Global Status Quo – Crimes Against Humanity

September 15, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Marking 9/11 anniversary, I published the article on terrorism – the global issue haunting humanity.

The militarily superior and nuclear armed America was attacked on political, intelligence and military establishment watch.

The world was led to believe that dilapidated terror network al Qaeda suddenly incapacitated the nation poised as Superpower.

The terror attack on American soil became the premise for protagonists, catalysts and colluders to invade nations and implement pre-conceptualized Project for New American Century.

They proceeded towards their mission and even declared accomplished in the face of counterproductive adventure.

They launched military intervention in Afghanistan in October 2001. The fourteen years old Afghanistan war continues until now and become the permanent military base to dominate Central Asia.  Pakistan remains terror haven with military aid at U.S. taxpayers expense.

Meanwhile the extravagant imperial goals in Afghanistan and across the globe costing United States taxpayers trillions of dollars leaving over 50 million families on food stamps, war veterans homeless and significant number unemployed in the country.

The architects and administration were barely involved bombing Afghanistan, yet another nation on the target – Iraq was invaded under false pretext claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction only to be proved otherwise. 

The WMD in reality was weapons of mass deception.

In 2009 and 2010 – the U.S. troops were increased in Afghanistan.  Although the troop withdrawal from Iraq was stated as conclusion of occupation, the ground situation confirmed troops presence with military activity.

Furthermore, the troops withdrawn from Iraq were redeployed in Afghanistan and beefed up in the Middle East rather than returning home.

In 2011 – the Arab Spring that began in Tunisia spread to Egypt resulting in the overthrow of western and Saudi Arabia backed dictatorial regimes generating hope for the oppressed population in the Middle East.

These events were capitalized to expedite PNAC objectives and spearheaded in Libya and Syria.

The world was once again misled with deceptive authorization of no fly zone in Libya for western air raids and subsequently Libya was destabilized to serve as weapons warehouse channeling delivery to western sponsored terror networks in Syria.

Syrian war with terror infiltration – funded, trained and provided logistic and military hardware until now.

United States, EU and middle east allies rejected successive peace accord on Syria to end four years old conflict.

Currently, Yemen is under relentless shelling by Saudi Arabia on United States and Israel’s purview not barring U.S. supplied cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia in onslaught on Yemen.

In Eastern Europe, EU and United States organized anti-government right wing political unrest produced massive chaos with hardline government installed leaving the nation in turmoil in eastern region and Crimea union with Russian Federation.

South East Asia – The democratically elected government in Thailand was forcibly removed from power on baseless allegations and substituted with military junta reviving political repression.

Latin America –  Democratically elected governments were toppled in Honduras, Paraguay with ongoing efforts against Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia to name a few in the region. 

The Caribbean nation Haiti denied request to reinstate exiled popular leader Jean Bertrand Aristide to power.

Africa – The continent militarized with West and Central Africa recolonized under the guise of security against western and ally’s armed rebel factions in Mali, Central Africa and South Sudan.  The strategy promotes perpetual disasters.

Asia Pacific – United States and South Korea military drills escalate tensions alongside building coalition in the staged confrontation with China driving exponential increase in defense budget among ASEAN nations essentially boosting defense industry interests in the military industrial complex.

The outcome from these events is millions of lives killed and several millions displaced with generational impact notwithstanding refugees upsurge creating humanitarian catastrophe for Europe. 

The deliberate destruction and damages inflicted on scores of inhabitants not to mention the economic setbacks from political crises brought upon in sabotage of democracy declining hegemony control witnessed in above mentioned territories worldwide.

Accordingly, in the article published on this site titled – United States – 9/11 Anniversary 2015, those actually responsible for 9/11 and wars waged against selected nations in PNAC including protracted aggression in the above cited regions deemed guilty for crimes against humanity.

Considering subversion of justice and institutionalized criminality with political impunity, the entities behind heinous crimes evade accountability.

However, I reiterate that final judgment with consequences are indisputable and cannot be challenged delivering justice to victims to restore dharma (principles in adherence of fairness and righteousness).  The segment will be elaborated in the upcoming topic.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










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