India – Anti-Conversion Bill

December 8, 2021

India – Anti-Conversion Bill

Padmini Arhant

The latest fiasco from New Delhi government’s i.e. BJP regional ally in the South Western state Karnataka is the anti-conversion bill targeting this time not the muslims though they are on permanent list, in fact it is christianity in diverse cultural religious and yet secular India.

What exactly is going on in the ultra confused and fundamentalism infused regime in New Delhi and fewer states under BJP governance?

The religion phobia amongst hardline government in New Delhi under the guise of establishing India as the all Hindu state emulating New Delhi regime’s counterparts Israel as the Jewish state or the next door commonly referred to as adversary Pakistan and Afghanistan declared Islamic republics could only be comprehended as homogenous traits to impose political ideology on the backs of the religion. The religion is the scapegoat to implement majoritarian status ignoring the contemporary India’s social fabric drifting away from the politics designed divisive strategy.

Indian politics like in other so-called democracy heavily invest in polarization of society based on caste,  religion, class etc., analogous to United States politics driving the race, skin color such as Black lives matter, gender, sexual orientation and any excuse to deflect electorate attention from real issues confronting citizens in society.

The New Delhi regime behind their party government in regional Karnataka claim to protect Hindus in the state from proselytism – the forced conversion of person in one religion to another in reference to alleged evangelical approach towards vulnerable members of Hinduism in the state.  The bill eventually made effective nationwide is a possibility.

Whether proselytism is active or not from non-Hindu religions, those having converted from Hinduism to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc. attribute their conversion from Hindu to other non-Hindu religions to caste discrimination maintained as tradition in society.

Indian politics have no desire in getting rid of casteism dominated with prejudice and untouchability in rural, remote and even in urban towns that treats people in the so-called lower caste not worthy of any respect. The political factions at the national and regional level betting their electoral win on caste based politics at society’s detriment in the quarter end of the twenty first century innately resigned to prejudice in casteism purely for political reason.

The BJP leadership in New Delhi is treading on the dual track with one foot promoting fundamentalism showing little or no tolerance to cultural and religious diversity. Not to mention the same ideologues pretending to safeguard Hindu religion are in fact committing sacrilege and blasphemy maligning Hindu religion’s Lord Ram and Hindu deities through violence and physical assaults against even the Hindu designated lower caste – the so-called untouchables aka Dalits and non-Hindu citizens essentially fellow Indians like Muslims, Christians and others in society.

The BJP leadership’s other foot is firmly placed in obliging marching orders from the international deep state in Europe, predominantly non-Hindu players executing their devious agenda via representatives like New Delhi government on global finance, economy, health and politics with serious consequences experienced by vast majority in India largely affecting the ordinary population.

Apparently, the BJP government in New Delhi i.e. the self-proclaimed Hindu orthodox adherence to Europe based deep state policy exemplifying conversion by the former to latter is not perceived a problem. This is in light of European deep state strong influence over current Indian politics summarily ruining lives and livelihoods forcing the frustrated unemployed youth in India to observe the BJP government head PM Narendra Modi’s birthday as Unemployment Day last year.

New Delhi government is economically committed to selective industrialists like Gautam Adani and Mukesh and Anil Ambani from Gujarat besides other business tycoons financing the PM campaign.

Politically, New Delhi priorities remain as enunciated above. On the one hand satisfying RSS fundamentalist ideology as BJP motto and the other judiciously carrying out European deep state economic and financial system restructuring and reconfigurations regardless of adverse ramifications on the economy and financial status leaving the 1.3 billion citizens’ present and future hanging in balance.

The New Delhi government’s religious nationalist fervor representing the political dogma could be directed in the surrender of wealth held in Swiss Bank accounts and other tax havens beginning with PM Narendra Modi’s Swiss Bank balance INR 19,800 Crores and Home minister Amit Shah’s INR 1,58,000 Crores are merely the tip of the iceberg. 

The aggregate total of the above account holders and other members of political class, economic and entertainment sectors exceeding $5,000,000,000,0000 i.e. US$ 5 Trillion could easily provide for India’s economic growth and massive development. 

These members’ current balances could surpass the above mentioned amounts since the updates are never disclosed neither by Swiss Bank nor the account holders at the cost of national treasury and average citizens as taxpayers and contributors to the state and national economy.

Not to mention the illegal money stashed in foreign accounts enriching those nations economy and draining the source economy viz. the Indian economy leaving significant population in abject poverty, hunger and disease that is hardly ever a concern for New Delhi government and their allies in different parts of India.

Eliminating casteism and corruption would alone deliver substantial social and economic progress to people in India shackled to domestic and foreign subjugation.

The Indian politics is the underlying factor in denying the long overdue development yearned by citizens across the spectrum transcending false barriers in human classification in society.

Indians rising to the occasion with one voice in rejecting casteism and all form of discrimination against anyone alongside demands to return wealth held in offshore accounts back to the country beginning at the top to the bottom without exception is the true path towards emancipation.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 


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