Independence Day – Singapore, Pakistan and India

August 13, 2017

Independence Day Celebration – Singapore, Pakistan and India

By Padmini Arhant

The three nations sharing Independence Day around the same time has potential to address issues posing impediments to pervasive progress.

Political freedom and economic growth along with social equality are key to national achievements.

Corruption, terrorism together with lack of transparency and accountability of those at the helm are fundamental problems depriving meaningful and effective development.

Laws made applicable to all regardless of socio economic and political status on crimes that are ordinarily enforced on population would exemplify real freedom.

Unlike the present system providing impunity to many despite their actions and involvements that are otherwise punishable by law.

Independent nations would live up to liberty and justice for all not just the selective few that are witnessed worldwide.

The racial, social and political divide denying fair opportunity to significant segments not recognized as fellow citizens polarize society.

Those in position of power and authority and influential entities undue advantage due to privileges exacerbate conditions for majority struggling to make ends meet and increase economic disparity.

Notably the difference between haves and have nots largely matter as votebanks only during election.

India and Pakistan – The basic needs such as electricity without load shedding, clean drinking water throughout the day and health facilities accessibility to citizens nationwide as political priority would be significant.

The rural and remote areas targeted in political race deserve attention beyond election.

Unfortunately, defense spending to curb incursions from across the borders and combating terrorism absorb bulk of the national budget,

Notwithstanding corruption and tax evasion amongst those in politics and other fields equally drain economy depleting national revenue.

The resolutions transformed into reality would demonstrate sincerity to lead the nation in a positive direction.

Any steps in alleviating social and economic difficulties to benefit the middle, lower and poorer class are always welcome.

Leaving behind casteism, sectarianism and prejudice identifying all citizens by the country of origin rather than sect, class and creed would be hallmark of true independence. Furthermore, renouncing discriminatory practice would clarify disinheritance of colonial trait in addition to emergence away from the dark shadow.

Happy Indeorndence Day!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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