United States – Identity Politics

November 19, 2020

United States – Identity Politics

Padmini Arhant

Identity politics has long served political factions ideology in a democracy. When political parties and candidates running for public office as debutant or incumbent have none or dismal record, the campaign heavily relies on divisive polarizing strategy premised on identity politics categorizing voters on race, ethnicity, class, creed, religion, gender, social and economic background. The other popular means in politics to win election in the absence of verifiable positive actions and policies benefiting citizens and nation at large besides corruption in political career is negative campaign against opponent especially if the contender is hard to compete with and pose challenge to the other side on real issues and reality.

Above all, fake news via press, mainstream media, social media and diverse outlets representing deep state and their proxies continue to mislead and misinform public with false reports and concocted events until the deep state approved candidacy is installed in power.

That’s when and where the SuperPAC, HybridPAC, special interests, foreign governments and billionaires flushed millions of dollars adding to billions aid the lack luster lackey candidacy serving the intended purpose of donors not without them deriving more value for money they invest in such candidacy and political party.

Identity Politics – United States has witnessed and experienced violence, looting and mob attacks at frequent intervals and with great intensity since 2016 until now under the guise of protesting discrimination against blacks, police brutality and injustice to African Americans. Not long ago such protest snowballed wreaking havoc on streets with communal unrest nationwide on African American George Floyd death related to police torture in Minneapolis, Minnesota only resulting in more deaths from large gatherings in the middle of COVID19 crisis.

The organizations poised as civil rights groups seeking fairness and justice are in fact misused as political wing and deployed to spread violence and other crimes in the course of demonstrations.

The examples are Black Lives Matter and Antifa (Anti Fascism) though neither address the cause they claim to represent for they are invented and instigated by those behind social injustice and authoritarianism.

The public profile of this organization.


“Black Lives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. Wikipedia
FoundedJuly 13, 2013
PurposeAdvocacy and protests against racial discrimination
LocationInternational, largely in the United States
FormationJuly 13, 2013; 7 years ago

Contrary to the belief and public statement, unfortunately Black Lives Matter in the United States and other locations such as Britain and Canada, the involvement via protests has been anything but civil and non-violent. The other stigma on Black Lives Matter is the organization having become the political tool and arsonists for those actually responsible for exacerbating black lives tragedies and extraordinary plight.

Interestingly, there was no such movement or even voices of concern to the following incidents that was actually related to black lives mercilessly purged misusing authority granted by the people including the victims in a democracy during the much touted BLACK Presidency in the history of the United States.

1. Miriam CareyAfrican American Dental Hygienist. Public execution by White House Secret Service personnel at the White House periphery during the Black Presidency Barry Soterro aka Barack Hussein Obama and African American Spouse Michelle Obama presence at the time in the White House. The Vice President Joe Biden also present at that time.

Miriam Carey was gunned down with some thirty five bullets not five bullets as falsely covered up by CNN.com. Miriam Carey was shot dead on October 3, 2013 with her then toddler daughter witness to the heinous murder of an unarmed civilian and a young  mother in a democracy.

Where was the Black Lives Matter when this happened considering the organization founded and became active on July 13, 2013?

2. Troy Anthony Davis – African American falsely convicted and executed with lethal injection on September 21, 2011 by the state of Georgia for a crime he did not commit and yet the flawed criminal justice process ignored the facts based evidence clearly vindicating Troy Davis since apprehension. The worst was the incident attracting media attention and sensationalism in the United States and across the globe but not sensitivity from the White House with then first Black President and Black family unheeding requests submitted on this website per topics and voices from other corners of the country and across the globe.

United States – Troy Davis Clemency Plea – Published September 21, 2011.


United States Judicial Ethics – Troy Davis Execution – Published on September 22, 2011.


Troy Anthony Davis – the innocent African American’s life could have been saved with clemency from then sitting Black President Barrry Soterro aka Barack Hussein Obama which was not considered necessary and slighted at that time along with same crony so-called liberal media mocking anyone including my stance to prevent the state murder of an innocent life in the southern state of Georgia in 2011.

Fast forward in 2019 – the article on Troy Davis in Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights site.

“Troy Davis story highlights risks of wrongful conviction and execution

Jason Ewart, of Arnold & Jones, Washington DC, spoke at Notre Dame Law School on November 21, 2019. Ewart was the lead defense attorney for Troy Davis, a man executed in 2011 following a criminal justice process that many, in the US and around the globe, found deeply flawed.”

Many in the United States including myself and around the globe could see the glaring willful injustice to a man being punished for the crime he was not responsible for and made a scapegoat. Somehow, then administration led by Black Presidency and democrat Vice Presidency Joe Biden could not recognize the state of Georgia’s fatal error.

3.From the same Southern State of Georgia another embarrassing and unfair decision was taken by then first black President Barry Soterro aka Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, when the supposedly democrat administration on July 19, 2010 fired Shirley Sherrod, a black woman with respectable record in her career from her appointed position as Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture.

The reason behind firing Shirley Sherrod was the White House under then first black President Barry Soterro aka Barack Obama and democrat Vice President Joe Biden fell for the conservative talk show host on FOX NEWS – Glenn Beck’s fabricated distortion about Shirley Sherrod’s public speech that was not presented in entire and factual context.

The trend in haste reporting and disinformation by political establishment and deep state run media, press and communication outlets online and offline are well known and highlighted in this incident.

Where was the Black Lives Matter on injustice to a Black Man – Troy Davis and Black woman Shirley Sherrod under Black Presidency?

Given these deep wounds on black people during black Presidency with democrat Vice President Joe Biden on the side, the violence and injustice inflicted directly and indirectly speak volume on vote fraud in Georgia in 2020 that could not have favored the candidacy former Vice President Joe Biden then oblivious to black ordeal during two terms in office.

Ironically, the rise and prominence to violent activities linked to Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other disruptive groups created and fostered in conjunction with IS and ISIS emergence in 2011, 2012, 2013…under then administration of President Barry Soterro aka Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

These events are impetus to judge anyone on the content of character regardless of skin color i.e. racial social and economic status.

Identity politics is discriminatory reeking in prejudice with political motives to segregate and classify those targeted for devious political agenda. Furthermore, the profiling subvert progressiveness promoting caricature of human intellect and individual merit not necessarily relevant in selection criteria for key positions in deep state and establishment run politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter











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