Colonialism and Globalism

September 29, 2020

Colonialism and Globalism

Padmini Arhant

Colonialism and globalism are two sides of the counterfeit coin flipped time and time again to invade, occupy, oppress and subjugate population on earth.

The insatiable appetite for power, fame and fortune blindside seekers on pitfalls beyond rescue.

Colonialism and Globalism are intertwined in establishing monopoly on earth’s resources and land mass besides reining control over human capital as man power in labor force as well as foot soldiers in the army and entire defense force predominantly deployed for offensive operations aimed at territorial annexations and colonization.

Those embarked on mighty adventures with lofty aspirations enslaved to gluttonous greed becoming a weakling to negative vices is the irony. 

Anytime anyone pursuing crooked means and wicked ways invariably succumb to miscalculated outcome denying them revival and recovery often resulting in their disappearance into oblivion.

Colonialism and Globalism endanger humanity, environment and earth sustenance.

Notwithstanding the continuous abuse and exploitation threatening own survival and imminent dissolution conforming to end justifying the means in such indulgence.

Supremacy is human fallacy aided and abetted by proxy and sycophancy in a collaborative effort to exert dominance. 

Humanity rising against secrecy and autocracy is the preliminary step towards self-emancipation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 








India – Colonialism Elimination or Enforcement?

November 9, 2019

India – Colonialism Elimination or Enforcement?

Padmini Arhant

India – the nation and prominent members in society ever obliging in maintaining colonial legacy premised on hierarchy, prejudice, gender and communal bias entrenched in archaic casteism persistently suffer from severe identity crisis.

With governments run by global colonial diktat, the puppet regimes installed in power are expected to display nothing but obedience and acquiescence to their masters who in return regard selves as eternal beings running a muck at own peril.

Europe as the colonial dais and remaining so until today with economy surviving then and now from colonized nations wealth and resources that continues until today in attracting illegal illicit funds linked to black money, tax evasions, embezzlement, human trafficking, sex trade, extortions and various nefarious unscrupulous dealings hoarded in Swiss banks vaults encrypted in secret codes not surprisingly willful offenders’ sought after destination.

India in particular boasts colonial pride and over two hundred years of brute imperialism cherished as tradition in modern age. Indian society subject to repressive rule demonstrated in evaluation of individual skills predominantly tied to english language.

The assessment on individual’s intellect and aptitude is largely related to proficiency in foreign language english. Accordingly, the prevalent colonial lexicon recognized as official language of India.

Indian Congress political party having originated from colonial entity Alan Octavian Hume founded Congress party on the one side and the other RSS representing Hindu fundamentalism alongside Muslim league fostered and buttressed by the same colonial rulers infusing divide and rule strategy adapted until now.

British Raj implemented several laws to prolong oppression and colonization with little or no respect for human lives and civil rights retained by Indian political parties alternating to power is yet another example of Indian governments subservience to imperialism.

Indian politics and upper echelons flirting with colonial past and contemporary globalists strictly for personal and vested interests is ongoing custom.

The false assertions and nuances on eliminating colonialism and Mughal invasions insignia while embracing embarrassing episodes and characteristics in Indian history aptly reflect political convenience.

The point in reference is the interim RSS controlled BJP government not without foreign power management touting the latest Supreme Court ruling on controversial Ayodhya matter in their favor as the path to declare India – the Hindu State serve nothing more than a desperate need to deflect depressed public attention from declining economic situation.

BJP members statements on the ruling party erasing British Imperialism symbols and remnants apparently not extended to political system and policies that would determine reality.

Furthermore, removal of Queen Elizabeth statues and changing the streets and roads names amid efforts to honor RSS political activist, Hindutva ideologue and chief architect Vinayak Damodar Savarkar with India’s highest civilian award – Bharat Ratna pronounce duplicity.

V.D.Savarkar having buckled to British Raj, engaged in strengthening British Raj atrocities in India by recruiting young vulnerable Indian citizens to serve the imperialist army besides implicated in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination speak volume on Indian politics’ treason albeit intense in the present time.

In the height of overarching practice to imperialism and current globalists demands, Indian political class and affluent elements reaping undeserving benefits from external power appeasement is the continuing Indian saga resisting renunciation of homogenous trait.

India is anything but an independent nation evident in India’s pledge of allegiance to the fake crown proclaiming India as dominion republic in the official treaty.

India’s rich, famous and powerful stashing wealth offshore enriching foreign economies and occupying positions of power and authority in politics, economic, entertainment sector…deprive overwhelming majority the due economic progress and development.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 












Political Setbacks on Social Issues

March 22, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Political twists and maneuvers to prolong status quo is nothing more than a desperate strategy.

The pre-selected candidacies perform the scripted role to satisfy requirement aimed at rejecting pre-ordained purpose behind humanitarian tasks and planet survival.

United States Presidential race in 2008 ignored candidates’ gaffes, excess baggage and their respective affiliations with church, controversial figures and speeches as faux pas while condescending remarks notwithstanding devious insinuations viz. witchcraft, sorcery against divine mission dominated election.

In 2012, the focus was religious denomination – Mormonism in particular nuanced confirming the establishment and members’ identity.

Additionally, there was a mockery of this website for recommendations on legitimate governance with effective and meaningful economic plan and taxation laws leading to fair income distribution. The willful participants posing as progressives and populists engaged in denigrating ideas and solutions to problems created by supremacy oriented agenda.

Under the guise of entertainment, the satire promoted in this context highlight impropriety and distortion besides active plagiarism and copyright infringement on material, style and theme.

Not surprisingly, the 2016 election embarked on caricature and flagrant disposition on race, religion, gender and life orientation reflect the ruling cadre mindset and prejudice.

Obsession with power, fame and fortune corrupts individuals and political class deteriorating in civility and disregard for ethical standard that are not without repercussions as the wheels inevitably turn against those indulging in covetousness.

The discriminatory practice, segregation and isolation is the hallmark of colonialism judiciously adhered by loyalists today in the so-called democracy with little or no semblance to democratic principle.

Politics conforming to deception and false dissemination resist genuine concepts due to delusional aspirations and dismissal of repeat failures experienced thus far.  Social issues are exploited to the maximum for political gains and goals to benefit self and vested interests in the diminishing era of dominance.

Elsewhere, the policy retaining reservations and quotas patronize segments with caste connotations in the pledge of allegiance to feudalism denying society equality and disavow hierarchy system.

The common plight between marginalized demography and the rest among mainstream are poverty, unemployment and economic disparity. 

The sensible and rational approach in elevating economic and social conditions would be to eliminate plutocracy premised on nepotism and cronyism with impunity on corruption and criminal involvement.

Unless the nation recognizes all citizens with equal rights and opportunity implementing measures that abandon obsolete archaic traditions posing impediments, progress will remain a political rhetoric.

Social and economic justice is made possible in sowing the seeds of prospects and productivity barring undue preference and privileges to compete in a level playing field and showcase skills and ingenuity.

The regression on social evolution is a major setback despite society taking pride in modern aspects as cultural revolution.

Political decisions are primarily responsible in preventing positive changes in societal behavior.  The affluent groups and influential sources like entertainment and communication media are also used in protecting duality and duplicity.

The concerted efforts in undermining peace and harmony justified as political expediency is best declined along with manufactured events providing fodder for forces capitalizing on polarization and acrimony.

Fabrication and fiction as unscrupulous means do not necessarily become the fact regardless of publicity delineating reality from make-believe enactment.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant














Colonialism, Nazism and Neo Nazi Evolution

February 28, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Nazism in twentieth century linked to world war II with the rise of Germany for global conquest.

Nazism related holocaust is widely propagated topic until today.  Holocaust formed the basis for sources to seek solution leading to perennial conflict in the Middle East – Israel and Palestinian crisis.

In an effort to compensate holocaust victims, the measure established a state within a state farther away from geographic location, Germany – the holocaust origin leaving the local population in Palestine stateless in their homeland.

Meanwhile the atrocities against natives and genocide worldwide in colonial era extended at present apparently not significant to end status quo. The reference in particular is Palestine and alike.

Colonialism emerged from presumptuous and self-proclaimed kingdoms asserting expansionism colonized and annexed territories at will with little or no respect for sovereignty and integrity of nations near and far.

The trend continued in contemporary period with similar traits and defined western democracy.

Nazism emanating from workers’ party representation surely was devious subverting socialism concept demanding equitable income distribution in society. 

Nazism flourished in the past century with colonialists’ direct engagement fraternizing relations for vested interests.

Colonial members and oligarchy decisive role as Nazi cohorts somehow not factored in the selective vilification of those frequently cited as Nazi renegade in previous century.

Nazism and colonialism as two sides of the coin engender prejudice and preference to pedigree with Aryan race superimposed on developments in the relevant time not to mention prevalent practice in this regard.

Colonialists courting Nazis deemed tenable in contrast to patriot’s defiance to colonialism committing massacre and gross human rights violations is subject to scrutiny.

Indian freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose then forming Indian National Army and alleged alliance with Japan during world war II is denounced by colonial representatives at every opportunity.

Juxtaposed rapid transformation post world war II with western powers – United States, UK, France and Israel’s ties strengthened not severed between them and Germany as well as Japan even though Germany was Nazi represented and Japan under Emperor Hirohito adapted authoritarianism.

Japan is now United States ally and second largest creditor while Germany remains NATO partner in hegemony goals and promoted to UNSC P5+1 exclusive club.

Notwithstanding western media and press coverage on Japan’s Emperor Hirohito descendants in modern times no less than adulation parallel to Britain’s Royalty despite events described during Nazism and totalitarianism emulating colonialism reminiscent of dark history.

Indian political class secrecy subscribing to classified information on independence movement leader Subash Chandra Bose existence and demise tantamount complicity to imperialists stance on this issue.

Colonialism and Nazism essentially serve agenda aimed at global dominance.  Neo Nazism targets ethnic diversity and minority groups vulnerable to political gains predisposed in altering demography.

The twenty first century policy is renewed colonialism spreading incessant violence and discrimination through manufactured and fostered terrorism instrumental in destabilizing nations for supremacy.

The counterproductive actions exemplified in terror sponsoring and strategy dedicated to eliminating civilizations is the dichotomy for those presiding over delineation of respective participation in Nazi age.

Colonialism, feudalism, Nazism, neo-Nazism and corporatism share common values – empowerment at the disadvantaged and disenfranchised expense.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










Imperialism – Anti Humanity Doctrine

September 13, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Colonialism survival predominantly dependent on hierarchy and polarization in society with duplicity in policy not to mention adopting any means to sustain unsustainable parasitic tradition.

Colonial strategy is subversion of religion sanctity and civilization heritage.

British Raj during overt reign in India created Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) in 1930 promoted as Hindu fundamentalists when in reality the organization and political parties pledged allegiance to colonial power until today.

RSS creation is imperialists affront to Hindu religion and Hindu philosophy committed to secularism. At the other end of the spectrum are factions in British partitioned Pakistan opposed to constructive process with India.

Similarly, British colonial power produced Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt projected as Islamic fundamentalists while aiding and abetting the rise of Muslim Brotherhood behind the scenes to serve colonial agenda.

Not surprisingly Muslim Brotherhood refrained from participation in Egypt uprising against Western ally – the dictatorial regime of ex-President Hosni Mubabarak in Tehrir Square, Cairo in 2011.

Furthermore, the so-called first democratic election in Egypt following the western partner Mubarak government ouster in 2011 fielded western candidate Mohammad Morsi representing none other than Muslim Brotherhood.

The dichotomy in imperialists pretense to generate impression of western aversion for fundamentalism with legacy fostering extremism using religion and communal divide expose true identity.

The contrived position extended through RSS in India essentially subscribes to subordination and marginalization prevalent in Indian caste system.

The imperialist response via RSS to the article published on this site titled India – Good Governance Upon Clean Governance calling for abolition of antiquated caste structure in Indian society beckons attention.

RSS chief – interestingly named Bhagwat in the backdrop of goddess Durga banner referring to Indian caste classification as Indian family system proclaimed the degenerative practice – Akshunn interpreted as unbroken and Takat (power) of Hindu Samaj (society).

In fact, the society crafted caste pyramid is proved Apshakun i.e. bad omen and  b weakness not power derailing social progress notwithstanding contradiction in India’s status as thriving secular democracy.

A real functioning democracy would exemplify equality and respect human values determined by deed not creed. 

The archaic caste custodians cherish discriminatory practice voiding eligibility to be part of human race for the term human is derived from HUMANE – the  salient characteristic for Homo sapiens in Mammalia.

Again India’s caste orientation always ranks first among other problems in western criticism about India revealing imperialists hypocritical overture.

The caste denomination is farcical conflicting with the current trend in every other individual’s claim as almighty God. 

Above all the superiority asserted on caste based criteria bowing to cannibal sponsors is the irony.


RSS and Muslim League / Brotherhood are two sides of the coin to serve imperial cause – disparage religions relevantly Hinduism and Islam respectively besides establishment of proxy governance.

Imperialism favored dynasty and despotism alternated in politics denying sovereignty and republic rule.

Imperialism contemporary involvement sponsoring terrorism recruit vulnerable and credulous youth branded as jihadists to destabilize nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Likewise, Central and South Asia notably Afghanistan and Pakistan declared failed states with terror manifestation strengthened through arms supply and military aid.

ISIL evolution into ISIS having emerged from imperial power designed al Qaeda is a classic symptom of ailing supremacy to prolong decadence.

The imperialist destructive goals verifiable in Afghanistan’s Helmand province depriving Afghan farmers from food agriculture such as wheat, maize, mung beans, nuts and produce…forced into poppy cultivation from western capital and profits shared by Taliban – supposedly the enemy combatant fighting against United States and NATO for the last fourteen years in the U.S. taxpayers funded warfare.

Imperialists anti humanity doctrine targets religion, social, political, economic and environment development in the self-effacing stratagem.

The counterproductive course best abandoned since actions have repercussions without exception.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







Incognito Rule Hypocrisy

June 29, 2015

By Padmini Arhant 

My opponents are essentially the opposition forces resisting peace, universal freedom and harmony.

They trade venom and expect honey in return.

Their violations of others rights and privacy are regarded their prerogative and entitlement.

They need to realize that imperial and colonial attitude and disposition has no place in the present and future cosmic oriented time.

The proxies and servile contingency are on board the sinking Titanic.  Hence death threats from them and their masters would have irreversible impact on them.

The immature posturing further exposes the prevalent insecurity and trepidation prompting saber rattling from them.

When they engage in smear campaigns and personal attacks they should also have the courage and integrity to receive appropriate response.

Is this not a fair expectation from those whom they target with propaganda for defamation and denigration?

When I respond to such unruly conduct by them, their reaction is to characterize my response as me being a reactionary.

The wind does not blow in one direction.

Incognito Rule desperation cannot be feigned any longer with the activities viz. pedophilia, philandering and promiscuity experimenting lewd desires in Bohemian Grove speak volume of the participants real identity.

Briefly, the opponents along with their proxies have no credibility to dictate me on propriety.

Moving along – I would like to focus on two important issues that deserve attention.

The United States Supreme Court ruling on two matters – Obama Care and Same Sex Marriage.

Obama Care – the health care legislation that was meant to be health care reform to correct the inherently flawed system was fortified with more opportunity for the health insurance and health care industry to exert control and exploit the imposition of mandatory health insurance subscription that became effective in January 2014.

In the absence of stipulations to meet their end of the bargain, the health insurance and health care industry position solidified while leaving 37 million new subscribers brought into health care ambit as a result of compulsory health insurance purchase to deal with health care industry policy.

There are many in the United States who cannot afford due to Affordable Care Act or Obama Care providing dominant status to health insurance and health care industry.

The exchange of favors in the process leading to health care legislation and mutual monetary benefits amongst negotiators cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, the quid pro quo between the administration and Supreme Court justices as the White House nominees is instrumental in upholding Obama Care for the second time.

I reiterate my statement from the past that lifetime appointment to Supreme Court in the United States is detrimental to democracy and the tradition maintained to protect the respective political parties interests much to the republic despair and disadvantage.

The cases are – 2000 Presidential Election favoring then republican candidate George W. Bush.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission – allowing Corporations and Special interests in the domestic and foreign shores to own state and national election depriving people representation.

Rejecting citizens plea on war crimes committed during Iraq war and the lawsuit against former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and accomplice denied by the highest court on land.

Now Supreme Court decision on Obama Care is honoring the pact amongst the appointees and the administration.

With respect to United States Supreme Court recognition of Same Sex marriage – the issue is politically motivated rather than eliminating social prejudice and marginalization of demography and segments in society.

Regardless, I consider this a huge victory in humanitarian context.

The incognito rule and contingency spare none and nothing with inalienable trait of parasitic existence.

The incognito rule obsession with citizens’ life comprising massive and invasive surveillance notwithstanding police brutality on the street is overt transition into a police state.

Accordingly religion, social issues, politics, economy and environment are abused to masquerade declining status.

Incognito rule and their representatives in the legislative, executive and judiciary care less about the existing social inequality and crimes against citizens from different background based on race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The shooting spree targeting African Americans in church and Main Street would not persist unabated and likewise detainees in Guantanamo Bay and secret prisons would not be held indefinitely without due process i.e. legal access to prove innocence.

Again the police brutality towards unarmed civilians – the African Americans in particular would not be slighted with occasional ceremonial gestures to display concern only confirming disingenuous act.

The juveniles and adults held in the prison industrial complex in the United States would not become commodities for profitability in the prison trade.

The taxpayers funded police force unleashed to threaten and harm the unarmed citizens on racial bias.

National army used as the incognito power personal army to militarize the planet.

The current trend is sponsoring terrorism and cannibalism in the quest for global conquest.

I will be back with my thoughts on election used by incognito power to prolong the unsustainable degenerative demonstrably destructive rule on the planet.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant