India – Parody on Political Establishment

November 23, 2014

Interview in Italian with India’s Congress Party President

Sonia Gandhi

Padmini Arhant

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Interview with  Cecilia Capone alias Sonia Gandhi

By Padmini Arhant



Come stai?

Belle. Grazie.

Q.   I will do interpretation for our international listeners in this interview.  Is that fine with you?

A.  That’s fine.

 Q.  Could you please introduce yourself?  

A.  My name is Cecilia Capone. But now I am Sonia Gandhi.

Q.  Why Sonia Gandhi?  What made you choose Sonia Gandhi?  

A.  The current trend is to become whoever you prefer to be.  

A.  I chose Sonia Gandhi based on origin. 

Also  because I am in antique business. Sonia Gandhi is antique supplier from India. 

Sonia Gandhi and several others are presenting and projected as someone other than them.

So I thought there is nothing wrong  in me claiming to be her. 

Even though what I am doing is being an imposter.

In any law abiding civil society, such portrayal would be criminal activity considering this is identity theft.

1.Q.    What inspired you towards Politics?   

A.     Power, Prestige and Prosperity.  

2.Q.   What is your view on many corruption scams in Indian politics with you referred to as the High Command during your term in office?    

A.   Corruption, scams and scandals make  politics exciting.  Power is meant to be utilized for individual interests and not wasted in being concerned about consequences especially when power comes with political impunity.

 3.Q. What was the reason for your personal intervention in preventing investigation and extradition of Ottavio Quattrocchi – one of the major beneficiary besides yourself and few others in Bofor Scandal?   

AYou know that the answer is in your question. Why would I stir the beehive when I continue to have honey?

4.Q. You quelled anti-corruption movement in India in 2011.  Your political coalition with members like Karunanidhi and Ooman Chandy known for criminality reflects political character. Your Congress Party is rejected in every election. What makes you think you can stay at the helm given the dismal record?       

  A.   Politics is known for strange bedfellows. I might be known as Congress Party Chief but essentially I direct any party that comes to power at hegemony behest. BJP and various political factions in India represent Congress and foreign agenda. Why do you think I have strong support from EU and imperial powers along with political parties in India regardless of my involvement in various corruption scandals?

5.Q. Do you favor political dynasty under the guise of democracy?     

A.  As member of political dynasty having usurped to power, I favor the system.  Also as hegemony representative democracy is not desirable except to use the concept to legitimize illegitimacy  i.e. global supremacy.

6.Q.   What is your ambition in life?     

A.   To see my son Rahul as Prime Minister of India and succeeded by my daughter Priyanka Vadra considering this is their prerogative as members of political dynasty.

7.Q.  Your Congress Party member conferred the title Mother India on you. Would you consider surrender of wealth held in swiss bank and other tax havens given the people’s rights on national treasury?     

A.   There is no such thing as national treasure in politics. Position of authority is meant for personal empowerment.  I have exemplified the art of accumulating wealth evidenced in explosive corruption deals throughout my political career.

8.Q. You accepted Indian citizenship only in  2006 while you assumed power back when your spouse late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was in office. What took you so long for this decision?     

A.  My decision for Indian citizenship in 2006 was political expediency. Such actions help win elections and voters trust.

9.Q. Your personal intrusion exerting authority has claimed innocent life and other times denied justice to citizens in Indian society.  example the rape victim Jyoti deprived survival and individuals of Italian origin committing crimes against Indian fishermen or any ordinary citizens are invariably granted immunity.

Despite your egregious decisions, you aim to govern India.

Do you have any regrets regarding your actions?     

A.  None whatsoever. Power comes with privilege.  As hegemony proxy and political class member  the discretionary power cannot be challenged particularly when corruption serves as means to evade accountability.

10.Q. Finally. Do you believe in Karma?       

A.  I believe in my doctrine evident in my legacy.

Conclusion. Cecilia Capone alias Sonia Gandhi.  Thank you for revealing your identity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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