Refugee Crisis and Western Policy

January 31, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter Spouse in Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant


Light dispels night without being the knight with military might.

Beware Eye wear (Eyeglasses) manufacturers in the new craze for cosmetic spectacle blinding parody agents in search of tentacle to reach the pinnacle in the mindless act in accordance with the pact. 

BOLLYWOOD is the malady exploiting India’s majority seeking to escape tragedy. 

The filthy rich rise at the expense of those in grinding poverty with the former granted immunity on crimes from tax evasion, embezzlement, rape, man slaughter to corruption and links to under world and politics while the latter struggle for survival in the opportunistic environment is the reality delineating superficiality. 

Entertainment serving as the platform for political rhetoric is nothing more than rooster on the roof engaged in personal spoof. 

The chime rhyme with the crime not knowing the act is not worth a dime. 

Fame and fortune is a twilight zone where promiscuity and flattery pave entry to fraternity. 


The Powerful Dilemma

The state of mind as eternal when next moment is fickle.

Those who think they control everything possess nothing except fear and false pride.

Power is meaningless when subjugated to falsehood and fabrication.

Spin on issues in any direction – right, left and center make the spinner dizzy and lose consciousness sinking into coma from frost bite protecting frozen peccadillo.

Free speech tongue tied unable to swallow or spit sour candy sugar coated for palate.

License to powerful is silence for the powerless.

Secrecy and supremacy leaves democracy a fantasy.

Immunity is a privilege in return for sacrilege.

Mute the voice of salient to amplify the noise of subservient.

Bake a cake with fillings and toppings producing the fake in poor taste and quality.

Title an entitlement in the arrangement on derailment.

Dancing to tune promise fame and fortune.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission


By Padmini Arhant

Beginning with Vietnam flaring into other parts in South East Asia in the twentieth century,

East Timor during Indonesian President Haji Muhammad Suharto government an ally of western power, the massacre leading to sedition of tiny island nation.

In the twenty first century:

Myanmar – Rohingya community persecuted and declined domicile under western partnered military junta and the so-called democratic leadership Aung San Suu Kyi exemplifying political expedience over humanitarian call.

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa termination of Tamil civilian population in Eelam and Jaffna in 2009 with UN deserting the pleading citizens at the mercy of Sri Lankan army empowered by India’s Congress regime and external weapons supply.

The illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan using inside collusion 9/11 attack as premise for aggression to advance Project for New American Century (PNAC) – the western policy consistently contributes to refugee problems in the world.

The western powers and allies in the Middle East responsible for deaths and destruction in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Yemen.

Denying Palestinian statehood stalling 70 years old dispute perhaps to reach centenary and beyond remaining unresolved due to alliance rather than compliance from the party in default viz. Israel with endless settlement activity.

The U.S. administration of former President Barack Obama and State Department under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in coordination with EU intervention in removal of democratically elected government in Ukraine.

The permanent occupation of Afghanistan by United States and NATO under the pretext of security in contradiction to ground reality fomenting poppy cultivation facilitating arming of drug lords trading weapons with Taliban and insurgents to perpetuate violence in that region.

Similarly, the bifurcation of the North African nation and the largest country Sudan in July 2011 into Sudan and South Sudan resulting in scores of casualties and political chaos that is far from over until today.

Likewise, West and East Africa through western especially France recolonization bid through UNSC authorization and UN troops caused mayhem than mitigating crisis.

Latin America, constant interference to promote proxy governments displacing people choice governance in Honduras, Paraguay and Ecuador in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.  The persistent efforts to derail Argentina, Venezuela and Bolivia.  In this context previously Haiti in the Caribbean has been the victim of United States organized political unrest exiling popular leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

The fast and furious program under the administration of former President Barack Obama and Justice Department then Attorney General Eric Holder triggering Mexican drug cartels killings of Mexican citizens in Mexico opened the floodgates for feared residents in villages and outskirts to flee their once peaceful zone.

The trend continued regardless of administrations leaning left or right, moderate, conservative, liberal and progressive given illegitimate incognito forces reining control over system and world body not without complicity from executive and legislative branch leaderships representing western dais.

The empowerment of dictatorial regimes with arms delivery, maintaining diplomatic relations and providing logistic support to quell pro-democracy initiatives in Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia in recent times deprive population the freedom and fundamental right to exist in their homeland forcing them to seek refuge offshore.

The conclusion –there is an urgent need to review the policy sponsoring human rights violation, terrorism and wars prior to outcry on refugee influx in western domain.

You don’t go there if you don’t want them in your territory.

The cause and effect recognition is the preliminary step towards resolution on any issue.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission


Global Status Quo – Crimes Against Humanity

September 15, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Marking 9/11 anniversary, I published the article on terrorism – the global issue haunting humanity.

The militarily superior and nuclear armed America was attacked on political, intelligence and military establishment watch.

The world was led to believe that dilapidated terror network al Qaeda suddenly incapacitated the nation poised as Superpower.

The terror attack on American soil became the premise for protagonists, catalysts and colluders to invade nations and implement pre-conceptualized Project for New American Century.

They proceeded towards their mission and even declared accomplished in the face of counterproductive adventure.

They launched military intervention in Afghanistan in October 2001. The fourteen years old Afghanistan war continues until now and become the permanent military base to dominate Central Asia.  Pakistan remains terror haven with military aid at U.S. taxpayers expense.

Meanwhile the extravagant imperial goals in Afghanistan and across the globe costing United States taxpayers trillions of dollars leaving over 50 million families on food stamps, war veterans homeless and significant number unemployed in the country.

The architects and administration were barely involved bombing Afghanistan, yet another nation on the target – Iraq was invaded under false pretext claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction only to be proved otherwise. 

The WMD in reality was weapons of mass deception.

In 2009 and 2010 – the U.S. troops were increased in Afghanistan.  Although the troop withdrawal from Iraq was stated as conclusion of occupation, the ground situation confirmed troops presence with military activity.

Furthermore, the troops withdrawn from Iraq were redeployed in Afghanistan and beefed up in the Middle East rather than returning home.

In 2011 – the Arab Spring that began in Tunisia spread to Egypt resulting in the overthrow of western and Saudi Arabia backed dictatorial regimes generating hope for the oppressed population in the Middle East.

These events were capitalized to expedite PNAC objectives and spearheaded in Libya and Syria.

The world was once again misled with deceptive authorization of no fly zone in Libya for western air raids and subsequently Libya was destabilized to serve as weapons warehouse channeling delivery to western sponsored terror networks in Syria.

Syrian war with terror infiltration – funded, trained and provided logistic and military hardware until now.

United States, EU and middle east allies rejected successive peace accord on Syria to end four years old conflict.

Currently, Yemen is under relentless shelling by Saudi Arabia on United States and Israel’s purview not barring U.S. supplied cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia in onslaught on Yemen.

In Eastern Europe, EU and United States organized anti-government right wing political unrest produced massive chaos with hardline government installed leaving the nation in turmoil in eastern region and Crimea union with Russian Federation.

South East Asia – The democratically elected government in Thailand was forcibly removed from power on baseless allegations and substituted with military junta reviving political repression.

Latin America –  Democratically elected governments were toppled in Honduras, Paraguay with ongoing efforts against Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia to name a few in the region. 

The Caribbean nation Haiti denied request to reinstate exiled popular leader Jean Bertrand Aristide to power.

Africa – The continent militarized with West and Central Africa recolonized under the guise of security against western and ally’s armed rebel factions in Mali, Central Africa and South Sudan.  The strategy promotes perpetual disasters.

Asia Pacific – United States and South Korea military drills escalate tensions alongside building coalition in the staged confrontation with China driving exponential increase in defense budget among ASEAN nations essentially boosting defense industry interests in the military industrial complex.

The outcome from these events is millions of lives killed and several millions displaced with generational impact notwithstanding refugees upsurge creating humanitarian catastrophe for Europe. 

The deliberate destruction and damages inflicted on scores of inhabitants not to mention the economic setbacks from political crises brought upon in sabotage of democracy declining hegemony control witnessed in above mentioned territories worldwide.

Accordingly, in the article published on this site titled – United States – 9/11 Anniversary 2015, those actually responsible for 9/11 and wars waged against selected nations in PNAC including protracted aggression in the above cited regions deemed guilty for crimes against humanity.

Considering subversion of justice and institutionalized criminality with political impunity, the entities behind heinous crimes evade accountability.

However, I reiterate that final judgment with consequences are indisputable and cannot be challenged delivering justice to victims to restore dharma (principles in adherence of fairness and righteousness).  The segment will be elaborated in the upcoming topic.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









Honduras – Dismantling NWO and Washington Appointed Military Dictatorship

August 8, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

United States spreading terror across the globe through military aid and ammunitions supply has claimed millions of innocent lives escalating in the last three plus years under the so-called democrat administration confirms Washington politics and New World Order establishment.

Latin America long been the target for Washington organized coup d’état denied democracy with democratically elected leaderships invariably removed from office and governments toppled clearing the path to oligarchy backed fascism.

In 2009 Washington engineered military coup ousted democratic leadership Manuel Zelaya from power.

Subsequently providing unequivocal support to dictatorship commended as beacon of democracy when the record reflects incumbent abusing authority with systematic killings of independent investigative journalists opposing government crackdown effectively imposing gag order on freedom of expression across the state.

The alarming increase in the assassination of community based media personnel not associated with corporate or government propaganda and embellished reporting deserves universal condemnation seeking military coup leader Porfirio Lobo Sosa aka Pepe Lobo to step down reinstating civilian rule.

Since military seizure atrocities against citizens in all aspects seemingly nonchalant with United States complicity in crime against Hondurans is typical conforming to double standards on human rights violation abstinent coverage on hegemony controlled global media.

Honduras successful coup facilitating neoliberalization – the concept introduced in globalization of economy for unlimited access to foreign resources and market share with end justifying means is initializing New World Order to be replicated world over.

Alongside geopolitical subversion i.e. neo-conservatism premised on belligerence usurping power undermining sovereignty exerting excess force with military and police deployment to quell dissent or agents fighting proxy wars only to be betrayed is NWO strategy endangering life on planet.

Honduras challenge is essentially a global problem surreptitiously experienced in the absence of accountability allowing perpetrators to continue authoritarianism at will.

International response isolating Honduran military government and members servile to hegemony would he preliminary step in rejecting unlawful governance and their sponsors behind main street bloodshed and destruction.

The local resistance in boycotting goods and services from New World Order exported ideology and mass deception would cripple mighty empire and oligarchy run political system.

Meanwhile, it is incumbent upon Honduran President Porfirio Lobo Sosa to cease violence against citizens, release all dissidents, refrain from curbing freedom of press and peaceful assembly and last but not the least,

Hand over power to people choice political representation barring external influence in any capacity.

Failure to adhere to public demand would entail serious repercussions for puppet regimes and global masters on the brink of inevitable collapse.

United States overt or covert involvement could no longer exacerbate Hondurans struggle given the precipitous decline of imperialistic agenda backfiring at the architects and loyalists with their fate hanging in balance.

Historically tyranny has never prevailed and instead succumbed to delusional engagement and folly in accordance with deeds corresponding outcome in life.

Furthermore presumptuousness aiding false sense of security based on temporary accomplishments is illusion expediting eventual dissolution of insidious formation designed to empower few and enslave the rest.

Grass roots action are potent evolving into peaceful and non-violent movement.

The collective response have brought down forces perceived invincible and reduced to nothingness for under estimating human spirit to rise to the occasion in defeating indefensible is trepidation misguiding egocentric mind towards disaster.

Honduran civil society solidarity in current totalitarian expulsion restoring republic governance would reinforce people power in mainstream and national interest unlike the status quo.

Likewise Honduran military and police mindful of personal family being part of national demography exercising restraint and refusal to execute command intended to harm unarmed fellow citizens would demonstrate patriotism protecting nationals from domestic and foreign aggression.

Honduran plight could be alleviated with Washington non-interference in internal affairs primarily terminating weapons delivery and militarization of Latin America.

American electorate bear responsibility via ballots in denouncing Unite States decimation of sovereign nations posing no threat or danger in any dimension rather those elected to power appeasement of global conglomerate not only contribute to world wide human suffering but also impact national front.

Hondurans resilience to reverse situation is admirable and potentially strengthen democratic voice to dismiss foreign maneuvered military appointment.

Good Luck! To courageous political reformists and journalists in Honduras sacrificing precious life and individual aspirations for common good.

Dedication to a just cause would triumph against adversity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Ecuador Failed Coup d’état – September 30, 2010

October 31, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

On September 30, 2010, yet another Latin American nation was targeted with a coup attempt by the police forces apparently not acting alone in the calculated operation fortunately resulting in a massive failure due to the brave civil society mobilization and the Ecuadorian security personnel prompt action.

Unlike the successful Honduran coup in June 2009 with the democratically elected leader Manuel Zelaya deposed against the republic will evidently involving Washington coup consultants and their liaison,

The Ecuadorian mission was a renewed political assault on its sovereignty testing the democratic strength that conveyed a defiant message to the perpetrators not to underestimate the people power.

According to the reports – the law on the spending cuts was falsely propagated as having direct impact on the police officers’ bonuses and job benefits despite no pay or perquisite reductions providing a pretext for the conspirators to instigate uprising in the capital city, Quito and the Guayquil harbor town.

Consequentially, the coup based on Latin American prototype had disrupted ground and air transportation cancelling the domestic and international flights in the country.

The Ecuadorian air force interestingly comprising numerous US-trained officers while selectively excluding the Venezuelan pilots serving within the Ecuadorian defense network is reported to have executed the halting with the misguided police coordination.

Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa seemingly had a close encounter with fatality upon approaching the police quarters to offer a personal explanation on the reform.

The President and the bodyguards were forced to take shelter in a military hospital after being confronted with the rebel police firing, tear gas and grenade explosion.

Then the military hospital was immediately sieged by the police rebels and armed opponents for prolonged hours and eventually President Correa appeared to have been set free by the Special Forces taking control of the situation.

The reports claim the following events that had unequivocally led to the local law enforcement officers’ botched coup in the Latin American nation – Ecuador.

Until now, the Ecuador police and operatives had been pursued by the US Embassy with a defined agenda accompanied by the various US agencies such as FBI, CIA , DEA and others generous funding for the high rank police officials’ bonuses and the police department’s specific requirements.

The extraordinary rapport between the Ecuador police, the army intelligence, the US Embassy and the listed US agencies had facilitated the US intelligence agency to hire their services for 24/7 surveillance of the nation’s political figures, journalists and other civilians perceived by the US intelligence as potential US opponents.

Early 2007, President Correa administration clamp down on the illegal establishment set up by the US controlled intelligencia enabled the democratic government to repossess control of their national intelligence agencies.

Moreover, the President had wisely eliminated the unofficial dealings via unethical payroll system between the Ecuadorian army intelligence, police force and the US Embassy not barring the US combined agencies.

Washington had then reacted demanding the Ecuadorian DEA return the computers supplied by the US DEA.

The Ecuador-US relations had soured after President Correa’s closure of the US airbase in Mante. So Washington disapproved Ecuador partnership with its Latin American neighbors among several other issues.

As stated earlier, the overwhelming confidence from the Honduran coup triumph in June 2009 had motivated Washington to imitate plan in other parts of Latin America and the U.S. administration had under evaluated Ecuadorians resistance.

The Latin American nations’ democratically elected leaderships have been constantly threatened and overthrown invariably by the U.S. backed forces leaving the region in ceaseless economic and political turmoil.

Reports suggest that the blatant coup against President Rafael Correa was a systematic effort initiated by the US ambassador to Ecuador, Heather Hodges appointed in August 2008.

The profile details her as having previously worked in Guatemala under the dictatorial regime Rios Montt and later on held deputy director position with the US State Department for Cuban Affairs interconnected to CIA.

Mrs. Hodges prior employment with USAID in many nations and,

Subsequently as the US ambassador to Moldova primarily entailed severing ties of these countries with Russia and form an orange revolution. At present Mrs. Hodges is said to be training CIA employed groups in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.

The trip made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Quito in June 2009 to convince the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to agree with US on all issues and reverse the earlier actions proved to be futile.

Hence, the US ambassador Heather Hodges was ordered to carry out the coup to debilitate President Correa and ultimately replace the incumbent with the government in agreement to US position like in Honduras.

USAID had solely interjected $40 million for this purpose using the former Ecuadorian President Lucio Gutierrez as the protagonist. The ex-President miserable performance had contributed to the Ecuadorian plight that set his departure from the country denying him access to power during the 2009 Presidential bid that concluded in a colossal defeat.

Per the carefully crafted CIA blueprint President Gutierrez was to portray the incumbent President Rafael Correa as an alleged “dictator,” and advise power transfer to an interim government in a televised statement.

Furthermore, the plot aimed at the Ecuadorian Parliament abandonment and prepare the nation for mock elections.

However, the democratically elected President Correa’s allies thwarted the plan and declined television appearance to the former President.

Also the lndian group PACHAKUTIK had refused to participate in the overthrow leading to the coup collapse.

Ecuador is under emergency rule and President Rafael Correa is believed to have vowed to investigate the elements from the police to the army intelligence sources behind the undemocratic process.

The former President Gutierrez and the organization Sociedad Patriotica is indicted for the explicit role in the CIA masterminded failed coup.

UNASUR – The Union of South American Nations resembling the EU had an emergency meeting in Argentinian Capital, Buenos Aires on October 1, 2010 to address and adopt measures on the Ecuador political crisis and the relentless coups against Latin American governments.

The reports confirmed that Washington did not condemn those engaged in the Ecuador coup d’état.

Latin American coups have long been the tradition leading to U.S. as the originating point.

Nevertheless, the successive coups – Honduras in 2009 and Ecuador in 2010 deserves worldwide condemnation denouncing the architects’ perpetual endeavor to inflict political instability, economic constriction and social chaos on the Latin American population.

Regardless of status, any nation that foments political unrest driven by ‘Super Power’ syndrome has a credibility factor demonstrating as a reliable global leader in the twenty first century.

Powerful nations gain respect and recognition when the leaderships strive for global peace and prosperity rather than weakening the sovereignty of nations seeking trustworthy partnership to alleviate their struggle.

Given the facts and circumstantial evidences in the continuous Latin American coups,

United States taxpayers as the electorates have a prime responsibility to rise to the occasion on the eve of the crucial mid-term election and pose the legitimate questions to the Congressional contenders;

As the elected representatives and the republic voice in Congress,

What is their strategy to end the U.S political meddling in international domain?

Why the masterminds are granted political impunity in the deliberate involvement to cause mayhem in other societies?

Are they satisfied with their inaction or lack of interest underscoring the complicity to the provocative political interference in other parts of the world exacerbating the local population suffering?

How do they propose to hold those responsible for the systemic abuse of power?

Democracy is powerful when the voice of the people are heard maintaining equal rights and justice for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
Ecuador Golpe de estado Fracasado – el 30 de septiembre de 2010

Por Padmini Arhant

El 30 de septiembre de 2010, aún otra nación latinoamericana fue apuntada con una tentativa de golpe por las policías por lo visto no interpretación solo en la operación deliberada que por suerte causa un fracaso masivo debido a la movilización de sociedad civil valiente y el personal de seguridad ecuatoriano acción incitador.

A diferencia del golpe hondureño acertado en el junio de 2009 con el líder democráticamente decidido Manuel Zelaya depuesto contra la república van a claramente implicando a asesores de golpe de Washington y su enlace,

La misión ecuatoriana era un asalto político renovado en su soberanía que prueba la fuerza democrática que comunicó un mensaje desafiante a los autores para no subestimar el poder de gente.

Según los informes – la ley en los cortes de gastos fue falsamente propagada como teniendo el impacto directo en sobresueldos de los policías y beneficios de trabajo a pesar de ninguna paga o reducciones de beneficio adicional que proporcionan un pretexto para los conspiradores para instigar el levantamiento en la capital, Quito y la ciudad de puerto de Guayquil.

Consiguientemente, el golpe basado en el prototipo latinoamericano había interrumpido la tierra y el transporte aéreo que anula los vuelos domésticos e internacionales en el país.

La fuerza aérea ecuatoriana que de manera interesante comprende a numerosos oficiales entrenados por EE.UU mientras selectivamente excluyendo a los pilotos venezolanos que sirven dentro de la red de defensa ecuatoriana es relatado haber ejecutado la parada con la coordinación de policía desacertada.

Mientras tanto, el Presidente ecuatoriano Rafael Correa aparentemente tenía un encuentro cercano con la fatalidad para acercarse a los cuartos de policía para ofrecer una explicación personal en la reforma.

El presidente y los guardaespaldas fueron obligados a tomar el refugio en un hospital militar siendo encarado con el tiroteo de policía de rebelde, gas lacrimógeno y explosión de granada.

Entonces el hospital militar era inmediatamente sieged por los rebeldes de policía y armó a opositores durante horas prolongadas y finalmente el presidente Correa pareció haber sido puesto en libertad por las Fuerzas Especiales que toman el control de la situación.

Los informes reclaman los acontecimientos siguientes que habían conducido inequívocamente al golpe arruinado de los agentes del cumplimiento de la ley locales en la nación latinoamericana – Ecuador.

Hasta ahora, la policía de Ecuador y los obreros habían sido perseguidos por la Embajada estadounidense con un orden del día definido acompañado por varias agencias estadounidenses como Brigada de Investigación Criminal, Agencia Central de Información, DEA y otros financiación generosa para sobresueldos de los funcionarios de policía de fila altos y exigencias específicas del departamento de policía.

La compenetración extraordinaria entre la policía de Ecuador, la inteligencia de ejército, la Embajada estadounidense y las agencias estadounidenses puestas en una lista había facilitado la agencia de inteligencia estadounidense para alquilar sus servicios para la vigilancia 24/7 de las figuras políticas nacionales, periodistas y otros civiles percibidos por la inteligencia estadounidense como opositores estadounidenses potenciales.

A principios de 2007, la administración de presidente Correa pone frenos al establecimiento ilegal establecido por intelligencia controlado de los EE.UU permitió al gobierno democrático poseer de nuevo el control de sus agencias de inteligencia nacionales.

Además, el presidente había eliminado sabiamente el trato no oficial vía el sistema de nómina inmoral entre la inteligencia de ejército ecuatoriana, la policía y la Embajada estadounidense que no excluye los EE.UU combinaron agencias.

Washington había reaccionado entonces exigiendo que DEA ecuatorianos devuelvan las computadoras suministradas por DEA estadounidense.

Las relaciones de Ecuador-EE.UU se habían agriado después del cierre del presidente Correa de la base aérea estadounidense en Mante. Entonces Washington desaprobó la sociedad de Ecuador con sus vecinos latinoamericanos entre varias otras cuestiones.

Como declarado antes, la confianza aplastante del triunfo de golpe hondureño en el junio de 2009 había motivado Washington para imitar el plan en otras partes de América Latina y la administración estadounidense tenía bajo la resistencia de ecuatorianos evaluada.

Los mandos democráticamente decididos de las naciones latinoamericanas eran constantemente amenazados y derrocados invariablemente por las fuerzas apoyadas de los Estados Unidos que dejan la región en la confusión económica y política incesante.

Los informes sugieren que el golpe ostensible contra el Presidente Rafael Correa fuera un esfuerzo sistemático iniciado por el embajador estadounidense a Ecuador, Heather Hodges designó en el agosto de 2008.

El perfil la detalla como habiendo trabajado antes en Guatemala bajo el régimen dictatorial Rios Montt y más tarde diputado sostenido de la posición de director con el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores estadounidense para Asuntos cubanos interconectados a la Agencia Central de Información.

Sra. Hodges empleo previo con USAID en muchas naciones y,

Posteriormente cuando el embajador estadounidense a Moldova principalmente implicó lazos que se rompen de estos países con Rusia y forma una revolución de naranja. En Sra presente. Se dice que el Hodges se entrena la Agencia Central de Información empleó grupos en Venezuela, Bolivia y Ecuador.

El viaje hecho por el Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores estadounidense Hillary Clinton a Quito en el junio de 2009 para convencer al Presidente ecuatoriano Rafael Correa para estar de acuerdo con EE.UU en todas las cuestiones e invertir las acciones más tempranas resultó ser vano.

De ahí, al embajador estadounidense Heather Hodges le ordenaron realizar el golpe para debilitar al presidente Correa y por último sustituir el actual por el gobierno en el acuerdo a la posición estadounidense como en Honduras.

El USAID había interpuesto únicamente 40 millones de dólares para este fin usando al antiguo Presidente ecuatoriano Lucio Gutierrez como el protagonista. La interpretación miserable del ex presidente había contribuido a la situación grave ecuatoriana que ponen su salida del país que lo niega acceso al poder durante la oferta Presidencial 2009 que concluyó en un fracaso colosal.

Por Agencia Central de Información con cuidado trabajada el presidente de cianotipo Gutierrez debía retratar al Presidente actual Rafael Correa como “un dictador” presunto, y aconsejar la transferencia de poder a un gobierno interino en una declaración televisada.

Además, el complot apuntado al abandono de Parlamento ecuatoriano y prepara la nación para elecciones fingidas.

Sin embargo, los aliados del presidente democráticamente decidido Correa frustraron el plan y rehusaron el aspecto de televisión al antiguo presidente.

También el grupo lndian PACHAKUTIK había rechazado participar en el derrocamiento que conduce al colapso de golpe.

Ecuador está bajo la regla de emergencia y se cree que el Presidente Rafael Correa ha jurado de investigar los elementos de la policía a las fuentes de inteligencia de ejército detrás del proceso no democrático.

El antiguo presidente Gutierrez y la organización Sociedad Patriotica son procesados por el papel explícito en el golpe fallado dirigido de la Agencia Central de Información.

UNASUR – la Unión de Naciones sudamericanas que se parecen a la Unión Europea tenía una emergencia que se encuentra en la Capital argentina, Buenos Aires el 1 de octubre de 2010 para dirigirse y adoptar medidas en el Ecuador crisis política y los golpes implacables contra gobiernos latinoamericanos.

Los informes confirmaron que Washington no condenó aquellos contratados en el golpe de estado de Ecuador.

Los golpes latinoamericanos han sido mucho tiempo la tradición que conduce a Estados Unidos como el punto inicial.

Sin embargo, los golpes sucesivos – Honduras en 2009 y Ecuador en 2010 merece la condena mundial denunciando el esfuerzo perpetuo de los arquitectos para infligir la inestabilidad política, el estrangulamiento económico y el caos social en la población latinoamericana.

Sin tener en cuenta el estado, cualquier nación que instiga el malestar político conducido por ‘el Poder Súper’ síndrome tiene un factor de credibilidad que demuestra como un líder global confiable en el siglo veintiuno.

Las naciones poderosas ganan el respeto y el reconocimiento cuando los mandos se esfuerzan para paz global y prosperidad más bien que debilitar la soberanía de naciones que buscan la sociedad de confianza para aliviar su lucha.

Considerando los hechos y pruebas circunstanciales en los golpes latinoamericanos continuos,

Los contribuyentes de los Estados Unidos como los electorados tienen una responsabilidad principal de elevarse a la ocasión en vísperas de la elección de mitad de trimestre crucial y plantear las preguntas legítimas a los contendientes del Congreso;

Como los representantes decididos y la voz de república en Congreso,

¿Qué es su estrategia terminar la intromisión política estadounidense en la esfera internacional?

¿Por qué los cerebros son concedidos la impunidad política en la participación deliberada para causar el caos en otras sociedades?

¿Están satisfechos ellos por su inacción o indiferencia que subraya la complicidad a la interferencia política provocativa en otras partes del mundo que exacerba el sufrimiento demográfico local?

¿Cómo proponen ellos de sostener aquellos responsables del abuso sistémico del poder?

La democracia es poderosa cuando la voz de la gente es oída manteniendo la igualdad de derechos y la justicia para todos.


Padmini Arhant

Mexico – Drugs, Guns and Human Trafficking

August 28, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Mexico is in the middle of the worst battle against the drug cartels and human traffickers. The North American state is bogged down with horrendous crimes against the vulnerable population within and outside the country attempting to flee the economic, political and social quagmire.

Rather than substantial investments in economy, education, health care, energy and environmental issues,

The Mexican President Felipe Calderón government is forced to divest substantial national resources in targeting the criminals held responsible for the recent massacre, shootings, explosions and gang warfare.

According to the latest reports, the horrific execution of the 72 migrants from Central and South America near Texas border is a grim reality on the lawlessness prevailing in the clashes between the drug gangs and the federal forces.

The drug gang suspected to be involved in the migrant killings is identified as the ‘Zetas,’ ironically represented by the ex-police and military special force officers. Those individuals who were once trained to protect the citizens and the nation are now wreaking havoc through human smuggling and drug related activities.

Their expansive raid is seemingly indiscriminate and none are considered off-limit. They aim at prosecutors daring to bring them to justice, organize shooting spree near private schools attended by defenseless children.

Otherwise, their cowardly act see no boundaries and all are regarded a ‘fair game.’

Obviously there are two elements facilitating their massive operations or the successful heinous crimes and that being – drugs and guns.

These two deadly sources are proved to be potent arsenal used by warfare agents, whether they are drug gangs in Mexico or the terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen…

They are also the greatest threat to global peace and security.

During the Mexican President’s state visit to Washington, the epidemic violence was shared as the biggest concern among other issues. In that context, the requirement to address the drug and arms supply sources across the U.S and Mexican border was also expressed.

The lucrative arms trade from the United States to Mexico was even cited by the State Department at that time. The convenient exchange of drugs for ammunition between these networks is evolving into an international affair as witnessed in the migrants’ deaths.

Evidently, Mexico alone cannot combat the situation against the nexus operatives located in the regions along North and South Mexican borders.

Perhaps, the United States and other Mexican neighbors consolidated efforts in terminating the deals originating from their end would ease the burden on the Mexican government.

Besides, none are invincible and the drug suppliers together with the arms dealers are no exceptions to the fact. They could be easily dealt with by the combined federal forces in Mexico and the United States.

Essentially, eliminating the sources regardless of its origin is the preliminary step towards containing the spiraling violence that is reported to have claimed a staggering 28,000 lives since 2006.

Further, corruption within government and police forces in Mexico is another factor exacerbating the crisis. The innocent civilians in the urban and rural areas are in a dilemma while seeking protection from the criminals.

The Mexican law enforcement authorities could provide immunity to the suspects in their custody and have them assist the government in tracking down the masterminds behind the organized crime.

Often the gangs and terror groups seek the economically disadvantaged youths to serve their nefarious agendas. Their easy targets are commonly the population in abject poverty and the disoriented segments deprived of future and struggling to survive in the harsh economic environment.

Mexico jobs are on the rise with no improvement in the workers’ earnings and benefits.

Therefore, both urban and rural development boosting job growth with simultaneous increase in wages for better living standards would deter recruits in aligning with the drug cartels.

A unified community along with strong police security pledged to citizens’ safety could prohibit the relentless attacks and fatalities.

Educating the terrified residents and villagers on community support could strengthen the people resistance to drug traders and their allies.

The concerted private and public sector programs sponsoring social workers, religious leaders, political figures and news media can largely influence the society in defeating the forces behind the mayhem.

With the Mexican government commitment, citizens’ solidarity and the neighboring nations’ extended coordination in drug and guns crackdown, the prolific violence could be ended at its roots.

Mexico’s problem is a regional crisis and the law enforcement agencies’ formidable alliance is crucial in apprehending the perpetrators.

United States, Canada and Latin America bear equal responsibility in this regard.

Good Luck! To Mexico for peace and prosperity is on the horizon to relieve the people from their suffering.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Visual Content – U.S. Foreign Policy

March 2, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Authors and Scholars discuss the U.S. Foreign Policy in the visual content.

Every citizen must know the government activities.

What is being done by the government of the people to the people of other nations.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Checks and Balances – Afghan War Strategy

December 1, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

In my earlier post, World Peace – Part 1, I mentioned about the military might prevalent in the economic and political aspects governing the domestic and the international societies. Although, it’s not a revelation that the military industrial complex (MIC) authority spreads beyond the realm of providing national security, it’s imperative to study the extent of the institutional power.

Besides the limited constitutional role by the military to defend the nation upon real and potential attack, the unconstitutional engagements are expansive and encroaching on the general society.

Often, it’s the “potential” more than the ‘real’ threats or attacks that are the premise for the prolonged military operation proved extremely lucrative in the prolific conventional and nuclear arms race.

Among them, the prominent activities are:

The appointments of foreign heads of the government usually the undesirable choices that are unanimously rejected by the global citizens, not part of the exclusive membership. In this context, the deliberate selection of such candidates aka the ‘puppets’ facilitates the anticipated political instability stunting economic growth and declining social progress.

It’s a perfect ambiance for creating a generation, a partly weak and submissive otherwise resigning to the state of no return and the other, resisting the status quo which becomes the recruits for the forces challenging the dominance of the superior.

The end-result being the terrorists rejecting the foreign occupation and/or the anti-government rebels vs. the military industrial complex ‘supposedly’ representing the democracy.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s nomination along with the pre-meditated military coup and the subsequent army backed undemocratic election in Honduras are the recent demonstrations by the external forces, ironically entrusted with the diplomatic responsibility.

Another interesting yet unconvincing factor is the Pentagon being the most sophisticated military institution on the face of the earth with the capability to intercept the rogue spy satellite in 2008 and many other phenomenal challenges up until now,

Claimed to have been taken to task by the overzealous fundamentalists, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda insurgents in possession of inferior artillery and resources by any means for the past eight years.


“Lockheed Martin’s Aegis missile launches and successfully destroys the rogue spy satellite. This is a huge success for the Pentagon and the anti-missiles system.

The mission was simple. At 10:26PM EST, a standard missile 3 carrying a kinetic warhead was launched northwest of Hawaii from the USS Lake Eire, a Ticonderoga Class missile defense cruiser. 24 minutes later, at 10:50, the Joint Space Operations Center at the Vandenberg Air Force base confirmed the breakup of the satellite at 153 nautical miles above the Earth from a direct hit.

The video, however, shows that the direct kinetic hit has completely obliterated its target. Now the world can rest at peace. Until A542B, that asteroid ten times bigger than Texas, finally arrives.”

American taxpayers are currently funding two simultaneous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last nine and six years respectively. With no end in sight and mounting casualties on all sides, the combined U.S. and NATO combat and support troop level serving in Afghanistan is nearly 150,000 compared to the former Soviet Union occupied level at 120,000.

Further, it’s reportedly more than double the number since the former President George W. Bush left office. Ref: U.S. force in Afghanistan swells with support troops – Washington Post October 13, 2009.

In that perspective, the military industrial complex, the President of the United States and the legislators supporting the massive contingency owe a legitimate explanation to the following questions:

Considering the nine-year war in Afghanistan, why is the mission not accomplished?

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee statement on the eve of the Presidential speech regarding the troops commitment confirmed that the U.S. defense headed by Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the commander at that time Gen. Tommy Franks failed to execute an order to apprehend the terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden within the armed forces’ grasp at Tora Bora in 2001.

What was the real motive behind abandoning the apprehension of the terror leader Osama Bin Laden that could have not only prevented subsequent attacks in Bali, Indonesia, Riyadh, Jordan and several other locations but also debilitated the terror organizations around the globe?

Is it because Osama Bin Laden remaining at large was convenient for all concerned parties i.e.the military industrial complex, Pakistan receiving over $10 billion in U.S. aid for the “war on terror” that is unaccounted until date notwithstanding the re-emergence of Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan for the war games to persist?

What were the strategies at the beginning i.e. 2001 and What are they now?

If the war was unwinnable in the past nine years, what is the basis for the present victory speculation?

How do the legislators propose funding the war amid the heavily contested health care reform and the soaring unemployment?

While demanding drastic spending cuts on health care and economic stimulus,

Are the fiscal conservatives on the right and the left comfortable with the military spending $1 million per soldier per year to satisfy the Army Generals’ elaborate military plan in Afghanistan, not to mention the expense in Iraq as well?

If the war tax is being introduced to finance the MIC mission, who is picking up the tab and where are the anti-tax advocates and the small government proponents?

The Defense department being part of the federal government, the sprawling budget allocated for military expenditure comes right out of the American taxpayers wallet.

Aren’t the conservatives bothered by the ballooning national deficit and the burden on the next generations from the unmitigated Pentagon military extravaganza? When in fact, the illegal adventure in Iraq initiated the precipitous decline of the economy.

Is it going to be the top 10 percent absorbing the costs since the rest at the bottom already hit rock bottom given the economic woes ranging from the heath care and education costs exacerbated by the rising unemployment in the stagnant economy?

Any thoughts on the deteriorating morale and the escalating social crises detailed in the preceding article such as the suicides, the divorces and the systemic collapse of the family structure among the armed personnel. Is it even a matter of concern for those touting support from the comfort zones of the executive and legislative authority?

It’s well known that truth is the primary casualty during war and election.

Afghanistan’s corrupt government is an alibi now to quell the pervasive dissent in the United States and particularly Afghanistan. The fact of the matter is the Karzai government was the preferred choice for the MIC, the U.S. Secretary State and the Defense department.

The reason being, the beleaguered leader was conciliatory to the permanent occupation of the foreign troops all along and the details were published on this website under the article titled – Afghanistan war, troops request and election analysis.

Hence, it should come as no surprise when President Karzai’s appointment is falsely propagated as a ‘re-election’ in the absence of any election following the earlier fraudulent election results that was overwhelmingly rejected by the international community.

If the kingmakers in the Afghan deal were sincere, they would have moved heaven and earth to ensure free and fair elections yielding the desirable outcome i.e. the removal of the Karzai government riddled with corruption charges from the onset for the Afghan population.

Instead, the powerhouse decided to nominate (never re-elected) the worst possible choice for the oppressed Afghan people, in order to sustain the perpetual carnage, chaos and catastrophe for the Afghans and the U.S. as well as the NATO armed personnel.

There were even photo-ops with the U.S. Secretary of State as the ‘Foreign Policy expert,’ enthusiastically blessing the second term of the Karzai government during the recent inauguration, striking a resemblance to the former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld cordially greeted by the dictator Saddam Hussein during the official visit to Baghdad.

Similar scenario was carried out with the Honduran election. Orchestrating military coup, appointment of corrupt leaders with complete knowledge and recognition of despots as the heads of the government later transform into the mortal enemies for the United States and allies to justify the implementation of war.

When evaluating the credibility and the real purpose behind the alarmingly high troops presence i.e.. the existing U.S. troops 71,000 plus the new proposal 30,000 – 35,000 combined with the NATO alliance equals nearly 150,000 to contain the approximately 25,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda insurgents beckons reasoning with clear and honest submission of facts from the high command in the military industrial complex.

It’s rather hypocritical of the powerful entities constantly fearing self-mortality despite extraordinary security to treat other human lives as easily dispensable.

Troops withdrawal and not additional deployment is required to resolve the nearly decade old conflict.

Finally, It’s about time the military industrial complex confine to national defense and refrain from regional dominance.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

World Peace – Part One

November 29, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Since it’s my 200th post on this website,, I would like to dedicate the article to my favorite topic, Peace.

The world is riddled with violence in the worst form of terrorism and warfare not barring the dangerous nuclear threats. Then there are local crimes like the drug war in Mexico or the politically incited Philippines massacre exacerbating the miseries of the population. It would be appropriate to attribute the present situation to the political, economic and social injustice prevalent in the society.

Throughout history, the dominance of one nation over another through invasion, illegal occupation and provocative actions have led to the retaliation through terrorism and war including the use of nuclear arsenal witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Often, when the rich nations demonstrate the political power in combination with the military might against the economically weaker countries, the aggression contributes to the perennial chaos and catastrophe.

Further, the most powerful, in their quest for eternal supremacy engage in activities, which provide a fertile ground to the less superior elements seeking similar status, thereby creating a permanent hostile environment to prolong their agenda. It’s increasingly prominent in the impoverished regions of the world. Subsequently the supreme forces’ commandeering the nation is depicted as the marquis in the modern concept of global war on terror.

Interestingly, with reference to warfare vs. terrorism the pronounced bias is noteworthy. The disproportionate civilian casualties during war is accepted as a collateral damage while the equally reprehensible results from a terrorist bombing is condemned reeking racial and anti-religious overtones in the moral evaluation fomenting anger, frustration and anticipated violent reaction. In a way, the setting is well orchestrated to justify the Machiavellian pursuit.

Synonymously, democratic nations conducting war is characterized as purposeful act for national security regardless of the implementation producing mass fatalities on all accounts. The operation is easily facilitated in a democratic system than any other form of government. Democracy is convenient because of its representation by the people. Therefore, the populace choice is ideal for the ultimate authority to authenticate undemocratic policies. It’s currently conspicuous in the contentious debates on health care reform and troops increase in Afghanistan.

The elected representatives succumb to the pressure from the establishments controlling every legislative matter. Congress is supposed to be the central governing body. Yet, it is decentralized with the existing partisanship between the two major political parties and the selective allegiance to the various special interests and lobbyists by the members constitutionally obligatory to the republic.

In terms of military commitments, the economic and political factors determine the cavalier approach to an indefinite presence on foreign soil. Economically, the defense budget is by far the favored legislation carried out through bipartisanship with supplements approved by Congress in the absence of legitimate evidence supportive of the claim. Contrary to the belief among certain lawmakers positioned themselves as fiscal conservatives and prioritizing political correctness over rationality, war is profitable to the operatives whereas it is remaining to be a phenomenal liability to the national deficit.

It’s poignant to raise the Afghan war costs in this context.
According to the New York Times article on November 15, 2009 by Christopher Drew,

“Titled – High costs playing role in Afghan war debate: At $1 million per soldier per year, troops drain budget.

The latest internal government estimates place the cost of adding 40,000 U.S. troops and sharply expanding the Afghan security forces, as favored by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top U.S. and allied commander in Afghanistan, at $40 billion to $54 billion a year, the officials said.

Even if fewer troops are sent, or their mission is modified, the rough formula used by the White House, of about $1 million per soldier a year, appears almost constant. In 2006, congressional researchers had estimated the per-soldier cost to be $390,000.

So even if Obama opts for a lower troop commitment, Afghanistan’s new costs could wash out the projected $26 billion expected to be saved in 2010 from withdrawing troops from Iraq.
And the overall military budget could rise to as much as $734 billion, or 10 percent more than the peak of $667 billion under the George W. Bush administration.”


Cost Factor Analysis – By Padmini Arhant

Evidently, the military spending rises exponentially with the new administration in power, suggesting the real authority is not necessarily the ‘democratically’ elected entity. Above all, the status quo is bolstered by the fiscal conservatives’ unequivocal acceptance of the pentagon demands despite the track record confirming it a national burden on deficits and death tolls. In contrast, the same legislators vote against the investment in health care and economic stimulus guaranteed to benefit the constituents granting them the power.

The dilemma of democracy and military intervention does not end at the economic level. In fact, it permeates to the political dynamics, through hawkish prevalence in key cabinet positions like the defense and the State department relentlessly promoting extravagant military operations. It’s important to shed light on the recent setbacks in the foreign policy due to the State department’s indulgence or the lack thereof in many international crises, since the arrival of the new administration.

Afghanistan being the immediate focus, the events thus far signify the continuation of the detrimental U.S. foreign policy notwithstanding the complexity in forging renewed alliance with the beleaguered leader by the administration’s top diplomats and the generals.

Moreover, the U.S. Secretary of State has been instrumental in the controversial nomination surpassing the ego trip of the Bush administration. The Afghan government headed by the U.S. and NATO appointed official, President Hamid Karzai is no stranger to the worldwide criticisms.

The Karzai government’s credibility is eclipsed by the substantial corruption besides the internationally rejected fraudulent election. Never mind the repercussions on the Afghan people, the Western power always knows the best in the handling of the cultures that are inherently alien in every aspect.

Moving towards Pakistan, Prime Minister Gilani has expressed deep concerns over the U.S. decision to increase troops in Afghanistan stating that it would facilitate the influx of militants escaping the U.S. and NATO attacks, inevitably straining Pakistan’s mission against the terror networks. Pakistan’s predicament is valid along the foreign troops’ enormity in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has been urged by the victim nations of the terror attacks to earnestly dismantle and eradicate terror organizations responsible for global terrorism. In this respect, it’s incumbent on Pakistan to display integrity by bringing the Mumbai 26/11 attackers to justice. Amid immense grief, Mumbai remembered the victims on November 26, 2009, the anniversary of the brutal terror act that besieged the commercial center with the perpetrators hiding behind the judicial impunity.

The victims’ family endures life-long pain and agony, which is compounded with the delay in the swift deliverance of justice as seen in the Mumbai terrorism. Pakistan’s deliberation in the open shut case is rather political than judicial when it is conclusive that the terror plot was masterminded in Pakistan.

There is urgency for India’s neighbor to act fervently considering the spate of suicide bombings in Pakistani cities overwhelming the law and order rendering the government incapable of dealing with security matter.

In the Western hemisphere – The Honduran military coup convincingly launched by the promoters in Washington D.C. in coherence with the national and the Latin American business networks ousted the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya and appointed the military coup leader Roberto Michelleti.

International news media reported that following the scandal exposure, Roberto Michelleti decided to step down and agreed to allow the deposed President Zelaya resume office until the end of the constitutional term.

However, in a sudden twist to the political showdown, the mysterious interference by the powerful disrupted the democratic process that has not only weakened the United States status in Latin America but also expected to split the Honduran population in the national elections scheduled today under heavy army vigilance to assist the conservative candidate succeed in the undemocratic poll.

Honduras has seven out of ten people living in abject poverty and surely, the political sabotage might serve the powerhouse interest at the expense of the Hondurans plight, the maneuver still fail to achieve the recognition they desire.

This is one of the many events where the power politics raised its ugly head to rein in progress under democracy. The conspirators behind the political instability in Honduras are no different from the elements constantly engaged in toppling governments for radical reasons. History is testimony that democracy is resilient and will ultimately prevail irrespective of external intrusion whether it is Honduras, Afghanistan, Palestine or Tibet.

The topic World Peace is intended to cover other regions on a wide range of issues. Hence, the sequel with comprehensive details will follow in the due course of time.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Honduran Election Jeopardy

November 17, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The political situation in Honduras has evolved into a constitutional crisis with the upcoming national elections scheduled on November 29, 2009. President Manuel Zelaya, a democratically elected head of the state was ousted through a military coup approved by the Honduran Congress on the premise that the deposed leader allegedly attempted to subvert the constitution to remain in power.

Meanwhile, the self-appointed interim President Roberto Micheletti has not wasted any time in demonstrating the monstrosity of a typical military coup since seizing power in June, 2009. In a bizarre twist to the political fiasco, the Congress and the military regime are in breach of the constitution they were proposing to defend against the Zelaya government. Hondurans plight has worsened with the political unrest and contrarily solidified the support for the legitimate Zelaya leadership.

To add insult to injury, the U.S. State Department intervened in a manner to broker the open-end ‘Tegucigalpa San Jose Accord’ on October 29, 2009 without any stipulations or deadline.

According to the Associated Press release on date – Martha Mendoza in Mexico City

“The accord calls for the formation of a national unity government, but does not require Zelaya’s restoration to office, leaving that decision up to Congress. It set no deadline for lawmakers to vote.
Honduran lawmakers will not decide whether to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya until after upcoming presidential elections, the congressional leader said Tuesday, a decision that could undermine international support for the vote.

The administration of President Barack Obama has repeatedly said that recognition of the election is not linked to any one action, said State Department spokesman Charles Luoma-Overstreet.

Several Latin American countries have warned they will not recognize the outcome of the election unless Zelaya is restored beforehand.

But the United States has not ruled out restoring diplomatic ties with a newly elected Honduran government even if Zelaya remains out of power through the vote.

Zelaya declared the pact a failure two weeks ago when Micheletti announced the formation of a unity government before Congress had voted, accusing the interim leader of maneuvering to stay in power.”
Analysis – By Padmini Arhant

It’s apparent to any reasonable mind that the U.S. State department’s haphazard mediation has exacerbated the turmoil in the absence of specificity and clarity not to mention the weakening of the United States status to resolve international issues.

In perspective, the precise solutions to the Honduran political climax is for the interim coup leader Roberto Micheletti to acknowledge the reality and gracefully step aside by allowing the democratically preferred President Manuel Zelaya to resume office until the end of his elected term – January 2010.

As for the Honduran Congress, the actions or the lack thereof strongly suggest their undermining of the constitution they were elected to protect and honor in a democracy. Therefore, it’s incumbent on the Congress as elected representatives to comply with the popular demand and reinstate the Zelaya Presidency that would ensure the political stability right now. Furthermore, within the constitutional framework President Manuel Zelaya should be able to seek re-election provided there is a populace support for the process.

Nevertheless, the military coup under Roberto Micheletti and the Honduran Congress has violated the constitution more than the purported effort by President Manuel Zelaya.

Restoring democracy in Honduras is paramount for political security in the Western hemisphere, considering the precarious economic conditions affecting the majority in the region. The Latin American nations’ decision to denounce the Congress vote and the electoral result is appropriate due to the prevalent undemocratic events thus far.

President Manuel Zelaya is the democratically elected leader and constitutionally justified to govern the nation effective immediately and the forces in defiant of the democratic values are worthy of condemnation notwithstanding their removal from office.

The people of Honduras have displayed tremendous fortitude in rejecting the military takeover and the regional solidarity has been instrumental in containing the unaffordable calamity.

I convey my best wishes to the people of Honduras and encourage them to remain unified in preserving freedom and democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Honduran Crisis

June 29, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The military coup’s pre-emptive action in the overthrow of the democratically elected President
Manuel Zelaya allegedly tampering with the state constitution in an effort to extend his government rule attracted worldwide condemnation demanding the reinstatement of the ousted President to restore peace and order in the nation.

It appears from the news reports that democracy jeopardized by the military coup as well as the ousted President Manuel Zelaya and subsequently Congress in a swift reaction with their appointee, Roberto Micheletti as the interim President until January 27, 2010.  Honduras crisis has emerged in the wake of the impending 2009 democratic election.

Central America has been subject to military coups in the past that has debilitated the economy in that region and the functional democracies in the recent decades promoted stability much required for the economic and political progress in the American states.

President Barack Obama has effectively conveyed the message by rejecting the status quo in Honduras – “a terrible precedent for military coups as a means of political transition rather than democratic elections.”

The appropriate action for the Congress would be to reinstate the ousted President Manuel Zelaya currently exiled in Costa Rica. It’s important for democracy to prevail in the nation due for a democratic election in November 2009.  Any desirable changes must occur through democratic process accompanied by a political mandate in accordance with the state constitution.

Meanwhile, the Presidential appointee Roberto Micheletti expected to oblige democracy by gracefully inviting the incumbent President Manuel Zelaya to resume power until the new President assumes office through scheduled democratic elections in November 2009.

Further, it’s imperative for the current President Manuel Zelaya to respect the constitutional rule of law and the nation’s highest judiciary power, the Supreme Court by refraining from any amendments to the constitutional clause barring extension or excessive use of Presidential power through referendums or any other means.

The people of Honduras and the nations in the Western Hemisphere deserve peace and order after prolonged political instability brought upon through internal and external military coups until the dawn of the twenty first century.

If the latest attempts by all parties sharing equal responsibility in the existing political chaos was to defend the state constitution, then a serious constitutional breach committed with the Congress approval of the aggressive military coup enabling the democratic disruption in progress.

Undemocratic measures do not serve the intended purpose to protect the constitution limiting the democratically elected President to one-term governance. In fact, democracy challenged when the nation’s armed forces intervene in the political process. The defense force is traditionally and exclusively responsible to defend the nation against potential threats and attacks from any sources, not an auxiliary for political transformation.

According to news releases thus far, there is no evidence of President Manuel Zelaya using violent practices for the purported referendum to extend his rule beyond the constitutional limit.

Although, such initiative best averted through democratic protocol laid in the constitution for peaceful resolution of similar situations i.e. Congress representing the people in a democracy overwhelmingly ruling against the ‘apparently’ undesirable ballot measure.

Central and Latin America cannot afford any political turmoil in the region and therefore the people of Honduras deserve a non-violent and amicable solution to the present political problem with the Congress repeal of the militarily deposed President Manuel Zelaya and establish law and order in the nation.

Honduran Congress’ inaction in this respect could exacerbate the brewing tension with the neighbors and international community at large as a result of the self-imposed political crisis.

On that note, I wish the people of Honduras and the entire Central, Latin and South American nations long overdue peace, progress and prosperity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant