United States – Unconstitutional and Undemocratic Mandates

September 13, 2021

United States – Unconstitutional and Undemocratic Mandates

Padmini Arhant

Constitution is a mere piece of parchment – stated by the former President Barack Obama. 

The statement was actually translated as such by the former President Barack Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama care health law with mandatory health insurance subscription tied to serious penalty through IRS on every American citizen. 

The mandatory health insurance subscription without a shadow of doubt enriched the most powerful health care industry and insurance sector in particular famous for flouting any regulations protecting Americans on health care. 

The Obama care was meant to provide health coverage to all citizens especially the average Americans. However, the Obama care mandatory insurance resulted in hurting average citizens more than ever. They were the real victims in the overall game with both government and health insurance industry emerging the biggest beneficiaries at ordinary Americans plight. 

Whenever the public hands are tied and forced to submit to the government’s will who in return are in service to benefit campaign financiers and donors in the economic sector,

In this instance the health care industry benefiting from compulsory insurance without any stipulations on arbitrary premium hikes and limited coverage that are the norm in health insurance practice, such policy is usually proved counterproductive.

Accordingly, the mandatory health insurance law was repealed by Congress in 2017 as unconstitutional and ineffective for ordinary citizens burdened with legislated health insurance law predominantly favoring the health insurance industry. 

Fast forward to 2021, the current administration’s vaccine mandate declining simultaneous therapeutic treatments involving prophylactic and post COVID infection cure on COVID-19 despite evidence based data on the issue from worldwide is reminiscent of past action on health insurance mandate. 

Similar to the previous policy under former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on mandatory health insurance subscriptions, the present vaccine mandate on citizens in compliance with Big Pharma mega profits strategy is egregious decision as it was earlier on the health insurance matter. 

The democratic system would honor and respect individual rights with choices on health and personal life. 

The democrat party in the United States positioned as pro-choice on women’s reproductive health otherwise reversed on vaccine i.e. against choice for citizens to exercise constitutional right on discernment in decision making process is paradoxical paradigm. 

The democrat leaderships’ contradictory policy on vaccine mandate rejecting alternatives such as citizens options in dealing with COVID-19 is strange and undemocratic.

Something may never change in terms of policy and political advantage in appealing to Big Pharma and health care industry financiers in election campaigns. 

In the end, any ruling at the major compromise of citizens rights to choose concerning health and livelihood would invariably be unsustainable. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 




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