Political Setbacks on Social Issues

March 22, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Political twists and maneuvers to prolong status quo is nothing more than a desperate strategy.

The pre-selected candidacies perform the scripted role to satisfy requirement aimed at rejecting pre-ordained purpose behind humanitarian tasks and planet survival.

United States Presidential race in 2008 ignored candidates’ gaffes, excess baggage and their respective affiliations with church, controversial figures and speeches as faux pas while condescending remarks notwithstanding devious insinuations viz. witchcraft, sorcery against divine mission dominated election.

In 2012, the focus was religious denomination – Mormonism in particular nuanced confirming the establishment and members’ identity.

Additionally, there was a mockery of this website for recommendations on legitimate governance with effective and meaningful economic plan and taxation laws leading to fair income distribution. The willful participants posing as progressives and populists engaged in denigrating ideas and solutions to problems created by supremacy oriented agenda.

Under the guise of entertainment, the satire promoted in this context highlight impropriety and distortion besides active plagiarism and copyright infringement on material, style and theme.

Not surprisingly, the 2016 election embarked on caricature and flagrant disposition on race, religion, gender and life orientation reflect the ruling cadre mindset and prejudice.

Obsession with power, fame and fortune corrupts individuals and political class deteriorating in civility and disregard for ethical standard that are not without repercussions as the wheels inevitably turn against those indulging in covetousness.

The discriminatory practice, segregation and isolation is the hallmark of colonialism judiciously adhered by loyalists today in the so-called democracy with little or no semblance to democratic principle.

Politics conforming to deception and false dissemination resist genuine concepts due to delusional aspirations and dismissal of repeat failures experienced thus far.  Social issues are exploited to the maximum for political gains and goals to benefit self and vested interests in the diminishing era of dominance.

Elsewhere, the policy retaining reservations and quotas patronize segments with caste connotations in the pledge of allegiance to feudalism denying society equality and disavow hierarchy system.

The common plight between marginalized demography and the rest among mainstream are poverty, unemployment and economic disparity. 

The sensible and rational approach in elevating economic and social conditions would be to eliminate plutocracy premised on nepotism and cronyism with impunity on corruption and criminal involvement.

Unless the nation recognizes all citizens with equal rights and opportunity implementing measures that abandon obsolete archaic traditions posing impediments, progress will remain a political rhetoric.

Social and economic justice is made possible in sowing the seeds of prospects and productivity barring undue preference and privileges to compete in a level playing field and showcase skills and ingenuity.

The regression on social evolution is a major setback despite society taking pride in modern aspects as cultural revolution.

Political decisions are primarily responsible in preventing positive changes in societal behavior.  The affluent groups and influential sources like entertainment and communication media are also used in protecting duality and duplicity.

The concerted efforts in undermining peace and harmony justified as political expediency is best declined along with manufactured events providing fodder for forces capitalizing on polarization and acrimony.

Fabrication and fiction as unscrupulous means do not necessarily become the fact regardless of publicity delineating reality from make-believe enactment.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant















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