United States – Save Democracy and the Republic

January 20, 2021

Swamp and Deep State

Padmini Arhant

Fraudulent elections and false declaration of winner leads to perpetual chaos, turmoil and colossal failures in all endeavors.

Case in point Belarus, Israel, India..in 2019 confronted with economic crisis well before COVID19 and more so following the pandemic with Israel headed to polls for fourth time in two years.

Earlier George W. Bush and Dick Cheney – 2000 and 2004 rigged election produced eight years of calamity and mayhem.

Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden 2012 – bought election from Republican Mitt Romney was a disaster for the duo and the nation.

The inauguration is mirror reflection of January 6th, 2021. Storming the Capitol Hill replaced by forcing into the White House.

Padmini Arhant                                                                                                                                

P.S. The Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Emhoff was rejected by democratic base in the Presidential bid  in democratic primary in 2019. The candidacy as VP is not people’s choice. Instead Beijing, deep state, swamp and relevantly Barack Obama’s pick to perform evil cult activities of their desire. 

Is this what happened to Kamala Harris/Emhoff – Chosen by Barack Hussein Obama and Deep State Swamp to mould into ‘Radicalized Cult Behavior’ – OBEDIENCE and SILENCE?

CNN – Cult News Network?

Evil cult activities? – Please ask CNN – they had the so-called expert in Cult and mental health development Steven Hassan to explain Capitol Hill stormers branded “Trump Supporters” and further naming them “Cult Followers.”

Barack Obama called Republican electorate ‘Gun toters’, Hillary Clinton labeled them ‘Basket of Deplorables’ and now CNN – Cult News Network certifies Trump Supporters ‘Cult Followers’. 

Such characterization of political freedom and individual rights would do wonders in uniting the deeply divided nation?

Great display of intellect indeed from democrat turned Oligarch Party!

Curbing FREE SPEECH is a sign of FEAR for TRUTH.  

When you silence FREE SPEECH, you confirm TYRANNY.

Similarly, defiance of GOD’S WILL is an invitation to Peril.


Save Democracy and the Republic

Padmini Arhant

United States welcomes and embrace highly skilled as well as talented people besides those seeking better economic opportunity and political freedom this unique nation is famous for until now.

United States like every other nation has a history that is good and bad for various reasons shaping the country to learn from mistakes and safeguard the nation’s strength which is democracy, free speech and individual rights that are inalienable to all created equal on earth. United States is also the bedrock for constitution, the sacred covenant providing not only guidance in governance but also enunciates the importance of all kinds of freedom.

The freedom of speech – the very first amendment in the bill of rights protects every citizen to express views, ideas and grievance on all and any issues.

The second amendment – though controversial grants those fearing danger from anyone and anywhere the right to bear firearms with limits on weapons grade entirely and exclusively in personal defense again not meant to hurt or harm unarmed citizens, individuals and species resulting in loss of lives witnessed in shooting rampage in public premise or domestic violence that are in direct contradiction with pro-life, yet another cherished value for members on the political right.

On the other hand, the political left with their pro-choice position in allowing or terminating life are poised to misuse the policy as well. The pro-choice applicable to situations such as rape, sexual assault and health related problems like congenital and hereditary disease challenging quality of life is one aspect. The other being the trend in teenage pregnancies and unwanted abortions attracting ire on moral grounds. In fact, the two sides barring abuse of choice face same dilemma i.e. decision-making options on personal life while opposing each other in defending own life.

The constitution also guarantees religious freedom to practice and follow any religion of choice or by birth facilitating channels to find solace and inner peace.

Above all, the freedom of press to oversee government, corporations and general society functions and activities reporting them accurately in the absence of any bias and partisanship essentially maintaining objectivity and journalistic ethics without any excuse or exemptions.

The conventional mainstream, alternative and other diverse media are required to fulfill the role as trustworthy medium for citizens to know and learn about incidents and events all around. The press as media is also responsible to convey and relay information notably as news organizations and provide unfettered access to all citizens regardless of political affiliations to information at all times especially during crucial events like election and warfare.

Unfortunately, the constitution itself is no longer regarded relevant in governance and citizens’ rights currently under attack like never before setting dangerous precedence for democracy.

The nation and the rest of the world was hit with unexpected health catastrophe in the form of COVID19 originating from Wuhan, China inflicting premature loss of lives to the deadly virus. The immeasurable health and economic disaster cannot be discounted in any length or scope of human tragedy and excruciating economic plight.

United States amid COVID19 pandemic in lockdown to combat deadly contagion had to hold Presidential election that created opportunity for political party to become innovative in the desire to win at any cost.

The Presidential election 2020 jeopardized on three fundamental facts.

Constitutional Violation and Election Integrity. This topic has been presented on a personal level in publications and video presentation. Similarly, many voices and earnest citizens nationwide and from foreign land have submitted their fact based evidences in this regard.

Constitutional violations in electoral college votes determination in swing states PA, WI, AZ, GA, MI, NV and NM whereby the state officials nominated state electors slighting state constitutional procedures through state legislature assembly. In failing to adhere constitutional rule of law, the states discarded electorate representation. The widespread voting irregularities, illegal ballots and voter fraud adequately and abundantly substantiated in swing states public hearing, live videos on election rules violations in election precincts in Georgia and other swing states like AZ, PA etc. were few among rampant violations in the election.

From overseas, the vote flipping from actual winner Donald Trump to designated candidacy Joe Biden was corroborated in sworn affidavit  from Italian law Professor and judge in the presence of high ranking army and security personnel held hearing in Italy on pre-arranged vote transfer using Frankfurt server via Rome. The bankrupted company in Barcelona, Spain hired to perform vote tabulation was a breach of election.

The systemic fraud to swing electoral outcome through these means invalidate the status quo declaring Joe Biden, the winner in the Presidential race 2020.

Foreign Interference – China is the major beneficiary and player in the Presidential election 2020 confirmed by communist party members in public meeting also viewed worldwide.

Additionally, other states interference also reported by the director of national intelligence John Radcliffe subsequent to

Last but not the least – Joe Biden and family scandals directly linked with China communist regime and China’s PLA, Kamala Emhoff’s spouse Douglas Emhoff firm represented by China CCP officials and China’s military personnel. 

These revelations and latest democrat spygate involving Eric Swalwell authorize Beijing as the stakeholder in Biden-Emhoff administration.

The Ukrainian quid pro quo dealings, Iraq, Kazakhstan…and Moscow to name a few among other destinations across the globe are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Accordingly, the inauguration on January 20th, 2021 to install corrupt scandalous Presidential and Vice Presidential candidacy i.e. Joseph Biden and Kamala Emhoff  is direct assault on democracy, election integrity, equal application of law on corruption scandals and quid pro quo criminal dealings with domestic entities and foreign governments.

Any average American upon such engagements regardless of political affiliation viz. left, right, independent or A-political would be subject to fullest extent of law in the land of justice.

The defiance in this regard to hold both Joe Biden and Kamala Emhoff for their direct involvements with foreign adversaries and corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine, Moscow and across the globe is clear demonstration of treason and betrayal of American taxpayers and electorate trust in a democratic system, currently upended ushering in Beijing and corrupt oligarchs sponsored administration to power.

Americans against blatant violations in the ongoing developments need to rise to the occasion and peacefully and non-violently object via emails and social media to the inauguration of corruption and scandalous candidacies to power.

Moving forward with such inauguration despite substantiated scandals is subversion undermining REPUBLIC status in the constitutional governed democracy.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden confession in public domain (reference video below) on organized election fraud in 2020 Presidential election and further confirmation on agreement to resign upon fundamental difference in moral principles is urged to concede and step aside in acknowledgment and honor of United States Republic status seriously sabotaged through foreign interference in Presidential election 2020.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






For the Record – PA Identity Clarification

January 14, 2021

For the Record –

PA Identity Clarification

Padmini Arhant

Though the message has been delivered earlier and repeatedly in this context, unfortunately those who regard violation of others’ rights their entitlement seek reminder via their conduct and repeat offense.

Please stay tuned for critical update on United States status quo.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




Attention – Deep State and Deep State Media

December 6, 2020

Attention – Deep State and Deep State Media

Padmini Arhant

It is about time the desperate corrupt evil deep state and deep state media quit nuanced propaganda and insinuations to deceive, mislead and misrepresent not only the United States but the entire world.

The divine mission is real unlike the deep state orchestrated political theatrics and endless woeful shenanigans much to own peril.

The Presidential election in the United States is a historic fraud enabling the China communist regime, external and internal colluders to steal election and terminate republic status. United States citizens caring about their individual rights, liberty and freedom of choices rising to the occasion rejecting foreign infiltration is critical to save democracy and restore constitution guided governance reversing the status quo on electoral outcome.

The billions of population across the globe are deprived of the inalienable right to live and lead a life with dignity, fair opportunity that guarantees them their share of progress and prosperity hogged by the criminal evil doers representing the globalists deep state and secret society.

The deadly virus unleashed on citizens with millions prematurely forced to die and scores hospitalized worldwide is a planned pre-meditated horrendous crime against humanity. The predators protected rather than being held accountable is a precursor to inevitable end of all things and entities that are destructive and catastrophic. 

The cowardly tactics using proxies, pawns and puppets servile to criminal clique is a disgrace portending imminent decline and dissipation of those behind and complicit in all criminal activities and abominable sins not without judgement from the highest order – the Supreme Almighty God.

Padmini Arhant

United States – Deep State and Beijing SuperPac Politics

November 29, 2020

United States – Deep State


Beijing SuperPac Politics

Padmini Arhant

Deep state run and controlled press and media together with Beijing SuperPac are denying American electorate the legitimate right to democracy.

The democrat and republicans in local and national governance including judiciary imposing restrictions and ordinance on American citizens citing upsurge in corona virus – unleashed by China CCP from Wuhan, China while the democrat Presidency funded and backed by China CCP to power in American politics is Beijing’s master stroke aided by democrat candidacy including those launching their return to proxy power and crony press and media.

The hunger for power even after the official two terms in the White House is over 2009 – 2016 though the second term was negotiated between power brokers and the so-called then Republican opponent in 2012 Presidential election verify deep state politics.

In 2012, the republican electorate were simply written off to accommodate deep state, George Soros and allies approved incumbency in 2012.

The 2016 Donald Trump’s victory could not be digested by then democrat opponent Hillary Clinton, democrat establishment and foreign forces ever engaged in derailing democracy anywhere. Accordingly, the most vicious visceral political vendetta against TRUMP administration for the entire four years in the first term was perpetrated as justified action.

The democrats, bureaucracy and crony media obstructionist politics is the norm with little or no respect for fairness, transparency and equal protection of law continued today maintaining corrupt devious tactics to gain power.

The Chicago aggressive and abrasive politics introduced in 2009 Barack Obama Presidency exacerbated with Hillary Clinton’s crooked practice exposed in the private server gate posing serious national security threats and the State department in 2009 transformed into epicenter for numerous coup against foreign governments…never subject to law of the land that otherwise exceeded limits in civility and reason against Donald Trump Presidency with impeachment proceedings explains deep state dogma protecting and promoting treason, corruption, criminality and partisan politics.

American electorate rejecting deep state and foreign powers endorsements are never accepted nor acknowledged deploying underhanded mechanisms such as voter fraud and internal apparatus collusion to upend voters’ choice and install the foreign SuperPac candidacy i.e. Beijing victory falsely dubbed Biden victory in 2020 despite corona virus pandemic used as the platform in the Presidential race 2020.

The Biden family direct connection with China CCP investments going back to 2009 – 2016 and until now in the Presidential campaign 2020, Biden family economic deals with Ukranian firm and political links…none of these are concerns for deep state press and media complicit in mass deception seating anti-democratic and anti-republic regimes in power.

American voters experiencing and enduring political swamp’s carcinogenic effects invalidating foreign intrusion and domestic corruption in election and government functionaries is critical to save democracy and the constitution founded and established envisioning events such as these in political history.

The Supreme Court in any land is expected to fulfill their constitutional duty and responsibility to safeguard the constitutional rights and law in interpretation and judicial execution on all matter barring preference and prejudice.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





United States – Identity Politics

November 19, 2020

United States – Identity Politics

Padmini Arhant

Identity politics has long served political factions ideology in a democracy. When political parties and candidates running for public office as debutant or incumbent have none or dismal record, the campaign heavily relies on divisive polarizing strategy premised on identity politics categorizing voters on race, ethnicity, class, creed, religion, gender, social and economic background. The other popular means in politics to win election in the absence of verifiable positive actions and policies benefiting citizens and nation at large besides corruption in political career is negative campaign against opponent especially if the contender is hard to compete with and pose challenge to the other side on real issues and reality.

Above all, fake news via press, mainstream media, social media and diverse outlets representing deep state and their proxies continue to mislead and misinform public with false reports and concocted events until the deep state approved candidacy is installed in power.

That’s when and where the SuperPAC, HybridPAC, special interests, foreign governments and billionaires flushed millions of dollars adding to billions aid the lack luster lackey candidacy serving the intended purpose of donors not without them deriving more value for money they invest in such candidacy and political party.

Identity Politics – United States has witnessed and experienced violence, looting and mob attacks at frequent intervals and with great intensity since 2016 until now under the guise of protesting discrimination against blacks, police brutality and injustice to African Americans. Not long ago such protest snowballed wreaking havoc on streets with communal unrest nationwide on African American George Floyd death related to police torture in Minneapolis, Minnesota only resulting in more deaths from large gatherings in the middle of COVID19 crisis.

The organizations poised as civil rights groups seeking fairness and justice are in fact misused as political wing and deployed to spread violence and other crimes in the course of demonstrations.

The examples are Black Lives Matter and Antifa (Anti Fascism) though neither address the cause they claim to represent for they are invented and instigated by those behind social injustice and authoritarianism.

The public profile of this organization.


“Black Lives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. Wikipedia
FoundedJuly 13, 2013
PurposeAdvocacy and protests against racial discrimination
LocationInternational, largely in the United States
FormationJuly 13, 2013; 7 years ago

Contrary to the belief and public statement, unfortunately Black Lives Matter in the United States and other locations such as Britain and Canada, the involvement via protests has been anything but civil and non-violent. The other stigma on Black Lives Matter is the organization having become the political tool and arsonists for those actually responsible for exacerbating black lives tragedies and extraordinary plight.

Interestingly, there was no such movement or even voices of concern to the following incidents that was actually related to black lives mercilessly purged misusing authority granted by the people including the victims in a democracy during the much touted BLACK Presidency in the history of the United States.

1. Miriam CareyAfrican American Dental Hygienist. Public execution by White House Secret Service personnel at the White House periphery during the Black Presidency Barry Soterro aka Barack Hussein Obama and African American Spouse Michelle Obama presence at the time in the White House. The Vice President Joe Biden also present at that time.

Miriam Carey was gunned down with some thirty five bullets not five bullets as falsely covered up by CNN.com. Miriam Carey was shot dead on October 3, 2013 with her then toddler daughter witness to the heinous murder of an unarmed civilian and a young  mother in a democracy.

Where was the Black Lives Matter when this happened considering the organization founded and became active on July 13, 2013?

2. Troy Anthony Davis – African American falsely convicted and executed with lethal injection on September 21, 2011 by the state of Georgia for a crime he did not commit and yet the flawed criminal justice process ignored the facts based evidence clearly vindicating Troy Davis since apprehension. The worst was the incident attracting media attention and sensationalism in the United States and across the globe but not sensitivity from the White House with then first Black President and Black family unheeding requests submitted on this website per topics and voices from other corners of the country and across the globe.

United States – Troy Davis Clemency Plea – Published September 21, 2011.


United States Judicial Ethics – Troy Davis Execution – Published on September 22, 2011.


Troy Anthony Davis – the innocent African American’s life could have been saved with clemency from then sitting Black President Barrry Soterro aka Barack Hussein Obama which was not considered necessary and slighted at that time along with same crony so-called liberal media mocking anyone including my stance to prevent the state murder of an innocent life in the southern state of Georgia in 2011.

Fast forward in 2019 – the article on Troy Davis in Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights site.

“Troy Davis story highlights risks of wrongful conviction and execution

Jason Ewart, of Arnold & Jones, Washington DC, spoke at Notre Dame Law School on November 21, 2019. Ewart was the lead defense attorney for Troy Davis, a man executed in 2011 following a criminal justice process that many, in the US and around the globe, found deeply flawed.”

Many in the United States including myself and around the globe could see the glaring willful injustice to a man being punished for the crime he was not responsible for and made a scapegoat. Somehow, then administration led by Black Presidency and democrat Vice Presidency Joe Biden could not recognize the state of Georgia’s fatal error.

3.From the same Southern State of Georgia another embarrassing and unfair decision was taken by then first black President Barry Soterro aka Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, when the supposedly democrat administration on July 19, 2010 fired Shirley Sherrod, a black woman with respectable record in her career from her appointed position as Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture.

The reason behind firing Shirley Sherrod was the White House under then first black President Barry Soterro aka Barack Obama and democrat Vice President Joe Biden fell for the conservative talk show host on FOX NEWS – Glenn Beck’s fabricated distortion about Shirley Sherrod’s public speech that was not presented in entire and factual context.

The trend in haste reporting and disinformation by political establishment and deep state run media, press and communication outlets online and offline are well known and highlighted in this incident.

Where was the Black Lives Matter on injustice to a Black Man – Troy Davis and Black woman Shirley Sherrod under Black Presidency?

Given these deep wounds on black people during black Presidency with democrat Vice President Joe Biden on the side, the violence and injustice inflicted directly and indirectly speak volume on vote fraud in Georgia in 2020 that could not have favored the candidacy former Vice President Joe Biden then oblivious to black ordeal during two terms in office.

Ironically, the rise and prominence to violent activities linked to Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other disruptive groups created and fostered in conjunction with IS and ISIS emergence in 2011, 2012, 2013…under then administration of President Barry Soterro aka Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

These events are impetus to judge anyone on the content of character regardless of skin color i.e. racial social and economic status.

Identity politics is discriminatory reeking in prejudice with political motives to segregate and classify those targeted for devious political agenda. Furthermore, the profiling subvert progressiveness promoting caricature of human intellect and individual merit not necessarily relevant in selection criteria for key positions in deep state and establishment run politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter










Washington D.C. Politics

November 6, 2020

Washington D.C. Politics 

Padmini Arhant

Who controls Washington D.C. Politics?

The European origin Secret Society – the Bilderberg secret meetings representing the society with oligarchy, royalty, special interests, foreign governments, prominent news media and press as well as influential members with excessive disposable wealth are instrumental in controlling political fate in different parts of the world beginning with United States is well known as deep state dominance.

Why Washington D.C. has zero tolerance to outsiders  – i.e. anyone not within political establishment and circle?

The intolerance to outsiders is predominantly due to unwillingness to obey deep state reining control over politics, money and mind in the ruthless obsession and addiction to power.

Washington D.C. is not only the capital of the United States boasting the Capitol Hill, White House and Supreme Court, the city is the citadel for power brokers and dealers, the so-called think tanks, institutions and organizations specializing in toppling foreign governments, instigating political unrest offshore, launching coup d’é·tat in foreign soil via targeted nations’ military and political factions creating internal turmoil, economic collapse and social chaos resulting in the breakdown of law and order especially in the developing nations worldwide.

The events witnessed in destabilization of Ukraine in 2011-2012 orchestrating the so-called Ukraine Revolution reminiscent of 2004-2005 Orange Revolution is an example among several that followed in 2011 and 2012 such as the supposedly Arab Spring destroying nations in the Middle East and North Africa with Libya and Syria permanently paying the price until today.

Again foreign invasion and occupation aimed at political instability is a tradition in Washington politics duly complied by administrations regardless of political party.

In the domestic front since 2009 manufacturing fake protests, rallies often designed to go wild and unruly observed time and time again jeopardizing the demonstrations cause is the neoliberal strategy.

How the deep state and representatives in Washington political establishment together with media and news organizations tirelessly labored in unseating the democratically elected Republican President Donald Trump right from November 3rd 2016 until now?

The chronicle of events begins on the eve of election results in 2016. There were massive demonstrations staged in Washington, D.C. demanding then President elect Donald Trump to quit power and return to Trump Tower.

The pursuit followed with Robert Mueller committee wasting taxpayers money from 2016 – 2019 to indict the sitting President Donald Trump accused of  alliance with Russian meddling in 2016 Presidential election. The rigorous investigations turned out to be nothing more than a political witch hunt much to the embarrassment and disappointment of all those behind the wild goose chase.

The allegations and mockery of President Trump in late night shows and media outlets continued in the entire four years in office and unlikely to desist for sometime.

The bizarre one being the diagnosis of President Donald Trump’s mental health by presumptuous Ivy league psychiatrist hired to certify President Trump as mentally unfit to perform the duty as President of the United States and accordingly demanding President Trump to leave office was the degraded political humor from those engaged in ludicrous act. The political theatrics in this regard was not even worthy as material for Hollywood script or roadside show.

When all things failed, the deep state together with representatives in Washington embarked on impeachment proceedings to oust the serving President Trump that once again ended up in vindication  frustrating the accusers and everyone of them participating in the worst political coup venting their anger and revenge for 2016 loss in the Presidential race.

So much for their calm and collect composure currently touted by deep state media vilifying President Donald Trump’s response to election process.

The deep state authorized reference of President Trump as opposed to Donald Trump  while being accused of myriad unsubstantiated charges and false wrongdoings, the same duly complied by deep state media and press indicative of bipolar syndrome highlight their serious disorders.

One would wonder why President Trump isolated by deep state?

President Trump called for draining the swamp referring to the deep state running amuck that obviously did not go well in the domain rife with corruption and scandals in epic proportions that predecessors apparently had no problems with and diligently executed  deep state orders sharing profitability and acceptance in the league.

The other contentious and audacious commitment from President Donald Trump was prioritizing United States and economy in his Make America Great Again” aspiration.

President Trump’s sincere ambitions in this respect was never welcome among globalists having conditioned governments and economies across the globe on globalization shunning and removing any heads of the state or government daring to promote domestic economic interests viewed as protectionism. The policy never appreciated nor accommodated by globalists behind empowering communist leadership in China, the chief beneficiary of globalization doctrine.

What does the status quo signify about deep state controlled Washington D.C.?

Hostility, antagonism, vengeance and reprisal…are the forte.

Although Las Vegas designated Sin City, attributing the title to political capital Washington D.C. would be appropriate considering the indulgence and actions among those regarding themselves powerful despite their weakness and surrender to deep state.

Little knowing that inescapable Karma is the all powerful with incredible memory and indelible in teaching lessons like never before.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 





United States – Political Immunity

May 21, 2020

United States – Political Immunity

Padmini Arhant

In the latest Spy gate scandal there are serious questions on developments granting political immunity to those directly involved in the matter.

What is the reason behind U.S.Attorney General William Barr’s statement exempting the former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden from criminal investigation despite Gen. Michael Flynn case from the beginning until now lead to then highest office bearers i.e. President and Vice President of the United States in 2016?

The same would apply to United States Senate interestingly from the Republican aisle the Senate Majority leader Mitch Mcconnell elected by Kentucky voters and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham maintaining similar position on the former U.S. administration.

United States proudly claimed as the land of Justice inhibiting justice and facilitating widespread corruption in all three branches of the government i.e. the executive, legislative and judiciary is a flagrant betrayal of public trust and blatant evasion of accountability.

The abuse of power undermines democracy and holds the electorate hostage protecting political establishment with impunity on crimes and unlawful engagement that would otherwise subject others not in the same league to the fullest extent of law. 

The system must be fair and equal holding none above law without exception barring political bias and amnesty.

The preference and prejudice subvert democratic principles allowing politics and those exerting control from within and outside to misuse public office and taxpayers money for private and political interests.

United States voters in the blue, red and purple states are burdened with the responsibility to free democracy under siege from secret society run and managed deep state as well as their representatives in government.

Likewise, the policy defending China and World Health Organization directly responsible for global pandemic affecting 5.1 million people and 330,000 deaths and counting of which 100,000 pertain to United States and the remaining related to rest of the world notwithstanding economic collapse worldwide consuming lives and costing livelihoods is reprehensible. 

Needless to say the buck stops at the highest order viz. with the Presidency of the United States expected to exercise executive authority executed on other matter and in this particular health and economic disaster heeding bad political advise favoring China as well as WHO conform to collusion and complicity.

China’s influence over World Health Organization is demonstrably corruption and cronyism that led to colossal failure to save lives from the deadly virus extended to regions across the globe with governments and leaderships facing severe criticisms and possible rejection in election in their respective domain.

Any laxity in appropriate response and actions against China and World Health Organization authority at the helm by governments worldwide would sabotage credibility and electability among own population for ignoring pandemic victims’ tragedies enduring loss of lives of their loved ones and economic devastation.

All those affected by crimes and willful wrongdoing deserve justice that cannot be denied based on arbitrary intervention and egregious decisions.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





Secret Society and Deep State Operation

May 8, 2020

Secret Society and Deep State Operation

Padmini Arhant

Corruption and criminality rule contaminates society.

The indicted political leader headed governments and factions implicated with corruption scandals represent doom and gloom for the state, country and society at large. This is a proven incontrovertible fact witnessed and experienced by citizens world over.

The world run by sinister secret society designated deep state at various levels in different nations regardless of political system favoring unsavory proxies with tainted background and criminal profile not barring homicide prior to their political debut and some involved in communal violence orchestrated mass murder of children, women, youth and elderly in the native state, others adept in abuse of power become poster representative for the criminal clique.

How and Why do they plant these types in politics?

They drastically modify and manipulate the candidacy past and present profile through swipe and swap process. As for why they adopt such strategy is to have an agent performing their intended tasks for exclusive benefits against ordinary citizens and national interests.

Who are the beneficiaries in these shallow backwaters stymieing truth and originality?

Those ravenous for power, fame and fortune in the absence of any positive tangible assets in talent and delivery enormously benefit from free loading and cashing in by crooked means and impropriety.

Who is the actual deep state?

Secret society, delegates as well as surrogates with skull and bones connotations deployed for disastrous agenda.

Who runs the criminal cabal?

The unscrupulous master minds and architects behind devious political, economic, scientific, social, religious and importantly communication outlets flooding public domain with disinformation, false propaganda, deceitful and deceptive promotions remain in the dark and operate through puppets and pawns known for nefarious dealings and unflattering indulgence carefully chosen to serve the destructive purpose.

Needless to say the ones who are the devil’s favorite, the commonality in attributes and motives among them are the binding factor. This is precisely the reason for them to be the devil’s preferred choice.

Why should the world tolerate falsehood, fraudulence and fake identities prolonging mass deception?

Secret society is abomination in any age especially in modern era exploring future on pandemics, space militarization and much more becoming existential catastrophe for inhabitants and habitat.

What is the need for Secret Society to exist in the world routinely touted by the same society as the free world?

This in itself is conglomerate gross misrepresentation allowing them to freely wheel power incognito besides evading transparency and accountability.

The reference Free World indisputably apply to the parallel world comprising self-proclaimed privileged members in Secret Society free to run amuck with impunity regardless of cataclysmic engagement affecting humanity at large.

The laws that are generally upheld and enforced on average citizens anywhere exempt the Secret Society members and their contingency from serious criminal offense, treason and malfeasance.

Time for Secret Society, deep state operatives, catalysts and crony stooges in disguise both overt and covert varieties to cease and dissolve that would demonstrate the real free world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






India – Pakistan Acknowledgment of Terror Against India

February 23, 2019

India – Pakistan Acknowledgment of Terror Against India

Padmini Arhant

Social Media Censorship


Pakistan Terrorism – Pakistan Media on

Pulwama Attack in India


Pakistan Terrorism – Pakistan Media Provides Evidence on Pakistan’s Terror Against India.


Pakistan’s admission of terror manufacturing, sponsoring and implementing terror against India is the final conclusion of Pakistan’s acknowledgment as terror state by the establishment run by Pakistan army, ISI and name sake civilian government installed as democratic representative in the country.

India on the other hand with average Indian citizens and security forces in particular targeted by Pakistan terror sponsors have been the sitting ducks enduring series of terror attacks not barring the daring assault on Indian Parliament revealing Indian political class preoccupation in corruption amassing illegal wealth and power accelerated in the twenty first century ignoring public and defense personnel safety thus far.

The competition between national political parties viz. Congress and BJP to appease Pakistan’s establishment despite spate of terror attacks against India confirms typical political mindset caring less about citizens and country they are elected to serve during their term in office. 

Congress member Navjot Singh Sidhu’s bear hug of Pakistan’s Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s swearing in ceremony while Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family wedding summarize Indian political members’ enthusiasm to offset each other in the race –

Who is better at wooing Pakistan?

Under these circumstances.

Reality Check 

When will India’s corrupt political class, the incumbent and opposition alike quit unleashing sleazy Bollywood charlatans and wantons besides crony contingency with fake you tube channels & other means deployed for false propaganda against me and instead deliver Indian electorate, the armed forces in particular long overdue security and pervasive progress?

PADMINI ARHANT, i.e. I am NOT THE ENEMY as propagated by anti-humanity and anti-peace forces wreaking havoc in the nation and world at large.

On the contrary, you in politics, so-called celebrities, social activists, religious zealots i.e. con-artist Sadguru and wannabe media in obliging evil deep state i.e. doominati’s unscrupulous policy stealing my identity and attributing my hard work plus contributions to others viz. the opportunists collectively pose a threat to humanity considering your corrupt and criminal trajectory deceiving India’s ordinary population at every opportunity.

The political factions’ desperation prompting them to follow foreign diktat’s dishonest, discriminatory practice smothered in misogyny against me demonstrates India’s political reality whether in reference to Nirbaya from Sonia Gandhi led Congress or state honor farewell to corrupt female politician Jayalalitha upon her demise and alcohol related fatality of Bollywood actress Sri Devi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi headed BJP as well as Hindutva RSS clarifies India’s political decadence.

The corrupt and criminal culture must end for India to experience real positive development.

Forget about your grievances and egregious complaints against me. 

Your Karma will indeed be the judge, jury and executioner for all your misdeeds and woeful endeavors in pursuit of undeserving glory, fame, fortune and power.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com







India – Indian Election 2019

February 3, 2019

Indian Election 2019

Padmini Arhant


Politics governed by corruption, cronyism and
criminality is unsustainable. Change comes
only upon determination among those affected
rise to the occasion to be part of the process
initiating alternative. Indian politics controlled
by internal and external diktat and ideology has
long subjugated the overwhelming majority
struggling to make ends meet under the guise
of independence.
The entertainment industry deployed to distract
public attention from problems and real issues
play a pivotal role in exacerbating citizens
suffering in society while making a fortune
on such complicity.
Mass consciousness on this devious failed
agenda aimed at mind control using celluloid
fallacious presentations is critical to free the
nation from corruption, nepotism and
perennial duplicity.
Thank you.
Padmini Arhant
Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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