Western Imperialism – Promotes Violence in Islamic Nations Part 3

July 13, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Bahrain – Western Imperialism Facilitate Violent Crackdown on Pro-Democracy Uprising

Bahrain citizens uprising against western and Saudi backed Hamad bin isa Al Khalifa dictatorship valiantly persist in the inevitable ouster of authoritarian rule.

United States, Britain and Saudi aided violent crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy movement escapes world attention with western misled preoccupation in Syria.

Bahrain authorities unleashing terror and persecution of citizens seeking removal of Kingdoms to usher in people governed democratic rule apparently not an issue of human rights violation for western powers preaching democratization via terrorism in Syria.

United States fifth naval fleet and Britain monarchy directed administration along with Saudi passion for anti-Shia sectarianism plays dominant role in brutality against Bahrain civilians that has resulted in thousands of casualties thus far.

Notwithstanding torture ranging from electrocution, sexual assaults, solitary confinement of political prisoners to wounded and dying denied medical treatment exacerbated by imprisonment of medical professionals for rescue attempts and much more rampant in the western vassal state.

The shaky Sheikhdoms throughout Middle East together with fallacious western empire crimes against humanity having reached a crescendo doomed for imminent collapse.

Wishing citizens in Bahrain triumph over totalitarianism delivering republic governed democracy.


Turkey – Western Ploy To Subvert Democracy For Destabilization

Stable and viable democracy is certainly not hegemony’ preference anywhere let alone Turkey.

Turkey progressive measures in all aspects posed impediments to anti-republic conglomerate comprising plutocracy, fundamentalism discrediting religions and neo colonialism premised on economic and military warfare vying for global dominance.

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan supposedly heading Justice and Development Party (AKP) disingenuously enticed with EU membership paving way for western powers abuse of Turkey as the front line facilitator in the war against neighbor Syria and simultaneously invading Turkey with western troops under the guise of Patriot missile deployment.

Western expectations were met with Turkish ruling power collusion ignoring Turkish dissent on interference in Syria that returned to Turkish base when terror rocked Reyhanli town in Hatay province conflating provincial opposition into national protest.

The brewing storm on AKP national and foreign policies surfaced across the country emanating from Gezi park demolition to Turkish leadership servile complaisance to western manufactured crises.

Turkish demonstrations still ongoing while German Chancellor Angela Merkel brazenly dismissed Turkey Prime Minister Erdogan’s aspiration for EU membership quoting Turkish government reaction to internal unrest as unacceptable although Germany in the same breath defended weapons sales to flagrant human rights abusers – Saudi Arabia and gifted Israel with nuclear capable Dolphin submarine.

Turkey popular demand for Prime Minister Erdogan and AKP to step down from power increasingly confronted with state authorized excess force and mechanisms legitimizing public frustration and disappointment.

Whenever leaderships and elected representatives fail to resolve electorate problems and make proposals contradictory to national benefits not excluding indulgence in unprovoked warfare compromising citizens safety,

The erroneous decisions arising from misplaced loyalty conclusively expedite those entities and political factions exit from power.

Turkish liberty has to begin with changing course regarding Syria i.e. pledging peace not war and terrorism against Syrians terminating senseless violence.

Reconciliation and recognition of natives, Kurdish and other minorities rights extending mainstream status to all in Turkey would be constructive rather than shifting burden on Iraq and Syria in adherence to western ill-conceived strategy constantly creating regional tension.

Last but not the least, redress actions in the domestic front starting with relinquishing NATO membership and vacating foreign military personnel plus hardware viz. Patriot missiles and other artillery installed for provocation against western adversary.

These commitments translated into concrete outcome would be prudent in safeguarding national sovereignty and regional security.

Wishing citizens in Turkey political victory in restoring people choice governance dedicated to national growth and development.

Peace to Turkey!


Western imperialism and globalism striving to resurrect feudalism is evidently counterproductive.

Global awareness and unanimity in thwarting hegemonic delusions prevalent in widespread violence is key to individual liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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