United States – Deep State and Beijing SuperPac Politics

November 29, 2020

United States – Deep State


Beijing SuperPac Politics

Padmini Arhant

Deep state run and controlled press and media together with Beijing SuperPac are denying American electorate the legitimate right to democracy.

The democrat and republicans in local and national governance including judiciary imposing restrictions and ordinance on American citizens citing upsurge in corona virus – unleashed by China CCP from Wuhan, China while the democrat Presidency funded and backed by China CCP to power in American politics is Beijing’s master stroke aided by democrat candidacy including those launching their return to proxy power and crony press and media.

The hunger for power even after the official two terms in the White House is over 2009 – 2016 though the second term was negotiated between power brokers and the so-called then Republican opponent in 2012 Presidential election verify deep state politics.

In 2012, the republican electorate were simply written off to accommodate deep state, George Soros and allies approved incumbency in 2012.

The 2016 Donald Trump’s victory could not be digested by then democrat opponent Hillary Clinton, democrat establishment and foreign forces ever engaged in derailing democracy anywhere. Accordingly, the most vicious visceral political vendetta against TRUMP administration for the entire four years in the first term was perpetrated as justified action.

The democrats, bureaucracy and crony media obstructionist politics is the norm with little or no respect for fairness, transparency and equal protection of law continued today maintaining corrupt devious tactics to gain power.

The Chicago aggressive and abrasive politics introduced in 2009 Barack Obama Presidency exacerbated with Hillary Clinton’s crooked practice exposed in the private server gate posing serious national security threats and the State department in 2009 transformed into epicenter for numerous coup against foreign governments…never subject to law of the land that otherwise exceeded limits in civility and reason against Donald Trump Presidency with impeachment proceedings explains deep state dogma protecting and promoting treason, corruption, criminality and partisan politics.

American electorate rejecting deep state and foreign powers endorsements are never accepted nor acknowledged deploying underhanded mechanisms such as voter fraud and internal apparatus collusion to upend voters’ choice and install the foreign SuperPac candidacy i.e. Beijing victory falsely dubbed Biden victory in 2020 despite corona virus pandemic used as the platform in the Presidential race 2020.

The Biden family direct connection with China CCP investments going back to 2009 – 2016 and until now in the Presidential campaign 2020, Biden family economic deals with Ukranian firm and political links…none of these are concerns for deep state press and media complicit in mass deception seating anti-democratic and anti-republic regimes in power.

American voters experiencing and enduring political swamp’s carcinogenic effects invalidating foreign intrusion and domestic corruption in election and government functionaries is critical to save democracy and the constitution founded and established envisioning events such as these in political history.

The Supreme Court in any land is expected to fulfill their constitutional duty and responsibility to safeguard the constitutional rights and law in interpretation and judicial execution on all matter barring preference and prejudice.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






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