July 11, 2017


By Padmini Arhant

The world is conditioned to accept terror as part of life.  Those sponsoring terrorism with free flow of arms and ammunitions, providing training, funding and logistic support to terror outfits are directly responsible for unspeakable crime against humanity. The senseless violence targeting innocent people world wide is condemned at the time of terror attacks and soon forgotten until repeat terror incidents elsewhere.

Could condemnation from those behind terror be taken seriously? Anyone against terrorism would not be involved in any manner in heinous crime against people from anywhere.

Should empathy from forces profiteering from arms deal to terror factions and states behind terrorism be regarded genuine? Such reactions are analogous to setting homes on fire and pretending to douse the fire they ignited without any concern for loss of lives that are irreplaceable.

Terrorism is acknowledged as major threat to national and global security today which is a fact without a shadow of doubt in the world forced to brace violence without warning or advanced notice. However, there is no desire to cease terror sponsoring with continuous delivery of weapons and diverse means made available to terror networks operating under nations denouncing terror and in the same breadth fostering terrorism for own agenda. The duplicity pervasive in contemporary events with politics leading the artful maneuver could not be underestimated though the cliché resulting in public disillusionment. 

Terror was invented to undermine sovereignty and security of target nations replacing conventional warfare deploying troops on the ground that required congressional / parliament approval which means dealing with public protest on illegal invasion and occupation.

Foreign States sponsored terrorism is disguised as resurgence to destabilize nations vulnerable to strategic dominance. Terror manufacturers are not in favor of positive measures against terrorism understandably with weapons supply to terrorists proved lucrative besides powerful nations prominent role fomenting terror through various resources witnessed in Syria and Iraq. 

Terrorism could be successfully mitigated upon international demand translating into effective actions to ban artillery and any other lethal as well as non-lethal supplies to terror groups anywhere in the world. In the dragnet surveillance on ordinary citizens rather than terror organizations, the spate of terror attacks in different parts of the world explains misplaced scrutiny revealing the lack of interest to desist the cause and not simply attempt to address the symptoms.

The dismantling of terror based in different locations is no longer a debate of choice with victims plight creating the urgent situation for world leaderships to arrive at general consensus to prohibit any form of aid to terror outlets exerting overt or covert control.

The international law tied to sanctions on violation regardless of stature would set precedence to dispose terror unravelling links to sources behind mass killings and fear mongering to deter normal existence.

Global commitments to fight terror is largely based on transparency and intercepting any sign of intent to harm citizens within or outside the country before the event. The terror attacks in Europe, Iran and the latest in India where the pilgrims to holy Amarnath temple were killed in crossfire from the assault on police post in Kashmir are appalling.  These incidents could have been averted in exercising precautions and vigilance on terror strike.

In the environment where nations are in possession of state of the art technology and modern defense mechanisms, terror prevailing over national and international oversight convey a message that does not bode well for authorities responsible for citizens safety and security. The necessary political will is lagging despite combating terrorism unanimously agreed as top priority in global summit.

Where there is will, there is a way.

The world willingness to stifle terror has to begin in ending terror manifested war against Syria and Iraq. The incursions and confrontation in the valley of Kashmir to be restrained protecting the citizens and travelers in the state while initiating the process for peaceful resolution on Kashmir. 

I convey my sincere condolences to terror victims world over and wish the survivors speedy recovery.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission 








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