Honduras – Dismantling NWO and Washington Appointed Military Dictatorship

August 8, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

United States spreading terror across the globe through military aid and ammunitions supply has claimed millions of innocent lives escalating in the last three plus years under the so-called democrat administration confirms Washington politics and New World Order establishment.

Latin America long been the target for Washington organized coup d’état denied democracy with democratically elected leaderships invariably removed from office and governments toppled clearing the path to oligarchy backed fascism.

In 2009 Washington engineered military coup ousted democratic leadership Manuel Zelaya from power.

Subsequently providing unequivocal support to dictatorship commended as beacon of democracy when the record reflects incumbent abusing authority with systematic killings of independent investigative journalists opposing government crackdown effectively imposing gag order on freedom of expression across the state.

The alarming increase in the assassination of community based media personnel not associated with corporate or government propaganda and embellished reporting deserves universal condemnation seeking military coup leader Porfirio Lobo Sosa aka Pepe Lobo to step down reinstating civilian rule.

Since military seizure atrocities against citizens in all aspects seemingly nonchalant with United States complicity in crime against Hondurans is typical conforming to double standards on human rights violation abstinent coverage on hegemony controlled global media.

Honduras successful coup facilitating neoliberalization – the concept introduced in globalization of economy for unlimited access to foreign resources and market share with end justifying means is initializing New World Order to be replicated world over.

Alongside geopolitical subversion i.e. neo-conservatism premised on belligerence usurping power undermining sovereignty exerting excess force with military and police deployment to quell dissent or agents fighting proxy wars only to be betrayed is NWO strategy endangering life on planet.

Honduras challenge is essentially a global problem surreptitiously experienced in the absence of accountability allowing perpetrators to continue authoritarianism at will.

International response isolating Honduran military government and members servile to hegemony would he preliminary step in rejecting unlawful governance and their sponsors behind main street bloodshed and destruction.

The local resistance in boycotting goods and services from New World Order exported ideology and mass deception would cripple mighty empire and oligarchy run political system.

Meanwhile, it is incumbent upon Honduran President Porfirio Lobo Sosa to cease violence against citizens, release all dissidents, refrain from curbing freedom of press and peaceful assembly and last but not the least,

Hand over power to people choice political representation barring external influence in any capacity.

Failure to adhere to public demand would entail serious repercussions for puppet regimes and global masters on the brink of inevitable collapse.

United States overt or covert involvement could no longer exacerbate Hondurans struggle given the precipitous decline of imperialistic agenda backfiring at the architects and loyalists with their fate hanging in balance.

Historically tyranny has never prevailed and instead succumbed to delusional engagement and folly in accordance with deeds corresponding outcome in life.

Furthermore presumptuousness aiding false sense of security based on temporary accomplishments is illusion expediting eventual dissolution of insidious formation designed to empower few and enslave the rest.

Grass roots action are potent evolving into peaceful and non-violent movement.

The collective response have brought down forces perceived invincible and reduced to nothingness for under estimating human spirit to rise to the occasion in defeating indefensible is trepidation misguiding egocentric mind towards disaster.

Honduran civil society solidarity in current totalitarian expulsion restoring republic governance would reinforce people power in mainstream and national interest unlike the status quo.

Likewise Honduran military and police mindful of personal family being part of national demography exercising restraint and refusal to execute command intended to harm unarmed fellow citizens would demonstrate patriotism protecting nationals from domestic and foreign aggression.

Honduran plight could be alleviated with Washington non-interference in internal affairs primarily terminating weapons delivery and militarization of Latin America.

American electorate bear responsibility via ballots in denouncing Unite States decimation of sovereign nations posing no threat or danger in any dimension rather those elected to power appeasement of global conglomerate not only contribute to world wide human suffering but also impact national front.

Hondurans resilience to reverse situation is admirable and potentially strengthen democratic voice to dismiss foreign maneuvered military appointment.

Good Luck! To courageous political reformists and journalists in Honduras sacrificing precious life and individual aspirations for common good.

Dedication to a just cause would triumph against adversity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/EK7f3NOgSRU http://youtu.be/aqnqrJlx9HE http://youtu.be/ggpbJ-gc-_Q http://youtu.be/dvg1JcvC3KM http://youtu.be/2mPdm7L2ne0 http://youtu.be/s93alb0h1gA


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