India – Religion and Political Dichotomy

August 8, 2020

India – Religion and Political Dichotomy

Padmini Arhant


In the height of ravaging corona virus largely known among the rich, famous and powerful, economic depression with gloom and doom overcast and national security threatened by China’s brazen incursion in the Himalayan higher altitude down to the lakes, river and valley along eastern Ladakh and north eastern territory not barring southern end in the Indian Ocean, religious platform serve as the ideal distraction deflecting public focus and concerns on burgeoning health, economic and national security issues.

The Hindu temple foundation ceremony in the long embattled site in Ayodhya arousing religious fervor and sentiment widely telecast nationwide is classic event management – RSS directed political activity is BJP’s specialty and party head PM  Narendra Modi’s signature act.

Now on the subject of religion and the much debated, used and abused Lord Sri Ram, the main character in the epic Ramayana besides being the incarnate of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the Universe.

While BJP’s religious zealots representing political ideology and Hindutva doctrine that has done more harm than any good in polarizing society based on mandir (temple) masjid (mosque) cacophony creating rancor in the media circus on such topics, Gau rakshak, the self-declared cow vigilantes’ heinous violent crimes against muslims and the so-called Dalits despite being Hindus worshipping Hindu Gods subject to constant raid of their homes in search of beef and hide, the occupation relegated to the so-called Sudras designated the lowest caste in caste oriented system.

Among them many sects segregated as the untouchables. The inhumane discriminatory hierarchy fraudulently claimed by the self-proclaimed upper caste as Vedic and Holy scriptures ordained structure.

In recent memory, the mob lynching of muslims and the so-called Dalits in the name of Lord Ram is fanaticism ad nauseam committing sacrilege and blasphemy against Lord Ram and the idea of religion.

BJP’s subversion of religion, God and godliness justifying violence, fundamentalism and denigration of Hindu Gods like Lord Hanuman, the incarnation of none other Almighty God Shiva mocked as servant of Lord Ram is discarded emphasizing historic achievement.

Furthermore, Lord Hanuman was not spared from the spell of casteism either. The deity was called Dalit noting the deity for not being in human form. Never mind ignorance discounting human ancestry (Monkey) in human evolution. In religion wise Lord Hanuman proselytized as Muslim during national election campaign in 2019 in Uttar Pradesh hosting the much touted Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya. 

The reference Sant (Sainthood) frivolously used to describe anyone whose profile and legacy is paradoxical to idealism and the concept of spiritualism. 

The contradictory ascriptions merit detailed analyses for appropriate perspective on religion, sainthood and anachronism. 

The topic will resume shortly to discuss religion, the convenient pawn to evade accountability on all matter in contemporary politics. The topic will also touch base on political opposition surrender due to excess baggage associated with corruption and criminality leading to democracy demise. 

Please refer to the sequel.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter




Gandhi Jayanthi – Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary

October 2, 2019

Gandhi Jayanthi

Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary

Padmini Arhant

When the nation was shackled and enslaved by brute force

You came along and instilled the idea of freedom 

When you witnessed prejudice and untouchability by extreme source

You strived to teach unity and equality with hope and wisdom

When you rallied the nation to rise for self-respect and dignity

You created the aura attracting selfless patriots and passionate compatriots

The mass awakening aroused by you and several great souls brought clarity

Many of you as crusaders collectively contributed to birth of free India

Sabarmati ke Santh,  May your legacy last like the sun and the moon on earth!


When violence and dominance practiced by authority generated passivity

You taught non-violence and resistance to counter atrocity 

When assaults and killings of innocents justified as way of life 

You reminded the sinners of their sins and there began the strife 

No nation or society could be oppressed without corruption and treason 

The nation stalls with firewalls setting into slow motion or even malfunction

Such predicament prompts the necessity for sane and sensible voice 

You along with other extraordinary martyrs became the ideal choice 

Sabarmati ke Santh,  May your legacy last like the sun and the moon on earth!


You expressed fear and felicitations on the prospects of national independence 

The hidden truth since then revealed in internal and external influence on Indian governance

A nation is free and truly democratic only when power commands honesty and integrity

Unfortunately, these requirements in politics has no possibility with allegiance to impropriety

The prevalent dark age or Kaliyuga celebrates and commemorates assassins, divisive destructive elements

How could any nation or population deal with massive fraud and negative fragments?

The worthy, qualified and virtuous are disdained with truth regarded the enemy of calamity

However, the time and tide stop for nothing with the firm belief in progress and prosperity

Sabarmati ke Santh, May your legacy last like the sun and the moon on earth!


Your dreams and expectations for a nation you laid your life is still a long way from reality

The rich as the wildly richest, poor the poorest, casteism the permanent scar, religion shrieking as majority

Amid milestones in reaching galaxy, the ordinary continue to suffer and struggle as their destiny

While the priorities are misplaced, the nation straddles with assurance on all being well despite the irony 

Farmers, factory workers, small shop keepers, street vendors, teachers and importantly soldiers denied direct meeting 

Contrarily, celebrities from entertainment, economic sector and especially religious zealots welcomed with warm greeting

Indian Parliament is crowded with industrialists, political heirs, movie and sports stars asserting their fame and fortune

Indian streets, sewage and man holes manual cleaning and maintenance designated to so-called lower caste as their misfortune

Sabarmati Ke Santh, May your legacy last like the sun and the moon on earth!


Happy 150th Birth Anniversary BAPU!

May your Soul rest in peace!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





India – Eliminating Casteism and Untouchability

November 30, 2018

India – Eliminating Casteism and Untouchability

Padmini Arhant


Casteism rooted in fundamentalist ideology exerting superiority, inflicting generational prejudice and atrocities against those deemed lower caste or untouchable in Indian society is to be phased out liberating caste victims from draconian caste domination.

Considering the stigma and burden of guilt on those responsible for shackling India in archaic and antiquated caste hierarchy over eons with no remorse or accountability on crimes committed thus far, the long overdue evolution is necessary and imminent marking the beginning of the end of injustice.

Those against the inevitable dismissal and eradication of caste cancer would obviously categorize themselves in oppressive and regressive regime as political faction and societal domain.

Contrarily, the rational minds pledged to progressive India enabling freedom, individual rights and fairness for all would facilitate positive social, economic and political development.

Their respective actions and decisions would definitively reflect own character, patriotism or the lack thereof and importantly human value.

The choices are clear for all especially the caste victims and youth population representing the majority in Indian society.

Time to act now to leave caste behind and lead India towards tolerant and vibrant democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


India – Casteism and Untouchability Dogma

Padmini Arhant

All the more reason to


The team behind this documentary and filming of these videos on this critical social epidemic called casteism spanning over other religions besides Hinduism in India deserve credit and appreciation for their collective contribution.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Independence Day – Singapore, Pakistan and India

August 13, 2017

Independence Day Celebration – Singapore, Pakistan and India

By Padmini Arhant

The three nations sharing Independence Day around the same time has potential to address issues posing impediments to pervasive progress.

Political freedom and economic growth along with social equality are key to national achievements.

Corruption, terrorism together with lack of transparency and accountability of those at the helm are fundamental problems depriving meaningful and effective development.

Laws made applicable to all regardless of socio economic and political status on crimes that are ordinarily enforced on population would exemplify real freedom.

Unlike the present system providing impunity to many despite their actions and involvements that are otherwise punishable by law.

Independent nations would live up to liberty and justice for all not just the selective few that are witnessed worldwide.

The racial, social and political divide denying fair opportunity to significant segments not recognized as fellow citizens polarize society.

Those in position of power and authority and influential entities undue advantage due to privileges exacerbate conditions for majority struggling to make ends meet and increase economic disparity.

Notably the difference between haves and have nots largely matter as votebanks only during election.

India and Pakistan – The basic needs such as electricity without load shedding, clean drinking water throughout the day and health facilities accessibility to citizens nationwide as political priority would be significant.

The rural and remote areas targeted in political race deserve attention beyond election.

Unfortunately, defense spending to curb incursions from across the borders and combating terrorism absorb bulk of the national budget,

Notwithstanding corruption and tax evasion amongst those in politics and other fields equally drain economy depleting national revenue.

The resolutions transformed into reality would demonstrate sincerity to lead the nation in a positive direction.

Any steps in alleviating social and economic difficulties to benefit the middle, lower and poorer class are always welcome.

Leaving behind casteism, sectarianism and prejudice identifying all citizens by the country of origin rather than sect, class and creed would be hallmark of true independence. Furthermore, renouncing discriminatory practice would clarify disinheritance of colonial trait in addition to emergence away from the dark shadow.

Happy Indeorndence Day!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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