United States – 2016 and 2020 Presidential Election

October 28, 2021

United States – 2016 and 2020 Presidential Election

Padmini Arhant

Presidential elections 2016 and 2020 comparisons in reactions and actions following the election.

The 2016 Presidential election was considered a done deal with a foregone conclusion of the democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as the winner even before the election was held in the nation. The democrat Presidential contender Hillary Clinton is by far the most vetted candidate considering a sprawling yet highly controversial political career beginning in Little Rock, Arkansas to the nation’s Capital Washington, D.C. 

The democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s reluctance and defiance in accepting the previous 2008 election outcome in democrat primary against her democrat rival then Senator Barack Obama was viewed world wide. 

In 2016 the democrats primary election was fraught with internal conflicts within the party. It also involved the murder of then young 24-year-old Seth Rich, a democrat party worker shot dead in broad daylight in Washington D.C. The democrat party worker Seth Rich’s death barely caught media attention. Needless to say it did not bear relevance in the democrat party either. Seth Rich a democrat was the defacto democrat candidate Bernie Sanders supporter. The unlawful activities within democrat party in 2016 primaries prompted the democrat party worker Seth Rich to alert other fellow democrat workers due to serious ethical violations that eventually led to the resignation of then democrat party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a democrat Congresswoman from Florida. The former DNC Chair Debbie Schultz was the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton’s strong supporter at that time. 

It was clear the democrat party primary election and nomination in 2016 was an internal battle with candidate Hillary Clinton reserved as the Presidential nominee and even going further, the President-elect in the domestic and foreign collaborative efforts to implement agenda in different aspects upon their preferred candidate Hillary Clinton assuming office in January 2017. 

Unfortunately for them, the 2016 turned out to be a major disappointment when the 2016 election delivered results against the democrats and foreign alliance anticipated outcome. The most aggravating issue for them was then Republican Presidential contender Donald Trump emerging the winner in 2016.

It would not be an exaggeration to describe the reaction and actions thereafter as all hell breaks loose from the democrat political party and those expecting the pre-ordained victory for their Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

The election night on November 4th, 2016 onwards up until January 2021, the dismissal of 2016 election result claiming the alleged Russian collusion dominated United States politics and congressional matter. The democrat party die hard supporters from different fields ranging from Hollywood to organizations affiliated to Clinton foundation and factions having invested $$$ in Hillary Clinton campaign were up the ante and launched personal attacks against then Presidential winner Donal Trump and campaign. 

There were some from Hollywood threatening  to blow up the White House while other so-called comedian actress exhibited her poor taste by holding a severed dummy head of the former President Donald Trump. She did not shy away from her public statement that in the real event there would be no ketchup alluding to violent regurgitation. 

Then there followed Robert Muller Committee wasting United States tax payer dollars to investigate the so-called Russian collusion in 2016 election. Even though the alleged Russian collusion well known as a political hatch by the accusers organized within Hillary Clinton campaign, the theatrics continued in Congress disrupting governance at all costs and any means to prove the myth about 2016 election. 

It did not end there. The series of investigations against the former President Donald Trump campaign and cabinet members not barring the former national security advisor General Michael Flynn and several others were subject to surveillance and FBI investigations in the extended Russian collusion allegation. 

The impeachment proceedings were also conducted against then serving President Donald Trump not once but twice setting precedence in American politics to indict the democratically and duly elected President between 2016 until January 2021.

The saga beginning in November 2016 until January 2021 is not yet over as it continues targeting members and individuals evident in the ongoing developments that are clearly politically motivated than moral or legal grounds behind these pursuits. 

Fast forward in 2020 election, the incumbent President Donald Trump securing the media confirmed 74 million votes though the actual figure falling anywhere between 80 – 84 million votes declared unsuccessful.

The real time voting and vote tabulations paused and intercepted in world view on election night in November 2020 arguably created dissatisfaction and mistrust in electoral process among the 84 million voters who voted for their incumbent candidate  President Donald Trump in 2020 election.

Furthermore, numerous voting irregularities and violations were noted and publicly substantiated during specific county election hearings viz, the Maricopa county in the state of Arizona that were not easily granted either.

The biggest travesty in the 2020 Presidential election debacle is the United States Supreme Court denying hearing on the matter. The 84 million voters represented as the electorate, United States citizens and taxpayers were declined a hearing at the highest court in land speaks volume on the democratic status or the lack thereof. 

Unlike the 2016 Presidential election, the 2020 Presidential election was adequately proved in public on foreign collusions, participation and deep involvement such as the real time vote tabulation in Berlin, Germany server rather than the United States technology resource.

The dissolved company in Spain hired in the voting machine calibrations and the fact dominion voting machine used in the election is reportedly Canadian based and not in the United States as would be required in any free and fair democratic election are incontrovertible. 

The direct influence of Beijing, the offshore billionaire George Soros directives known for interference in foreign elections and economies, the so-called social media viz. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo…unsocial  undemocratic rules preventing and punishing alternative views, voices and concerns constitute meddling in 2020 electoral process. 

Above all, the Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg’s unlawful investment in the democrat Presidential political campaign to a tune of half billion dollars in direct violation of election commission’s campaign donation limit not exceeding $2,900 per election for individual contribution was slighted in the 2020 Presidential election. 

The episodes in 2020 Presidential election breach is a setback for democracy and constitutional subversion. The foreign intervention starting with Beijing, the U.K. based billionaire George Soros and other foreign entities listed in the National Intelligence report suffice electoral interception. 

Internally, the domestic media, press, judiciary as well as state legislative assembly in the seven disputed states were a major let down for the American electorate expressing regrets and frustration over their votes not being counted and rejected in the 2020 Presidential election. 

Regardless, the 2016 Presidential election results were challenged throughout the four years term in office of the former President Donald Trump. 

In contrast, the 2020 Presidential election with conspicuous violations in the domestic and foreign front qualifying as rigged election maintained as fair and flawless mandate in itself is an irony.

Not to mention the contemporary crack down on discussions related to 2020 Presidential election exemplify zero tolerance to free speech. The constitutional right to present different perspectives in a democracy attracting politically charged repercussions is indicative of hard line policy in semblance with anti-democratic system viz. Beijing, China. 

The 2020 Presidential election is a victory for Beijing and anti-democratic elements evading responsibility on the pandemic triggering economic shut down in the United States Presidential election year. 

The two Presidential elections conclusively differ in civil democratic applications and compliance revealing the intoxication of power. The vulnerabilities with internal and external saboteurs exacerbate individual rights undermining constitution in the overt subjugation of the republic to legitimize illegitimacy. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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