Chemtrails – Crime Against Humanity and Environment

May 5, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Modern warfare is not necessarily restricted to conventional and nuclear arsenal.

The use of biological and chemical weapons was introduced by western industrialized nations –

The imperialists evolved into globalist power represented by defense and other industries in the contemporary period.

Humanity confronted with three-dimensional threats comprising economic sanctions, military intervention and chemical ammunition such as Vietnam Napalm, depleted uranium witnessed in Iraq and White phosphorous bombings in Gaza.

Another form of attack targeting political dissidents and/or anticipating mass casualties is chemical interjection in the environment depicting sinister agenda.

Chemtrails – Jets spraying Aluminum, Barium and other toxic compounds evidently posing serious health hazards widespread in the United States and reportedly Europe as well as elsewhere.

Speaking from personal experience with chemtrails becoming routine over the house and effects noticed in the tree on the property exposed to toxicity prompts the warning to perpetrators regardless of stature –

Any repeat incidents will be dealt with cosmic interception of unimaginable magnitude to deter heinous crime against humanity.

Attempts to disregard ramifications on life and environment with continuous hideous activities would potentially be an invitation for self-disaster.

The experiments on humans as guinea pigs unbeknown to them by military and political apparatus under the guise of geo-engineering or diverse reasons are nothing new and proliferated since cabal inception.

Whatever might be the objective – depopulation, challenging global warming, facilitating genetic modifications against organic methods …obviously they are detrimental to humanity and habitat carried out in opposition to natural process not to mention the criminal endeavors in the absence of accountability.

Injustice anywhere would affect citizens world over and condemnation important through global resistance towards these practices aimed at collective destruction.

Besides bringing down the empire responsible for inhumane tactics and cavalier approach to sustain dominance.

Creating public awareness at grassroots level and demanding legislation to prevent extra-judicial execution lately having become the prerogative imperative to restore civility, law and order in society.

Instead legislators’ active role in introducing bills curbing freedom of expression online and main street signify allegiance to shadow authorities demonstrably engaged in exacerbating inhabitants suffering for convoluted vested interests.

Power granted by the people are increasingly exercised against them in the so-called democracy rendering constitution irrelevant despite inevitable electoral backlash-

The significant non-violent response to strategies attributed to human plight.

Ironically U.S. State Department currently lecturing nations on human rights record while conscientiously ignoring the gross neglect and disrespect for citizens’ basic rights at home and abroad is yet another hypocritical stance regularly maintained at political helm with self-assigned privileged status in international domain.

Educational institutions from elementary to higher standards including civil society members are urged to participate in informing the public on environmental pollution endangering life predominantly due to political and economic powers catastrophic pursuits.

In this context, Japan’s recent decision to shut down last nuclear reactor subsequent to devastating Fukushima nuclear power plant melt down is commendable for prioritizing human safety defying external pressure.

Japan has unique opportunity to lead the world in exploring renewable energy options and perhaps even export technology to developing nations in dealing with global warming pervasive impact.

Similarly Germany preceding Japan in this regard is praiseworthy setting precedence in clean and healthy conditions for planet sustenance.

The posted videos involving investigative journalists, environmentalists, social activists, experts in related fields and some dedicated political figures share their thoughts, findings and dire consequences in remaining silent to the persistent attacks on air, land and sea with intent to harm trusting innocent population across the spectrum.

The greed driven policies specifically designed to serve the preferential ruling class i.e. feudalists has no limits and at present accountable to none.

Unless the victims – humanity at large come forward in solidarity and enforce irreversible measures on deliberate contamination of essential life elements viz. air and water,

The atrocity would perpetuate taking advantage of the lack of checks and balances with prevalent lawlessness forced upon people to prevail in cause doomed to be a colossal failure.

Citizens’ efforts via networking and social movements would be a formidable challenge to any organization rejecting others rights to survive in the common space.

Not surprisingly the authorities expending national resources and taxpayer dollars to quell legitimate voices viewed impediment to ill-fated goals.

Remember complacency to crimes is complicity particularly when terror sees no boundary in reining control on life born to be free and treated equal sharing bountiful endowments meant for all and not merely exclusive club in the world.

Please watch the informative visual presentation below and make valuable contribution in promoting materials on protecting natural surroundings benefitting all.

Good Luck to earth preservation – the duty and responsibility of every human being and best legacy to mankind.

Wishing enormous success to crusaders risking life, career and reputation for universal peace, progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









Global Revolution – Occupy Wall Street

October 18, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Citizens organized revolution is sweeping across the globe to deliver a strong message demanding action from political and corporate leaderships responsible for the economic recession worsening by the day.

Occupy Wall Street protests have been peaceful and non-violent thus far with the exception of the isolated incident in Rome, Italy,

Presumably anti-Occupy Wall Street infiltration considering the denigration via television on the worldwide movement as aimless demonstration.

Occupy Wall Street is not against capitalism as purported by Wall Street and government surrogates.

Market economy based on supply and demand with opportunity for every aspiring entrepreneur to succeed in the respective domain allowing competition among various businesses for price and quality control is the viable economic synthesis in any political system – republic governed democracy in particular benefitting both consumers and proprietorships at all times.

Unlike the current economic structure facilitating industry monopoly through acquisitions and mergers as witnessed in the Telecommunication, Technology, Pharmaceutical and Financial sectors…endangering consumer choices and free market enterprise.

Highlighting on the contentious issues –

The status quo is attributed to redefined capitalism i.e.

Corporate governance eliminating republic rule with legislations passed in sole interest of the corporations ensuring bailouts upon default in addition to diverting profits for executive bonuses regardless of performance.

Capitalizing on the manufactured economic woes with exploitation being the modus operandi enabling 1% powerful minority prosperity at the remaining 99% majority peril.

Under globalization market expansion into developing nations has empowered corporations to influence political dynamics generating instability, civil wars and economic inequality along with social unrest and environmental disaster.

Military industrial complex maintained defense industry philosophy is profitability at the death and destruction of innocent lives with wars conducted around the world in perpetuity for political and economic dominance.

Individual freedom and sovereignty threatened with military might and economic deprivation promoting fascism.

Authoritarianism disguised as democracy – Hard line approach under the pretext of law and order is increasingly becoming the norm especially during peaceful assembly of citizens against –

Corruption and cronyism,

Tax evasions with black money hoarded in Swiss bank accounts and other tax havens transferring the astronomical national debt to the 99% population widening the gulf between the rich and poor.

Grand impunity to political and corporate leaderships’ criminal conduct.

Notwithstanding election fraud and constitution subversion,

Illegal occupation and foreign invasion denying fairness, peace and diplomacy in conflict resolutions.

Last but not the least defying nature and planet sustenance with detrimental energy policies such as drilling, mining and nuclear radiation.

Further, air power media bias and clamor used as ammunition to quell dissent with distortion, propaganda and caricatures to malign truth incarcerating whistle blowers in the so-called democratic societies run by oligarchy.

Global revolution focus is to reinstate republic rule with democratic values exemplified in  political freedom, independence, economic progress and social equality for all.

Occupy Wall Street is global phenomenon for universal cause and determined to prevail under peaceful and non-violent popular uprising for political, economic and social reform to protect life on earth.

Republics around the world are requested to build momentum in the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ solidarity to establish world peace and justice.

Please “Reclaim your rights as citizens of the free world’ and,

‘Save the Planet’the only habitat for life.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Environment – The Green Revolution

May 3, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The two major disasters in the energy fields viz. the West Virginia coal mine explosion killing at least 25 miners and the gulf oil spill with 11 workers presumed dead is a great tragedy for the victims’ family,

Notwithstanding the catastrophic impact on the environment along with the economic costs involved in rescue operation of the species and the cleaning required in protecting life and livelihood.

As stated earlier through numerous environment articles on this website, no matter how vigorously the energy independence is debated claiming the “offshore drilling,” “clean coal technology,” and “nuclear power,” as the reliable energy resources,

The inherent danger to the workforce and the habitat from these sources cannot be underestimated for it is repeatedly proved through these horrific mishaps.

The catchphrase – ‘Drill baby drill,’ ‘drill now – offshore,’ and every other area with liquid gold, regardless of the consequences is the myopic view driving the global energy quest endangering life on planet.

Already the several accidents in the related sectors have been responsible for the irreversible outcome producing loss of human life and rare species extinction.

In addition, it has created huge environmental hazards as well as economic liabilities that are shared nationally.

Although, the general awareness to these issues are much better today than earlier, when important event like ‘Earth Day,’ and treaty such as ‘Kyoto Protocol,’ could not convince the leading polluters to acknowledge the devastations on the habitat.

At the same time, Global warming still remains contentious and discarded as a ‘myth,’ despite the extreme weather conditions causing famine, floods, tsunami, typhoon, tornadoes exacerbated by frequent earthquakes etc.,

The COP15 Copenhagen summit attended by 192 countries and more failed to arrive at a consensus due to politics prevailing over pragmatism.

Unfortunately, the lack of cooperation during the unique gathering is a lost opportunity with serious ramifications on all, but suffered most by the vulnerable regions in the world.

However, the 2010 U.N. climate conference in Mexico City is yet another occasion for the international community to make a firm commitment and diligently implement the universal climate policy in an effort to reverse the environmental degradation.

Meanwhile, every nation is indebted to the future generation in saving the habitat by passing the effective climate change legislations sooner than later to prevent different adversities.

In terms of renewable energy, it’s time to embrace the risk free solar, wind, hydro projects in conjunction with bio-fuels as the preferred power suppliers.

The recent ‘Cape Wind Project’ – Approved “to build the first offshore wind farm in the United States off the coast of Massachusetts in Nantucket Sound,” is a fabulous beginning to the safe and clean energy endeavor.

Likewise, the other options using the pure natural elements are the gateway to promoting energy diversity, while considering measures for energy conservation and economic viability.

Understandably, the United States has a tough battle in the climate bill legislation with the energy behemoths’ investments in lobbying to maintain the status quo irrespective of the periodical deadly incidents.

Unless the energy companies recognize the urgent need to pursue the common goal in carbon reduction and pioneer technology using solar, wind, hydrothermal, bio-fuels…the climate bill comprising the offshore drilling, coal and uranium mining would continue to offset the targets in containing the greenhouse gas emission.

Self-sufficiency in energy is not necessarily derived from oil and mine explorations. On the contrary, the cost/benefit ratio proves otherwise.

The energy industry is in denial if the latest casualties in the coalmine explosion and oil spilling, the health problems from harmful uranium exposure were not accepted as the activities detrimental to life, environment and the economy.

Similar occurrences in Nigeria, China and Chernobyl nuclear meltdown are few other examples that confirm the reality when seeking the energy alternatives.

Increasing energy demand from the developing nations – Brazil, India and China have generated the surge in fossil fuel and uranium enrichment, although these emerging economies are simultaneously engaged in the solar, wind, biodiesel and hydrothermal energy.

China has achieved prominence in environmental programs, besides importing coal from Australia, oil through dealings with Iran and Sudan, natural gas from Burma to supplement the domestic fossil fuel deficiency.

Perhaps, they could be the model in the twenty first century by adopting the absolute clean energy rather than the hybrid choice that allows for the fossil fuel and nuclear power procurement.

Global initiative to preserve the environment is encouraging.

Nevertheless, the concept of recycling and energy saving techniques is not widespread to realize the gains.

Farming and Agriculture – Genetically modified produces are more available and lot cheaper than the organic food grown with natural fertilizers.

Healthy meals are costlier than the high caloric, cholesterol rich and fatty food items.

It should be the other way around to cultivate healthy eating habits and prolong life.

Clothing – Natural fiber as opposed to synthetic, nylon and polyester fabric are eco-friendly and nonallergenic.

The pervasive knowledge and determination to save the planet is vital and made possible with individual decision influencing the entire mass in a chain reaction.

Planet survival and sustenance is dependent upon the inhabitants’ consolidated contributions.

Mother Nature is holistic and thrives in harmony.

The green revolution is the secret to success.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The Revelation – Kalki Avatar

March 12, 2010

Dear Citizens of the World,

The formal introduction of the divinity:

There has been lot of curiosity about the information on the mystical presence and the purpose behind it.

Hence, the divine truth is presented for perfect understanding.

My name is Padmini Achintya Arhant.

Padmini – A Hindu name of the “Goddess Lakshmi,” – Lord Vishnu’s consort.

Padmini means a lotus flower. The lotus flower is regarded sacred because of its purity in any surroundings, a holy river or a pond.

Goddess Lakshmi is symbolic to eternal love, unity, peace and happiness.

Goddess Lakshmi is the progeny of Mother Earth.

The middle name ‘Achintya’ means ‘The Inconceivable” in reference to God Shiva.

The last name “Arhant” denotes “The enlightened soul.”

In addition, Arhant also signifies the mantra – ‘OM’ translated as the origin and terminating point of the universal energy.

“OM” is attributed to God Shiva, the Supreme energy in the form of monolithic Shivling.

I was born on Janma Ashtami, the day Lord Krishna was born.

Contrary to the expectations in Kaliyuga,the present age, I’ve descended on earth as the female goddess and,

I’m the Kalki Avatar (Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu also known as Lord Krishna –

The protector of Humanity with a primary focus on preserving the planet.

Kalki Avatar was predicted at the peak of the technology revolution, using technology as the communication medium to attain the divine objectives for humankind.

I represent all religious prophesies to save humanity from suffering and lead the civilization to a new beginning.

Therefore, I will protect the sanctity of all religions and maintain the religious order.

I regard the atheists and the agnostics with equal affection to those following the spiritual path.

I will provide my service to humanity through guidance and implementation of policies imperative to achieve the universal peace, progress and prosperity.

Hence, my primary responsibility is to continue with the conception, planning and legislation of policies to benefit the people of the United States and the rest of the world.

I will direct the leaderships in the United States and across the globe in the cosmic realization of a new era, the re-creation of the planet in accordance with the evolution correlating time and space.

The humanitarian goal is to promote equality, mutual respect, love and greater understanding in the human race.

Defend truth and justice to revive the moral and ethical standards in the society.

Safeguard the planet for the survival of all species in the present and the future.

I look forward to the universal convergence in perfect harmony to establish the long lasting peace and eternal life on the planet.

The phenomenal success in saving humanity and the habitat is largely dependent upon the willingness, co-operation and collective contributions from the human race.

On the optimistic note, I sign off wishing joy, peace and strength to all living beings on earth.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Demystifying the Myth

March 11, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

My fellow citizens of the world,

I wish to clarify the misunderstandings in the communication with respect to the power in Washington.

The new developments are not to create any confusion or pose a threat to anyone’s position whether personal or professional.

President Barack Obama is the President of the United States and the Congress members as the elected representatives would perform the legislative tasks per the constitution.

I request the responsible members in Congress or the media not to arrive at any hasty conclusion and spin the information against our President Barack Obama or the Democratic Party leadership and the members.

This message is being released in coherence with the new beginning set forth for humanity.

Regarding my identity and the precise reason for the engagement in the physical world,

I assure you that none will be kept in the dark and there is no conspiracy of any kind.

In fact, it’s the long well known prophecy eventuating to confirm the cosmic convergence in the universe.

My involvement is for a specific purpose in accordance with the cosmic evolutionary process concerning time and space.

I’ll provide an explanation with a formal introduction including the characteristics of the events since my acquaintance with all of you going back to the Presidential campaign in 2008.

I will also share my life journey for better perception.

Your patience is much appreciated.

‘Save the Planet’ and ‘Peace on Earth’ is not merely a concept but an inevitable reality.

Signing off with love and peace to every being on this planet.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

COP15 – Copenhagen 2009

December 11, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

I welcome all nations attending the climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a symbolic recognition of the ‘greenhouse gases’ affecting humanity at the present time.

Since the nations across the globe have come together to arrive at a consensus in containing the burgeoning environmental crisis threatening life existence and sustenance on earth, it’s vital to display solidarity in dealing with the humanitarian challenge.

Prior to the conference, the anti-environmentalists coalesced to spread the propaganda against global warming through ambiguous data arousing skepticism in the public mind. Unfortunately, whenever there is opposition to a common cause benefiting humanity, the isolated views temporarily overshadow the reality. Therefore, it’s necessary for the world population to invade the fiction with facts during such meeting or any other time.

The polarizations are inevitable in a global discussion on the various problems contributing to the environmental deterioration. However, protecting the habitat is an individual responsibility as much as it is the collective goal. Having stated that, the industrialized nations being the major polluters through carbon emissions are seemingly resistant to solid financial investments and serious commitments urgently required to alleviate the planet degradation.

It doesn’t come as a surprise considering the priorities of waging war that is proved to exacerbate the ozone depletion in the atmosphere justified over imminent danger to the evolutionary process. The presumptuous policy is indicative of the folly and blissful ignorance.

Evidently, the United States is leading in this context with the ‘Cap and Trade’ legislation tossed in the back burner at the domestic front. Further, the defiance to requests on climate debt and reparation designed to assist the poorer nations experiencing the worst climate disasters in the form of famine, floods and unnatural hazards caused by the U.S. and multinational corporations’ industrial pollution dismay the victims.

In yet another respect, the U.S. ambivalence in ratifying the comprehensive Kyoto treaty extension, alternatively the formation of a similar agreement enforcing universal standard on carbon reduction constructively rather than destructively reflect the continuation of Bush-Cheney policy.

Nevertheless, the international community is presented with a unique opportunity at this forum to turn the tide by solemnly pledging to explore all options and exhaust the available means within reach to avert climate catastrophes. The timeframe set to achieve the targets should be in the near and not the distant future in acknowledgment of the apocalyptic-like events witnessed recently in the impoverished regions such as Africa, Latin America, The Pacific Islands and South Asia particularly the Philippines, Burma and Bangladesh.

Given the new revelation in the world stage with the powerful conglomerate determined to execute the ‘New World Order,’ through iron fist strategy otherwise the militia embodiment in direct violation of the national constitution,

It’s imperative for every citizen around the world to come together as the unified singular force representing the human race in resolving the enormous issues ranging from the environment to economic meltdown created, managed and manipulated by the oligarchs drumbeating the war message in preparation for the World War III.

I urge the global community to actively dissent military aggression and occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere that is not only absorbing a significant proportion of the national GDP towards military expenditure but also depriving the nations from investments in environment, education, health care and long-term progress.

If democracy is slighted then the leadership is dangerously straying from the path of governance to dominance and the citizens obligatory to defend the constitution. Please don’t forget the powerful were once powerless. In a democracy or any form of government the real power lies with the mass, i.e. you. So, don’t let your voice be unheard. Think about our troops, the brave men and women being sent away and separated from their families around Christmas and Thanksgiving for years in search of an invisible Osama Bin Laden they have been looking for since October 2001.

Shifting focus on the climate change, the melting glaciers, the rising sea levels, the tsunami, the extreme weather patterns and the earthquakes are directly related to the precipitous decline of the ecosystem. In addition the imbalance is attributed to deforestation, overfishing, inadequate preservation of wilderness, wetlands and natural resources, offshore drilling for oil, and limited measures in energy conservation. As a result of these factors the endangered species are rising not barring the excessive toll on human beings.

More than a billion in the world population, the majority being children are battling with death from starvation. In the United States alone 49 million people reportedly went hungry in 2008 and sadly 1 million among them were children. It’s completely unacceptable for any nation and certainly for the affluent country that allocates disproportionate amount towards hypothetical warfare but fails to provide the citizens with basic necessities.

The United States must lead the world in regulating the environment contamination by the energy industry and other sectors. It could share the technology and innovative knowhow with the developing and under-developed nations in waste management.

Vigorous campaigning and incentives to recycle products along with the manufacturing of biodegradable and non-toxic items for consumer use is crucial. Consumption of organic produces against genetically modified food is lot cheaper for the poorer nations and the multinational corporations should be deterred from marketing chemical fertilizers that have harmed the agro-based economies drastically.

I admire the sincere dedication towards climate justice by a fellow Australian, the 24 year old Anna Keenan on hunger strike into the 35th day and currently awaiting outcome from the COP15 meeting. The world is proud of honorable citizens like Anna and look forward to seeing the fair minds in the leadership role, perhaps the future Prime Minister of Australia. Accordingly, Anna should end the hunger strike in order to continue the crusade in protecting the planet.

Likewise, there are great many activists relentlessly engaged in safeguarding the best gift to mankind, the beautiful earth, the habitat for all living species. We should not allow it to perish through the willful act of negligence.

I trust the COP15 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark will be a huge success with an international treaty in place for the global community to adhere to in terms of carbon reduction within the next two years. Energy solutions via natural sources are absolutely essential for independence from foreign oil and fossil fuels.

Above all, a genuine agreement on nuclear disarmament to eliminate the desire for nuclear energy by some nuclear free nations is paramount. It would eliminate the possibility for endless wars under the guise of establishing freedom and peace on foreign land.

Let’s cherish and celebrate Mother Nature. Save the planet and secure the future for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Environmental Policy

April 19, 2009

The recent developments to combat climate change in the State of California and nationwide is commendable. The Supreme Court granting authority to EPA to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions under the Clean Air Act eliminates obstacles on the path to a clean environment. It is significant since according to the reports the projected levels of greenhouse gases “endanger the public health and welfare of current and future generations.”

With the time lapse of inaction on this important matter threatening the mere existence of life on the planet, the new administration under President Obama is seeking the right course of action by having the choice to either legislate or regulate carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases resisted in the past on the notion of negative economic impact.

Further, EPA consideration to reduce emissions including rigorous tailpipe emissions standard also previously blocked in the past eight years is a step in the right direction. This particular issue like others has been subject to criticism and opposition from sectors focused on personal short term gains over long-term future of humanity. Again, the Obama administration’s gesture to proceed toward a national standard on vehicle emissions that will be as strong as California’s is right on target.

It would be appropriate to embrace California’s standard as the national requirement, rather than maintaining individual regional measure and finalize the pending EPA decision over the controversial tailpipe carbon emissions by the automobile industry. The national standard would be beneficial to the struggling auto industry in marketing their fleet in other parts of the country without the burden of meeting the regional expectations.

In a democracy, active participation in public discourse and dissent whenever justified is honorable. However, protest against progress and life sustenance is detrimental to the source contributing to such disruptions. The opposing legislators’ argument on any environmental regulation is weak for it dismissed global warming as a ‘myth’ up until now. Their defense of businesses potentially affected by stringent measures is hypothetical. It fails to recognize that the planet in peril is a hard-core fact with abundance evidence in rising temperatures and several disasters no longer natural because of the none other than greenhouse gases causing ozone depletion in the earth’s atmosphere.

According to the recent article on this topic – Industry representatives voiced a variety of concerns over the prospect of mandatory emissions controls. The National Association of Manufacturers warned that the Clean Air Act was designed to focus on local and regional pollution, and that greenhouse gases “are global in nature and require a new framework.”

The industry demand to distinguish the Clean Air Act to curtail domestic pollution from greenhouse gases produced globally is worth clarification. In the latest G-20 summit, it is not clear if the United States sought any guarantee from the participants with respect to individual and consolidated global effort in greenhouse gases reduction. Even though the G-20 gathering predominantly focused on global economic rescue plan, the equally challenging environmental issue deserves universal commitment in achieving the desired goals.

It is imperative for the inhabitants of planet earth to pay serious attention to the environmental degradation arising from industrial pollution, population explosion, poor waste management and revolutionary demographic shifts among the population of the emerging economic powers in the world.

In the United States, the bipartisan consensus is paramount if legislation required to promote healthy and safe environment for the well-being of the present and future generations of the nation. To reiterate any partisanship during legislation combined with industry objection in compliance of regulation would lead to dire consequences and irreversible state of earth’s natural resources due to ecological imbalance.

Mankind best interest lies in the protection and preservation of the habitat, the planet earth.

Save the planet and secure the future for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant