June 27, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The referendum in the United Kingdom favoring BREXIT has sparked reaction and sentiments followed by political resignations in Britain.

Understanding the concept, ideology and strategy in addition to trajectory of any organization, union and institution with or without transformation facilitates fair evaluation.

Accordingly, EU role and functionality since inception and relevantly in recent memory is presented for clarity and focus on reality.

European Union with 27 states as members including Britain until now is essentially a parallel government headed by President, Foreign Secretary and key stakeholders appointed to run the alternate body not limited to regional affairs.

EU emergence with bureaucrats and political leaderships in various designations assume power that typically undermines sovereign status of member nation.

EU embarked on consolidating prospects with respect to trade and commerce within Europe not excluding human resources through immigration and multilateral treaty binding members to reciprocate on economic activities for European progress.

Such framework attracts interest and boost position besides diverse aspirations to optimize gains and mitigate losses from the venture.

The model in practice provided temporary results with nations vying for EU membership subject to approval upon satisfying EU requirement.

However, with benefits not commonly distributed the economic downturn produced high unemployment and trade imbalance not to mention exploitation of human capital.

EU as the central authority located in Brussels, Belgium exert control over economic and monetary policy.

Notwithstanding extensive involvement in political governance of weak economies like Greece and alike imposing austerity in the name of fiscal responsibility that continues to exacerbate economic woes creating generational indebtedness.

EU formation and subsequent introduction of euro as the preferred currency unit set the trend for struggling nations in the territory to peg the economy on fledgling euro in the hope of economic recovery.

The outcome thus far evidenced in selective dominance in the union enable financial and economic advantage to them at vast majority expense comprising ordinary citizens, labor force and educated youths in particular.

The transition cost vulnerable states like Cyprus, Greece and similar euro members to succumb to harsh financial terms and conditions not barring unethical means on compliance.

The prominent financial institutions viz. European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and international banks influence on the matter with heads of the government as powerful EU representatives obliging bankers demands in debt management is not a populist doctrine.

Furthermore, EU membership is based on meeting criteria that are not necessarily confined to economy but extends beyond pledging allegiance to EU policy.

The global recession in late 2007 with sub-prime mortgage crisis originating from the United States and lack of transparency and accountability in the financial dealings had contagion effect.

Europe economic stagnancy under EU in the absence of necessary growth is yet to demonstrate measures to ease persisting uncertainty and volatility in the market performance. The significant impact on the desperate job situation cannot be ignored either.

EU stance on immigration clarified in member states like France, Germany, Italy and Spain…immigrants plight forced to contend with lower wages and social inequality.

EU ideology and strategy premised on geopolitical expansion in partnership with the United States as NATO ally confirmed in Ukraine leaving the once stable nation in chaos and turmoil.

In the middle east, EU decision to lift arms embargo rather than reinforcing weapons ban to terror networks now proliferated as ISIS and ISIL contributed to refugee problems in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Syrian refugees seeking political asylum are denied entry by EU with greater efforts and plan mobilized to curb citizens’ influx from war torn Syria and Iraq. 

As for Islamophobia, the cartoon depiction and denigration of Islam’s Prophet from EU member state was entertained as freedom of expression as it goes with other religion or spiritual representation.

On the contrary, there is zero tolerance to constructive critique on issues affecting people’s lives and the world at large. 

The celebrity worship with proxies granted immunity on serious violations and crimes define the detrimental tradition.

In the context of BREXIT vote, the discussion on facts over hype spreading clamor and hysteria would exemplify propriety.  The subversion and spin are distractions at best and deception at worst when forming conclusions on public opinion.

Britain having retained the original currency – pound sterling and never subscribed to euro during membership perhaps explain the reservations on euro. 

The decline of Britain’s pound against dollar on BREXIT projected as the strength of EU is a perspective without justification.

Change is an evolutionary process in the experimental and natural event.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







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