August 9, 2016

Rhapsody – Interaction on events in Life.  Author & Presenter Padmini Arhant

By Padmini Arhant

Hi Everybody!

I am here to interact with you and talk about some events in daily life.

  1. What is common between the Priest, Prince and Prime Minister or President?

All three have illusions about their respective position. All three forget they are paid by the people to serve them.

The priest thinks he serves God so he is the one close to God and keeps worshippers at bay.

The Prince on the other hand considers him the legal heir to throne and expects people to be bystanders with flowers, waving and cheering as he rides in the modern day chariot.

Now the President or Prime Minister on their part flanked with heavy security to guard their life and diverse personnel aiding the head of the state in the job keep the public on check with zero tolerance to legitimate concerns on the state of affairs. Dare you raise any issues with the political entity for you have to deal with the contingency on payroll unleashed to attack and launch smear campaign against truth seeker. All outlets at their disposal are used which is pretty much everything under their control. So much for democracy.

One could argue the reason behind this heavily guarded protection curbing independent investigative journalism, (in this respect I mean the real ones and not the fake as this field also infiltrated and fraternized to cover the base by them) – they expect citizenry to respect the office whether as the President or Prime Minister and any other hierarchy that are there.

Isn’t it also incumbent upon the office bearers not to indulge in activities or authorize actions that violate public trust and tarnish the position they hold as representative of the people and the nation at large?

But again those who are selected under the guise of being elected – Do they truly fulfill their duty and responsibility abiding by the oath to serve the people and the nation with honesty and integrity? I suppose this is the privilege that comes with the designation as package deal – immunity on violation of the office they preside with pride and prejudice.

  1. You would have heard about the untouchables.

Well I have been classified as one i.e. the untouchable based on presumed low caste family that I was unaware up until now. I have been conferred with this extraordinary title after over a half century of my life. Had I known that I am indeed the DALIT I am referred to time and time again in Indian politics, media and entertainment industry representing the society, I would have claimed the concessions that are granted in condescendence in Indian caste system under quota, the classifications serving the political class as vote bank.

In my view the real untouchables are not those viewed in Indian society – the DALITS and so on.  Gandhi – The genuine Gandhi i.e. Mahatma Gandhi attributed the reference HARI JAN meaning children of God to DALITS and anyone conveniently placed in the lowest structure by the self-proclaimed upper class ignoring the lowest ebb in human values in thyself.

I have the pleasure in introducing the real untouchables that fit the description and profile.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the VVIP, VIPs and Special members in society. They are the wealthy as  Political figures, Industrialists, Celebrities, Sports stars, socialites, media magnates notwithstanding religious gurus with their share of fame and fortune in public domain.

They are untouchables in many ways – when they make public appearance.  When they are from the film industry then say no more. The public hysteria is only limited to screaming and expressing their undying love

in endearing terms like I love you. You are our hero and so on.  Never mind the duplicates shunted out of the camera despite them being the real hero doing stunt scenes and dare devil acts in the movie.

This hype is commonly witnessed with audience trying to get a glimpse of these individuals in public arena who maintain a fair distance from the people viz. the electorate, fans and followers as the case might be.

The other feature that makes these VIPs exceptional is no matter what crimes they are involved in ranging from corruption, tax evasion, embezzlement, misuse of power and stardom not barring murder and could extend into genocide as well, they remain untouchable. The arms of justice that could reach any ordinary citizen regardless of remoteness somehow become incapacitated with the VVIP and VIPs crimes and criminal escapades.

That goes for these VVIP, VIPs and exclusive club members exemption from parody that is otherwise loosely targeted against anyone regarded a fair game by them.

Folks this is the reality on untouchability.

  1. Let me dispel the myth on those claiming to know how my thought process works with some holding the conviction this is all the mysterious force action playing ventriloquist and that is how it is all happening.

While others summarize my answers or anything presented for public view as – she is reflecting on the incidents in life that provides clues and coming up with wild guesses somewhat like solving the riddle.

Remember – Slum Dog Millionaire! They have the entertainment industry to provide fodder and form the opinion as such.

The view is based on own conduct in their search for solutions to problems either general or specific.

The belief that people whom they do not approve will always be average or below average never reaching the heights reserved only for their kind and creed in society is the impediment in their progress in life.

At the same time, when there is a pause in delivery, somehow I am the scapegoat and become the pi·ña·ta not to mention the free material for directors and producers starved to boost their luck and profitability in the competitive movie and television industry.

I truly admire these geniuses who can invade my mind and draw conclusions that fit their mindset.

To them I pose this question, if you all think you can figure out exactly how my mind works and what is behind these activities, you are then posturing yourselves to be God – the all Knowing.

Then how come you intelligent savants not able to penetrate the terrorists’ minds continuously plotting terror  with successful outcomes affecting innocent people as casualty in their violent actions?

With this gift in your possession to read my mind, you should be able to resolve any unsolved mysteries in the world.

I ask them – Is your mind only switched on to track my existence and activity and not those connected to you with your direct involvement such as terrorism, corruption and nefarious dealings?


Are you pre-occupied evaluating me and my ability or the lack thereof rather than soul searching in you?

Whatever the dilemma, lifetime is best not wasted in mindless games exacerbating karmic effects with the burden weighing down the prospects for better future.


  1. The other aspect is the predisposition that the office of Presidency or Prime Minister and other ranks in politics is not meant for actors but serious players in this field.

I would like to know since when this transformation occurred?  What I have seen thus far is politics and entertainment acting in particular are interchangeable. The members in politics as actors and vice versa. On many occasions the transverse is yet another dynamic in politics.

The trend is highly popular in attracting the crowd for the right or wrong reasons.


On the lighter note, there are incidents that are amusing at times to say the least making you wonder on human psychology.

  1. Signs could be meaningless and misinterpreted to suit individual preference.

I went to the Hindu temple being a Hindu and offered flowers to the deity where the signs indicated to leave them. The Priest sitting near the shrine called out to me – Hello, Hello and beckoned me.  You have to see me first and public can only remain at a distance. The irony is the Priest was sitting right next to the sign in bold letters that read –

See God in you and others. 

Obviously the Priest regarded him God and slighted the other part – God in others.

  1. Likewise – where you see the sign – Do not Litter. Fine up to $1000. This is grossly misunderstood by the litterers for they assume the word litter applies to animals like dogs when they have litters or puppies and humans need not bother. As for the fine they probably think it is fine i.e. Okay with the City Council if litterers left trash as long as it does not exceed more than $1000.
  1. Travel – I’m sure many of you travel somewhere or other. Not a hassle when you are flying in your private jets or official carrier that accompanies high profile jobs in the career.

The focus is on the ordinary people traveling on commercial airlines.

When you have to board the flight to go places that in itself is an ordeal. I mean the preparation beginning with packing – what you cannot take with you is what you need to consider than items you require and want to have them in your hand carry or check in luggage.

First of all, the luggage has to comply with specific dimensions or you would have to either send away the suitcase or other bags with your relatives or friends who come to see you off at the airport. Alternatively, you are at the airport by yourself then you may have to either donate to airport authority or consider buying the correct size luggage provided you are lucky to find one over there and transfer your items.

Upon arrival at the airport – The line is usually more than a mile or two and takes you sometime to figure out the end and if you happen to join the line where you think it ends you might even get an irate passenger appearing suddenly to let you know that you are cutting the line making everyone from far and near you instantly disapprove your behavior. Now you will have to go all the way back with your luggage to gain your place in line. Then expect the unexpected delays and disruptions even before you get to the check in counter.

After you feel that you have prevailed in offloading the luggage and freely walking away with your small carry-on items, you are confronted with security line.

Get ready for security scrutiny.  Remember all travelers are presumed potential terrorist.  Thanks to terrorists and those in control of global security.  Travelers have no choice but to grin and bear it.

The worst aspect is your skin color also matter. No kidding. The tan, brown and darker you are the more intense is the assessment. People in this group often have to remove their clothes and allow themselves to be screened via body scanner and invasive process. If you are a woman, then the woman body examiner exercises excess liberty to grope you with the hope of finding something to make her job worthwhile.

What a disappointment when she utterly fails in this mission?

Now welcome to the fun part in this journey.

Here comes the security questions – The security agent or officer and passenger dialogue

Q.  Did you pack all the items in your bags yourself?

A.  Yes.

In passenger’s mind the question arise – Why would I want to hire somebody to do this for me?

Don’t ever get into thinking loud mode, then you might invite more trouble your way.

Q. Are you carrying any weapons, knife, explosives, hazardous chemicals, and inflammable items with you?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. What about laptop, devices with batteries any of them in your bag?

A. Here is my laptop. As for the batteries – I remove them right now even if that means I cannot use any device on the flight.

Q. Are you carrying any water bottle with you?

A. I purchased it right here at the airport as I was very thirsty.

Security Agent – Too bad. You will have to leave your water bottles behind for us as we get tired of asking these questions million times over all day long and end up with a dry throat.

Passenger – Am I all clear now.

Security Agent – Not quite.  If you are in a rush that means you are up to something. I want you to step aside for body search.  Take off your shoes, socks and anything else on your feet and that goes for your entire body.

Passenger – Under garments on or that comes off as well?

Security Agent – Depends on what the body scanner reveals let us wait and watch the result.

After strip search is complete, the passenger will have to scramble and gather the hand carry items that might be anywhere in that area. In this desperate moment the chances of losing things and your bag getting picked up by some stranger or you walking away with someone else’s bag if they look alike are quite possible as well.

You are constantly reminded that you may be the respectable and dignified member in your family and friends circle. However, when you are in the airport you are a terror suspect. Accordingly, if you walk away even for a minute or two from your luggage that would alert authority to approach you for investigation not excluding arrest.

Remember to cling on to your luggage for the separation from your baggage at the airport might be a costly affair that could include losing whatever freedom ordinary people have in the contemporary age.

Bon Voyage!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















Egypt Political Development

February 14, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt interim government under Army rule has taken significant actions with Parliament dissolution and Constitution suspension in accordance with civilian pro-democracy requests.

Further, the caretaker military authority has vowed to organize a committee for constitutional reform with Egyptian electorate participation through referendum and subsequently prepare the nation for a free and fair democratic election.

The military command pledge to honor peace treaty with Israel and other nations for international security is praiseworthy.

These measures and intentions to lead the nation on a democratic path are extremely important and necessary to expedite orderly political transition from military to civilian rule.

However, the cabinet retained from previous government is a matter of concern for a decent majority of revolution with skepticism on the predecessor loyalists’ attempt to revive undemocratic governance as reported in Tunisia.

It would be reassuring to those members if such arrangement is strictly for transitional purpose with the general election expected to be held within six months or upon stabilizing political situation in a reasonable time frame sooner than later allowing fresh ideas and talent reflecting mainstream potential towards self-governance.

The Army clarification on the precise role in the transfer of power recently demonstrated with two crucial political steps are encouraging and addressing other issues such as release of all political dissidents along with lifting the state of emergency would exemplify similar democratic trends.

Additionally the military effort to redeploy police force to maintain law and order is an absolute requirement and again the public valid expectation in this regard to eliminate security personnel involved in instigated violence during political uprising would prevent any tensions between previous administration sympathizers and main street.

Essentially the departure of representatives associated with past regime at every level would prove the fundamental change for real democracy.

The military initiatives in acknowledgment of citizens’ proposals are positive steps and momentum in implementing outlined policies would restore political stability imperative for economic recovery.

Citizens’ involvement in government formation would be the preliminary aspect of nation building.

There are many challenges ahead nonetheless like stated earlier solidarity within society would ease the burden as witnessed in the revolution triumph over repression.

Egypt democracy is a test for the republic and the incumbent military power. The army’s conciliatory response thus far is promising and the revolution cautiously monitors the progress with an ultimate goal for civilian rule.

The economic development is equally a priority while remaining focused on political restructuring for the vast population deprived of basic living standards justifiably need assistance with jobs and promoting the strongest areas of the economy like tourism, agriculture, industrial, service sectors as well as academia would enhance the desirable growth.

It is evident from the successful revolution in Tunisia and Egypt with a ripple effect on other parts of the Arab world that the political freedom quest can no longer be suppressed for the people power is defiant and determined to prevail over decades of oppression leading to dire economic straits.

Egypt and Tunisia serve as a model in the liberation movement committed to peace and non-violence.

Now it’s time for them to display their ability in achieving meaningful democracy beneficial to all and not just the privileged groups in the society.

Your remarkable victory in ending authoritarianism is the foundation for realizing all other political and economic dreams.

Good Luck! To fellow citizens in Egypt, Tunisia…for a great new beginning.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant