoil. As cited above in this blogpost they carved northern Iraq with oil reserves as Kurdistan granting autonomy with self-government obviously bowing to oligarchy and globalists expectations on the economic benefits related to oil revenue.

I leave with the reminder to elements and groups retaining twentieth century mindset in perpetrating persistent violence through terrorism, troops and tensions to achieve unattainable objectives on regional and global hegemony verifiably futile with severe blowback on the sources unable to sustain imprudent doctrine and legacy.

Syria is a sovereign nation with elected government and any changes to Syria’s present and future is entirely and exclusively Syrian citizens right representing the nation as the republic barring any regional and foreign intrusion in the determination of Syrian fate.

The same principle would apply to nations dealing with globalists interventions endorsed and executed by UNSC via economic sanctions crippling the target nations’ economy to stymie effective resistance against hegemonic gains.

I convey my best wishes to Syria in ending the conflict and securing independence from regional and foreign pursuits.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



Syria – Permanent Peace Ending Terrorism and International Coalition

August 15, 2017

Syria – Permanent Peace Ending Terrorism and International Coalition

By Padmini Arhant


Syria, once known as the cradle of civilization along with Iraq confronted with invasion and occupation through terrorism.

Syria, one of the targets in the Project for New American Century (PNAC) premised on hegemonic goals to destabilize nations in the Middle East and elsewhere has been defending itself in all fronts since 2011.

The secular country has been transformed into battle ground through terrorism. United States and allies in the west as well as Middle East sponsored terror groups supplied with funding, weapons cache and combat training including logistic aid from the beginning i.e. 2011 until now has produced massive casualties, millions of refugees, decimation of culture and heritage sites leaving the population at terror sponsors mercy.

Middle East has been exposed to political dominance and struggles throughout history. However, terrorism was introduced in 2011 to undermine citizens’ efforts for democratic process in the respective nations following Tunisian uprising in North Africa.

Syria sharing vulnerabilities with counterparts in the region due to economic resources and strategic location cornered for foreign and regional subjugation.

United States and allies backed so-called political opposition affiliated to terror networks based on moderates vs. extremists added insult to injury to the people in Syria. The peace talks on Syrian crises sabotaged time and time again by those colluding with terror units and their partners’ in destruction of a sovereign nation.

United States, Israel, Britain, France, EU, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan role besides their de facto in Eastern Europe facilitating arms cargo to terror outfits created ISIL and ISIS evolving from al Qaeda into al Nusra Front deployed to achieve hegemony agenda.

The latest development in territorialized ceasefire reached among United States, Russia, Syria and different sides provides temporary relief for humanitarian aid.

Nonetheless, ending the conflict decisively is necessary for nation building allowing Syrians to live a normal life they have been unjustly deprived via foreign intervention.

Furthermore, the refugee status imposed upon them as a result could be addressed effectively in the safe return of Syrian refugees to homeland.

Syria is obligatory to defend the nation from international intrusion and purge terror from the soil. The lack of political will and credibility to abandon terror organizations surviving on western and middle eastern allies diverse support has led to loss of thousands of innocent lives with many children having become orphans, women and men into widowhood, families torn apart and yet there appears to be no serious commitment to conclude turmoil by the sources and catalysts.

The Superpower status expended in inflicting disasters on nations for strategic control at taxpayers’ expense neglecting myriad issues in the domestic front is a significant problem highlighting priorities for those behind such ambition.

Syrian citizens across the spectrum deserve respite from foreign authorized violence and immense atrocities committed against them thus far. The foreign indulgence regardless of regional or offshore representation is responsible for unspeakable crimes using terror as means to ruin an independent country.

There could be no deliberation or procrastination in respecting sovereignty of other nations and citizens inalienable rights to peacefully exist in their country as these are natural requirements in the world stated as free society.

United States and allies are constantly debating on enforcing restrictions on immigration to the extent of White House proposal to build a great wall to prevent entry by citizens from neighboring country.

Simultaneously U.S. and accomplices insisting on maintaining status quo in occupying foreign land with troops or terror factions like in Syria is the irony.

Syria has been subject to tremendous pain and misery for vested interests though Syria pose no threat whatsoever to United States and allies engaged in the carnage of the country.

These activities exerting aggression against nations regarded a fair game could no longer continue by any major or minor powers especially the nations declared democratic and champions of human rights in contrast to legacy and contemporary trend.

Accordingly, permanent ceasefire with withdrawal of all groups and foreign powers contingency – the illegitimate International Coalition in particular proved terror manifestation is critical for peaceful resolution of the prolonged conflict.

The Syrian defense force, leaderships and citizens concerted labor and participation in contending terror and international coalition offense is commendable and exemplify patriotism to defend the honor of Syria’s statehood.

The liberation of Syria from current skirmishes and terrorism is essential for global peace and security.

I convey my best wishes to Syria in prevailing over terror and hostility.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission







Is Fascism Ruling the World?

August 3, 2017

Is Fascism Ruling the World?

By Padmini Arhant

The ongoing activities imposing unlawful sanctions, territorial annexations claimed as entitlement, coup d’etat against governments rejecting secret society members representation to reform political system into meaningful democracy.

The so-called Democratic administration policy on mandatory health insurance on individuals with penalty favoring health industry vehemently defended against economic prudence and democratic principles for symbolic rather than substantive purpose. 

The controlled media and press engagement in massive subversion, false propaganda, disruption in governance wasting taxpayers funds on unsubstantiated Russian meddling in 2016 name a few clarify anti-democratic, anti-sovereignty, anti-peace and anti-humanity forces eager to expedite self-destruction.

The democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was a failed candidate who lost the election in 2008.

How come no Russian involvement detected at that time?

Is it because such allegation was not convenient as the incognito power had their preferred candidate to create ISIL anc ISIS in Syria and Iraq, demolish Libya,Yemen and Afghanistan, divide Sudan into North and South inflicting unmitigated chaos, destabilizing Ukraine exacerbating Eastern bloc in Europe, offer 35 million compulsory subscribers to health industry and expand warfare in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America?

Who gave authority to impose arbitrary sanctions against nations and individuals while never being held accountable for various corrupt and criminal dealings,massacre, genocide, refugee crisis and abuse of power?

The unbridled execution of decisions without any legitimate reason in an effort to maintain status quo confirms the world run by the unruly and authoritarian dogma having no respect for others rights or sovereign status.

Such provocations are unnecessary and by no means to be underestimated in response and inevitable blowback that are best averted modifying saber rattling to sober reconciliation.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission






July 11, 2017


By Padmini Arhant

The world is conditioned to accept terror as part of life.  Those sponsoring terrorism with free flow of arms and ammunitions, providing training, funding and logistic support to terror outfits are directly responsible for unspeakable crime against humanity. The senseless violence targeting innocent people world wide is condemned at the time of terror attacks and soon forgotten until repeat terror incidents elsewhere.

Could condemnation from those behind terror be taken seriously? Anyone against terrorism would not be involved in any manner in heinous crime against people from anywhere.

Should empathy from forces profiteering from arms deal to terror factions and states behind terrorism be regarded genuine? Such reactions are analogous to setting homes on fire and pretending to douse the fire they ignited without any concern for loss of lives that are irreplaceable.

Terrorism is acknowledged as major threat to national and global security today which is a fact without a shadow of doubt in the world forced to brace violence without warning or advanced notice. However, there is no desire to cease terror sponsoring with continuous delivery of weapons and diverse means made available to terror networks operating under nations denouncing terror and in the same breadth fostering terrorism for own agenda. The duplicity pervasive in contemporary events with politics leading the artful maneuver could not be underestimated though the cliché resulting in public disillusionment. 

Terror was invented to undermine sovereignty and security of target nations replacing conventional warfare deploying troops on the ground that required congressional / parliament approval which means dealing with public protest on illegal invasion and occupation.

Foreign States sponsored terrorism is disguised as resurgence to destabilize nations vulnerable to strategic dominance. Terror manufacturers are not in favor of positive measures against terrorism understandably with weapons supply to terrorists proved lucrative besides powerful nations prominent role fomenting terror through various resources witnessed in Syria and Iraq. 

Terrorism could be successfully mitigated upon international demand translating into effective actions to ban artillery and any other lethal as well as non-lethal supplies to terror groups anywhere in the world. In the dragnet surveillance on ordinary citizens rather than terror organizations, the spate of terror attacks in different parts of the world explains misplaced scrutiny revealing the lack of interest to desist the cause and not simply attempt to address the symptoms.

The dismantling of terror based in different locations is no longer a debate of choice with victims plight creating the urgent situation for world leaderships to arrive at general consensus to prohibit any form of aid to terror outlets exerting overt or covert control.

The international law tied to sanctions on violation regardless of stature would set precedence to dispose terror unravelling links to sources behind mass killings and fear mongering to deter normal existence.

Global commitments to fight terror is largely based on transparency and intercepting any sign of intent to harm citizens within or outside the country before the event. The terror attacks in Europe, Iran and the latest in India where the pilgrims to holy Amarnath temple were killed in crossfire from the assault on police post in Kashmir are appalling.  These incidents could have been averted in exercising precautions and vigilance on terror strike.

In the environment where nations are in possession of state of the art technology and modern defense mechanisms, terror prevailing over national and international oversight convey a message that does not bode well for authorities responsible for citizens safety and security. The necessary political will is lagging despite combating terrorism unanimously agreed as top priority in global summit.

Where there is will, there is a way.

The world willingness to stifle terror has to begin in ending terror manifested war against Syria and Iraq. The incursions and confrontation in the valley of Kashmir to be restrained protecting the citizens and travelers in the state while initiating the process for peaceful resolution on Kashmir. 

I convey my sincere condolences to terror victims world over and wish the survivors speedy recovery.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission 







United States – President’s Day 2017

February 16, 2017

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant

The office of Presidency is a powerful position as the chief executive and commander-in-chief of the military in the nation.  Power comes with responsibility and ability to manage and maintain stability without compromising unity, peace and progress.

There is no doubt that politics pose challenges in many ways due to political, ideological and fundamental reasons except recognizing common grounds to build the nation for the benefit of all rather than selective few in society.

In the United States – the two political parties as Republicans and Democrats resigned to conservatism and liberalism with moderate position on both sides often bridging the gap in the otherwise political tussle on most legislations make governance nearly impossible. Lately media role exacerbates the condition. 

Not to mention the internal and external influence on government through lobby, campaign financing and think tanks policy disenfranchise electorate post-election.

Regardless of administrations whether republican or democrat, the political favors are exchanged between all three government branches viz. the executive, legislative and judiciary members and big donors behind candidacy. In politics, the tradition expanded for self and vested interests hindering necessary developments in the country.

The problem lies in the absence of accountability and collusion to protect one another exempting those involved in violations from facing charges that are normally enforced on ordinary citizens and others not in the exclusive club.

The polarization in society with the rule of law binding on all citizens while the lawmakers, government members and their affiliates, associates or anyone remotely linked to them not affected by such laws or ethics despite numerous breaches raise serious questions about the system declared as democracy.

Presidency with executive orders is misunderstood as privilege meant for misuse and administrations in the past and present misinterpret the purpose as extrajudicial power at their disposal that creates unnecessary tension and confusion.

There is one thing about campaign promises to attract political base and segments with belief on any issue in the contentious elections even when that leads to lofty and controversial aspirations and then the other dealing with practicality of fulfilling them upon assuming office.

As a result, the campaign strategy drawn on extraordinary goals to win elections fall short on mechanisms and means to deliver the election motivated pledge.

The newly elected administration headed by President Donald Trump signed executive orders on immigration and building the wall among several others might be prompted in adherence to personal convictions over due diligence. 

On the immigration matter – deportation of families with many having United States born children as dependents is not a rational measure and continuation of the earlier administration approach in this regard would prove alignment on ill-conceived exercise.

President Donald Trump professional background related to real estate and hospitality industry with immigrant workers contributing to business success is the reality that other businesses and companies deserve to boost economic growth understandably the President’s immediate priority.

The dynamics utilizing diverse skills and orientation that immigrants offer in different capacity instrumental in advancing macroeconomic prospects and international trade.

Any apprehensions on immigrants depriving American work force arise from businesses seeking higher profitability at lower cost of operation and simultaneously remaining competitive in the global market.

Many factors such as taxes, business incentives and employment structure for various categories would create better opportunity to maximize productivity in manufacturing and service sector.

The proposal to build the wall for border security is not prudent considering the scope of the project, the investment and effectiveness could drain resources with little or no impact on the intended course.

Instead President Donald Trump focus to ease trade relations with neighbors like Mexico and prevent arms sales to drug cartels responsible for violence forcing local population to leave their territory in search of safety and economic security would be far more viable in addressing the cause.

In terms of the recently confirmed EPA appointment of the former Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt has received well founded concerns and reservations with EPA role to save environment from relentless abuse with energy and automobile industry resistance to contain contamination, pollution and carbon emission threatening life and ecosystem at a rapid pace.

Environment protection agency (EPA) lacking in appropriate guidelines and enforceable options defeats the objectives for federal agency as oversight monitoring and preserving the environment shared by the entire nation and the world at large.

Accordingly, the incoming director Scott Pruitt justifying the post with actions favorable to environment like clean air and water are vital that would alleviate health hazards cutting costs on health care for many suffering from preventable illness in addition to promoting well-being for all.

Without healthy environment, wealth and prosperity is unsustainable and meaningless in the event of increasing environment woes endangering life and habitat.

As for other executive rules from the current administration, the topic will resume elaborating the pros and cons to evaluate the risks and recovery process.

Peace o all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


 Politics – Public Service or Gold Mine?

By Padmini Arhant

Choosing political career and joining the government would be normally considered a sense of duty to serve constituents, district, state, nation and the world at large.

The meaning of Public Service leading to the term public servant is regarded derogatory by members in government. Instead the designation preference is authority and powerful entity or lawmakers even when they are lawbreakers with no respect for the rule of law and ethics they enforce on citizens of the state.

Not surprisingly, the recruits in the administration are usually the ones committed to not necessarily serving the nation but the head of the administration and in most instances the spouse in particular.

How does one explain the wealth acquisition among White House staff with annual salary $172,200 and upon exit at the end of the term their net worth is millions of dollars? The same would apply to members of Congress as well.

Are they all born with silver spoon and pledged to serve the country?

In that case, shouldn’t they bequeath their wealth alleviating economic disparity?

Unless, the situation is other way around.  The primary purpose is to make hay when the sun shines and in politics it happens rain or shine – the perennial season.

How about the administration using IRS to intimidate political opponents or organizations for partisan agenda?

While protecting administration members in serious violation of tax evasions and tax fraud.

The administration of the former President Barack Obama hired White House Staff have done remarkably well considering the Hope and Change platform enabling the victory in 2008.

Synopsis on public service guaranteed wealthy status.

In 2012, the ex-President Barack Obama White House members on annual salary $172,200 or more net worth were as follows within three years of service in the administration and exponential rise towards the second term. 

Susan Rice – $20 million plus

Valerie Jarrett – $3.3 million to $13 million

Christopher Lu – $2.3 million and $5.2million

David Plouffe – $3.6 million

Jay Carney – $3.2 million

Dan Pfeiffer –   $2.1million

Just a few names among several for whom politics apparently is a gold mine.

No wonder the selective choices effectively compete in the gold rush.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


Politics and Media Relations

By Padmini Arhant

How does Politics manage media relations?

Through wedding and pre-nuptial agreement. Marry media and bury the hatchet. 

In the former President Barack Obama administration – the media relation, a family affair. 

ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser in former President Barack Obama administration – This explains the ex-NSA Susan Rice sweep and mop strategy  in misleading American public on Benghazi scandal. 

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications – Master stroke not to report on Ben Rhodes email elaborating coverup on Benghazi debacle.

ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.

CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary Clinton’s former Deputy Secretary Tom Nides – No wonder there was all praise regardless of Benghazi, private email server and political excess baggage. 

Is this not a conflict of interest?  

Who is to report when the source outsourced to serve political interest.

Politics and cronyism evolved to become inseparable entity defending any indefensible position.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


United States – The Parallels and Paradoxical Judgment

By Padmini Arhant

Whenever the wheels of justice are out of alignment and spin off breaking the trust and aspirations for fair outcome, the system collapse.

Politics in control of judiciary with judicial nominations and appointments stemming from the source responsible for diverse violations and constitutional breach cannot be expected to deliver justice.

Similarly, media and press along with entertainment industry directed to embellish and exaggerate performance of one administration while hold the other in extreme contempt clarifies the apparatus beyond repair.

There are many issues that are raised now were not pursued with prevalent zeal during previous administrations unspeakable crimes and undemocratic means exercising extrajudicial power in the executive branch.

Notwithstanding the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s defiance to secrecy on private email server and hacking domestic and foreign governments officials email and phones besides toppling democratic leaderships for perpetual chaos and unrest.

The advocates of democracy and liberalism or republican conservative values together with the so-called progressives and independents dismayed at current state of affairs originated long before and worsened thereafter possibly lost in memory lane.

Since twenty first century onset in the face of coordinated and coalesced 9/11 attack for preemptive aggressions against nations in the Project for New American Century (PNAC), the quest to deplete United States economy and foreign land resources never ceased.

Then the administration of hope and change arrived in 2008 intensifying the ill-conceived foreign policy and domestic woes that are misquoted as positive accomplishments.

In fact, the recently departed administration could get away with more of the same as the predecessor inflicting damages and magnifying problems at home and abroad.

Bush-Cheney administration introduced Islamophobia under the guise of national security was maintained by Barack Obama administration.

The President name Barack Hussain Obama was not acknowledged as a Muslim heritage and insisted on having nothing to do with Islam.

The Bush-Cheney infamous Guantanamo Bay and activities such as renditions including abductions for overseas detentions denying habeas corpus diligently pursued under former President Barack Obama administration.

The State department under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton organized coups in Latin America, Egypt, Thailand and Ukraine not barring Syrian peace accord sabotage at every opportunity from the certified   democrat experiencing defeat in the 2016 Presidential election attributed to bizarre speculations except the candidate’s flawed trajectory.

The fact check on ex-President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could very well be slighted and lampooned through surrogates and talking heads in different form and shape. 

However, the administration’s egregious decisions sponsoring terrorism with funding, arming and training terror networks evolving into ISIS and direct involvement leading to irreversible loss of lives and destruction of innocent civilians’ future forced into refugee status are not laughing matter.

Congressional hearing on Benghazi scandal scoffed instead of admitting dereliction of duty on preventable fatalities of former U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and intelligence officials showing little or no respect for life in general.

In the same manner, the massive cover up on Abbotabad mission claiming victory in the killing of the deceased Osama Bin Laden and systematic elimination of Navy SEALS deployed in that operation under Barack Obama Presidency is all too sensitive for free speech condemnations audible at the moment.

The Presidency of Barack Obama foreign policy accelerated economic sanctions against countries identified as adversary.

Notably embargo impact citizens of the sanctioned nations depriving them from essentials like food, medicines and various items that are imported from other regions. The action is far more debilitating given the scarcity and lack of access contributing to slow and painful deaths of children, women and elderly suffering from chronic disease.

Yet sanctions are passionately endorsed at UNSC as the ideal choice to contain nations that are not in agreement with unreasonable demand from major powers exerting control over world population.

The troop withdrawals in Iraq was redeployed in the outskirts of Baghdad and Mosul while the remaining were dispatched to Afghanistan extending the occupation in the war torn nation indefinitely without any respite from shelling and carnage.

Asia Pacific encountered Pivot Asia strategy under Barack Obama administration with provocative maneuvers escalating tension in that part of the world.

Under Barack Obama PresidencyAfrica was lot easier to be militarized with drones, military bases and weapons cache to rebels protracting civil wars and interventions like in Sudan splitting the largest North African nation into Sudan and South Sudan with never ending conflict.

In south Asia, Barack Obama administration authorized predator drones in Muslim countries Pakistan and Afghanistan chasing men, women and children from their humble dwellings banned existence in their homeland in the irony on protest to Muslim travel ban now. The drone targeted east African Muslim country Somalia as well.

Middle East transformed into perennial turmoil with overt supply of arms and ammunitions to terror factions relocated from Libya and Afghanistan.

The middle east peace process consistently stifled with the administration’s veto at UNSC amid authorizing U.S. tax fund $38 billion dollars to Israel’s military aid over ten years beginning in middle of 2016 despite Israel’s contentious settlement activity.  Any tail end gesture with abstinence at UNSC highlights duplicity.

The blood rivers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen enabled in the military and financial assistance to terror outfits and dictatorial regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and lackeys viz. Turkey leadership Recep Tayyip Erdogan obliging Barack Obama administration instruction to provide shelter to terror recruits defined as moderate terrorists against Syria.

Nuclear proliferation amongst prominent nuclear powers expanded with subterranean nuclear testing under water and overland carried out unabated in the same breadth criticizing other nations nuclear ambitions aimed at deterrence as dangerous and contemptuous.

The former President Barack Obama came to power with Super Pac funding and mega donations from Goldman Sachs and big wigs in Wall Street. 

The administration had cabinet members like Larry Summers who quit midway in the first term and Timothy Geithner unapologetic tax evasions heading Treasury in the second term.  These individuals profile were well known as Wall Street bankers. Likewise, the other key posts from Defense to Commerce and Justice were not mainstream category either.

The corruption charges against former Attorney General Eric Holder declining to show any interest in Wall Street bankers and financial institutions mortgage fraud among several other findings on unlawful practices confirms the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington.

Accordingly, the tradition of exchanging favors following political win judiciously continued under Barack Obama Presidency evidently erased from media and loyalists database.

Barack Obama administration domestic policy – the Bush tax cuts to wealthy were preserved burdening the middle class and actual tax payers in the economy.

On health care reformObamacare imposition of mandatory insurance subscription with penalty upon failure to comply is a bonanza to health insurance industry gaining 30 million subscribers through legislation.

Financial reform – Dodd – Frank act leaving several loopholes to satisfy Wall Street bankers requirements and incorporating former Federal Reserve Chairman and Bilderberg group elite member Paul Volcker rule was not entirely an effective measure to restrict financial institutions from conducting business as usual.

Not to mention Senator Chris Dodd and Vice President Joe Biden as well as some republican lawmakers’ family affiliation as Wall Street lobbyists compromising any regulations and enactment.

Furthermore, the formidable 1933 Glass Steagall Banking Act long regarded an obstacle for Wall Street private endeavors was repealed in 1999 during democrat Bill Clinton administration paving way for successor Republican George W. Bush administration carte blanche authority resulting in 2008 recession and housing market debacle.

In this context, the Obama Affordable Housing Act continues to mislead homeowners ending in foreclosures than necessary relief in home retention critical to protect housing market and job creations in construction industry.

EnvironmentBarack Obama and Hillary Clinton scuttled Copenhagen COP 15 treaty exacerbated environmental challenges for developing countries and island nations bearing the brunt on unusual weather conditions that are not addressed in Paris climate pact.

Social Issues – Regardless of clamor and denials, the rise in African American deaths under Black Presidency is an irrefutable reality. Additionally, the unemployment and homelessness amongst blacks compared to other racial demography increased in the absence of specific program to improve the disadvantaged situation.

There is one aspect of law enforcement clashes with black citizens and then the other black mistreatment by Black Presidency demonstrated in the Secret Service and Washington D.C. Police fired bullets at unarmed civilian – the young black mother Miriam Iris Carey with her thirteen months old daughter Erica in the back seat on October 3rd, 2013 at the White House doorstep is reprehensible.

Subsequently refusing the victim’s family request to allow the child to attend her mother’s funeral could only be interpreted as power corrupts human mind and absolute power endanger safety and security of anyone not within the circle.

Then on July 19, 2010 African American citizen Shirley Sherrod, Director, Georgia State Rural Department for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was a casualty of political expediency.

Shirley Sherrod was unfairly fired by President Barack Obama in reaction to Fox News aired doctored videotape.

Troy Anthony Davis the African American executed on September 21, 2011 in the southern state of Georgia through lethal injection that could have been averted with a Presidential pardon then reversing the trend on history repeating itself in reminiscent of plantation era.

On the topic of billionaires flocking the present administration, that should not be a surprise considering money and politics are intertwined with one aiding another and vice versa.

The media frenzy on the new administration representation with billionaires obviously neglects the important factor about the previous administration entry into White House with maxed out credit cards and exit with phenomenal bank balance and offshore accounts qualifying membership in billionaire club.

Politics double standards are nothing new. Nonetheless the ex-President Barack Obama message to homeowners losing their homes was one should live within means and not exceed affordability.  Although the advice for any other item would be appropriate, the investment in home for living would be evaluated on sustainability.

Interestingly the same was not applied to President and family extravagant vacations at taxpayer expense to a tune of $100 million on a single African Safari trip when the rest of the country was struggling to make ends meet in the sluggish economy at that time.

To summarize Barack Obama Presidencythe proof of the pudding is in the eating and aptly reflected in the elections 2010 to 2016 not excluding the unsuccessful Summer Olympic bid for 2016 in Chicago.

The administration legacy espousing violence and shunning transparency exemplified in the emergence of ISIS and downward spiraling in humanitarian cause for a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Too good to be true on campaign trail perhaps proved to be as such.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


























United States – Presidential Order on Immigration and Alienation

January 29, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter Spouse in Divine Mission.


By Padmini Arhant

The Powerful Dilemma

Power is meaningless when subjugated to falsehood and fabrication.

Spin on issues in any direction – right, left and center make the spinner dizzy and lose consciousness sinking into coma from frost bite protecting frozen peccadillo.

Free speech tongue tied unable to swallow or spit sour candy sugar coated for palate.

License to powerful is silence for the powerless.

Secrecy and supremacy leaves democracy a fantasy.

Immunity is a privilege in return for sacrilege.

Mute the voice of salient to amplify the noise of subservient.

Bake a cake with fillings and toppings producing the fake in poor taste and quality.

Title an entitlement in the arrangement on derailment.

Dancing to tune promise fame and fortune.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission




From: Padmini Arhant

Dear Visitors and Readers,

Please be advised new comments and updates on diverse matter will be published under

Bulletin located below subscribe on the top right heading bar.

You may check the bulletin for latest comments and quick briefing.  The regular posts will feature on the home page and relevant category on all topics. 

Your interest is appreciated.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission


By Padmini Arhant

The executive order on any issue not conforming to constitution, human rights and environment with collective impact on people and nation at large would be misinterpretation of power and electoral mandate challenging democracy that could ultimately prove to be judgment error evident in recent memory.

The new administration executive order on immigration banning travelers and visitors from seven Muslim countries along with prohibiting refugees isolating Syria is a misguided action and the matter deserves reality check and fair assessment.

Although the present administration rapid movement via executive authorization has produced nationwide and global reaction, the system barring immigrants and visitors from certain Muslim countries together with selective invasive profiling at the United States airports has been vigorously promoted and practiced under earlier administrations.

Nothing happens without a cause and for anything to evolve into something beyond control such as the refugee issue and restricting immigrants of specific Muslim nations is the result of previous administrations strategy post 9/11 setting the stage for Islamophobia. 

The 9/11 terror attack conclusively an inside job with masterminds, protagonists and agents behind massive collusion under the administration of the former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney introduced Islamophobia. 

The irony is those involved in the horrendous crime on 9/11 and complicit in the successful terror operation having committed treason felt the requirement for Patriot Act subjecting law abiding citizens to scrutiny.

Subsequently the unpatriotic Patriot Act was maintained by successor President Barack Obama in conjunction with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). 

Additionally, the former President Barack Obama administration enacted the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allowing federal authority to target not only foreign nationals but also United States citizens on U.S. soil and the case in evidence being the Muslim U.S. citizen of Yemeni origin shot dead without any opportunity for legal representation. There were other similar incidents barely reported unlike the outcry now.

The previous administration of ex-President Barack Obama deported more than 2 million immigrants as illegals in the second term having sought majority Latino votes enabling narrow win in 2012. The topic again missing media attention.

On the refugee crisis – the situation would not arise had United States under former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with allies in the west and the middle east not fomented Syrian war sponsoring terrorism by funding, training and arming al Qaeda and splinter groups al-Nusra front in several adaptations with different names leading to what is now known as ISIL and ISIS. 

The departed administration of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with EU and allies in the middle east – Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey playing a major role led to the birth of ISIL and ISIS.

Notwithstanding Benghazi debacle under former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton raising the bar for travelers from these countries even though the citizens of these states are forced to endure chaos and suffering with western powers and middle east allies unlawful intervention to appoint proxy governments for resources and strategic dominance chartered in Project for New American Century (PNAC).

United States and allies weapons supply to terror groups in an effort to topple Syrian government headed by President Bashar al Assad was instrumental in prolonging Syrian conflict until today.

The former President Barack Obama administration favoring the so-called moderate terrorists was pivotal in protracting Syrian war spilling into Iraq and Lebanon with Libya in mayhem from Benghazi fiasco.

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opposed to any peaceful outcome for the war torn Syria wasted no time in scuttling peace accord denying the people in Syria to exist in their homeland and resolve any political issues within the country through dialogue and peaceful negotiations as self-determination right.

The former President Barack Obama administration activities and indulgence combined with EU lifting ban rather than extension on arms provision to terror networks in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya contributed to massive civilian bloodshed and left millions as refugees denied access by EU and United States then administration despite being responsible for the humanitarian disaster.

The current administration need not follow suit and accelerate the process.  In fact President Donald Trump exercising due diligence and deliberation would delineate the administration function from predecessor and strengthen instead of sever ties with nations around the globe. 

Mistakes from the past being the present and future is not in United States interest and hurt image as the nation of immigrants – the cornerstone for stronger, productive and vibrant multicultural society.

President Donald Trump reversal of the order to prevent unnecessary confusion and disruption would exemplify administration priority to U.S. economy as well besides security alone. 

The stay on the executive order is obviously costing U.S. economy due to delays at the airports and educational institutions loss of revenue from foreign students and businesses experiencing problems in different aspects and,

Last but not the least families separated from the loved ones and dependents is against American value.

Thoughtfulness and pragmatism are best suited than hasty decision on this immigration order.

Hope reason and rational would enable desirable approach.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission







U.S. Election Debacle – Selection disguised as Election

October 20, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

The Art of Lying in Politics – Denying the Undeniable Facts

         By Padmini Arhant

The third and final U.S. Presidential debate ended clarifying the political establishment determination to impose fait accompli on electorate prior to election day.

Whenever one candidacy is treated as extraordinary despite conspicuous flaws and numerous breaches deemed criminal, the electorate become instruments to devious agenda.

The massive publicity, funding along with press editorials, media and entertainment industry patronage among several others including three major networks FOX, CNN and MSNBC colluding that are otherwise considered rivals to promote and declare the democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be conglomerate representative for fifth term in the White House verifies the so-called democratic process.

Since election is taken for granted and transformed into mere formality and political circus to coronate the pre-selected choice, the democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton,

The following questions are posed alongside shedding light on impervious data delineating facts from falsehood.

The claim on United States election to be free and fair is a misnomer considering twenty first century marked with electoral outcome disputes in the year 2000, 2004 Presidential election and thereafter noting alterations and irregularities that are common now.

The democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton position as the advocate and champion of women and children’s rights, working class, gay rights and immigrants’ welfare while being financed by wall street, special interests, national and foreign donors stupefy audience knowing in politics the strategy is to say anything to win election. The trait prominent in some more than others confirming obsession with power.

The democrat nominee Hillary Clinton vows to pay for entitlements like Medicare and social security by taxing the rich and wealthy including corporations that are bankrolling her campaign.

Does this mean, the democrat Presidential candidate betrayal is certain against one or the other? 

Whom is she likely to deceive ?– the campaign investors or the voters casting ballots enabling special interests’ backed candidacy with Super Pac and campaign funders deriving more value for money in the lobbyists drafted legislations.

On the question about Supreme Court nominees – the democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton citing the people wronged in the Citizens United case with the Supreme Court allowing unlimited campaign contributions from diverse sources while Hillary Clinton, the politician representing conglomerate and hegemony capitalizing on corporate cash speaks volume about the candidate’s integrity or the lack thereof.

On the subject of Affordable Care Act aka modestly titled Obama Care – although this is a topic deserving discussion in entirety which will be presented in due course on this site, the crux of the matter is the health care reform deceptively deviated from benefiting average citizens to bonanza for health insurance and health care industry.

The mandatory health insurance tied to penalty upon failure to do so made effective in January 2014 expects citizens to subscribe to health insurance whether affordable by them or not especially with health insurance premiums being high and any low cost plans covering little or nothing leaving subscribers at the health insurance and health care industry mercy worse than before.

In the meantime, the health insurance companies raking profits on additional 35 to 37 million subscribers brought on board via Obama care. The young healthy citizens on moderate income forced into compulsory health insurance plan are essentially paying for others with pre-existing conditions that is highlighted as landmark achievement attributing credit to health insurance industry as a major concession on their part when they are the beneficiary and the healthy groups on meager income bearing the cost.

The democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton upholding the Affordable Care Act in the face of unaffordability for many in mainstream suggests pandering to current administration for political support besides complicity in misrepresentation of health care legislation.

In the economic sector – the Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s pledge to energy giants, finance and importantly defense industry is an open secret.  As recipient of substantial campaign donations, the quid pro quo between the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and Super Pac as well as special interests from far and wide null and void campaign promise to democratic base and voters across the spectrum.

Immigrants and immigration policyPresident Barack Obama administration having assumed office in 2012 as reelection deported 2 million undocumented residents soon after election despite overwhelming Latino voters lured into campaign slogan on path to citizenship that is repeated by colleague and present Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Here is the interesting and disappointing factor on the slogan – path to citizenship.  This was indeed fulfilled by Obama administration. However not towards U.S. citizenship but the citizenship of the country of origin for the people dispatched to respective homeland. There is little or no doubt the democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton surpassing deportation number given the track record on egregious actions.

Again the second time contestant Hillary Clinton in Presidential race having ceded to then democrat Presidential contender Barack Obama in 2008 not without a deal to be appointed Secretary of Statethird in line for Presidency flip flops on issues to suit political aspirations. 

The candidate Hillary Clinton opposition to issue driver license to undocumented workers in 2008 and disapproval of temporary resident status deprived many qualified people who were taxpayers in the economy from living together with U.S. born children as a family.

Environment – The former secretary Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama arrival in Copenhagen in 2009 for Cop 15 UN Climate summit and sabotage of the deal contributed to seven years carbon emission that is misquoted now as having slowed down climate change during President Barack Obama appearance on television show. 

Again in this instance in semblance with path to citizenship, the steps adopted then to undermine genuine environment goals at conglomerate behest did restrict improvement in clean air environment reversing climate change not for the better. 

Foreign Policy – the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton legacy is premised on violence, creation of terror networks facilitating the means to justify aggression, illegal interventions and subjugation of population under brutal and corrupt regimes throughout the world.

The former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s cavalier approach and belligerence resulting in deaths and destruction, chaos and catastrophe worldwide is the hall mark of her political career spanning over thirty years and more.

In the recently concluded Presidential debate, the democrat contender Hillary Clinton proudly asserted on having been involved in the raid of  al Qaida terror group leader Osama Bin Laden, the CIA asset in 2011.

Not realizing the administration and key members’ recounting is yet another confession on treason against United States and the victims of 9/11 attack. 

The concocted theory on Osama Bin Laden deceased in 2001 and resurrected to protect those implicated in 9/11 inside operation and glorify successor to boost administration record beguiling American people and the world is routine offense amongst those violating public trust.

The democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton often remarked about her opponent temperamentally not fit to be President.  The same apparently not applicable to her with willingness to use nuclear weapons and obliterate nations not in compliance with her demand.


The Republican contender Donald Trump was frequently asked about accepting poll results and the same was not sought from democrat nominee Hillary Clinton who fiercely contested against then challenger Barack Obama in the democratic primary in 2008 going as far as quoting election mishaps referencing democrat Presidential contestant Robert Kennedy assassination. The inherent threat from disgruntled democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008 not necessarily regarded fraudulent by patrons and surrogates’ behind Hillary Clinton Presidential bid.

Lastly, on constitutionality – the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton securing the title and post as foreign secretary was unconstitutional as she was then New York State Senator pact for high profile job in the newly elected administration presented conflict of interests abandoning responsibility towards constituents in the relevant state.

Nonetheless Senator Hillary Clinton prioritized her political ambition over the people of the state of New York and the nation at large as member in the United States Senate.

The democrat Presidential contestant Hillary Clinton as  member of political dynasty and conglomerate envoy  granted immunity in upending constitution, election and serious violations amounting to crimes against humanity and misuse of public office and authority.

Not surprisingly the Bush family are switching party lines to vote for the democrat in disguise, Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As for incumbent President Barack Obama endorsement of democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and urging voters to vote for Clinton prompts the legitimate query – If Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a great choice then why did this not happen in 2008 when he ran against her? Why did he not let his opponent Hillary Clinton win during democratic primary rather than engage in contentious battle then in 2008?

Question from the mediaHow come the republican nominee Donald Trump unable to beat democrat nominee Hillary Clinton given the latter’s controversial and scandalous background?

Politics and media selective memory fails to remember that democrat primary in 2016 Presidential race, Vermont Senator (I) Bernie Sanders ran on democrat ticket against democrat contender Hillary Clinton.  Unlike media focused republican nominee Donald Trump and sensationalized coverage, Senator Sanders described as mellow and conducive Progressive standing to Wall Street and Super Pac represented by democrat Hillary Clinton could not prevail departing from the domain for pre-selected candidacy.

The eagerness to wrap the event with proposals to acknowledge and concede to election results to one contender but not the other indicate premeditated strategy adding insult to injury and humiliation for millions of voters participating in the national election.

The quest for warfare, sponsoring terrorism, humanitarian disasters notwithstanding nuclear melt down favored in advancing the democrat Presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Never too late to rise to the occasion and reject undemocratic and unethical tactics deployed to prolong status quo. 

Where there is will, there is a way to preserve democracy and liberty with equal opportunity for all and not just the privileged category.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant














































June 27, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The referendum in the United Kingdom favoring BREXIT has sparked reaction and sentiments followed by political resignations in Britain.

Understanding the concept, ideology and strategy in addition to trajectory of any organization, union and institution with or without transformation facilitates fair evaluation.

Accordingly, EU role and functionality since inception and relevantly in recent memory is presented for clarity and focus on reality.

European Union with 27 states as members including Britain until now is essentially a parallel government headed by President, Foreign Secretary and key stakeholders appointed to run the alternate body not limited to regional affairs.

EU emergence with bureaucrats and political leaderships in various designations assume power that typically undermines sovereign status of member nation.

EU embarked on consolidating prospects with respect to trade and commerce within Europe not excluding human resources through immigration and multilateral treaty binding members to reciprocate on economic activities for European progress.

Such framework attracts interest and boost position besides diverse aspirations to optimize gains and mitigate losses from the venture.

The model in practice provided temporary results with nations vying for EU membership subject to approval upon satisfying EU requirement.

However, with benefits not commonly distributed the economic downturn produced high unemployment and trade imbalance not to mention exploitation of human capital.

EU as the central authority located in Brussels, Belgium exert control over economic and monetary policy.

Notwithstanding extensive involvement in political governance of weak economies like Greece and alike imposing austerity in the name of fiscal responsibility that continues to exacerbate economic woes creating generational indebtedness.

EU formation and subsequent introduction of euro as the preferred currency unit set the trend for struggling nations in the territory to peg the economy on fledgling euro in the hope of economic recovery.

The outcome thus far evidenced in selective dominance in the union enable financial and economic advantage to them at vast majority expense comprising ordinary citizens, labor force and educated youths in particular.

The transition cost vulnerable states like Cyprus, Greece and similar euro members to succumb to harsh financial terms and conditions not barring unethical means on compliance.

The prominent financial institutions viz. European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and international banks influence on the matter with heads of the government as powerful EU representatives obliging bankers demands in debt management is not a populist doctrine.

Furthermore, EU membership is based on meeting criteria that are not necessarily confined to economy but extends beyond pledging allegiance to EU policy.

The global recession in late 2007 with sub-prime mortgage crisis originating from the United States and lack of transparency and accountability in the financial dealings had contagion effect.

Europe economic stagnancy under EU in the absence of necessary growth is yet to demonstrate measures to ease persisting uncertainty and volatility in the market performance. The significant impact on the desperate job situation cannot be ignored either.

EU stance on immigration clarified in member states like France, Germany, Italy and Spain…immigrants plight forced to contend with lower wages and social inequality.

EU ideology and strategy premised on geopolitical expansion in partnership with the United States as NATO ally confirmed in Ukraine leaving the once stable nation in chaos and turmoil.

In the middle east, EU decision to lift arms embargo rather than reinforcing weapons ban to terror networks now proliferated as ISIS and ISIL contributed to refugee problems in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Syrian refugees seeking political asylum are denied entry by EU with greater efforts and plan mobilized to curb citizens’ influx from war torn Syria and Iraq. 

As for Islamophobia, the cartoon depiction and denigration of Islam’s Prophet from EU member state was entertained as freedom of expression as it goes with other religion or spiritual representation.

On the contrary, there is zero tolerance to constructive critique on issues affecting people’s lives and the world at large. 

The celebrity worship with proxies granted immunity on serious violations and crimes define the detrimental tradition.

In the context of BREXIT vote, the discussion on facts over hype spreading clamor and hysteria would exemplify propriety.  The subversion and spin are distractions at best and deception at worst when forming conclusions on public opinion.

Britain having retained the original currency – pound sterling and never subscribed to euro during membership perhaps explain the reservations on euro. 

The decline of Britain’s pound against dollar on BREXIT projected as the strength of EU is a perspective without justification.

Change is an evolutionary process in the experimental and natural event.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






Face the Truth – Terrorism and State Sponsorship

November 14, 2015

Padmini Arhant

Padmini Arhant

By Padmini Arhant

France – Terror Attacks in Paris

The latest terror attacks in Paris from Daesh Takfiri elements deserves attention in ascertaining facts and examining reality.

The cause and effects apply to any situation. Terrorism contemporarily deployed as means to exert authoritarianism, induce fear and maintain mayhem.

Terrorism experienced worldwide is state authorized and approved activity.

Accordingly, I raise the following questions with explanations for clarity.

  1. Who created al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda did not emerge from nowhere. The leaders of al Qaeda previously Osama Bin Laden and presently Ayman al Zawahiri as western intelligence agencies assets protected with immunity.

  1. How did Syrian Conflict arise?

Western intelligence combined with PNAC (Project for New American Century) strategists and proponents as the masterminds behind September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States chartered the course well ahead that included Syria for destabilization.

United States, Britain, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, UAE and Kuwait spearheaded the warfare by recruiting al Qaeda that evolved into al Nusra Front, ISIL, ISIS, Salafi and Daesh Takfiri networks in Syria and later in Iraq.

European Union (EU) fueled terror by lifting ban on arms and ammunitions distribution to terror groups in Syria rather than extending embargo.

The terror operatives up until now are funded, armed and trained by western nations and their allies in the Middle East with complicity from other partners in Eastern Europe and North Africa.

  1. Is it possible for terrorism to exist in the Nuclear age without state sponsorship?

The terror recruits from different parts of the world essentially hired to serve hegemonic goals leaving hundreds and thousands of innocent people dead, millions as refugees in addition to destroying civilizations despite fait accompli.

  1. Would any peaceful nation have normal relations with governments aiding and abetting terror? viz. United States, Britain, France, Germany along with EU ties with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan. Likewise, Iran with Turkey.

Hegemony is multifaceted aiming for regional and global dominance.

There is little or no concern for catastrophe inflicted on population in war zones with economic interests prioritized over life.

  1. Could any terror network function upon terminating weapons delivery or accessibility to them?

The terror organizations cannot last a day when arms supply to them is prevented across the spectrum.

  1. Who are the beneficiaries i.e. profiteers of violence?

The stakeholders thriving on taxpayers funded salaries, benefits and privileges as well as the so-called royals supported by ordinary citizens’ charity for generations having major investments in defense industry representing the military industrial complex would not have it any other way.

  1. Has bombing nations resolved or exacerbated crises?

The desire for military interventions through air raids notwithstanding troops on ground currently substituted with terror outfits representing different states clarify political status quo and institutionalized crime.

  1. Are institutions and authorities promoting perpetual chaos and bloodshed ever held accountable?

None thus far confirming the state of affairs as the license to kill at political will.

  1. Is there quid pro quo between states, military, intelligence agencies and terror networks in the widespread activity?

Yes. Otherwise it is impossible for terrorism to persist in the militarily superior and nuclear armed era.

  1. Finally, in the well known dragnet global surveillance, how are the terrorists able to commit massacres in world capitals at frequent intervals and the states continue business as usual?

Again, such events are only possible as false flag operations and criminal syndicate involvement.

Ending state sponsored terrorism and dismantling criminal enterprise with diverse collusion is the ultimate resolution.  Anything beyond control would succumb to repeat folly and unsustainable condition.

Never too late to quit counterproductive actions and decisions with blowback on the origin.

I express my condolence to grieving families in the Paris terror incident and wish speedy recovery of those injured in senseless violence.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




















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