United States – Republican Party Future?

March 27, 2021

United States – Republican Party Future?

Padmini Arhant

Presidential candidate Joe Biden confession during 2020 election campaign.


Then Presidential candidate Joe Biden honesty is quite revealing in the admission on voter fraud in the Presidential election 2020.

Senator Joe Biden, Vice President Joe Biden and now President Joe Biden remains consistent in spilling the beans though  meticulously defended by MSM and alternative communication outlets as freudian slip euphemism for gaffe machine.

In the long overdue press conference, the democrat President Joe Biden categorically raises the question on the existence of opposition i.e. Republican party future?

It is not clear until satisfactorily clarified whether United States democratic party is adapting China’s one party system having been enabled to power in 2020 with China’s political funding, United States and foreign press and media canvassing besides tech oligarchs viz. Facebook, Twitter and You Tube ban on information related to then Presidential candidate Joe Biden and family corruption scandals linked with China, Ukraine and world over.

The other aspect is RINOES – the Republican members in name only identified by the Republican base based on their characteristics and misplaced loyalty. They might be eventually tagged DEMOCRATS rather than remaining in a party they do not favor yet claim to belong to the faction. The pledge of allegiance evidenced in their votes on major decisions in January 2021 on impeachment of former President Donald Trump and other Republican issues that did not escape Republican electorate attention –  the 75 million electorate in particular, who voted for the former President Donald Trump in the Presidential election 2020.

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